List of octagonal buildings and structures in the United States

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You are missing the Tower Life, in San Antonio, Texas. It’s the only octagonal shaped high rise in the nation. It was originally the Smith-Young Tower in 1929.

Tower Life Building

Octagonal buildings and structures are characterized by an octagonal plan form, whether a perfect geometric octagon or a regular eight-sided polygon with approximately equal sides.

Octagon-shaped buildings date from at least 300 B.C. when the Tower of the Winds in Athens, Greece, was constructed. Octagonal houses were popularized in the United States in the mid-19th century by Orson Squire Fowler and many other octagonal buildings and structures soon followed.

This article is a list of octagonal buildings and structures in the United States. Many of these are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Barber shops[edit]

Churches, chapels, synagogues, etc.[edit]

Farm buildings including barns[edit]

Octagonal barn in Plain, Wisconsin


Government buildings[edit]


Hospitals and insane asylums[edit]




Daviess County Rotary Jail


Waring Library



City Market in Petersburg, Virginia

Park and fair buildings[edit]

Post offices[edit]

Schools and colleges[edit]

The former schoolhouse built in 1859 in Skaneateles, New York is now a private residence


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