List of observers to the European Parliament for Lithuania, 2003–04

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Members of the
European Parliament

for Lithuania
Observers (2003)
Delegation (2004)
6th term (2004)
7th term (2009)
8th term (2014)

This is a list of the 13 observers to the European Parliament for Lithuania in the 1999 to 2004 session. They were appointed by the Lithuanian Parliament as observers from 1 May 2003 until the accession of Lithuania to the EU on 1 May 2004.


Name National party EP Group
Bastys, MindaugasMindaugas Bastys      Social Democratic Party      PES
Bobelis, KazysKazys Bobelis      Christian Democrats      EPP–ED
Didžiokas, GintarasGintaras Didžiokas      Peasants and New Democratic Party Union      UEN
Kriščiūnas, KęstutisKęstutis Kriščiūnas      Social Democratic Party      PES
Kuzmickas, KęstutisKęstutis Kuzmickas      New Union (Social Liberals)      NI
Kvietkauskas, VytautasVytautas Kvietkauskas      New Union (Social Liberals)      NI
Landsbergis, VytautasVytautas Landsbergis      Homeland Union      EPP–ED
Lydeka, ArminasArminas Lydeka      Liberal Union      ELDR
Maldeikis, EugenijusEugenijus Maldeikis      Order and Justice      EFD
Plokšto, ArtūrasArtūras Plokšto      Social Democratic Party      PES
Valys, AntanasAntanas Valys      Social Democratic Party      PES
Vareikis, EgidijusEgidijus Vareikis      Homeland Union      EPP–ED
Vėsaitė, BirutėBirutė Vėsaitė      Social Democratic Party      PES