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This is a list of well-known object-relational mapping software. It is not up-to-date or all-inclusive.


Name Open source License Framework-specific Qt support boost support MySQL support PostgreSQL support SQLite support Oracle support MSSQL Server support ODBC support IBM DB2 support
LiteSQL Yes BSD no Yes Yes Yes Yes
ODB Yes GPL/other no Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wt::Dbo Yes GPL / commercial no No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No


Athena Framework, open source Flex ORM, native support for multitenancy




Object Pascal (Delphi)[edit]

  • Bold for Delphi Probably the most mature framework for Delphi, but not available due to Embarcadero Helped.
  • ECO by Capable Objects, available for Delphi 2007 and Delphi Prism 2010

Objective-C, Cocoa[edit]

  • Enterprise Objects, one of the first commercial OR mappers, available as part of WebObjects
  • Core Data, object graph management framework with several persistent stores, ships with Mac OS X and iOS



  • CakePHP, ORM and framework for PHP 5, open source (scalars, arrays, objects); based on database introspection, no class extending
  • CodeIgniter, framework that includes an ActiveRecord implementation
  • Doctrine, open source ORM for PHP 5.2.3, 5.3.X. Free software (MIT)
  • FuelPHP, ORM and framework for PHP 5.3, released under the MIT license. Based on the ActiveRecord pattern.
  • PHPixie, ORM and framework for PHP 5.3, open source
  • Propel, ORM and query-toolkit for PHP 5, inspired by Apache Torque, free software, MIT
  • Qcodo, ORM and framework for PHP 5, open source
  • QCubed, A community driven fork of Qcodo
  • Rocks, open source ORM for PHP 5.1 plus, free for non-commercial use, GPL
  • Redbean, ORM layer for PHP 5, creates and maintains tables on the fly, open source, BSD
  • Skipper, visualization tool and a code/schema generator for PHP ORM frameworks, commercial
  • Torpor, open source ORM for PHP 5.1 plus, free software, MIT, database and OS agnostic
  • Yii, ORM and framework for PHP 5, released under the BSD license. Based on the ActiveRecord pattern.
  • Zend Framework, framework that includes a table data gateway and row data gateway implementations.




  • TOPLink/Smalltalk, by Oracle, the Smalltalk predecessor of the Java version of TOPLink

Visual Basic 6.0[edit]


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