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The following is a list of ongoing civil unrest or ongoing protests that are taking place around the world. This list is for the sole purpose of identifying present-day civil unrest and protests and the death toll and number of protesters associated with each event. Note:

  • Fatality figures include/ both civilian and military/police deaths unless otherwise indicated.
  • Fatality totals may be underestimated or unavailable due to a lack of information. A figure with a plus sign indicates that at least that many people have died (e.g. 455+ indicates that at least 455 people have died) - the actual toll could be considerably higher.
  • Only states with ongoing protests or civil unrest are listed.

List of ongoing civil unrests and protests[edit]

Start of protest Protest Location Deaths
Oct 2008 Anti-austerity protests in Ireland  Ireland 0
May 2011 Occupy movement Many countries 32[1][2]
July 2013 Black Lives Matter  United States 0
Feb 2014 Venezuela protests  Venezuela 44+
Mar 2015 Moldovan protests  Moldova 0
Mar 2015 2015–16 protests in Brazil  Brazil
July 2015 Patidar reservation agitation  India 12
July 2015 2015–16 Iraqi protests  Iraq
November 2015 Oromo Protests[3][4]  Ethiopia 400
June 2016 Protests of the Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016  United States 0
July 2016 Zimbabwe protests  Zimbabwe 0
July 2016 Maratha Kranti Morcha  India 0
August 2016 2016 Ethiopian protests  Ethiopia 90

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