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This is an incomplete list of notable online image archives, including both image hosting websites like Flickr and archives hosted by libraries and other academic or historical institutions.

List of archives[edit]

Site Type Number of Images Video Sound Search Languages
Adobe Stock Stock Images 100,000,000+ Yes No Yes English, French
Alamy Stock Images 95,000,000+ Yes No Yes English (Default)+ German
Arenapal Performing Arts 5,000,000+ No No Yes English
Artstor Digital Library
Associated Press
Bridgeman Art Library
California Digital Library
California State University, Northridge, Oviatt Library Digital Collections
Camera Press
Chicago Daily News (1902–1933), collection of over 55,000 images on glass plate negatives
Colourbox Royalty-free 25,000,000+ Yes No Yes English, Danish, German
Corbis Images
Depositphotos Stock Images 164,000,000+ (June 2020) Yes No Yes English (Default)+ 21 other languages
ETH Zurich e-pics Yes English, German
Flickr Commons Yes No No English (Default) + 9 other languages
Frick Digital Image Archive
Geograph Britain and Ireland Commons 5,100,000+ (Nov 2016 [1]) No No Yes English
Getty Images
Harvard Library
Internet Archive 3.5 million[2] Yes Yes Yes
Library of Congress
Life (magazine)
Mostphotos Stock Images 41,000,000+ (Nov 2022) No No Yes English (Default) + 4 other Northern European languages
Nationaal Archief (1945–1989) collection of over 400,000 (Dutch) press-images Commons approximately 400,000 No No Yes Dutch (Default)+ English
National Geographic Image Collection (1888–present), collection of more than 10 million digital images, transparencies, b&w prints, early auto chromes, and pieces of original artwork
New York Daily News (1880–2007), online photo archive DailyNewsPix, with photographs dating back to 1880
New York Public Library
Pexels Commons Yes No Yes
Pixabay Commons 950,000+ (May 2017) Yes No Yes English (Default) + 25 other languages
Pond5 Royalty-free 11,000,000+ (Jan 2017) Yes Yes Yes English (Default) + 7 other languages
Shutterstock[3] Royalty-free 319,990,308 (Jan 2020) Yes Yes Yes English (Default) + 19 other languages
Storyblocks Stock Images
The New York Times
United Press International (1907–2007)
United States National Library of Medicine, images from the history of medicine
University of Oregon Digital
University of Southern California Libraries
University of Washington Libraries Yes English
Unsplash Commons with additional restrictions[4] 1,000,000+ (2020) No No Yes English
Wikimedia Commons Commons 79,000,000+ (Nov 2021) [5] Yes Yes Yes English (Default) + other languages

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