List of operas by Giacomo Meyerbeer

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The following is a list of operas by Giacomo Meyerbeer (1791–1864).


Title Genre Language Sub­divisions Libretto Première Theatre Notes
Der Admiral, oder der verlorne Prozess comic opera German Written 1811, never performed[1]
Jephtas Gelübde Ernsthafte Oper (Singspiel)[2] German 3 acts Aloys Schreiber, based on the biblical story of Jephthah 23 December 1812 Hoftheater, Munich
Wirth und Gast, oder Aus Scherz Ernst Lustspiel mit Gesang German 2 acts Johann Gottfried Wollbrück 6 January 1813 Stuttgart Produced in Vienna in 1814 as Alimelek, oder Die beiden Kalifen
Das Brandenburger Tor Singspiel German 1 act Johann Emanuel Veith 1814 Berlin
Romilda e Costanza melodramma semiserio[3] Italian Gaetano Rossi 19 July 1817 Padua
Semiramide riconosciuta dramma per musica[4] Italian 2 acts Gaetano Rossi, after Metastasio[5] 3 February 1819[6] Teatro Regio, Turin
Emma di Resburgo melodramma eroico[7] Italian Gaetano Rossi 26 June 1819 Teatro San Benedetto, Venice
Margherita d'Anjou melodramma semiserio Italian 2 acts Felice Romani after René Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt 14 November 1820 La Scala, Milan Revised 1826 for Paris.
L'Almanzore Italian Gaetano Rossi Unperformed Probably composed 1820–21; intended for the Teatro Argentino in Rome but never performed there. Believed to have been unfinished; it is also possible that its music was used in L'esule di Granata
L'esule di Granata melodramma Italian 2 acts Felice Romani 12 March 1822 La Scala, Milan
Il crociato in Egitto melodramma Italian 2 acts Gaetano Rossi 7 March 1824 La Fenice, Venice Frequently revised by Meyerbeer
Ines de Castro melodramma tragico[8] Italian Salvatore Cammarano[9] drafts from 1825 Commissioned by Teatro San Carlo, Naples, for 1826, but never completed.[10][11]
Robert le diable grand opera French 5 acts Eugène Scribe and Casimir Delavigne 21 November 1831 Paris Opéra, Salle Le Peletier
Les Huguenots grand opera French 5 acts Eugène Scribe and Émile Deschamps 29 February 1836 Paris Opéra, Salle Le Peletier Sometimes staged during the 19th century under other titles such as The Guelfs and the Ghibellines or The Anglicans and the Puritans (see the article on the opera)
Ein Feldlager in Schlesien Singspiel German 3 acts Ludwig Rellstab after Eugène Scribe 7 December 1844 Hofoper, Berlin Revised as Vielka, Vienna, 18 February 1847
Le prophète grand opera French 5 acts Eugène Scribe 16 April 1849 Paris Opéra, Salle Le Peletier
L'étoile du nord opéra comique French 3 acts Eugène Scribe 16 February 1854 Opéra-Comique, Paris Partly based on the earlier Feldlager in Schlesien; revised in Italian, London, Covent Garden, 19 July 1855
Le pardon de Ploërmel
(more commonly performed as Dinorah)
opéra comique French 3 acts Jules Barbier and Michel Carré 4 April 1859 Opéra-Comique, Paris Revised in Italian as Dinorah, Covent Garden, London, 26 July 1859
L'Africaine grand opera French 5 acts Eugène Scribe 28 April 1865 Paris Opéra, Salle Le Peletier Performed posthumously in an edition by François-Joseph Fétis.

Notes and sources[edit]

Giacomo Meyerbeer surrounded by characters from his most famous operas. From left to right: Nélusko and Sélika (L'Africaine); Alice, Robert and Bertram (Robert le diable); Fidès, Jean de Leyden and the three anabaptistes (Le prophète); Valentine, Raoul and Marcel (Les Huguenots)
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