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In biological nomenclature, organisms often receive scientific names that honor a person. A taxon (e.g. species or genus; plural: taxa) named in honor of another entity is an eponymous taxon, and names specifically honoring a person or persons are known as patronyms. Scientific names are generally formally published in peer-reviewed journal articles or larger monographs along with descriptions of the named taxa and ways to distinguish them from other taxa. Following rules of Latin grammar, species or subspecies names derived from a man's name often end in -i or -ii if named for an individual, and -orum if named for a group of men or mixed-sex group, such as a family. Similarly, those named for a woman often end in -ae, or -arum for two or more women.

This list includes organisms named after famous individuals or ensembles (including bands and comedy troupes), but excludes companies, institutions, ethnic groups or nationalities, and populated places. It does not include organisms named for fictional entities, for biologists or other natural scientists,[note 1] nor for associates or family members of researchers who are not otherwise notable. The scientific names are given as originally described (their basionyms): subsequent research may have placed species in different genera, or rendered them taxonomic synonyms of previously described taxa. Some of these names are unavailable in the zoological sense or illegitimate in the botanical sense due to senior homonyms already having the same name.


Taxon Type Namesake Notes Taxon image Namesake
Ablerus longfellowi Girault, 1913 Wasp Henry Wadsworth Longfellow HenryWadsworthLongfellowPhotographfromBook.PNG [1]
Acanthosquilla sirindhorn Naiyanetr, 1995 Crustacean Sirindhorn Acanthosquilla sirindhorn is the junior synonym to Acanthosquilla derijardi Acanthosquilla derijardi MNHN-IU-2014-23116.png HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.jpg [1]
Acisoma attenboroughi Mens et al. 2016 Dragonfly David Attenborough For Attenborough's 90th birthday Weston Library Opening by John Cairns 20.3.15-139 (cropped).jpg [2]
Adaina atahualpa Gielis, 2011 Moth Atahualpa Adaina atahualpa.JPG Ataw Wallpa portrait.jpg [3]
Aegomorphus wojtylai Hilszczanski & Bystrowski, 2005 Beetle Pope John Paul II A Polish beetle, posthumously named for the Pope's birth name, Karol Wojtyła. [4]
Aegrotocatellus jaggeri Adrain & Edgecombe, 1995 Trilobite Mick Jagger Perirehaedulus richardsi was named concurrently to honor fellow Rolling Stones member Keith Richards. [5]
Aegrotocatellus nankerphelgeorum Adrain & Edgecombe, 1995 Trilobite Nanker Phelge Collective pseudonym used by members of The Rolling Stones. [5]
Aeschylia Girault, 1929 Wasp Aeschylus Herma of Aeschylus, Klas08.jpg [6]
Aesopichthys Poplin & Lund, 2000 Fish Aesop [1]
Agaporomorphus colberti Miller & Wheeler, 2008 Beetle Stephen Colbert According to Wheeler, the scientist who discovered the diving beetle named it after Colbert because "Stephen shamelessly asked the science community to name something cooler than a spider to honor him. His top choices were a giant ant or a laser lion. While those would be cool species to discover, our research involves beetles, and they are 'way cooler' than a spider any day." Stephen Colbert 4 by David Shankbone.jpg [7]
Agathidium bushi Miller & Wheeler, 2005 Beetle George W. Bush This beetle was also named by Quentin Wheeler, and President Bush was pleased with the gesture, even calling Wheeler to thank him for the honor. [8]
Agathidium cheneyi Miller & Wheeler, 2005 Beetle Dick Cheney [8]
Agathidium cortezi Miller & Wheeler, 2005 Beetle Hernan Cortez [1]
Agathidium rumsfeldi Miller & Wheeler, 2005 Beetle Donald Rumsfeld [8]
Agra catbellae Erwin, 2002 Beetle Catherine Bell [9]
Agra katewinsletae Erwin, 2002 Beetle Kate Winslet "Her (Titanic) character did not go down with the ship, but we will not be able to say the same for this elegant canopy species, if all the rain forest is converted to pastures." [9]
Agra liv Erwin, 2002 Beetle Liv Tyler "The existence of this species... is dependent upon the rainforest not undergoing an Armageddon". [9]
Agra schwarzeneggeri Erwin, 2002 Beetle Arnold Schwarzenegger Named "in reference to the markedly developed (biceps-like) middle femora of the males of this species reminiscent of the actor's physique." [9]
Agyneta danielbelangeri Dupérré, 2013 Spider Daniel Bélanger [10]
Akihito Watson, Keith, & Marquet, 2007 Fish Akihito [11]
Albunea groeningi Boyko, 2002 Crustacean Matt Groening [1]
Aleiodes cacuangoi Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Dolores Cacuango [12]
Aleiodes colberti Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Stephen Colbert [12]
Aleiodes elleni Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Ellen DeGeneres [12]
Aleiodes falloni Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Jimmy Fallon [12]
Aleiodes frosti Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Robert Frost The patronym refers to Frost's The Road Not Taken: the larvae emerge from the host caterpillar in a way different from all other relatives. [12]
Aleiodes gaga Butcher et al., 2012 Wasp Lady Gaga [13][14]
Aleiodes kingmani Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Eduardo Kingman [12]
Aleiodes shakirae Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Shakira "Since parasitism by this species causes the host caterpillar to bend and twist its abdomen in various ways, and Shakira is also famous for her belly-dancing, the name seems particularly appropriate." Aleiodes shakirae gr.jpg Shakira Obama.PNG [12]
Aleiodes stewarti Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Jon Stewart [12]
Aligheria Girault, 1928 Wasp Dante Alighieri [1]
Aligherinia Girault, 1922 Wasp Dante Alighieri [6]
Allendia Noonan, 1974 Beetle Salvador Allende [1]
Alviniconcha strummeri Johnson et al., 2014 Snail Joe Strummer "The name highlights the 'hardcore' nature of Alviniconcha snails, that inhabit the hottest, most acidic and most sulphidic microhabitats at Indo-Pacific hydrothermal vents. The name also recognizes the surface of Alviniconcha shells: the spiky periostracum resembles the fashion of punk rock bands." [15]
Amaurotoma zappa Plas, 1972 Snail Frank Zappa [6]
Amata gil Witt et al., 2007 Moth Gil Ofarim [16]
Amphinema rollinsi Widmer, 2007 Jellyfish Henry Rollins [6]
Amplaria adamsi Shear & Krejca, 2007 Millipede Ansel Adams [17]
Amplaria muiri Shear & Krejca, 2007 Millipede John Muir [17]
Anacroneuria carole Stark, 2004 Stonefly Carole King [6]
Anacroneuria taylori Stark, 2004 Stonefly James Taylor [6]
Anatoma tobeyoides Geiger & Jansen, 2004 Snail Mark Tobey [6]
Andrena perahia Pisanty & Schechl, 2016 Bee Murray Perahia [18]
Anelosimus nelsoni Agnarsson, 2006 Spider Nelson Mandela [6]
Anelosimus pratchetti Agnarsson, 2012 Spider Terry Pratchett Ingi Agnarsson named the species in 2012, calling Pratchett a "comic genius." [19]
Angeliconana Girault, 1922 Wasp Fra Angelico [6]
Anillinus docwatsoni Sokolov & Carlton, 2004 Beetle Doc Watson [6]
Anolis roosevelti Grant, 1931 Lizard Theodore Roosevelt, Jr T Roosevelt.jpg [20]
Anomphalus jaggerius Plas, 1972 Snail Mick Jagger [6]
Anophthalmus hitleri Scheibel, 1933 Beetle Adolf Hitler Anophthalmus hitleri HabitusDors.jpg Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler (cropped).jpg [21][22]
Anselmella Girault, 1925 Wasp Anselm of Canterbury [6]
Antechinus rosamondae Ride, 1964 Marsupial Rosamund Clifford [1]
Anthemiella Girault, 1911 Wasp Anthemius of Tralles [6]
Aphonopelma hollyi Smith, 1995 Spider Buddy Holly Discovered in Lubbock, Texas, birthplace of Holly. [23]
Aphonopelma johnnycashi Hamilton, Hendrixson, & Bond, 2016 Spider Johnny Cash "This species can be found near the area of Folsom Prison in California, and like Cash's distinctive style of dress... mature males of this species are generally black in color." Aphonopelma johnnycashi male.jpg At San quentin 1969 2014-05-04 00-14.jpg [24]
Apistogramma mendezi Römer, 1994 Fish Chico Mendes [1]
Aptostichus angelinajolieae Bond, 2012 Spider Angelina Jolie Named in recognition of Jolie's work with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Aptostichus angelinajolieae female.jpg Angelina Jolie Cannes 2007 cropped.jpg [25]
Aptostichus barackobamai Bond, 2012 Spider Barack Obama Aptostichus barackobamai holotype.jpg President Barack Obama.jpg [26]
Aptostichus bonoi Bond, 2012 Spider Bono The species occurs in Joshua Tree National Park and was named in recognition of U2's 1987 album The Joshua Tree. [26][27]
Aptostichus chavezi Bond, 2012 Spider César Chávez [26]
Aptostichus dorothealangeae Bond, 2012 Spider Dorothea Lange Found in California's agricultural Central Valley [26]
Aptostichus edwardabbeyi Bond, 2012 Spider Edward Abbey [26]
Aptostichus muiri Bond, 2012 Spider John Muir The species occurs in Yosemite National Park, which Muir was instrumental in founding [26]
Aptostichus pennjillettei Bond, 2012 Spider Penn Jillette Named for Jillette's "advocacy of freethinking and scientific skepticism" [26]
Aptostichus stephencolberti Bond & Stockman, 2008 Spider Stephen Colbert Aptostichus stephencolberti female 3.jpg Stephen Colbert 4 by David Shankbone.jpg [6]
Archytas Jaennicke, 1867 Fly Archytas Tachinidae Archytas sp.jpg Archytas.jpg [6]
Arcticalymene cooki Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Paul Cook [1][28]
Arcticalymene jonesi Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Steve Jones [1][28]
Arcticalymene matlocki Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Glen Matlock [1][28]
Arcticalymene rotteni Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Johnny Rotten [1][28]
Arcticalymene viciousi Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Sid Vicious [1][28]
Argentinala cristinae Petrulevičius & Gutiérrez, 2016 Dragonfly Cristina Fernández de Kirchner [29]
Arianops carteri Carlton, 2008 Beetle Jimmy Carter [30]
Arianops clintoni Carlton, 2008 Beetle Bill Clinton [30]
Arianops gorei Carlton, 2008 Beetle Al Gore [30]
Arsinoitherium Beadnell, 1902 Paleogenic mammal Arsinoe II Arsinoitherium BW.jpg ArsinoeII.jpg [1]
Arthurdactylus conandoylei Frey & Martill, 1994 Pterosaur Arthur Conan Doyle Found in jungle similar to where The Lost World was set. [1]
Aspidolobus sebastianpinerai Vidal, 2018 Beetle Sebastián Piñera [31]
Attenborites Droser et al., 2019 Ediacaran biota David Attenborough [32][33]
Attenborosaurus Bakker, 1993 Plesiosaur David Attenborough Plesiosaur "in honor of the naturalist and filmmaker, whose childhood fascination with Liassic plesiosaurs sparked a brilliant career in scientific journalism." Attenborosaurus BW.jpg Weston Library Opening by John Cairns 20.3.15-139 (cropped).jpg [6]
Attenborougharion Hyman & Köhler, 2017 Snail David Attenborough [34]
Australopicus nelsonmandelai Manegold & Louchart, 2012 Bird Nelson Mandela An extinct woodpecker from South Africa [35][36]
Avahi cleesei Thalmann & Geissmann, 2005 Lemur John Cleese Cleese played a lemur-happy zookeeper in the film Fierce Creatures, hosted a documentary on lemurs, and is concerned with wildlife conservation. [6]
Avalanchurus simoni Edgecom & Chatte, 1993 Trilobite Paul Simon [6]
Avalanchurus garfunkeli Edgecom & Chatte, 1993 Trilobite Art Garfunkel [6]
Avalanchurus lennoni Edgecom & Chatte, 1993 Trilobite John Lennon [6]
Avalanchurus starri Edgecom & Chatte, 1993 Trilobite Ringo Starr [6]
Bachiana Strand, 1928 Wasp Johann Sebastian Bach [6]
Bachiana Girault, 1940 Wasp Johann Sebastian Bach [6]
Baeturia hardyi De Boer, 1986 Cicada Oliver Hardy [1]
Baeturia laureli De Boer, 1986 Cicada Stan Laurel [1]
Bagheera kiplingi Peckham & Peckham, 1896 Spider Rudyard Kipling The genus name is derived from Bagheera, the black panther from Kipling's Jungle Book with the species name honoring Kipling himself. Bagheera kiplingi (cropped).jpg Rudyard Kipling (portrait).jpg [6]
Baicalellia daftpunka Stephenson, Van Steenkiste & Leander, 2018 Flatworm Daft Punk The flatworm has a helmet-shaped structure on the end of the penis, thus the species name refers to Daft Punk, an electronic music duo who wear helmets while performing publicly. [37]
Balboa Distant, 1893 True bug Vasco Núñez de Balboa [6]
Baracktrema obamai Roberts et al., 2016 Blood fluke Barack Obama [38]
Barbaturex morrisoni Head et al., 2013 Extinct lizard Jim Morrison [39]
Baru darrowi Wilis et al., 1990 Extinct crocodile Paul Darrow [6]
Bauhinia sirindhorniae K.Larsen & S.Larsen Legume Sirindhorn [1]
Beddomixalus Abraham et al., 2013 Frog Richard Henry Beddome [40]
Beethovena Girault, 1932 Wasp Ludwig van Beethoven [1]
Bishopina mozarti Bonaduce et al. 1976 Crustacean Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1]
Blakea attenboroughi Penneys Plant David Attenborough [41]
Blighia K. D. Koenig Plant William Bligh Ackee 001.jpg WilliamBligh.jpeg [1]
Blixaea Gottschling, 2017 Protist Blixa Bargeld [42]
Borrowella Girault, 1923 Wasp George Borrow [6]
Boudiennyia Girault, 1937 Wasp Semyon Budyonny [6]
Brachypanorpa sacajawea Byers, 1990 Scorpionfly Sacajawea [6]
Bufonaria borisbeckeri Parth, 1996 Snail Boris Becker Boris Becker in action.jpg [1]
Buddhaites Diener 1895 Ammonite Buddha
Bumba lennoni Pérez-Miles et al., 2014 Spider John Lennon [43]
Bushiella beatlesi Rzhavsky, 1993 Polychaete The Beatles [6]
Caerostris tinamaze Gregorič, 2015 Spider Tina Maze "named in honour of Tine Maze, Slovenian skier who won Crystal globe with 2414 points" [44]
Caligula Moore, 1862 Moth Caligula Caligula japonica male sjh.jpg Gaius Caesar Caligula.jpg [6]
Callicebus bernhardi van Roosmalen et al., 2002 Monkey Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld [45]
Caloplaca obamae Knudsen Lichen Barack Obama "for his support of science and scientific education." [46]
Calponia harrisonfordi Platnick, 1993 Spider Harrison Ford [6]
Ornismya anna Lesson, 1829 Bird Anna Masséna, Duchess of Rivoli AnnasHummingbirdPaloAltoNorvig.jpg Anne d'Essling.png [47]
Campsicnemus charliechaplini Evenhuis, 1996 Fly Charlie Chaplin This fly dies with its midlegs in a bandy-legged position.[48] [6]
Cancer diogenes Linnaeus, 1758 Crustacean Diogenes of Sinope Petrochirus diogenes 1.jpg Bastein-Lepage Diogenes.jpg [1]
Captaincookia N.Hallé Plant James Cook Captaincookia is synonym for Ixora Ixora margaretae flowers.jpg Captainjamescookportrait.jpg [6]
Carlyleia Girault, 1916 Wasp Thomas Carlyle [1]
Carmenelectra Evenhuis, 2002 Fly Carmen Electra [49]
Carnegiea Britton & Rose Cactus Andrew Carnegie Carnegiea gigantea in Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona during November (12).jpg Andrew-carnegie-portrait-pd.png [50]
Cedrorestes crichtoni Gilpin et al., 2007 Dinosaur Michael Crichton [6]
Cephalonomia pinkfloydi Ward, 2013 Wasp Pink Floyd A bethylid wasp from New Zealand [51]
Cervus roosevelti Merriam, 1897 Deer Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt Elk at Northwest Trek.jpg President Roosevelt - Pach Bros.jpg [1]
Cheguevaria Kazantsev, 2006 Beetle Che Guevara [52]
Cherax snowden Lukhaup, Panteleit & Schrimpf, 2015 Crustacean Edward Snowden [53]
Cherokeea attakullakulla Quinter & Sullivan, 2014 Moth Attakullakulla [54]
Chipetaia Rasmussen, 1996 Primate Chipeta [55]
Chriacus metocometi Van Valen, 1978 Extinct mammal Metacomet [56]
Chriacus oconostotae Van Valen, 1978 Extinct mammal Oconostota [56]
Chtonobdella tanae Tessler et al., 2016 Leech Amy Tan [57][58]
Cirolana mercuryi Bruce, 2004 Crustacean Freddie Mercury East African isopod named for "arguably Zanzibar's most famous popular musician and singer." [6]
Cladomyrma sirindhornae Jaitrong et al., 2013 Ant Sirindhorn [59]
Claudius Cope, 1865 Turtle Claudius [6]
Cleopatrodon Bown & Simons, 1987 Extinct mammal Cleopatra VII [1]
Colemanus Fisher, 2015 Wasp Ronnie Coleman "Named for bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, who was famous for his back; referring to the robust and sculptured nature of the mesosomal dorsum." [60]
Coloborhynchus spielbergi Veldmeijer, 2003 Pterosaur Steven Spielberg
Conepatus humboldtii Gray, 1837 Hog-nosed skunk Alexander von Humboldt Zorrillo.jpg Stieler, Joseph Karl - Alexander von Humboldt - 1843.jpg [61]
Confucius Distant, 1907 True bug Confucius [6]
Confuciusornis sanctus Hou et al., 1995 Bird Confucius An extinct, early bird. The name means "holy Confucius' bird". [6]
Conobregma bradpitti Quicke & Butcher, 2016 Wasp Brad Pitt "Named after the senior author's favourite film actor Brad Pitt, whose poster adorned the wall of her laboratory during her doctoral studies." [62]
Corynopuntia guccinii D.Donati Cactus Francesco Guccini [63]
Cowperia Girault, 1919 Wasp William Cowper [6]
Craspedotropis gretathunbergae Schilthuizen et al., 2019 Snail Greta Thunberg The name was chosen in recognition of Thunberg's much-publicized climate activism, and because this species is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Craspedotropis gretathunbergae.jpg Greta Thunberg au parlement européen (33744056508), recadré.png [64]
Crichtonsaurus Dong, 2002 Dinosaur Michael Crichton [6]
Crikey steveirwini Stanisic, 2009 Snail Steve Irwin [6]
Crocidura attila Dollman, 1915 Shrew Attila [1]
Cryptocercus garciai Burnside et al., 1999 Cockroach Jerry Garcia [6]
Ctenocheloides attenboroughi Anker, 2010 Crustacean David Attenborough [6]
Ctenomys fochi Thomas, 1919 Rodent Ferdinand Foch [65]
Ctenus monaghani Jäger, 2013 Spider Dominic Monaghan [66]
Cuspicephalus scarfi Martill & Etches, 2013 Pterosaur Gerald Scarfe [6]
Cycladophora goetheana Haeckel 1887 Protist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [1]
Cyclocephala casanova Ratcliffe & Cave, 2009 Beetle Casanova [6]
Cyclocephala freudi Endrödi, 1963 Beetle Sigmund Freud [6]
Cyclocephala rorschachoides Ratcliffe, 1992 Beetle Hermann Rorschach [6]
Cystomastacoides nicolepeelerae Quicke, 2013 Wasp Nicole D. Peeler A favorite author of the lead biologist, who also named a species after fictional Beatrix Kiddo [67]
Daisya obriani Anderson, 2003 Beetle Patrick O'Brian A species of weevil named for the author of the Aubrey-Maturin books. [68]
Dalailama Staudinger, 1896 Moth Dalai Lama Bombycid moth from Tibet. [6]
Darwinilus sedarisi Chatzimanolis, 2014 Beetle David Sedaris Honors Sedaris, "as an appreciation for his fascination with the natural world." [69]
Dasyurus spartacus Van Dyck, 1987 Marsupial Spartacus [1]
Davincia Girault, 1924 Wasp Leonardo da Vinci [6]
Lemmysuchus obtusidens Steel, et al., 2017 Reptile Lemmy Kilmister Name means "Lemmy's blunt-toothed crocodile". It is the second species to be named after Lemmy Kilmister, given the Polychae Kalloprion kilmisteri [6]
Dendrophorbium chopinii Montesinos Plant Frédéric Chopin A species of arbuscular Senecioneae from the Andes of North Peru [70]
Dendropsophus ozzyi Orrico et al., 2014 Frog Ozzy Osbourne [71]
Depressizona exorum Geiger, 2003 Snail The Ex [6]
Descampsia Risbec, 1955 Wasp Jean-Baptiste Descamps [6]
Descampsina Mesnil, 1956 Fly Jean-Baptiste Descamps [6]
Desis bobmarleyi Baehr et al., 2017 Spider Bob Marley we describe a new intertidal species from tropical Queensland and name it after Bob Marley, whose song "High Tide or Low Tide" inspired us as it lives in a "high tide low tide" habitat. [72]
Desmopachria barackobamai Makhan, 2015 Beetle Barack Obama A diving beetle from French Guiana [73]
Diamphipnoa colberti Stark, 2008 Stonefly Stephen Colbert [6]
Dicrotendipes thanatogratus Epler, 1987 Fly Grateful Dead Thanatos is Greek for "death" and Gratus is Latin for grateful. [6]
Diolcogaster ichiroi Fernandez-Triana, 2018 Wasp Ichiro Suzuki [74]
Diplodocus carnegii Hatcher, 1901 Dinosaur Andrew Carnegie Diplodocus (replica).001 - London.JPG Andrew Carnegie, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing slightly left, 1913-crop.jpg
Djupedalia Knutsen et al., 2012 Plesiosaur Øystein Djupedal [75]
Doronomyrmex pocahontas Buschinger, 1979 Ant Pocahontas [76]
Draculoides bramstokeri Harvey & Humphreys, 1995 Schizomid Bram Stoker [1]
Dudleya hendrixii S.McCabe & Dodero Flowering Plant Jimi Hendrix Discoverer Mark Dodero said to have been listening to Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" when he first saw it, near Colonet, Baja California, Mexico.
Echiniscus madonnae Michalczyk & Kaczmarek, 2006 Tardigrade Madonna ExpressYourselfUnderGround cropped.jpg [77]
Effigia okeeffeae Nesbitt & Norell, 2006 Triassic archosaur Georgia O'Keeffe Closest living relatives are the crocodilians Effigia BW.jpg Georgia O'Keeffe UVa cropped.jpg [6]
Electrotettix attenboroughi Heads et al., 2014 Grasshopper David Attenborough Weston Library Opening by John Cairns 20.3.15-139 (cropped).jpg


Elijahia Girault, 1928 Wasp Elijah [6]
Elseya irwini Cann, 1997 Turtle Steve Irwin [6]
Eleutherodactylus amadeus Hedges et al., 1987 Frog Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [79]
Eleutherodactylus simonbolivari Wiens & Coloma, 1992 Frog Simón Bolívar [79]
Elysia manriquei Ortea & Moro, 2009 Sea slug César Manrique [6]
Emersonella Wasp Ralph Waldo Emerson [1]
Emersonia Girault, 1933 Wasp Ralph Waldo Emerson [6]
Emersonopsis Girault 1917 Wasp Ralph Waldo Emerson [6]
Enyalioides binzayedi Venegas et al., 2013 Lizard Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Holotype of Enyalioides binzayedi - ZooKeys-277-069-g007-top.jpg His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at Hyderabad House, in New Delhi on February 11, 2016.jpg [80]
Epirhyssa shaka Rousse & Van Noort, 2014 Wasp Shaka Zulu [81]
Equus grevyi Oustalet, 1882 Zebra Jules Grévy Grevy's Zebra Stallion.jpg Bonnat Portrait of Jules Grevy.jpg [1]
Eristalis alleni Thompson, 1997 Fly Paul Allen Paul G. Allen (cropped).jpg [6]
Eristalis gatesi Thompson, 1997 Fly Bill Gates BillGates2012 cropped.jpg [6]
Eruga gutfreundi Gauld, 1991 Wasp John Gutfreund [82]
Etheostoma clinton Mayden & Layman, 2012 Fish Bill Clinton [83][84]
Etheostoma gore Layman & Mayden Fish Al Gore [83][84]
Etheostoma jimmycarter Layman & Mayden Fish Jimmy Carter [83][84]
Etheostoma obama Mayden & Layman, 2012 Fish Barack Obama [83][84]
Etheostoma teddyroosevelt Layman & Mayden Fish Theodore Roosevelt [83][84]
Etmopterus benchleyi Vásquez et al., 2015 Fish Peter Benchley A species of shark. Benchley is the author of Jaws and was a marine conservationist. [85]
Eucteniza panchovillai Bond & Godwin, 2013 Spider Pancho Villa Discovered in San Juan del Rio, Durango, birthplace of Villa [86]
Eudorcas thomsonii Günther, 1884 Gazelle Joseph Thomson 2009-thom-gazelle.jpg Joseph Thomson.png [87]
Eulaema quadragintanovem Nemésio & Ferrari, 2012 Bee Ronaldinho ‘Quadraginta novem’ means forty-nine, the number of Ronaldinho’s T-shirt at Clube Atlético Mineiro, his late team in Brazil. Ronaldinho chose the number 49 as homage to his mother, born in 1949. [88]
Euphorbia regis-jubae Webb & Berthel. Plant Juba II Teguise - Camino de Teguise al las Nieves - Euphorbia regis-jubae 04 ies.jpg Portrait Juba II Louvre Ma1886.jpg [1]
Eurycea junaluska Sever et al., 1976 Salamander Junaluska Eurycea junaluska.jpg 17 22 347 junaluska.jpg [89]
Evarcha brinki Haddad & Wesołowska, 2011 Spider André Brink [90]
Evita Capps, 1943 Moth Eva Perón [6]
Felis margarita Loche, 1858 Cat Jean Auguste Margueritte Felis margarita 10.jpg General margueritte.jpg [91]
Fernandocrambus chopinellus Błeszyński, 1967 Moth Frédéric Chopin [1]
Finlayia Girault 1934 Wasp George Finlay [6]
Filistata maguirei Marusik & Zamani, 2015 Spider Tobey Maguire Maguire starred in three Spider-Man films. [92]
Franklinia W.Bartram ex Marshall Plant Benjamin Franklin Franklinia alatamaha.jpg BenFranklinDuplessis.jpg [1]
Froudeana Froudeana Girault, 1928 Wasp James Anthony Froude [6]
Funkotriplogynium iagobadius Seeman & Walter, 1997 Mite James Brown Iago is "James" and badius is "brown" in Latin. [6][93]
Gabrius tolkieni Schillhammer, 1997 Beetle J. R. R. Tolkien [6]
Gaga Pryer et al. Plant Lady Gaga A genus of ferns including Gaga monstraparva, Latin for "little monster" [94]
Gagadon Stucky & Covert, 2014 Extinct mammal Lady Gaga The type species is named Gagadon minimonstrum. [95]
Ganaspidium didionae Buffington, 2010 Wasp Joan Didion The wasp's range includes deserts of the American Southwest, setting of several Didion's works. [96]
Ganaspidium flemingi Buffington, 2010 Wasp Ian Fleming The holotype was collected in the Bahamas, where Fleming was a "long time resident". [96]
Gazella bilkis Groves & Lay, 1985 Gazelle Queen of Sheba Bilkis is one of many names of the Queen given throughout history [1]
Gentiana L. Plant Gentius Gentiana-verna2.jpg Face of King Gentius on Ancient Illyrian coin.jpg [1]
Gnathia beethoveni Paul & Menzies, 1971 Crustacean Ludwig van Beethoven [1]
Gnathia marleyi Farquharson et al., 2012 Crustacean Bob Marley Gnathia marleyi - female with eggs.jpg Bob-Marley.jpg [97]
Godiva Macnae, 1954 Sea slug Lady Godiva Godiva quadricolor (Nudibranch).jpg Lady Godiva (John Collier, c. 1897).jpg [1]
Goetheana Girault, 1920 Wasp Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [1]
Goetheana shakespearei Girault, 1920 Wasp William Shakespeare [1]
Goethella Girault, 1928 Wasp Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [6]
Goniozus musae Ward, 2013 Wasp Muse A bethylid wasp from New Zealand. "This species is named after the music band, Muse. [The name] also refers to 'musings' over the placement of this species." [51]
Gounodia Girault, 1940 Wasp Charles Gounod [6]
Greeffiella beatlei Lorenzen, 1969 Nematode The Beatles [6]
Grimaldichthys profundissimus Roule, 1913 Fish Albert I, Prince of Monaco The prince was born Albert Grimaldi [1]
Grimalditeuthis Joubin, 1898 Squid Albert I, Prince of Monaco Grimalditeuthis bonplandi (2).jpg Albert I, Prince of Monaco (postcard).jpg [1]
Grotiusella Girault, 1913 Wasp Hugo Grotius [6]
Grotiusomyia Girault, 1917 Wasp Hugo Grotius [6]
Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi Freitag, Pangantihon & Njunjić, 2018 Beetle Leonardo DiCaprio Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi-novataxa 2018-Freitag Pangantihon et Njunjić.jpg Leonardo DiCaprio visited Goddard Saturday to discuss Earth science with Piers Sellers (26105091624) cropped.jpg [98]
Hannibalia Girault, 1928 Thrip Hannibal [6]
Hapalopus aldanus Spider Alan Alda [99]
Haplochromis nyererei Witte-Maas & Witte, 1985 Fish Julius Nyerere Pundamilia nyererei.jpg Julius Nyerere cropped.jpg [1]
Harpagus Vigors, 1824 Bird Harpagus Double-tooth Kite - Choco - Ecuador.jpg General Harpagus.jpg [1]
Harryhausenia Boyko, 2004 Extinct crab Ray Harryhausen "Named for the great dynamator of fantasy film, Ray Harryhausen, in recognition of his long career during which he brought the imaginary to life on the screen."[100] [100]
Heliosorex roosevelti Heller, 1910 Shrew Theodore Roosevelt [1]
Hellinsia aguilerai Gielis, 2011 Moth Jaime Roldós Aguilera


Hellinsia alfaroi Gielis, 2011 Moth Eloy Alfaro [3]
Hellinsia benalcazari Gielis, 2011 Moth Sebastián de Belalcázar [3]
Hellinsia huayna Gielis, 2011 Moth Huayna Capac [3]
Hellinsia morenoi Gielis, 2011 Moth Gabriel García Moreno [3]
Hellinsia orellanai Gielis, 2011 Moth Francisco de Orellana [3]
Hellinsia pizarroi Gielis, 2011 Moth Francisco Pizarro [3]
Hellinsia ruminahuii Gielis, 2011 Moth Rumiñawi [3]
Hellinsia sucrei Gielis, 2011 Moth Antonio José de Sucre [3]
Hellinsia tupaci Gielis, 2011 Moth Topa Inca Yupanqui [3]
Herodotia Girault 1931 Wasp Herodotus [6]
Hesperia hobomok Harris, 1862 Butterfly Hobomok [6]
Heteropoda davidbowie Jäger, 2008 Spider David Bowie David Bowie spider.jpg David Bowie Chile.jpg [101][102]
Heteropoda ninahagen Jäger, 2008 Spider Nina Hagen [101][102]
Heteragrion brianmayi Lencioni, 2013 Damselfly Brian May One of four Heteragrion species named after members of the band Queen [103]
Heteragrion freddiemercuryi Lencioni, 2013 Damselfly Freddie Mercury One of four Heteragrion species named after members of the band Queen [103]
Heteragrion johndeaconi Lencioni, 2013 Damselfly John Deacon One of four Heteragrion species named after members of the band Queen [103]
Heteragrion rogertaylori Lencioni, 2013 Damselfly Roger Taylor One of four Heteragrion species named after members of the band Queen [103]
Heterospilus reagani Marsh, 2013 Wasp Ronald Reagan [104]
Heterospilus washingtoni Marsh, 2013 Wasp George Washington [104]
Heterospilus xerxes Marsh, 2013 Wasp Xerxes [104]
Homeryon Galil, 2000 Crustacean Homer [105]
Horaglanis abdulkalami Babu 2012 Fish A. P. J. Abdul Kalam The former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam delivering key note address on "Strength Respects Strength", at the 5th Admiral A.K. Chatterji Memorial Lecture, in Kolkata on April 11, 2015.jpg [106]
Houdinia Hoare et al., 2006 Moth Harry Houdini [6]
Hycleus marcipoli Pan & Bologna, 2014 Beetle Marco Polo [107]
Hydrolagus trolli Didier & Séret, 2002 Fish Ray Troll [108]
Hydroscapha redfordi Maier et al., 2010 Beetle Robert Redford [6]
Hyla stingi Kaplan, 1994 Frog Sting Colombian tree frog named in recognition of Sting's work for the rain forest. [6]
Hyloscirtus princecharlesi Coloma et al., 2012 Frog Charles, Prince of Wales Hyloscirtus princecharlesi.jpg Prince Charles 2012.jpg [109]
Ibyka J.E. Skog & H.P. Banks Plant Ibycus [6]
Idiogramma elbakyanae Khalaim, 2017 Wasp Alexandra Elbakyan "named in honour of ... creator of the web-site Sci-Hub, in recognition of her contribution to making scientific knowledge available for all researchers" [110]
Idiomacromerus longfellowi Girault, 1917 Wasp Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [1]
Ilomantis ginsburgae Brannoch & Svenson, 2016 Mantis Ruth Bader Ginsburg [111]
Inacayalestes Petrulevičius, 2015 Damselfly Inacayal [112]
Jaggermeryx Miller et al., 2014 Extinct mammal Mick Jagger [113]
Japewiella dollypartoniana J.L. Allen et al. Lichen Dolly Parton "named in honor of Dolly Parton ... Parton rose to stardom ... in the mountains of eastern Tennessee on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains where this species grows abundantly" Dolly Parton in Nashville 2.jpg [114]
Jawharia Seiffert et al., 2007 Extinct mammal Jawhar al-Siqilli [115]
Jeffersonia Barton Plant Thomas Jefferson Jeffersonia diphylla closeup.jpg Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale, 1800.jpg [1]
Jenghizkhan Olshevsky, 1995 Dinosaur Genghis Khan [1]
Jotus karllagerfeldi Baehr, Schubert, & Harms, 2019 Spider Karl Lagerfeld "This species is a black and white spider which looked like Karl Lagerfeld and his signature look, as the spider has large black eyes, which reminded of his sunglasses and its black and white front legs were reminiscent of Lagerfeld’s kent collar and handgloves." Jotus karllagerfeldi A.jpg Karl Lagerfeld (14091153382) (cropped).jpg [116]
Jubaea Kunth Plant Juba II Jubaea chilensis (scott.zona) 009.jpg An ancient Roman bust of Juba II of Mauretania4.jpg [1]
Kalloprion kilmisteri Eriksson, 2006 Polychaete Lemmy Kilmister [117]
Keatsia Girault 1928 Wasp John Keats [1]
Kerevata clarksoni Butcher & Quicke, 2014 Wasp Jeremy Clarkson One of three species named after the hosts of Top Gear [118]
Kerevata hammondi Butcher & Quicke, 2014 Wasp Richard Hammond One of three species named after the hosts of Top Gear [118]
Kerevata jamesmayi Butcher & Quicke, 2014 Wasp James May One of three species named after the hosts of Top Gear [118]
Kerygmachela kierkegaardi Budd, 1993 Cambrian arthropod Søren Kierkegaard [6]
Khamul tolkeini Gates, 2008 Wasp J. R. R. Tolkien The generic name Khamul is "named for the only Nazgl (sic) specifically named by J. R. R. Tolkien, Khaml (sic), the Shadow of the East (aka Black Easterling)" Tolkien 1916.jpg [119]
Khruschevia Flower, 1961 Worm Nikita Khrushchev Named by Rousseau H. Flower to show his dislike of the Soviet Premier and the Communist Party in general. [1][120]
Kingnites diamondi Eriksson et al., 2012 Worm King Diamond Tuska 20130628 - King Diamond - 31.jpg [121]
Kirchnerala Petrulevicius & Gutiérrez, 2016 Dragonfly Néstor Kirchner [29]
Kootenichela deppi Legg, 2013 Cambrian arthropod Johnny Depp [122]
Kora corallina Simone, 2012 Snail Cora Coralina [123]
Lamennaisia Girault, 1922 Wasp Hugues Felicité Robert de Lamennais [6]
Lasioglossum obamai Genaro, 2016 Bee Barack Obama [124]
Lathrolestes fiedleri Reshchikov, 2015 Wasp Arkady Fiedler [125]
Lavajatus moroi Simone, 2018 Snail Sérgio Moro [126]
Legionella shakespearei Verma et al. 1992 Bacterium William Shakespeare Isolated from Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of Shakespeare [127]
Leninia Fischer et al., 2013 Ichthyosaur Vladimir Lenin "The museum where [the type specimen] is housed is located within the Lenin Memorial and Lenin school complex in Ulyanovsk; accordingly, the generic name reflects the geohistorical location of the find."[128] [128]
Leonardo davincii Błeszyński, 1965 Moth Leonardo da Vinci [6]
Lepidoteuthis grimaldii Joubin, 1895 Squid Albert I, Prince of Monaco The prince was born Albert Grimaldi [1]
Lepithrix freudi Schein, 1959 Beetle Sigmund Freud [6]
Leucothoe eltoni Thomas, 2015 Crustacean Elton John "In reference to the large shoe-like first gnathopod of this species and the oversize boots Elton John wore as the local pinball champion in the movie Tommy." [129]
Leucothoe tolkieni Vinogradov, 1990 Crustacean J. R. R. Tolkien [130]
Leviathan melvillei Lambert et al., 2010 Whale Herman Melville An extinct whale: Melville is the author of Moby Dick. Livyatan melvillei.jpg Herman Melville.jpg [6]
Lincolna Girault, 1940 Wasp Abraham Lincoln [6]
Lincolnanna Girault, 1939 Wasp Abraham Lincoln [6]
Litarachna lopezae Pešić et al., 2014 Mite Jennifer Lopez An aquatic mite from Puerto Rico Litarachna lopezae.jpg Jennifer Lopez at GLAAD Media Awards (cropped).jpg [131][132]
Litokoala dicksmithi Black et al., 2013 Marsupial Dick Smith An extinct koala named for Smith's financial support of paleontological research [133]
Liturgusa algorei Svenson, 2014 Mantis Al Gore Named for Gore's "environmental activism including his efforts to raise public awareness of global climate change."[134] [134]
Liturgusa fossetti Svenson, 2014 Mantis Steve Fossett Named for Fossett's "inspirational dedication to adventure and exploration."[134] [134]
Liturgusa krattorum Svenson, 2014 Mantis Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt Named for the "hosts and creators of Kratts' Creatures and Wild Kratts... which provide children with entertaining programming focused on animal biology presented with accurate information."[134] [134]
Lontra weiri Prassack, 2016 Otter Bob Weir [135]
Loureedia Miller et al., 2012 Spider Lou Reed Loureedia annulipes male2.jpg Lou reed.jpg [136]
Loxosomatoides sirindhornae Wood, 2005 Entoproct Sirindhorn [1]
Lutheria Girault, 1919 Wasp Martin Luther Replaced by nomen novum Lutherisca. [6]
Maaradactylus spielbergi Veldmeijer, 2003 Pterosaur Steven Spielberg [6]
Mackenziurus johnnyi Adrian & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Johnny Ramone [1]
Mackenziurus joeyi Adrian & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Joey Ramone [1]
Mackenziurus deedeei Adrian & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Dee Dee Ramone [1]
Mackenziurus ceejayi Adrian & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite C. J. Ramone [1]
Macrobrachium sirindhorn Naiyanetr, 2001 Crustacean Sirindhorn [1]
Macrocarpaea dies-viridis J.R.Grant Plant Green Day "Dies-viridis" is Latin for "green day" [6]
Magellanana Girault, 1939 Wasp Ferdinand Magellan [6]
Magnolia sirindhorniae Noot. & Chalermglin Plant Sirindhorn [1]
Maguimithrax Klompmaker et al., 2015 Crustacean Tobey Maguire A genus of spider crab. Maguire starred in three Spider-Man films. [137]
Maldybulakia angusi Edgecombe 1998 Extinct arthropod Angus Young An Australian fossil myriapod [138]
Maldybulakia malcolmi Edgecomb, 1998 Extinct arthropod Malcolm Young An Australian fossil myriapod [138]
Mammuthus jeffersonii Osborn, 1922 Mammoth Thomas Jefferson [1]
Mandelia Valdés & Gosliner, 1999 Sea slug Nelson Mandela Mandelia mirocornata.jpg Nelson Mandela-2008 (edit).jpg [1][139]
Maotherium Rougier et al., 2003 Extinct mammal Mao Zedong [1]
Marshiella lettermani Shaw, 2000 Wasp David Letterman [140]
Martesia tolkieni Kennedy, 1974 Clam J. R. R. Tolkien [6]
Masiakasaurus knopfleri Sampson et al., 2001 Dinosaur Mark Knopfler Masiakasaurus BW.jpg DSC08946 Mark Knopfler Emmylou Harris by Volkan Yuksel.JPG [1]
Mastophora dizzydeani Eberhard, 1981 Spider Dizzy Dean The spider uses a sticky ball on the end of a thread to catch its prey. [1]
Marxella Girault, 1932 Wasp Karl Marx [6]
Marxiana Girault, 1932 Wasp Karl Marx [6]
Materpiscis attenboroughi Long et al., 2008 Fish David Attenborough Materpiscis.jpg David Attenborough (cropped).jpg [41]
Maxillaria gorbatchowii R.Vásquez Plant Mikhail Gorbachev Gorbachev (cropped).png [1]
Meenoplus roddenberryi Hoch & Naranjo, 2012 True bug Gene Roddenberry [141]
Megachile chomskyi Sheffield, 2013 Bee Noam Chomsky Megachile chomskyi holotype - ZooKeys-283-043-g004.jpeg Noam Chomsky, 2004.jpg [142]
Megalonyx jeffersonii Desmarest, 1822 Ground sloth Thomas Jefferson Megalonyx jeffersonii - Natural History Museum of Utah - DSC07263.JPG Official Presidential portrait of Thomas Jefferson (by Rembrandt Peale, 1800).jpg [1]
Megaselia mithridatesi Hash, 2014 Fly Mithridates VI of Pontus [143]
Menura alberti Bonaparte, 1850 Bird Albert, Prince Consort Albert's lyrebird.jpg Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.jpg [144]
Meoneura swifti Stuke, 2016 Fly Jonathan Swift A tiny fly. Swift "demonstrated in... Gulliver's Travels, that small individuals might be very important." [145]
Mercurana Abraham et al., 2013 Frog Freddie Mercury [40]
Mesoparapylocheles michaeljacksoni Fraaije et al., 2012 Crustacean Michael Jackson Jackson live in Lisbon.jpg [146]
Metallichneumon neurospastarchus Wahl & Sime, 2002 Wasp Metallica A parasitic wasp. The genus name honors the band, while neurospastarchus ("ruler of puppets" in Greek) alludes to "the weak and mindless nature" of hosts, and the album Master of Puppets. [147]
Microchilo elgrecoi Błeszyński, 1966 Moth El Greco [1]
Microchilo murilloi Błeszyński, 1966 Moth Bartolomé Esteban Murillo [1]
Milesdavis Lieberman, 1994 Trilobite Miles Davis [148]
Mirina confucius Zolotuhin & Witt, 2000 Moth Confucius
Mitra kamehameha Pilsbry, 1921 Snail King Kamehameha I [1]
Montypythonoides Extinct snake Monty Python Subsequently synonymized with Morelia [149]
Mozartella Girault 1926 Wasp Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1]
Mozartella beethoveni Girault 1926 Wasp Ludwig van Beethoven Type species of Mozartella [1]
Munidopsis mandelai Macpherson et al., 2014 Crustacean Nelson Mandela [150]
Muntiacus rooseveltorum Osgood, 1932 Deer Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and Kermit Roosevelt [151][152]
Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi Bond & Platnick, 2007 Spider Neil Young [6]
Myzomela irianawidodoae Prawiradilaga et. al., 2017 Bird Iriana Joko Widodo Named after the first lady of Indonesia at the time due to her great interest in the country's nature. [153]
Nabokovia Hemming, 1960 Butterfly Vladimir Nabokov A nomen novum for a genus Nabokov previously named [6]
Namalycastis jaya Magesh et al., 2012 Polychaete J Jayalalithaa Named in recognition of Dr.J. Jayalalithaa's contributions towards education for the People of Tamil Nadu, India (especially for impoverished people). [154]
Nanocthulhu lovecrafti Nanocthulhu lovecrafti Wasp H. P. Lovecraft The genus name invokes Lovecraft's character Cthulhu [155]
Napoleonaea P.Beauv. Water lily Napoleon Palisot de Beauvois named the type species Napoleonaea imperialis Napoleonaea imperialis.jpg Napoleonbonaparte coloured drawing.png [1]
Neanthes roosevelti Hartman, 1939 Worm Franklin D. Roosevelt [1]
Nelloptodes gretae Darby, 2019 Beetle Greta Thunberg
Neomegamphopus roosevelti Shoemaker, 1942 Crustacean Franklin D. Roosevelt [156][157]
Neopalpa donaldtrumpi Nazari, 2017 Moth Donald Trump Named due to the resemblance of scales on the head of the moth to Trump's hairstyle Neopalpa donaldtrumpi adult male, Imperial County, California.jpg Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpg [158][159]
Neoperla teresa Neoperla teresa Stonefly Teresa Heinz [6]
Nepenthes attenboroughii A.S.Rob. et al. Plant David Attenborough [41]
Neruda Turner, 1976 Butterfly Pablo Neruda [160]
Norasaphus monroeae Fortey & Shergold, 1984 Trilobite Marilyn Monroe Trilobite with an hourglass shaped glabella. Norasaphus Norasaphites monroeae.jpg Marilyn Monroe in 1952 TFA.jpg [6]
Notiospathius johnlennoni De Jesús-Bonilla et al., 2011 Wasp John Lennon In honor of the 30th anniversary of Lennon's death [161]
Nystalus obamai Whitney et al., 2013 Bird Barack Obama Western Striolated Puffbird (Nystalus obamai).jpg Sen. Barack Obama smiles.jpg [47]
Obamadon Longrich et al., 2013 Extinct lizard Barack Obama [162]
Ophelosia mcglashani Berry, 1995 Wasp Don McGlashan [163]
Ophiohamus georgemartini O'Hara & Harding, 2015 Brittle star George R. R. Martin [164][165]
Orectochilus orbisonorum Miller et al., 2008 Beetle Roy Orbison and his widow Barbara Orbison Whirligig beetle from India. [6]
Ornithoptera alexandrae Rothschild, 1907 Butterfly Alexandra of Denmark MP - Ornithoptera alexandrae 3.jpg Alexandra of Denmark02.jpg [1]
Orontobia dalailama De Freina, 1997 Moth Dalai Lama Tiger moth from Tibet. [6]
Orsonwelles Hormiga, 2002 Spider Orson Welles Many of the species are named after elements from Welles' films. Orsonwelles graphicus (Simon, 1900).jpg Orson Welles 1937.jpg [166]
Otacilia loriot Jäger & Wunderlich, 2012 Spider Loriot [167]
Ovidia Meisn. Plant Ovid [6]
Ovidia Girault, 1924 Wasp Ovid
Pachygnatha zappa Bosmans & Bosselaers, 1994 Spider Frank Zappa An orb-weaver spider, it has a black marking under its abdomen curiously reminiscent of Frank Zappa's mustache. [6]
Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum Hanelt et al., 2012 Dinosaur Ross Perot and family [168]
Pamphila confucius Felder & Felder, 1862 Butterfly Confucius Potanthus confucius Taioan ngpanlongtiap 002.jpg Confucius Tang Dynasty.jpg
Papasula abbotti costelloi Steadman et al., 1988 Bird Lou Costello An allusion to Abbott and Costello, however the patronym abbotti honors William Louis Abbott, not Bud Abbott. [1][169]
Papilio montezuma Westwood, 1842 Butterfly Moctezuma II ParidesmontezumaMale.JPG Moctezuma Mendoza.jpg [1]
Paradonea presleyi Miller et al., 2012 Spider Elvis Presley Paradonea presleyi body.png Elvis Presley 1970.jpg [170]
Paragordius obamai Hanelt et al., 2012 Horsehair worm Barack Obama [171]
Paragorgia jamesi Herrera & Shank, 2016 Coral James Rodríguez "Named in honor of James David Rodríguez Rubio, arguably the best Colombian professional football (soccer) player in history." [172]
Paramaka pearljam Mariano, 2011 Mayfly Pearl Jam [173]
Parnassius mnemosyne guccinii Sala, 2011 Butterfly Francesco Guccini "Dedicated to Mr. Francesco Guccini, to whose songs the first author [Giovanni Sala] is ever tied." [174]
Paroxyna cleopatra Hering, 1937 Fly Cleopatra VII [6]
Paroxyna messalina Hering, 1937 Fly Valeria Messalina [6]
Pecten jeffersonius Say, 1824 Scallop Thomas Jefferson Chesapecten Jeffersonius Outside.jpg Official Presidential portrait of Thomas Jefferson (by Rembrandt Peale, 1800)(cropped).jpg [175]
Pentaceration bifficlyro Crustacean Biffy Clyro [176]
Perirehaedulus richardsi Trilobite Keith Richards Aegrotocatellus jaggeri was named concurrently to honor fellow Rolling Stones member Mick Jagger. [5][6]
Petula Clarke, 1971 Moth Petula Clark [6]
Phalaena agrippina Cramer, 1776 Moth Julia the Younger Derived from Julia the Younger's birth name Vipsania Agrippina [1]
Pheidole harrisonfordi Wilson, 2003 Ant Harrison Ford [6]
Pheidole mooreorum Wilson, 2003 Ant Gordon Moore and Betty Moore Named "in recognition of their outstanding contribution in service and support to tropical conservation, hence the habitats in which the Pheidole ants will continue to exist."[177] [177]
Pheidole roosevelti Mann, 1921 Ant Theodore Roosevelt [1]
Phialella zappai Boero, 1987 Jellyfish Frank Zappa Named as a plan to meet Zappa, who stated "There is nothing I'd like better than having a jellyfish named after me".[178]
Phricotelphusa sirindhorn Naiyanetr, 1989 Crustacean Sirindhorn [1]
Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae Martin et al., 1994 Dinosaur Sirindhorn [1]
Pinkfloydia Dimitrov & Hormiga, 2011 Spider Pink Floyd "Pink Floyd was an innovative group that created music (with) an eclectic mixture of styles. Pinkfloydia has very unusual morphological features and its name aims to reflect its uniqueness." [179]
Pinus montezumae Lamb. Pine Moctezuma II [1]
Plato Coddington, 1986 Spider Plato Zookeys.753.20805.figure3 (A).jpg Plato Silanion Musei Capitolini MC1377.jpg [1]
Polycheles martini Ahyong & Brown, 2002 Crustacean Brian Martin [180]
Platygobiopsis akihito Springer & Randall, 1992 Fish Akihito [181]
Pritha garfieldi Marusik & Zamani, 2015 Spider Andrew Garfield Garfield starred in two Spider-Man films. Pritha garfieldi.jpg Andrew Garfield Comic-Con 2011 (Straighten Crop).jpg [92]
Plethodon sequoyah Highton, 1989 Salamander Sequoyah [79]
Plesiosaurus conybeari Sollas, 1881 Plesiosaur Conybeare William [6]
Plutarchia Girault, 1925 Wasp Plutarch [1]
Predatoroonops mctiernani Brescovit et al., 2012 Spider John McTiernan McTiernan is the director of Predator. [182]
Predatoroonops peterhalli Brescovit et al., 2012 Spider Kevin Peter Hall Hall played the Predator in Predator. [182]
Predatoroonops schwarzeneggeri Brescovit, et al., 2012 Spider Arnold Schwarzenegger Schwarzenegger is the star of Predator. [182]
Prethopalpus attenboroughi Baehr & Harvey, 2012 Spider David Attenborough [41]
Preseucoela imallshookupis Buffington, 2004 Wasp Elvis Presley The genus name derives from Presley's last name while the specific name derives from Presley's song "All Shook Up". [183]
Pristimantis imthurni Kok, 2013 Frog Everard F. im Thurn [184]
Pristimantis jamescameroni Kok, 2013 Frog James Cameron Pristimantis jamescameroni female E.jpg James Cameron October 2012.jpg [184]
Pristionchus maxplancki Kanzaki et al., 2013 Worm Max Planck [185]
Propionibacterium acnes type Zappae Campisano et al., 2014 Bacterium Frank Zappa "This bacterium is so unconventional in its behavior, and its new habitat is so unexpected that we thought of Frank Zappa". [186]
Psephophorus terrypratchetti Köhler, 1995 Turtle Terry Pratchett Pratchett wrote a series of fantasy books set on a world carried on the back of a giant turtle. Psephophorus NT small.jpg Terry Pratchett in Milan 2007.jpg [1]
Pseudapanteles alfiopivai Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Alfio Piva "in recognition of his many years of administrative support to ... INBio ... and of his policy efforts on behalf of conserving biodiversity in Costa Rica." [187]
Pseudapanteles christianafigueresae Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Christiana Figueres "for her persistent interest in ACG survival since the early 1990s, and up through her ... efforts to get the world to reverse its climate change" [187]
Pseudapanteles jorgerodriguezi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Jorge Rodríguez "who ... helped ACG forge new paths of self-support through Environmental Service Payments" [187]
Pseudapanteles josefigueresi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp José María Figueres "in recognition of his steady and imaginative support of ACG foundation, growth and survival through non-damaging biodiversity development" [187]
Pseudapanteles laurachinchillae Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Laura Chinchilla "in gratitude for her persistent tolerance of ACG efforts to push the conservation envelope during her term in office." [187]
Pseudapanteles luisguillermosolisi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Luis Guillermo Solís "in appreciation of the new opportunity for further administrative evolution that his election offers to ACG" [187]
Pseudapanteles margaritapenonae Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Margarita Penón "who listened patiently ... and thereby set the process in motion that protects all of these wasps and hundreds of thousands of other ACG species." [187]
Pseudapanteles oscarariasi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Óscar Arias "who, upon listening to Margarita Penon's summary of the ACG concept in 1986, set ACG survival policy in motion" [187]
Pseudapanteles ottonsolisi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Ottón Solís "in recognition of his steadfast policy support of the ACG concept throughout two decades ... and the foundation of the party, PAC" [187]
Pseudapanteles renecastroi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp René Castro "who helped ACG and INBio in their early years ..., promoted the development of Costa Rica's carbon market, and tolerated the growing pains of decentralized administration of Costa Rica's conserved wildlands." [187]
Pseudocorinna brianeno Jocqué & Bosselaers, 2011 Spider Brian Eno [188]
Pseudoeurycea ahuitzotl Adler, 1996 Salamander Ahuitzotl [79]
Pseudoparamys cezannei Hartenberger, 1987 Rodent Paul Cézanne [1]
Pterostichus neilgaimani Chaladze, et al., 2017 Beetle Neil Gaiman "Species is named after author Neil Gaiman, for bringing back what has been forgotten." [189]
Pulex cheopsis Rothschild, 1903 Flea Khufu From Khufu's Hellenized name Cheops [1]
Pycnomma roosevelti Ginsburg, 1939 Fish Franklin D. Roosevelt [1]
Rooseveltia frankliniana O.F.Cook Plant Franklin D. Roosevelt [1]
Qiliania graffini Ji et al., 2011 Bird Greg Graffin [190][191]
Raffaellia Girault, 1922 Wasp Raphael [6]
Rana montezumae Baird, 1854 Frog Moctezuma II Lithobates montezumae imported from iNaturalist photo 35492423 on 4 June 2019.jpg Moctezuma Xocoyotzin.png [79]
Raphaelana Girault 1926 Wasp Raphael [1]
Raphaelonia Girault 1924 Wasp Raphael [6]
Rebutia einsteinii Frič Plant Albert Einstein Rebutia einsteinii 1.jpg Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer - restoration.jpg [192]
Renaniana Girault, 1931 Wasp Ernest Renan [6]
Rhinatrema shiv Gower et al., 2010 Caecilian Shivnarine Chanderpaul [79]
Rhyzodiastes xii Wang, 2016 Beetle Xi Jinping Named after the paramount leader of China [193]
Richteria Girault, 1920 Wasp Jean Paul Derived from Paul's birth name, Johann Paul Friedrich Richter [1]
Rochlingia Guthörl, 1934 Extinct insect Hermann Röchling The genus was named after German industrialist and Nazi supporter Hermann Röchling. [22]
Rochlingia hitleri Guthörl, 1934 Extinct insect Adolf Hitler [22]
Rollinschaeta Parry et al., 2015 Worm Henry Rollins "Rollins – for Henry Rollins + chaeta, from Late Latin, for a bristle, seta or long hair." [194]
Rostropria garbo Early & Naumann, 1990 Wasp Greta Garbo Diapriid wasp described as "a solitary female". [6]
Rotaovula hirohitoi Cate & Azuma, 1973 Snail Hirohito [156][195]
Rubus × mussolinii Hruby Plant Benito Mussolini Hybrid blackberry from northeastern Libya [196]
Saepocephalum stephenfryii Gustafsson & Bush, 2017 Bird louse Stephen Fry In a revision of the Brueelia-complex, the louse was named in recognition of Fry because his "quiz show “QI” can be seen as a revision of the complexity of human knowledge, one misunderstanding at the time." [197]
Salinoctomys loschalchalerosorum Mares et al., 2000 Rodent Los Chalchaleros [1]
Sappho Reichenbach, 1849 Bird Sappho PSM V05 D299 Sappho comet.jpg Sappho-drawing.jpg [1]
Scaptia beyonceae Lessard, 2011 Fly Beyoncé Knowles The horse fly was named after the singer and actress because of its striking golden behind. Scaptia Beyonceae.jpg BEYONCE CONCERT IN CENTRAL PARK 2011 Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series - Central Park, Manhattan NYC - 070111 cropped.jpg [6]
Schilleria Girault, 1932 Wasp Friedrich Schiller Its nomen novum is Schilleriella Ghesquiere, 1946 [6]
Sciophila holopaineni Salmela, 2017 Fly Tuomas Holopainen "The new species is named after Mr. Tuomas Holopainen, the founder, songwriter and keyboardist of a Finnish metal band, "Nightwish""[198] [198]
Scipionyx Dal Sasso & Signore, 1998 Dinosaur Scipio Africanus Scipionyx samniticus.JPG Isis priest01 pushkin.jpg [1]
Sciurus aberti Woodhouse, 1853 Squirrel John James Abert Abert Squirrel (dorsal view).jpg John James Abert.jpg [199]
Scoterpes jackdanieli Shear, 2010 Millipede Jack Daniel A millipede collected from Lynchburg, Tennessee, home of Daniel and his eponymous whiskey distillery, "a favorite libation of the author." [200]
Sequoia Endl. Plant Sequoyah The derivation of Sequoia from "Sequoyah" is controversial since the botanist who coined it left no record of the etymology. US 199 Redwood Highway.jpg Sequoyah.jpg [201]
Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei Rich & Vickers-Rich, 2003 Dinosaur Arthur C. Clarke [1]
Sericomyrmex radioheadi Ješovnik & Schultz, 2017 Ant Radiohead "This species is named after the English rock band Radiohead as an acknowledgement of their longstanding efforts in environmental activism, especially in raising climate-change awareness, and in honor of their music, which is an excellent companion during long hours at the microscope while conducting taxonomic revisions of ants."[202] [202]
Serratoterga larsoni Johnson, 1991 Butterfly Gary Larson [203]
Shakespearia Girault, 1928 Wasp William Shakespeare [1]
Shireplitis tolkieni Fernández-Triana & Ward, 2013 Wasp J. R. R. Tolkien Other species of Shireplitis are named after various Lord of the Rings characters. [204]
Sicoderus bautistai Anderson, 2018 Beetle José Bautista [205]
Sinatra Buffington, 2011 Wasp Frank Sinatra Frank-sinatra-9484810-3-402.jpg [6]
Singafrotypa mandela Kuntner & Hormiga, 2002 Spider Nelson Mandela "The species is named after Nelson Mandela in honor of his struggle against Apartheid."[206] [206]
Sirdavidia Couvreur & Sauquet Plant David Attenborough The first plant genus named for Attenborough[207] [208]
Siriella roosevelti Tattersall, 1941 Crustacean Franklin D. Roosevelt [1]
Sirindhorn thailandiensis Adamski & Malikul, 2003 Butterfly Sirindhorn [1]
Sirindhornia H.A.Pedersen & Suksathan Plant Sirindhorn Michelia sirindhorniae - South China Botanical Garden 2013.11.02 16-17-11.jpg Princess Sirindhorn, February 3, 2018 (cropped).jpg [1]
Sitana attenboroughii Sadasivan, Ramesh, Palot, Ambekar & Mirza, 2018 Lizard David Attenborough Sitana attenboroughii.jpg David Attenborough at Great Barrier Reef.jpg [209]
Solaropsis chicomendesi Cuezzo & Fernández, 2001 Snail Chico Mendes [210]
Sonoma colberti Ferro, 2016 Beetle Stephen Colbert [211]
Sonoma rossellinae Ferro, 2016 Beetle Isabella Rossellini [211]
Sonoma stewarti Ferro, 2016 Beetle Jon Stewart [211]
Sonoma twaini Ferro, 2016 Beetle Mark Twain [211]
Spartacus Distant, 1884 True bug Spartacus [6]
Spelaeornis troglodytoides indiraji Ripley et al., 1991 Bird Indira Gandhi Indira-Gandhi-ili-50-img-2.jpg [212]
Spheniscus humboldti Meyen, 1834 Penguin Alexander von Humboldt Humboldtpinguin2.JPG AvHumboldt.jpg [61]
Spintharus barackobamai Agnarsson & Van Patten, 2018 Spider Barack Obama [213]
Spintharus berniesandersi Agnarsson & Sargeant, 2018 Spider Bernie Sanders [213]
Spintharus davidattenboroughi Agnarsson & Van Patten, 2018 Spider David Attenborough [213]
Spintharus davidbowiei Agnarsson & Chomitz, 2018 Spider David Bowie [213]
Spintharus leonardodicaprioi Van Patten & Agnarsson, 2018 Spider Leonardo DiCaprio [213]
Spintharus manrayi Chomitz & Agnarsson, 2018 Spider Man Ray [213]
Spintharus michelleobamaae Agnarsson & Sargeant, 2018 Spider Michelle Obama Michelle Obama official portrait headshot.jpg [213]
Stasimopus mandelai Hendrixson & Bond, 2004 Spider Nelson Mandela [6]
Stenomorpha roosevelti Smith et al., 2011 Beetle Theodore Roosevelt [1]
Strelitzia reginae Banks Plant Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Strelitzia reginae1.jpg Dance - Queen Charlotte, bust.jpg [1]
Streptocephalus sirindhornae Sanoamuang et al., 2000 Crustacean Sirindhorn [1]
Strigiphilus garylarsoni Clayton, 1990 Louse Gary Larson [1]
Struszia mccartneyi Edgecombe & Chatterton, 1993 Trilobite Paul McCartney [6]
Sylvilagus palustris hefneri Lazell, 1984 Rabbit Hugh Hefner Lower Keys marsh rabbit.jpg Hugh Hefner 05-16-2009.jpg [6]
Synalpheus pinkfloydi Anker et al., 2017 Crustacean Pink Floyd Synalpheus pinkfloydi (full res) by Arthur Anker.jpg Pink Floyd (1989).jpg [214]
Taeniopteryx mercuryi Fochetti & Nicolai, 1996 Stonefly Freddie Mercury [6]
Talabrica elotroyoae Santelli & Del Río, 2014 Bivalve El Otro Yo [215]
Tarsius sirindhornae Chaimanee et al., 2011 Tarsier Sirindhorn Prehistoric tarsier from Thailand [216]
Tassonia Girault, 1921 Wasp Alessandro Tassoni [6]
Tecunumania Standl. & Steyerm. Plant Tecún Umán [1]
Teleogramma obamaorum Stiassny & Alter, 2015 Fish Barack Obama and Michelle Obama [217]
Tennysoniana Girault, 1920 Wasp Alfred, Lord Tennyson [6]
Terebellides sepultura Garraffoni & Lana, 2003 Worm Sepultura "The species is named to honour Sepultura, the best Brazilian heavy metal band." [218]
Tetragramma donaldtrumpi Thompson, 2016 Sea urchin Donald Trump [219][220]
Tetramorium adamsi Hita Garcia & Fisher, 2012 Ant Douglas Adams [221]
Thalassidroma hornbyi Gray, 1853 Bird Phipps Hornby Hornby had collected the holotype. [47][222]
Thalesanna Girault, 1938 Wasp Thales [6]
Thoreauella Girault, 1930 Wasp Henry David Thoreau [6]
Thoreauia Girault, 1916 Wasp Henry David Thoreau [1]
Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima Dong, 1993 Dinosaur Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, Ariana Richards, and Joseph Mazzello People involved in the 1993 film Jurassic Park: Neill, Dern, Goldblum, Attenborough, Peck, Ferrero, Richards, and Mazzello.[6] The type specimen was informally referred to as "Jurassosaurus". [6]
Tianyulong confuciusi Zheng et al., 2009 Dinosaur Confucius [223]
Torvosaurus gurneyi Hendrickx & Mateus, 2014 Dinosaur James Gurney Gurney created and illustrated the Dinotopia books. [224]
Tosanoides obama Pyle, Greene & Kosaki, 2016 Fish Barack Obama The species was named after former US President Barack Obama in honor of his efforts to preserve natural environments. Tosanoides obama.jpg Obama Chesh 1.jpg [225]
Trigona sirindhornae Michener & Boongird, 2004 Bee Sirindhorn [1]
Trigonopterus attenboroughi Riedel, 2014 Beetle David Attenborough [226]
Trypanosoma irwini McInnes et al., 2009 Protist Steve Irwin Trypanosoma irwini.jpg Steve Irwin.jpg [6]
Tupacsala Petrulevičius & Gutiérrez, 2016 Dragonfly Túpac Amaru II and Milagro Sala Fossil Eugeroptera from Argentina. The type species is named Tupacsala niunamenos. [29]
Tutusius Gess & Ahlberg, 2018 Stem tetrapod Desmond Tutu [227][228]
Unruhdinium Gottschling Protist N. U. Unruh [42]
Vallaris zappai Wessels et al., 2001 Rodent Frank Zappa An extinct gerbil [229]
Victoria Lindl. Plant Queen Victoria Victoria amazonica edit 1.jpg Dronning victoria.jpg [6]
Wahydra graslieae A. Warren, Carneiro, & Dolibaina, 2018 Butterfly Emily Graslie [230][231]
Washingtonia H.Wendl. Plant George Washington Joshua Tree National Park - Washingtonia filifera - 1.jpg 01368u.jpg [1]
Websteroprion Eriksson et al., 2017 Polychaete Alex Webster [232][233]
Whittieria Girault, 1938 Wasp John Greenleaf Whittier [6]
Xanthosomnium froesei Wahl & Sime, 2002 Wasp Edgar Froese "Xanthosomnium" is a translation of Tangerine Dream, a German electronic music group founded by Froese. [6]
Zaglossus attenboroughi Flannery & Groves, 1998 Echidna David Attenborough Weston Library Opening by John Cairns 20.3.15-139 (cropped).jpg [41]
Zamenhofella Girault, 1941 Wasp L. L. Zamenhof [6]
Zappa Murdy, 1989 Fish Frank Zappa Ed Murdy, who named the genus of mudskipper, says, "I like his music."[234] [235]

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