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This article attempts to list the oldest extant buildings in the state of Alabama in the United States. Some dates are approximate and based upon dendochronology, architectural studies, and historical records. Though Mobile was founded in 1702 as the colonial capitol of French Louisiana, no documented 18th century buildings remain standing in the state. (The closest example being the LaPointe-Krebs House in Pascagoula, Mississippi) To be listed here a site must:

  • date to 1819 or prior; or
  • be the oldest building in a region, large city, or oldest of its type (government building, style, etc.)


Building Image Location First Built Type Notes
Mississippian Mounds, e.g. Moundville Moundville Archaeological Site Alabama.jpg Throughout state 800-1600 Earthen mounds Though no Native American buildings have survived above ground, a number of constructed platform and burial mounds have been preserved, including the 58ft tall Mound B at the Moundville Site.
Joel Eddins House Joel Eddins House.jpg Huntsville 1808 House The oldest documented building in the state. Moved from Ardmore, Alabama to its current location at Burritt on the Mountain museum in 2007.[1][2]
Jude-Crutcher House Jude-Crutcher House Oct 2011 01.jpg Huntsville 1812 House Second oldest building and oldest surviving log dogtrot style house in the state. The breezeway has been enclosed and the exterior is now covered in clapboard.[3][4]
Poplar Grove Leroy Pope Mansion by Highsmith 01.jpg Huntsville 1813 House The third oldest building in the state, and the oldest masonry building in the state. Constructed by LeRoy Pope, the "Father of Huntsville", and visited by General Andrew Jackson on his return from the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.[5] The original federal style facade has been significantly altered by the later addition of a Greek Revival portico.
Urquhart House Urquhart House March 2013 2.jpg Huntsville 1813 House Tied with Poplar Grove as third oldest building in the state. In state of disrepair and in danger of collapse without immediate intervention.[6]
Perkins-Winston House VIEW OF FRONT, FACES WEST - Perkins-Orgain-Winston House, 401 Lincoln Street, Huntsville, Madison County, AL HABS ALA,45-HUVI,13-1.tif Huntsville 1815 House Early Huntsville home.[7]
William Reed House Birmingham 1816 House Early homestead.[8]
Hill of Howth Boligee 1816 House Early homestead.[9]
Rev Thomas Newton House Ashville 1817 House Early homestead. Vacant.[10]
Lucas Tavern Montgomery 1818 Tavern/Inn Oldest surviving tavern in the state and the oldest building in the city of Montgomery. It is famous for hosting the Marquis de Lafayette during his 1825 trip through Alabama. Now stands at Old Alabama Town.[11]
John Looney House John Looney House.jpg Ashville 1818 House The oldest two story dogtrot house in the state.[12]
Cedarwood Cedarwood, Greensboro, Hale County, AL HABS ALA,33-GREBO.V,1- (sheet 4 of 6).png Moundville 1818 House Possibly the earliest surviving plantation in the black belt region of Alabama. Restored and relocated to The University of West Alabama in Livingston .[13][14]
Hickman Cabin Pond Spring Plantation 04.jpg Wheeler 1818 House A log dogtrot that may have been used as slave quarters.[15]
Erskine House Huntsville 1818 House Early Huntsville home.[16]
Phelps-Jones House Phelps-Jones House Oct 2011 02.jpg Huntsville 1818 House Early Huntsville home.[17]
Sadler House Sadler House 7.jpg McCalla 1819 House This home may have originally consisted of an circa 1819 log pen that was later expanded upon.[18]
Weeden House Weeden House July 2010 01.jpg Huntsville 1819 House Early Huntsville home.[19]
McGuire-Strickland House Tuscaloosa 1820 House The oldest building in the city of Tuscaloosa.[20]
Goode–Hall House Saunders mansion.jpg Town Creek 1824 House This Tennessee Valley plantation house is one of the deep South's outstanding expressions of Jeffersonian Palladian architecture. [21]
G&J Sutherland Store Tuscumbia 1824 Store Possibly the state's oldest surviving commercial building. Exterior details have been much altered.[22]
Indian Springs Baptist Church McWilliams 1825 Church Possibly the state's oldest surviving church building.[23]
Old Rock Jail Coosa County Alabama Jail.JPG Rockford 1825 Jail The state's oldest jail.[24]
Lassiter House Lassiter House 02.JPG Autaugaville 1825 House One of the state's earliest examples of the I-house form.[25]
Vincent-Doan House Vincent-Doan House.jpg Mobile 1827 House The state's oldest surviving example of french colonial architecture and the oldest building in the city of Mobile.[26]
John McMahon House Courtland 1828 House Architecturally significant example of an early Alabama Federal-style structure that reflects the carryover of 18th- and early 19th-century Atlantic Seaboard architectural forms introduced by native Virginia settlers. [27]
Bride's Hill Bride's Hill, Lawrence County, AL.JPG Wheeler 1828 House Oldest surviving example of a Tidewater-type cottage in Alabama. In state of disrepair.
Dancy-Polk House Dancy-Polk House June 2013 2.jpg Decatur 1829 House Oldest building in the city of Decatur.[28]
Sherrod House Pond Spring Plantation 01.jpg Wheeler 1830 House Federal-style house.[29]
Collins-Marston House Collins-Marston House 01.JPG Mobile 1832 House Possibly the state's oldest surviving example of a creole cottage style house.[30]
Old State Bank Old State Bank Decatur July 2010 02.jpg Decatur 1833 Bank The first state bank and oldest bank building in the state.[31]
Barton Academy Barton Academy by Highsmith.jpg Mobile 1836 School The first public school in the state of Alabama.[32]
Somerville Courthouse Somerville Courthouse Feb 2012 02.jpg Somerville 1837 Courthouse The oldest surviving courthouse in the state.[33] The structure bears much resemblance to the first Alabama state house, once located in Cahawba.
Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens Arlington Place 02.jpg Birmingham 1845 House The oldest building in the city of Birmingham.[34]
Langdon Hall Langdon Hall.jpg Auburn 1846 Church The oldest building in the city of Auburn.[35]
Bryce Hospital Bryce State Hospital Tuscaloosa Alabama USA.jpg Tuscaloosa 1861 Mental Health Institution Alabama's first and oldest state mental health facility.
Rickwood Field Rickwood Field.jpg Birmingham 1910 Baseball park The oldest surviving professional baseball park in the United States.[36]

Demolished early Alabama buildings[edit]

Issac Bett House, Burnt Corn Alabama[37]

The existing house once located at 308 Conti Street (now moved) in Mobile may contain portions of a 1796 structure. [38]

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