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This is a selected list of open-source video games. Open-source video games are games assembled from and are themselves open-source software, including public domain games with published source code. This list includes games in which the game engine is open-source but the game content (media and levels, for example) may be under a different license.

Open engine and free content[edit]

The games in this table are developed under an open-source license with free content which allows reusage, modification and commercial redistribution of the whole game. Licenses can be a Public Domain, GPL license, BSD license, Creative Commons License, zlib license, MIT license, Artistic license and more (see the comparison of Free and open-source software and the Comparison of free and open-source software licenses).

   Title    First Release Last Update Genre Engine License Content License Dimensions Additional Information
0 A.D. 2009 2015 RTS GPLv2 CC BY-SA 3D Historical, cross-platform RTS, using an original engine named Pyrogenesis. Game source-code released July 10, 2009.[1]
2048 2014 2014 Puzzle MIT MIT 2D A sliding block puzzle game.
Advanced Strategic Command 1999 2013 TBТ GPL GPL 2D Turn-based tactical war game, clone of Battle Isle and Nectaris.
Adventure 1976 1995 Text adventure Public domain[2] Public domain Text The original text adventure game by Crowther / Woods.
Ancient Beast 2012 2013 TBТ MIT AGPL and CC BY-SA 2D Turn based tactical strategy browser game played against other people. Inspired by HoMM3.
Andy's Super Great Park 2012 2013 Shoot'em up GPLv2 CC BY-SA ? ?
Angband 1990 2015 Roguelike GPL GPL Text ?
Ardentryst 2009 2009 2D side-scrolling GPL[3] GPL ? An action/RPG side-scroller focused not just on fighting, but on story and character development. Strategy as well as reflexes will be needed to overcome the game. The game is set in another world.
Armagetron Advanced 2001 2011 Racing GPL GPL 3D A multiplayer, 3D Tron lightcycle racing game.
AstroMenace 2007 2012 Arcade GPL GPL 3D A top-scrolling space shooter.
Battle City 2003 2013 Vehicular combat game GPL GPL ? An online multiplayer game starting by either building a city or applying for a job in a city built by someone else. The objective is to defend the city meanwhile attempting to destroy the enemy cities. Game source released on December 12, 2003. Programmed in C/C++ using DirectX.
Battle for Wesnoth 2005 2015 TBТ GPL GPL 2D Turn-based tactical strategy game with RPG elements. Includes single-player campaign and skirmish modes as well as multiplayer.
The Bub's Brothers 2003 2007 Platformer MIT MIT ? Bubble Bobble clone
Beyond the Titanic 1986 2009 Text adventure GPL GPL Text Game source released on March 20, 2009.
Biniax 2005 2012 Puzzle Zlib License Zlib License 2D ?
Bitfighter 2008 2015 Arcade GPLv2 GPLv2 2D Spaced-based multi-player shooter with fast, arcade-like action. Descendant of Zap! by Garage Games.[4]
Blades of Exile 1997 2011 RPG GPL GPL 2D Was originally a commercial product of Spiderweb Software.
Blob Wars: Blob And Conquer 2008 2009 Action-adventure GPLv2 GPLv2, CC BY-SA, other open source 3D 3D sequel to Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid.
Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid 2003 2009 Platformer GPL GPL 2D ?
BomberClone 2010 2010 Action GPL GPL 2D Clone of Atomic Bomberman.
Bombermaaan 2007 2008 Action GPL GPL 2D Clone of Bomberman.
Bos Wars 2004 2013 RTS GPL GPL Isometric 2D 2D RTS running on a modified version of the Stratagus engine.
British Bingo 2011 2012 Card GPL GPL ? Uses 9x3 boards.
BZFlag 1997 2012 Tank FPS LGPL LGPL ? ?
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead 2013 2014 RPG/Roguelike CC BY-SA CC BY-SA ? A post-apocalyptic, survival roguelike with an open-ended gameplay. Had a successful crowdfunding campaign on in 22 June 2013.[5]
Chaotic Rage 2010 2015 TPS GPLv2 GPLv2 3D Originally a 2D top-view shooter, now 3D using OpenGL.[6]
Chocolate Doom 2005 2012 FPS GPL GPL ? Chocolate Doom is a source port of Doom that is designed to behave as closely as possible to the original DOS executable
Chromium B.S.U. 2000 2010 Arcade Artistic Artistic[7] ? A fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
Crack Attack 2002 2002 Puzzle GPL GPL ? Puzzle game similar to the Super Nintendo classic game Tetris Attack.[8][9]
Crimson Fields[10] 2006 2009 TBТ GPL GPL ? Tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle.
Crossfire 1992 2014 MMORPG GPL GPL ? Crossfire originally started as a Gauntlet clone[11] developed by Frank Tore Johansen at the University of Oslo, Norway.[12]
Dead Meat 2001 2001 Action GPL GPL ? Clone of Bomberman.
Doolfy's Brain Surgery 2001 2011 RPG GPL[13] GPL ? A surgery based photography game.
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 2006 2013 Roguelike GPL CC0 ? An open-source fork of the 1997 game Linley's Dungeon Crawl.
Eat The Whistle 1998 2008 Simulation GPLv2 GPLv2 ? A football simulation game. Released under the GPL in 2002.
Emilia Pinball 2000 2004 Pinball GPLv2 GPLv2 3D A pinball simulation game.
Enigma 2003 2014 Puzzle GPL GPL ? Oxyd clone.
Epic Inventor 2013 2013 Platformer GPL GPL 2D Sandbox Patform Game. Like Minecraft
Fish Fillets NG 2004 2011 Puzzle GPL GPL ? Released commercially as Fish Fillets in 1998. Source released in 2002 under the GPL.
FLARE 2010 2013 Action RPG GPL GPL and CC BY-SA 3.0 ? Hack and slash inspired by Diablo.
FlightGear 1997 2015 Flight Sim GPL GPL 3D Microsoft Flight Simulator inspired clone.
Freeciv 1996 2015 TBS GPL GPL Isometric 2D Civilization II clone.
FreeCol 2003 2015 TBS GPL GPL Isometric 2D Sid Meier's Colonization clone.
Freedoom 1993 (2001) 2014 FPS BSD BSD[14] ? Doom content/resource clone.
Freedroid 2008 2012 RPG GPL GPL Isometric 2D Two games:
1. FreedroidRPG - FreedroidRPG is an isometric role playing game.
2. FreedroidClassic - FreedroidClassic is a clone of the game "Paradroid" which was released on Commodore 64 in 1985.
FreeOrion 2004 2014 TBS GPLv2 CC BY-SA 3.0 ? Space empire and galactic conquest (4X) game. Inspired by the Master of Orion series, but is not a clone or remake.
FreeVial 2008 2013 Quiz GPL GPL ? Trivial Pursuit Clone.
Frets on Fire 2006 2008 Music GPL GPL 3D Guitar Hero clone.
Frets on Fire X 2008 2009 Music GPLv2 GPLv2 3D Frets on Fire fork.
Frozen Bubble 2002 2008 Puzzle GPLv2 GPLv2 2D Puzzle Bobble clone.
Gang Garrison 2 2008 2014 Shooter GPL GPL ? A retro "demake" of Team Fortress 2.
Glest 2004 2008 RTS GPL CC BY-SA 3D 3D RTS game with two factions, A.I. and same-platform networking support. Development ceased in 2008. Two forks exist, named MegaGlest and Glest Advanced Engine.
Globulation 2 2008 2009 RTS GPLv3 GPLv3 2D Currently[when?] in open beta.
GLtron 2003 2003 Racing GPL GPL 3D Based on the light cycle portion of the film Tron.
GNOME Games 1998 2010 Various GPL GPL ? A collection of games accompanying the rest of the GNOME desktop environment.
GNU Chess 1984 2015 TBS GPL GPL 2D ?
GNU FreeDink 1997 2012 RPG GPLv3 zlib, other free licenses[15] ? Port from the Dink Smallwood game with free sound replacements
GNU Go 1999 2009 TBS GPL GPL ? ?
Green Mahjong 2014 [16] 2014 Puzzle GPLv3 CC BY-NC-SA 2D Solitaire Mahjong
Gunroar 2004[17] 2006 FPS Simplified BSD Simplified BSD ? A futuristic vertical shooter.
Gusanos 2004 2005 Shoot 'em up GPL GPL ? Clone of Liero.
Haxima/Nazghul 2004 2010 Roguelike GPLv3 GPLv3 2D Ultima-like game engine (2D tile graphics) and game.
Hedgewars 2007 2015 Artillery game GPLv2 GPLv2 2D Worms clone.
Iter Vehemens ad Necem 2001 2005 roguelike dungeon crawler[18] GPLv2[19] GPLv2 2D One of the game's specialties is the body parts system: the player can lose and regain limbs which have individual health points and strength.
KDEGames 1997[20] 1998[21] 2009 Various* GPLv2 GPLv2 *Collection of games provided with the official release of KDE.
Kernel Panic 2013 RTS GPL GPL ? Real time strategy game powered by the Spring engine.
Kiki the nano bot 2003 2007 Puzzle Public domain Public domain ? Mixture of Sokoban and Kula World.
Kobo Deluxe 1995 2007 Shoot'em up GPL GPL ? An enhanced version of the scrolling game XKobo.
Kroz 1987 2009 Maze GPL GPL ? Game source released on March 20, 2009.
The Legend of Edgar 2009 2014 2D platform game GPL various 2D A 2D platform game with a persistent world.
Lincity 1999 2013 City-building game GPL GPL ? SimCity clone.
LinCity-NG 2005 2009 City-building game GPL GPL ? Lincity fork.
Linley's Dungeon Crawl 1997 2005 Roguelike LGPL LGPL ? Roguelike game.
Liquid War 1995 2014 Maze games GPL GPL 2D 2D game in which you control particles and move them to defeat the opposing side.
The Mana World 2004 2014 MMORPG GPL CC BY-SA, GPL 2D The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. Art & Content are done in a 16-bit style reminiscent of early RPGS from the 90's.
M.A.X.R. (Mechanized Assault and eXploration Reloaded) 2007 2012 TBS GPL GPL and GFDL ? Remake of M.A.X.
MegaGlest 2010 2015 RTS GPL CC BY-SA 3D Cross-platform 3D RTS for up to eight players (can be A.I. controlled) on seven factions. MegaGlest is a fork of Glest.
MegaMek 2005 2009 TBТ GPL GPL ? Simulates the Classic BattleTech board game.
Micropolis 1989 (as SimCity)
2008 (as Micropolis)
2008 City-building game GPLv3[22] GPLv3 ? Open-source release of SimCity. Also known as OLPC SimCity.[23]
Microwar 2000 2009 Arcade BSD BSD ? A 'Space Invaders' style arcade game, in the cruel world of micro-computer industry.
Minetest 2010 2015 First-person, sandbox LGPL LGPL 3D An infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by Minecraft and similar games.
Moria 1983 1999 RPG/Roguelike GPL[24] GPL 2D A roguelike RPG based heavily on J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings.
NetHack 1987 2003 RPG/Roguelike Nethack GPL Nethack GPL Text A single player dungeon exploration game.
Netrek 1988 2011 Shoot 'em up MIT MIT 2D Successor to 1986's Xtrek, Netrek was first played in 1988. It was the third Internet game, the first Internet team game, and as of 2011 is the oldest Internet game still actively played.
Neverball 2005 2009 Platformer GPL GPL 3D Also includes additional game Neverputt.
Nexuiz 2005 2009 FPS GPL GPL 3D Forked into Xonotic following a commercial licensing agreement by a minority of the development team.
Omega 2008 2014 Space RTS AGPL GPL 3D Universe Simulator / Space Engine / inspired by Homeworld series
Oolite 2006 2015 Space Sim GPLv2 GPLv2 3D Elite Clone
OpenArena 2005 2012 FPS GPLv2 GPLv2 3D Quake III Clone
OpenCity 2003 2008 City-building game GPL GPL 3D SimCity Clone.
OpenClonk 2010 2015 Action, RTS, Platform ISC CC BY 2D Successor of the Clonk shareware series
OpenHexagon 2013 2013 Arcade AFL 3.0[25] AFL 3.0 ? Super Hexagon Clone.[26]
OpenTTD 2005 2015 Business Sim GPLv2 GPLv2 2D An open-source clone of 'Transport Tycoon Deluxe'
Paintown 2005 2013 fighting BSD CC and Public Domain 2D Clone of M.U.G.E.N game engine that allows the creation of fighting games with little or no programming experience.
Paku paku 2011 2011 Arcade game Public Domain Public Domain ? Authentic Pac Man clone, uses a CGA 160x100x16 mode, released as Public domain.[27]
Pathological 2003 2003 Puzzle GPL GPL 2D Inspired by Logical by Rainbow Arts.
Pingus 1998 2011 Puzzle GPL GPL 2D Lemmings clone.
Pioneer 2006 2015 Space sim GPLv3 CC BY-SA 3D Inspired by Frontier: Elite 2
PokerTH 2006 2014 Card GPL GPL 2D ?
PySol 2001[28] 2009 Card games, Patience GPLv3 Public domain and GPLv3 2D ?
Red Eclipse 2011 2015 FPS zlib CC BY-SA / CC BY [29] 3D Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine.
Rigs of Rods 2007 2012 Vehicle Sim GPLv3 GPLv3 3D Rigs of Rods was initially created as an off-road truck simulator, but has developed into a versatile physics sandbox.
Rocks'n'Diamonds 1995 2013 Puzzle GPLv2 GPLv2 2D A scrolling tile-based computer puzzle game that can be described as a combined Boulder Dash, Supaplex, Emerald Mine, and Sokoban clone.
Ryzom 2004 2015 MMORPG AGPL CC BY-SA 3D All textures and effects, 3D models, animations, characters and clothing (no music or sounds) are under CC BY-SA.
Scorched 3D 2001 2012 Artillery game GPL GPL 3D Clone of Scorched Earth (video game)
Secret Maryo Chronicles 2003 2009 Platformer GPLv3 GPLv3 2D 2D platformer inspired by the Super Mario series.
Simutrans 1997 2014 Business Sim Artistic Artistic 2D Similar to Transport Tycoon and its open-source clone, OpenTTD. The player must build a profitable transportation system.
Sintel The Game 2012 2012 RPG GPL CC BY, GPL 3D A game based on the Blender Foundation movie, Sintel.
Smash Battle 2008 2009 Platformer GPLv3 CC 2D Smash Battle is a Retro 8-bit style platform shooter, inspired by the battle mini-game from Super Mario Bros. 3.[30]
Sokoban 1982 2006 Transport Puzzle GPL GPL 2D A puzzle game in which the player pushes boxes around in a room, trying to get them to specific locations. Clones: Sokoban YASC - JSoko
Solarwolf 2002 2004 Arcade LGPL LGPL 2D Clone of Solar Fox for the Atari 2600. A 2-D action game where the player must collect the blocks on every level while avoiding various obstacles.
Sopwith 1984 2014 Shoot 'em up GPL GPL ? The C and x86 assembly source code to Sopwith was released in 2000,[31] at first under a non-commercial use license, but later under the GNU GPL at the request of fans.[32]
Space Station 13 2003 2013 RPG GPLv3+ CC BY-SA 2D A multiplayer, 2D, sprite and tile based role playing game.
SpacePong 2004 2011 Action LGPL LGPL 2D Clone of Pong with different game modes and 1 or 2 players.
SpaceZero 2010 2013 RTS GPLv3+ GPLv3+ 2D A 2D Real Time Strategy space combat game.
Speed Dreams 2010 2012 Sim racing GPLv2+ FAL ? Forked from TORCS in late 2008.
StepMania 2005(?) 2015 Rhythm game MIT[33] MIT 2D and 3D A DDR clone, the player must hit buttons or keys in time with the music.
Supernova 1987 2009 Text adventure GPL GPL ? Game source released on March 20, 2009.
SuperTux 2003 2013 Platformer GPL GPL 2D 2D platformer inspired by the Super Mario series.
SuperTuxKart 2006 2015 Racing GPL GPL 3D Arcade racing game similar to Mario Kart.
Teeworlds 2007 2014 Platformer zlib CC BY-SA 3.0 (except font) 2D 2D side-scrolling shooter.
Tenés Empanadas Graciela 1996 2007 TBS GPLv2 GPLv2 ? Based on the boardgame Risk.
Thousand Parsec 2002 2009 TBS GPL, LGPL ? ? Framework/Engine for turn based space empire building games.
Tile World 2002 2006 Puzzle GPL GPL ? Clone of Chip's Challenge
TitanBomber 2011 2012 Action LGPL LGPL 2D Clone of Bomberman with network multiplayer support.
TORCS 1997 2013 Racing GPL Free Art License / Proprietary 3D Some car models are non-free, but there is a DFSG-compliant version which doesn't include them.
Torus Trooper 2004 2004 Scroller BSD BSD ? A fast paced shoot-em-up with wireframe graphics.
Tremulous 2006 2009 FPS GPL CC BY-SA[34] 3D Alien VS human base building, defending, and attacking opposite team.
TripleA 2002 2013 TBS GPL GPL 2D A turn based strategy game inspired by Axis & Allies and board game engine. Development is ongoing.
Tux Racer 2000 2009 Racing GPL GPL 3D ?
Tux, of Math Command 2001 2011 Educational game GPL GPL 2D ?
UFO: Alien Invasion 2006 2014 TBТ GPL GPL, CC BY-SA 3D Inspired by the XCOM-series, but with 3D-combats on surface of the earth.
UltraStar Deluxe 2007 2010 Music GPL GPL, CC 2D SingStar clone.
Unknown Horizons 2008 2014 City-building game GPL GPL, CC, OFL Isometric 2D Genre-mix of city-building game and real-time strategy game, inspired by the Anno series.
Unvanquished 2012 2015 FPS GPL CC BY-SA 3D Team-based first person shooter with strong RTS elements, derived from the Tremulous project. - Homepage
Vega Strike 2008 2012 Space Sim GPL GPL 3D Elite clone and space simulator engine.
VoltAir 2014 2014 Platformer Apache License Apache License 2D Single and local multiplayer mobile game built on Qt and LiquidFun.
WarMUX 2002 2010 Artillery game GPL GPL 2D Worms clone.
Warzone 2100 1999 2014 RTS GPLv2 CC BY-SA 3D Post-apocalyptic, cross-platform RTS.
Widelands 2002 2014 RTS GPL GPL ? Widelands is a RTS clone of The Settlers II.
Word Whiz 1988 2009 Educational game GPL GPL ? Game source released on March 20, 2009.
WorldForge 1998 2014 MMORPG GPL GPL 3D An open-source framework for massively multiplayer online role-playing games.
Xbattle 1991 1996 RTS Custom copyleft.[35] ? 2D ?
Xconq 1987 2005 TBS GPL GPL ? 4X strategy game engine.
XEvil 1994 2003 Platformer GPL 2D Fast paced side-scrolling action game.
X-Moto 2005 2012 Platformer GPL GPL 2D Elasto Mania Clone.
Xonotic 2010 2015 FPS GPL GPL 3D A fork and direct successor of the game Nexuiz.
XPilot 1992 2010 Arcade GPL GPL 2D A multiplayer Asteroids-like game.
Yo Frankie! 2008 2009 Action-adventure GPL, LGPL CC BY 3.0 3D ?

Open-source games with own but non-free content[edit]

While the games in this table are developed under an open-source license, the reusage and modification of only the code is permitted. As some of the games' content (sound, graphics, video and other artwork) is proprietary or restricted in usage, the whole games are non-free and restricted in re-usage (depending on license). The motivation of a developer to keep the own content non-free while he opens the source code is most often the protection of a game as sellable commercial product. Sometimes the motivation is the prevention of a commercialization of free product in future, e.g. when distributed under a CC NC license.

   Title    First Release Last Update Genre Engine License Content License Dimensions Additional Information
AssaultCube 2006 2010 FPS zlib CC BY-NC-SA 3D Based on Cube. A lightweight online FPS (45-50 MB package), with a built-in map maker and capable of being played with a 56k connection.
C-Dogs SDL 2002 2013 Run and gun GPL Freeware 2D Overhead run and gun, with hotseat co-operative and deathmatch play for up to four players.
C-evo 1999 2008 TBТ, 4X Public domain Proprietary ? Inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization.
Cave Express 2013 2014 Platformer/Arcade GPL 3[36] CC BY-NC-SA 3.0[37] 2D Remake of the Ugh! Amiga game, originally proprietary developed by Caveproductions and sold on Desura.
Cheeseman the Game 2013 2013 Platformer GPL CC BY-NC-SA[38] 2D 2D platformer based on SuperTux.
CodeRED: Alien Arena 2004 2011 FPS GPL Proprietary[39] ? Based on ID Software open-source engine.
Cube 2002 2005 FPS zlib Proprietary 3D Deathmatch style multiplayer gameplay with map editing.
Cube 2: Sauerbraten 2004 2013 FPS zlib Various non-free and some free licenses 3D Deathmatch style multiplayer gameplay with map editing.
Dungeon Story 2012 2013 Puzzle/RPG MIT Proprietary 2D Fun and addictive iOS Puzzle/RPG with support for player versus player games. Available for free in iOS App Store.
Frogatto & Friends 2010 2011 Platformer GPL Proprietary[40] ? Initially for Windows, Linux, and Mac; hold and toss enemies, swim, talk; scripting language included.
H-Craft Championship 2007 2015 Racing zlib[41] Free for personal use[42] 3D Sci-Fi Racer for Linux, Windows and Android which is using the Irrlicht engine.
Katawa Shoujo 2012 2012 Visual Novel MIT license (most of game and engine beside some scripts[43]) CC BY-NC-ND 2D A visual novel.
Jump 'n Bump 1998 1999 ? Public Domain Freeware 2D *Jump 'n Bump is a multiplayer battle game. 1998 freeware MS-DOS platform video game, written in C and Assembly language by Brainchild Design. The source code was released in 1999, and the game has since been ported to a number of other operating systems, with the release of a SDL version.
Lugaru 2005 2010 Action Third Person GPL Proprietary 3D A game where the player is a anthropomorphic rabbit who seeks revenge when a group of enemy rabbits kill their family.
PlaneShift 2001 2015 MMORPG GPL Proprietary ? Free to play MMORPG.
Steel Storm: Episode I 2010 2010 Action GPLv2[44] CC BY-NC-SA 3.0[45] ? Based on DarkPlaces. An indie top-down arcade shooter with single-player, deathmatch, and co-op.
Smokin' Guns 2009 2012 FPS GPLv2 Proprietary 3D Western-themed first-person shooter using the ioquake3 engine.
Tales of Maj'Eyal 2012 2014 RPG/Roguelike GPLv3 GPLv3+Proprietary[46] 2D ?
The Dark Mod 2009 2013 Stealth game GPLv3+ CC BY-NC-SA 3D First person stealth game in the style of the Thief (series) games ( 1 and 2 ) using a modified Id Tech 4 engine
The Last Eichhof 1993 1993 Shoot-'em-up "Do whatever your want" license (Public Domain)[47] Freeware 2D Shoot-'em-up game released for MS-DOS in 1993 by Swiss company Alpha Helix. Source code released 1995.
Urban Terror 2000 2011 FPS GPL Proprietary 3D Multiplayer tactical shooter based on the id tech 3 engine.
Vdrift 2012 Racing GPL GPL and proprietary 3D Some datas are non-free, for example the "SV" car model, under a CC BY-NC-SA license.
Warsow 2005 2012 FPS GPL Proprietary 3D Based on Qfusion, a Quake II modification.
World of Padman 2007 2008 FPS GPL Proprietary ? Originally a Quake 3 modification. Became stand-alone in 2007, now runs on ioquake3.
Zero-K 2010 2015 RTS GPL CC BY-NC-ND[48] 3D Zero-K is a multi-platform real time strategy game inspired by Total Annihilation, powered by the Spring game engine.

Open-source remakes with non-free content from the proprietary original[edit]

The Video game remakes in this table were developed under an open-source license which allows usually the reusage, modifications and commercial redistribution of the code. The required game content (artwork, data etc.) is taken from a proprietary and non-opened commercial game, so that the whole game is non-free. See also the Game engine recreation page and the List of Engines for ScummVM.

   Title    First Release Last Update Genre Engine License Content License


Additional Information
CorsixTH 2009 2014 Business Sim MIT Proprietary (original game data) ? An open-source clone of Theme Hospital.
Dune Legacy 2003 2013 RTS GPL Proprietary ? Modern clone of Dune II which uses data files from the original game. New features include multiple unit selection/control, high resolution support, multiplayer gaming, improved GUI.
Exult 1992 2012 RPG GPL Proprietary ? Engine remake of Ultima VII.[49]
Freesynd 1993 2012 RTS GPL Proprietary ? Engine remake of Syndicate.[50]
Gigalomania 1991 2012 RTS GPL Proprietary / GPL (since version 0.21) ? Clone of Mega Lo Mania which used data files from the original game. Substituted all data later against own artwork.
Gods -Deluxe- 1991 2011 Platform game Public Domain Proprietary ? Remake of the Bitmap Brothers video game Gods.[51]
KaM Remake 2010 2014 RTS GPLv2 Proprietary ? Remake of the Knights and Merchants video game.[52]
LGeneral 1991 2011 TBS ? ? ? Remake of the Panzer General video game
Netnuclear 1989 2010 TBS Public Domain Proprietary ? Clone of the Nuclear War TBS video game.[53]
NXEngine 2010 2012 Shoot 'em up GPLv3[54] Freeware ? Open-source clone / engine for Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story) that depends on the original game data.
M.A.X.Gold 2005 2011 TBS GPL Proprietary ? Remake of M.A.X.
OpenDune 2009 2011 RTS GPLv2 Proprietary ? Re-creation of Dune II that still depends on the original game files.
OpenRA 2007 2013 RTS GPLv3 Freeware[55] ? Open source game engine remake supporting early Westwood games like Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Dune 2000.
Pushover 1992 2011 Puzzle GPLv3 Proprietary ? Engine remake, uses the original graphic data.[56]
VCMI 2007 2013 TBS GPL Proprietary ? Heroes of Might and Magic III engine remake
OpenMW 2011 2015 RPG GPLv3 Proprietary ? The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Engine remake, uses the original game data files.[57]
OpenOMF 2013 2015 Fighting game MIT Proprietary 2D One Must Fall 2097 engine remake [58]
OpenRCT2 2014 2015, Ongoing Simulation Game GPLv3 Freeware, but requires original game data Isometric 2.5D An Open Source Remade of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, Similar to OpenTTD.[59]

Source available games[edit]

For video games in this table the source code is available but they are neither open-source software according to the OSI definition nor free software (see software with source available). These games are released under a license with limited rights for the user, for example only the rights to read and modify the game's source for personal or educational purposes but no reusage rights beside the game's original context are granted. Typical licenses are the creative commons "non-commercial" licenses (e.g. CC BY-NC-SA), MAME like licenses or several shared source licenses.

   Title    First Release Last Update Genre Engine License Content License


Additional Information
Jump 'n Bump 1998 1999 Deathmatch Platformer Emailware[60] Emailware ? Was ported to a number of other operating systems and platforms via SDL.
Mari0 2012 2012 (stable), 2014 (unstable) Platformer CC BY-NC-SA CC BY-NC-SA 2D Remake of Super Mario Bros with elements from Portal.
Racer 2003 2011 (Proprietary) Sim Racing Proprietary Proprietary/Freeware ? Only source code of 0.5 version is available, all other releases are closed source.
Visual Pinball 2000 2011 Pinball simulation editor and game MAME like license diverse ? Many free custom tables and recreations of original machines available. The program is also able to operate with Visual PinMAME

Proprietary developed games, later opened under varying licenses[edit]

For games which were originally developed proprietary as commercial closed source product, see also Category:Commercial video games with freely available source code.

See also[edit]


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