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This is a list of major active Open APIs, or Application programming interfaces, sets of technologies that enable applications to interact with each other.

API Category URL Description Organization
Addison Lee QuickBook API Transportation [1] Boost your product by integrating Europe’s largest minicab fleet. Use our API to show estimated pick up times, give price quotes and make bookings on demand or in advance. Addison Lee
Open Cloud Computing Interface APIs Cloud computing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS [2] Flexible boundary-level RESTful interface to cloud computing infrastructure, applications and control Open Grid Forum[1]
New York Times APIs News [3] Article search, best sellers, campaign finance, community, most popular, real estate, movie reviews, NY state legislature, Times newswire, tags, people New York Times
Fitch Finance Data API Financial Data [4] 48 years of historical equites market data in Tick, Second, Minute and day resolutions Fitch Finance
SciVerse Application Platform Science, technology, and medical (STM) [5] Framework and content APIs for SciVerse product suite: ScienceDirect, Scopus, HUB Elsevier
Networked Help Desk Issue tracking systems [6] An open standard providing a common API for sharing customer support tickets between separate instances of issue tracking systems using JSON and REST Zendesk
NFL Arrest API Sports, Crime [7] A RESTful API with data for over 15 years of NFL Arrests. Data is organized by player, team, crime, and position! Addressing Geolocation [8] UK Postcode (reverse) geolocation API. Addressing Standardization and Geolocation [9] US Address and geolocation API.
SamEnrico API eBooks, ePubs, eZines & ePapers [10] Full catalog of free eBooks, eZines & ePapers for download. SamEnrico
Interworx API Web hosting, control panel [11] Documentation and full API for the Interworx Control Panel, including Nodeworx and Siteworx. Interworx
Moreify SMS/CALL API Text Message Marketing / Verification [10] Send Newsletter/Promotions for bulk SMS or just verify customers with a simple PIN verification CALL.
SimpleTexting Text Message Marketing [12] Send, Receive, Keyword manipulation for the SimpleTexting mobile marketing platform. SimpleTexting Counting [13] Simple, persistent, counting API.
The Guardian Open Platform News [14] Content API, politics API, data store The Guardian
Google Code Search and advertising [15] AdSense, AdWords, feed, language, search, blog, news, patent, video, earth, maps, base, buzz, contacts, YouTube, feedburner Google
Facebook Social networking [16] Graph, authentication, social Facebook
Yahoo! Developer Network Search and advertising [17] PlaceFinder, YQL, YAP, OAuth, OpenID, contacts, mail, messenger, content Yahoo!
USASearch Jobs API Government Jobs [18] Federal job listings from USAJobs, state and local government jobs from a variety of sources
Mashery Various APIs [19] Mashery's API management offerings include strategic consulting & developer support to help you build your business.
Quandl API Open Data [20] One API to access data for finance, housing, demographics, more Quandl
MailTest Email Validation [21] Validate email address domains
GEARS API MDM [22] Monitor and manage devices OPSWAT
Metascan Online API Multiscanning [23] Scan files for malware with 40+ engines OPSWAT
SDKS.IO Open APIs [24] Large repository of auto-generated SDKs for Open APIs
Skyscanner Developer APIs [25] APIs and documentation to power global travel search Skyscanner
Sphere Engine Saas, Skill testing [26] Solution dedicated to automated skill testing in recruitment,

programming contests and education.

Sphere Research Labs
London Theatre Direct Ticket API [27] APIs allowing the booking of London and Broadway theatre tickets London Theatre Direct
INQStats API Open Data [28] Demographic and statistical data of all countries of the world
MyChat API Instant messaging [29] MyChat REST API integrates corporate messenger, audio, and video calls
Barcode Finder API Shopping [30] Product search by UPC, EAN and ISBN
izi.TRAVEL API Audio tour, Storytelling [31] API provides access to the large collection of city and museum multimedia guides izi.TRAVEL[2]
HouseCanary Analytics API Real Estate [32] Real Estate Data and Analytics [3]