List of officers of the People's Liberation Army

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Here is a list of some of the notable people in the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China.

Marshals (元帅) (Yuan Shuai, 1955)[1][edit]

Army Generals (大将) (Da Jiang, 1955)[2][edit]

Colonel Generals (上将) (Shang Jiang, 1955)[3][edit]

Generals (14 September 1988)[edit]

Since 1988, the People's Liberation Army rank of shang jiang (上将: literally, "senior general") is translated as General.

Generals (7 June 1993)[edit]

Generals (8 June 1994)[edit]

Generals (23 January 1996)[edit]

Generals (27 March 1998)[edit]

Generals (29 September 1999)[edit]

Generals (21 June 2000)[edit]

Generals (2 June 2002)[edit]

Generals (20 June 2004)[edit]

Generals (25 September 2004)[4][edit]

Generals (24 June 2006)[5][edit]

Generals (6 July 2007)[6][edit]

Generals (2 November 2007)[7][edit]

Generals (15 July 2008)[8][edit]

Generals (20 July 2009)[9][edit]

Generals (19 July 2010)[10][edit]

Generals (23 July 2011)[11][edit]

Generals (30 July 2012)[12][edit]

Generals (23 November 2012)[13][edit]

Generals (31 July 2013)[14][edit]

Generals (11 July 2014)[15][edit]