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Since 1954, FIFA has sanctioned an official documentary film for each World Cup.[1][2] Up to 2002, 35 mm film was used for the footage.[2]


Year Host country Title Narrator(s) Notes
1954 Switzerland German Giants Emil Fersil [2]
1958 Sweden Hinein! Herbert Zimmermann
Heribert Meisel
Heinz Gottschalk
An UFA production with commentary in German.[3]
1962 Chile Viva Brazil John Fosberry
Allan Grace
1966 England Goal! Nigel Patrick The first World Cup film in colour; the 1966 television coverage was monochrome.[2][4]
1970 Mexico The World at Their Feet Patrick Allen [2][5]
1974 West Germany Heading for glory Joss Ackland [2]
1978 Argentina Campeones Steve Hudson [2]
1982 Spain G'olé! Sean Connery [2][6]
1986 Mexico Hero Michael Caine [2][7]
1990 Italy Soccer Shoot-Out Edward Woodward [2]
1994 United States Two Billion Hearts Liev Schreiber [2][8]
1998 France La Coupe de la Gloire Sean Bean [2]
2002 South Korea
Seven Games from Glory Robert Powell [2]
2006 Germany The Grand Finale Pierce Brosnan direct-to-video release[9]
2010 South Africa The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film in 3D
(also an official film: Match 64)
Ian Darke 64-minute Blu-ray 3D with footage from the 25 matches broadcast in 3D, plus interviews.[1][10][11][12]
2014 Brazil Brasil!: FIFA World Cup Brazil
(also an official film: "Match 64")
Adriano Santiago A Trator Filmes production. Directed by Alex Miranda. Not released to public.[13]
2018 Russia Dreams - The Official Film of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Damian Lewis Available on Amazon Prime Video

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