List of organisms named after famous people (born 1950–present)

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In biological nomenclature, organisms often receive scientific names that honor a person. A taxon (e.g., species or genus; plural: taxa) named in honor of another entity is an eponymous taxon, and names specifically honoring a person or persons are known as patronyms. Scientific names are generally formally published in peer-reviewed journal articles or larger monographs along with descriptions of the named taxa and ways to distinguish them from other taxa. Following rules of Latin grammar, species or subspecies names derived from a man's name often end in -i or -ii if named for an individual, and -orum if named for a group of men or mixed-sex group, such as a family. Similarly, those named for a woman often end in -ae, or -arum for two or more women.

This list is part of the list of organisms named after famous people, and includes organisms named after famous individuals born on or after 1 January 1950. It also includes ensembles (including bands and comedy troupes) in which at least one member was born after that date; but excludes companies, institutions, ethnic groups or nationalities, and populated places. It does not include organisms named for fictional entities, for biologists, paleontologists or other natural scientists,[note 1] nor for associates or family members of researchers who are not otherwise notable (exceptions are made, however, for natural scientists who are much more famous for other aspects of their lives, such as, for example, rock musician Greg Graffin).

Organisms named after famous people born earlier can be found in:

The scientific names are given as originally described (their basionyms): subsequent research may have placed species in different genera, or rendered them taxonomic synonyms of previously described taxa. Some of these names may be unavailable in the zoological sense or illegitimate in the botanical sense due to senior homonyms already having the same name.

List (people born 1950–present)[edit]

Taxon Type Namesake Notes Taxon image Namesake
Abba Castanheira & Framenau, 2023 Spider ABBA A genus of Australian orb-weaving spiders whose name "honours the Swedish pop group ABBA whose songs and subsequent musicals Mamma Mia! (2008) and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018), provided hours of entertainment for the authors." [2]
Acanthobothrium zimmeri Fyler, Caira & Jensen, 2009 Tapeworm Carl Zimmer "named for Carl Zimmer who, through his colourful contributions to the popular literature, has done much to enhance the reputation of parasites."
Zimmer wrote in his blog: "When I first discovered I was going to have a species named for me, I was overwhelmed by delusions of grandeur. But at [a] parasitology meeting, I was quickly brought back down to Earth. Fyler mentioned to another tapeworm expert that she was naming a species for me, and he said, "Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Acanthrobothrium is kind of tall and thin like you." [...] I'm still grateful for Fyler's gesture, and I still can't help feeling some vaguely paternal pleasure at seeing how A. zimmeri helps scientists learn a little bit more about the diversity of life and how that diversity evolved."
Acanthogonatus messii Signorotto & Ferretti, 2023 Spider Lionel Messi "In honor of Lionel Andrés Messi, an Argentine professional footballer and one of the greatest players of all times, unique winner of seven (now eight) Ballons d’or." [5]
Acanthosquilla sirindhorn Naiyanetr, 1995 Crustacean Sirindhorn "The specific name is given in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, as a token of respect and in recognition of Her great interest in the study of the natural history of Thailand. Her Royal Highness graciously permitted the use of Her name for this beautiful and interesting species. It seems the more appropriate to attach the name of Her Royal Highness to the present stomatopod, because in 1983 Her Royal Highness (under the pseudonym Waen Kaeo) published a book for small children, entitled Kaeo Chom Kaen, in the first chapter of which a stomatopod, somewhat similar to the present, plays a dominant role."
Subsequently, synonymised with Acanthosquilla derijardi
Acer binzayedii Vargas-Rodriguez, 2017 Flowering plant Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan A species of maple tree found in Jalisco, Mexico. "The specific epithet honors a philanthropist committed to the protection of the environment and the preservation of species, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces. Through his philanthropic endowment, the first author was able to conduct phylogeographic and taxonomic studies of Acer in tropical America; this research led to the discovery and recognition of this new species." [9]
Acrotaphus jackiechani Pádua & Sääksjärvi, 2020 Wasp Jackie Chan "The specific epithet, "jackiechani", is the Latinized genitive form of the name Jackie Chan, chinese actor and director of several films, in [sic] which the first author is a fan." [10][11]
Actaea grimaldii Ng & Bouchet, 2015 Crustacean Albert II, Prince of Monaco The prince was born Albert Grimaldi. This species of gorilla crab from Papua New Guinea was named "in honour of His Serene Highness Albert II, Prince of Monaco, patron of the PAPUA NIUGINI Expedition and several other biodiversity expeditions of the "Our Planet Reviewed" programme conducted by MNHN and Pro-Natura International. The red and white colour pattern of the new species also alludes to the colours associated with the House of Grimaldi." [12]
Actinopus anselmoi Miglio, Pérez-Miles & Bonaldo, 2020 Spider Phil Anselmo "The specific name refers to musician Philip Hansen Anselmo, or Phil Anselmo, the main singer of Pantera, one of the most respected thrash metal bands of the world." [13]
Actinopus cornelli Miglio, Pérez-Miles & Bonaldo, 2020 Spider Chris Cornell "The specific name is a patronym honoring musician Chris Cornell, one of the founders of grunge music." [13]
Actinopus reznori Miglio, Pérez-Miles & Bonaldo, 2020 Spider Trent Reznor "The specific name refers to musician and multi-instrumentalist Michael Trent Reznor, founder of industrial music, leader of the Nine Inch Nails and affiliated to many other bands, in addition to his producer career." [13]
Aenictus shilintongae Jaitrong & Schultz, 2016 Ant Sirindhorn An army ant from China "named in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of the Kingdom of Thailand after her name in Chinese." (詩琳通公主, Shī lín tōng). The lead author of the description was Thai. [14]
Aetana ondawamei Huber, 2019 Spider John Ondawame A cellar spider native to West Papua, "named for Papuan activist John Ondawame (1953–2014) who promoted a peaceful solution to the conflict in West Papua." [15]
Agaporomorphus colberti Miller & Wheeler, 2008 Beetle Stephen Colbert According to Quentin Wheeler, the scientist who discovered this diving beetle, he named it after Colbert because "Stephen shamelessly asked the science community to name something cooler than a spider to honor him. His top choices were a giant ant or a laser lion. While those would be cool species to discover, our research involves beetles, and they are 'way cooler' than a spider any day." [16]
Agerina boygeorgei Karim & Adrain, 2022 Trilobite Boy George [17]
Agra catbellae Erwin, 2002 Beetle Catherine Bell "The specific epithet, catbellae, is the Latinized genitive form of the combined name of the actress starring on the current TV program "JAG", Catherine Bell. These beetles share the forest with an elegant cat, the jaguar." [18]
Agra katewinsletae Erwin, 2002 Beetle Kate Winslet "Her (Titanic) character did not go down with the ship, but we will not be able to say the same for this elegant canopy species, if all the rain forest is converted to pastures." [18]
Agra liv Erwin, 2002 Beetle Liv Tyler "The existence of this species of elegant beetle is dependent upon the rainforest not undergoing an Armageddon". [18]
Agromyza princei Eiseman & Lonsdale, 2019 Fly Prince "This species is named for Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson; 1958–2016), composer and performer of the song “Raspberry Beret,” who died shortly before the larva was discovered mining a leaf of black raspberry." [19]
Agyneta danielbelangeri Dupérré, 2013 Spider Daniel Bélanger "in honor of Daniel Bélanger, a Québécois author-composer and singer, for his music and poetry that accompanied countless hours of spider studies." [20]
Albunea groeningi Boyko, 2002 Crustacean Matt Groening "This species is named after Matt Groening, cartoonist and creator of the television program The Simpsons, to honor his extensive promotion of crustacean issues in the popular media. The Simpsons has exposed people to a diversity of crustacean species, including Lisa's hermit crab, Patty and Selma's hermit crab cleaning techniques, and, of course, "Pinchy" the lobster. The specific name is pronounced "gray-ningi."" [21]
Aleiodes butcheri Butcher et al., 2012 Wasp Jim Butcher [22]
Aleiodes colberti Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Stephen Colbert [23]
Aleiodes elleni Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Ellen DeGeneres [23]
Aleiodes falloni Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Jimmy Fallon [23]
Aleiodes gaga Butcher et al., 2012 Wasp Lady Gaga [24][22]
Aleiodes shakirae Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Shakira "Since parasitism by this species causes the host caterpillar to bend and twist its abdomen in various ways, and Shakira is also famous for her belly-dancing, the name seems particularly appropriate." [23]
Aleiodes stewarti Shimbori & Shaw, 2014 Wasp Jon Stewart [23]
Alviniconcha strummeri Johnson et al., 2014 Sea snail Joe Strummer "The name highlights the 'hardcore' nature of Alviniconcha snails, that inhabit the hottest, most acidic and most sulphidic microhabitats at Indo-Pacific hydrothermal vents. The name also recognizes the surface of Alviniconcha shells: the spiky periostracum resembles the fashion of punk rock bands." [25]
Amata gil Witt et al., 2007 Moth Gil Ofarim [26]
Amblypharyngodon chulabhornae Vidthayanon & Kottelat, 1990 Fish Chulabhorn A freshwater carplet native to rivers of Thailand and Cambodia, "named in honour of H.R.H. Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol of Thailand in recognition of her interest and patronage of research and development in science and technology, including biology and fisheries. The Thai vemacular name is "Siew Chao Pha Chulabhorn" (ซิวเจ้าฟ้าจุฬาภรณ์)." [27]
Amphilimna intersepultosetme Thuy, Numberger-Thuy & Jagt, 2018 Brittle star Between the Buried and Me A fossil species from the Cretaceous of South Carolina. "Species name consisting of Latin "inter sepultos et me", translating into "between the buried and me", to honour the eponymous progressive metal band." [28]
Amphinema rollinsi Widmer, 2007 Jellyfish Henry Rollins "The species is named in honor of Henry Rollins, artist, activist, and philosopher. It is the best way I know to thank him for his much appreciated and noble United Service Organizations (USO) service." [29]
Anaphes maradonae Jesu, 2003 Wasp Diego Maradona A fairyfly described from specimens collected in Southern Italy, and named "in honour of Diego Armando Maradona. First, because I think that he [has] been the greatest football player of [all] time, and his performances will continue to be impressed in my mind (and of all supporters of S.S.C. Napoli) forever, and second because the new species develops (indirectly) on a plant from which the ephedrine is extracted (alkaloid to which Maradona was discovered positive at [the] Football World Cup carried [out in the] U.S.A in 1994)."
Subsequently, synonymized with Anaphes brevis.
Andrena hadfieldi Sheffield, 2020 Bee Chris Hadfield "It is a privilege to name this new species after Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield for his many achievements as a pilot, astronaut, author, lecturer, and science educator." [32]
Anolis nemonteae Ayala-Varela et al., 2021 Lizard Nemonte Nenquimo An anole from Ecuador, named "for Nemonte Nenquimo, indigenous activist who led a successful campaign and legal action that protected 500,000 acres of Amazonian rainforest and Waorani territory from oil extraction in Ecuador. [...] Here we honor Nemonte Nenquimo for her braveness and determination to protect natural forests and their inhabitants." [33]
Aptostichus angelinajolieae Bond, 2008 Spider Angelina Jolie Named in recognition of Jolie's work with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. [34]
Aptostichus barackobamai Bond, 2012 Spider Barack Obama "in honor of Barack Obama, first African American President of the United States and reputed fan of spiders." [35]
Aptostichus bonoi Bond, 2012 Spider Bono The species occurs in Joshua Tree National Park and was named in recognition of U2's 1987 album The Joshua Tree. [35][36]
Aptostichus pennjillettei Bond, 2012 Spider Penn Jillette Named for Jillette's "advocacy of freethinking and scientific skepticism" [35]
Aptostichus stephencolberti Bond & Stockman, 2008 Spider Stephen Colbert "The specific epithet is a patronym, named in honor of Mr. Stephen Colbert. Mr. Colbert is a fellow citizen who truly has the courage of his convictions and is willing to undertake the very difficult and sometimes unpopular work of speaking out against those who have done irreparable harm to our country and the world through both action and inaction. He will be especially remembered [...] for his speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner." [34]
Arcticalymene cooki Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Paul Cook One of five species concurrently named after the members of the Sex Pistols. [37]
Arcticalymene jonesi Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Steve Jones One of five species concurrently named after the members of the Sex Pistols. [37]
Arcticalymene matlocki Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Glen Matlock One of five species concurrently named after the members of the Sex Pistols. [37]
Arcticalymene rotteni Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Johnny Rotten One of five species concurrently named after the members of the Sex Pistols. [37]
Arcticalymene viciousi Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Sid Vicious One of five species concurrently named after the members of the Sex Pistols. [37]
Arenivaga adamsi Hopkins, 2014 Cockroach Douglas Adams "This species is named in honor and fond remembrance of Douglas Adams, whose writing makes me laugh, and who loved and respected all life on this planet." [38]
Argentinala cristinae Petrulevičius & Gutiérrez, 2016 Dragonfly Cristina Fernández de Kirchner A fossil Odonatoptera from the Carboniferous of La Rioja Province, Argentina, named "in honour of Argentinean (twice) President (2007-2015) Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. She elevated the Secretary of Science to Ministry rank, creating in 2007 the Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation). Within the Ministry, the CONICET experienced a quali-quantitative leap in all fields: infrastructure, number of workers, projects, organization and production." [39]
Aricidea pearti Barroso, Paiva & Ranauro, 2020 Polychaete worm Neil Peart "The species name is in honor of the recently deceased Neil Peart, the drummer from the rock band Rush, whose wonderful and engaging lyrics accompanied the second author for many years while observing polychaetes through optical microscopy." [40]
Astraeus sirindhorniae Watling et al., 2014 Mushroom Sirindhorn A species of false earthstar mushroom native to Thailand, "named after Princess Sirindhorn on the occasion the 84th birthday of her father, who have both been supportive of natural heritage studies in Thailand and as a token of respect and recognition of the great interest shown by Her Majesty in the natural history and conservation of natural resources of Thailand." [41]
Astrosombra rammsteinensis Thuy, Gale & Numberger-Thuy, 2019 Brittle star Rammstein A fossil species from the Cretaceous of Rügen island, Germany. "[Genus] name formed by combining 'Astro', derived from the Greek 'astron' (meaning celestrial body) and referring to the superficial similarity with the non-related, star-shaped [genus] Astrophiura, and 'sombra', in reference to the Spanish word 'sombra' (meaning shade) and the French word 'sombre' (meaning dark), thus collectively translating into ‘dark star’. [...] Species named in honour of German rock band Rammstein, in recognition of their musical achievements, and because they are true dark stars." [42]
Atheris hetfieldi Ceríaco, Marques & Bauer, 2020 Snake James Hetfield Named after Hetfield "for the inspiration, endurance and sanity that his music provides to the authors while roaming the academic world. [...] We propose the English common name of Hetfield’s Bush Viper." The authors said "[We] are big fans of Metallica and James Hetfield since a very young age. We wanted to honor him, as a thank you for all the good vibes his music has transmitted to us during all of our personal lives and careers. Also, we think that a mysterious venomous and cool looking snake, who lives in the base of a volcano lost in the middle of the tropical forest is very relatable to heavy metal! On another hand, naming a new species after someone as James brings more attention to the much needed biodiversity studies and field surveys. We are in race against the extinction of a large proportion of the world's biodiversity, and many species may go extinct before we even know they exist!." This snake lives in Bioko island in Equatorial Guinea and is characterised by "a triangular-shaped head and strongly-keeled scales, which gives them a dragon-like appearance, which certainly is consonant with the image of a singer of a heavy metal band." [43][44]
Aulacopleura andersoni Adrain & Chatterton, 1995 Trilobite Glenn Anderson One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Cyphaspis, Harpidella, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [45]
Aulacopleura ranfordi Adrain & Chatterton, 1995 Trilobite Bill Ranford One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Cyphaspis, Harpidella, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [45]
Augyles letovi Sazhnev, 2018 Beetle Yegor Letov "Dedicated to Igor Fedorovich "Yegor" Letov, Russian poet, musician, singer, songwriter, audio engineer and conceptual art painter, best known as the founder and leader of the post-punk/psychedelic rock band Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense)." [46]
Ausichicrinites zelenskyyi Salamon et al., 2022 Feather star Volodymyr Zelenskyy A fossil species from the Jurassic of Ethiopia, described by Polish scientists during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and named "In honour of Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, the sixth and current president of Ukraine for his courage and bravery in defending free Ukraine." [47]
Baicalellia daftpunka Stephenson, Van Steenkiste & Leander, 2018 Flatworm Daft Punk The flatworm has a helmet-shaped structure on the end of the penis, thus the species name refers to Daft Punk, an electronic music duo who wore helmets while performing publicly. [48]
Baracktrema obamai Roberts et al., 2016 Fluke Barack Obama [49]
Bathyurina curtisi Adrain, Karim & Westrop, 2014 Trilobite Ian Curtis One of four species concurrently named after the members of Joy Division. [50]
Bathyurina hooki Adrain, Karim & Westrop, 2014 Trilobite Peter Hook One of four species concurrently named after the members of Joy Division. [50]
Bathyurina morrisi Adrain, Karim & Westrop, 2014 Trilobite Stephen Morris One of four species concurrently named after the members of Joy Division. [50]
Bathyurina sumneri Adrain, Karim & Westrop, 2014 Trilobite Bernard Sumner One of four species concurrently named after the members of Joy Division. [50]
Bauhinia sirindhorniae K.Larsen & S.Larsen Legume Sirindhorn This species, endemic to Thailand, was "by gracious permission, dedicated to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who has made great efforts to conserve the natural environments in Thailand."
Subsequently transferred to genus Phanera.
Bembidion brownorum Maddison, Sproul & Will, 2023 Beetle Jerry Brown and Anne Gust Brown "The specific epithet [...] refers to Jerry and Anne Brown, former Governor and First Lady of California, respectively. The name is formed in their honor as it was their hospitality and openness to allowing access for research of insects on their ranch, the type locality, which led to the discovery of this species. Additionally, this honors their long commitment to environmentalism and continued efforts in the international climate-change movement." [53]
Blixaea Gottschling, 2017 Protist Blixa Bargeld One of two genera of dinoflagellates named concurrently after the two permanent members of Einstürzende Neubauten (see also Unruhdinium). [54]
Bombus menchuae Asperen de Boer, 1995 Bee Rigoberta Menchú A bumblebee described from specimens collected in the Guatemalan Highlands, "dedicated to Rigoberta Menchú Tum, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace 1992, herself from Highland Guatemala and a staunch defender of the rights of the indigenous people of Guatemala."
Subsequently synonymised with Bombus macgregori.
Brezinacantha tolis Thuy et al., 2018 Brittle star Sakis Tolis and Themis Tolis A fossil species from the Cretaceous of South Dakota, US, named after two founding members of Rotting Christ to "honour their unorthodox yet powerful approach to music. The[se] ophiuroids [...] merit in many ways a Black-Metal-referenced name: they gathered in great numbers in a spooky, toxic environment on top of their dead predecessors’ remains." Sakis Tolis said "This is one of the greatest honors I have received as an individual and musician and it gives me power to keep on creating and offer these wild times." [56][57]
Brignolia shyami Ranasinghe & Benjamin, 2016 Spider Shyam Selvadurai A goblin spider native to Sri Lanka "Named for Shyam Selvadurai, a Sri Lankan Canadian novelist best known for the novels Funny Boy and Cinnamon Gardens." Selvadurai said "This came as a complete surprise and I was thrilled. It's so surprising too that anyone would think to honour writers. Usually it's other scientists or political and social leaders [...] I also felt particularly happy to be recognized in Sri Lanka in this way. It validated all the work I do in the country in terms of reconciliation and also my work as curator of the Galle Literary Festival. And of course my novels too." [58][59]
Bufonaria borisbeckeri Parth, 1996 Sea snail Boris Becker "I dedicate the new species to Boris Becker, in my opinion the greatest German individual sportsman of all time."
Subsequently transferred to the genus Bursina.
Bythaelurus stewarti Weigmann, Kaschner & Thiel, 2018 Shark Rob Stewart "The new species is named after the late filmmaker and shark conservationist Rob Stewart, who inspired the second author and stimulated her interest in sharks" [61]
Caenis gretathunbergae Malzacher, 2021 Mayfly Greta Thunberg "The species is dedicated to Greta Thunberg. Her activities for climate protection will also keep mayflies in good stead." [62]
Caerostris tinamaze Gregorič, 2015 Spider Tina Maze "named in honour of Tine Maze, Slovenian skier who won Crystal globe with 2414 points" [63]
Caloplaca obamae Knudsen (2009) Lichen Barack Obama "for his support of science and scientific education." [64]
Cantharis kviumi Fanti & Damgaard, 2020 Beetle Michael Kvium A fossil soldier beetle found in Baltic amber from the Eocene of Kaliningrad Oblast. [65]
Cantharis mikkelsenorum Fanti & Damgaard, 2018 Beetle Lars Mikkelsen and Mads Mikkelsen A fossil soldier beetle found in Baltic amber from the Eocene of Kaliningrad Oblast.
"This new species is named in honour of the Danish actors Lars Dittmann Mikkelsen and Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen, in recognition of their contribution to the television, theatre and film industries."

Carcinonemertes conanobrieni Simpson, Ambrosio & Baeza, 2017 Ribbon worm Conan O'Brien A marine worm which preys on the eggs of the Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), "named after the social commentator and comedian Conan O’Brien. The physical similarities between the new species and Mr. O’Brien are remarkable; both exhibit a long and pale soma with slight tints of orange." [67]
Carmenelectra Evenhuis, 2002 Fly Carmen Electra [68]
Carpotroche caceresiae D. Santam Flowering plant Berta Cáceres A species native to Honduras and Nicaragua, "named in memory and recognition of the bravery of Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores (1971–2016), one of 123 environmental activists assassinated in retaliation for their opposition to environmental destruction and loss of indigenous land in Honduras, between 2009 and 2016 [...]. Berta Cáceres [...], in particular, was murdered because of her opposition to the Agua Zarcas [sic] hydroelectric project. She won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015." [69]
Cherax snowden Lukhaup, Panteleit & Schrimpf, 2015 Crustacean Edward Snowden "The new species is named after the american freedom fighter Edward Joseph Snowden. He is honored due to of his extraordinary achievements in defense of justice, and freedom." [70]
Chibchea thunbergae Huber, 2020 Spider Greta Thunberg "This species is dedicated to Greta Thunberg for her courageous fight against human-induced climate change, defying the resistance of many, including some of the most powerful yet ignorant political leaders of the world." [71]
Chilomys carapazi Brito & Pardiñas, 2022 Rodent Richard Carapaz A forest mouse from northern Ecuador, "Named in honor of Richard Carapaz Montenegro, an Ecuadorian professional cyclist born in the Provincia de Carchi." (the type locality) [72]
Chilomys neisi Brito et al., 2022 Rodent Neisi Dajomes A forest mouse from southern Ecuador, "Named in honor of Neisi Dajomes Barrera, an Ecuadorian [...] weightlifting athlete born in the Provincia de Pastaza; Ecuadorian female Olympic gold medalist." [72]
Chironephthya sirindhornae Imahara et al., 2020 Coral Sirindhorn "The specific epithet is named in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand, who has initiated and implemented the Plant Genetic Conservation Project for maintenance and conservation of biodiversity both on land and in the ocean." [73]
Chtonobdella tanae Tessler et al., 2016 Leech Amy Tan "The species is named for the celebrated author Amy Tan in recognition of her years of support [of the American Museum of Natural History], and whose writings, charm and companionship in the field have been highly valued, as has her provoking much thought about the foibles of fieldwork with Saving Fish From Drowning, her novel that in three instances makes mention of terrestrial leeches." Tan said she was "thrilled to be immortalised" with this naming and jokingly added that she was "now planning my trip to Queensland, Australia, where I hope to take leisurely walks through the jungle, accompanied by a dozen or so of my namesakes feeding on my ankles". [74][75]
Cicinnus melgibsoni Herbin & Monzón Sierra, 2015 Moth Mel Gibson "This new species is named after Mel Gibson, famous Irish-American actor, film director, producer and screen director, in recognition for his contribution and support to El Mirador project, species discovered during collecting in this archaeological zone." [76]
Cladomyrma sirindhornae Jaitrong et al., 2013 Ant Sirindhorn [77]
Clathria (Axosuberites) hillenburgi Annunziata, Cavalcanti, Santos & Pinheiro, 2019 Sponge Stephen Hillenburg Brazilian demosponge species named after Stephen Hillenburg, marine science educator and creator of the famous animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, which also stars a sea sponge. [78]
Clusia dickinsoniana J. E. Nascim Flowering plant Bruce Dickinson [79]
Cnemaspis jackieii Pal, Mirza, Dsouza & Shanker, 2021 Lizard Jackie Chan "The new species was found to be very fast and moved rapidly on rock boulders, sneaking into the smallest crevices to escape when approached, reminiscent of the stunts of Jackie Chan. His many screen characters as an explorer and adventurer have been an inspiration for the authors." [80]
Coecobrya sirindhornae Jantarit, Satasook & Deharveng, 2019 Springtail Sirindhorn "This species is named to honour Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who is passionately interested in natural history and plays an important role in promoting the conservation of biodiversity and the environment of Thailand." [81]
Colemanus Fisher, 2015 Wasp Ronnie Coleman "Named for bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, who was famous for his back; referring to the robust and sculptured nature of the mesosomal dorsum." [82]
Conobregma bradpitti Quicke & Butcher, 2016 Wasp Brad Pitt "Named after the senior author's favourite film actor Brad Pitt, whose poster adorned the wall of her laboratory during her doctoral studies." [83]
Craspedotropis gretathunbergae Schilthuizen et al., 2019 Snail Greta Thunberg The name was chosen in recognition of Thunberg's much-publicized climate activism, and because this species is particularly vulnerable to climate change. [84]
Crematogaster gryllsi Sharaf & Hita Garcia, 2019 Ant Bear Grylls "in honor of Bear Grylls, the survival instructor, in recognition of his remarkable efforts in spreading the culture of survival globally." [85]
Crematogaster jacindae Sharaf & Hita Garcia, 2019 Ant Jacinda Ardern "in honor of Ms. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, in recognition of her humanitarian attitudes towards Muslim and minority communities in New Zealand." [85]
Cretapalpus vittari Downen & Selden, 2021 Spider Pabllo Vittar A fossil species from the Crato Formation of Brazil. [86]
Crikey steveirwini Stanisic, 2009 Snail Steve Irwin [87]
Ctenus monaghani Jäger, 2013 Spider Dominic Monaghan A wandering spider from Laos, "named in honour of the British actor Dominic Monaghan who filmed together with the author in Laos for the documentary show Wild Things; Dom’s enthusiasm for nature in general, and spiders and other little respected animals in particular, was the driving force behind the production of this documentary."
Subsequently transferred to genus Bowie (which is named after musician David Bowie, see List of organisms named after famous people (born 1900–1949)).
Cynaeda gigantea cobaini Korb, 2019 Moth Kurt Cobain A hairy grass moth from Kyrgyzstan. Originally described as a subspecies of Cynaeda gigantea, and subsequently promoted to species status, as Cynaeda cobaini. [91][92]
Cyphaspis buchbergeri Adrain & Chatterton, 1996 Trilobite Kelly Buchberger One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Harpidella, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [93]
Cyphaspis lowei Adrain & Chatterton, 1996 Trilobite Kevin Lowe One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Harpidella, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [93]
Cyphaspis mactavishi Adrain & Chatterton, 1996 Trilobite Craig MacTavish One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Harpidella, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [93]
Cyphaspis munii Adrain & Chatterton, 1996 Trilobite Craig Muni One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Harpidella, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [93]
Cyphochilus satyarthii Sabatinelli, 2020 Beetle Kailash Satyarthi "Kailash Satyarthi was recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, founder of multiple social organizations in favor of children's rights in India, from where the new species of Cyphochilus is described." [94]
Cystomastacoides nicolepeelerae Quicke, 2013 Wasp Nicole D. Peeler A favorite author of the lead biologist, who also named a species after fictional Beatrix Kiddo [95]
Cystomastacoides sachini Ranjith, 2018 Wasp Sachin Tendulkar A species native to India, dedicated "to the 'master blaster', Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, former Indian cricketer, for making cricket a passion among Indian youngsters." [96]
Cystomastacoides yuvraji Ranjith, 2018 Wasp Yuvraj Singh A species native to India, dedicated "to 'Indian King of Sixes' Yuvraj Singh, Indian cricketer for cheering the hearts of billions with his huge sixes." [96]
Darwinilus sedarisi Chatzimanolis, 2014 Beetle David Sedaris Honors Sedaris "as an appreciation for his fascination with the natural world. I spent many hours listening to Mr Sedaris' audiobooks while preparing the specimens and the figures for this and other manuscripts." [97]
Dasyomyliobatis thomyorkei Marramà et al., 2023 Ray Thom Yorke [98]
Deltapliomera eppersoni McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite John Epperson [99]
Deltapliomera inglei McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite Lady Bunny Named after Lady Bunny's birth name, Jon Ingle. [99]
Deltapliomera heimbergi McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite Miss Understood Named after Miss Understood's birth name, Alex Heimberg. [99]
Depressizona exorum Geiger, 2003 Sea snail The Ex [87]
Desmopachria barackobamai Makhan, 2015 Beetle Barack Obama A diving beetle from French Guiana [100]
Diamphipnoa colberti Stark, 2008 Stonefly Stephen Colbert "I am pleased to honor an entertaining, provocative, former American presidential candidate, Stephen Colbert, of The Colbert Report with this patronym." [101]
Dicranogmus wynni Adrain, 2003 Trilobite Steve Wynn [102]
Dietotenhosen Santelli & del Río, 2019 Bivalve Die Toten Hosen A fossil genus of scallop from the Miocene and Pliocene of South America. [103]
Diolcogaster ichiroi Fernandez-Triana, 2018 Wasp Ichiro Suzuki [104]
Discheramocephalus malalae Darby, 2016 Beetle Malala Yousafzai "I have pleasure in naming this species after Malala Yousafzai (Malala = grief-stricken in the Pashto language), a co-recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. Her leadership and activism for education is crucial to her generation's sound stewardship of the world's environment for peace and security." [105]
Djupedalia Knutsen et al., 2012 Plesiosaur Øystein Djupedal [106]
Dokimocephalus oliveri Westrop, Waskiewicz Poole & Adrain, 2010 Trilobite John Oliver [107]
Dokimocephalus stewarti Westrop, Waskiewicz Poole & Adrain, 2010 Trilobite Jon Stewart [107]
Dolomedes briangreenei Raven & Hebron, 2018 Spider Brian Greene A species of fishing spider from Australia, named "in honour of Professor Brian Greene, world renowned physicist and co-founder of the World Science Festival, to celebrate Professor Greene’s contributions to science. Professor Greene is one of the world’s leading experts in exploring and explaining the effects of gravitational waves in the universe and the connection was due to the way pisaurids hunt their prey on water using waves and associated vibrations." [108]
Dravidogecko douglasadamsi Chaitanya et al., 2019 Lizard Douglas Adams "The specific epithet is a patronym honouring the English author and satirist, Douglas Noel Adams. Adams was also a renowned environmental activist. His radio documentary on critically endangered animals for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) titled Last Chance to See and its accompanying book influenced the thinking of a whole generation of wildlife biologists. The etymology also alludes to the number '42'—the number of precloacofemoral pores that most specimens of this species possess. The number 42 incidentally is also the answer to the "ultimate question of Life, The Universe and Everything" according to Adams’ seminal book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." [109]
Duvalius djokovici Ćurčić, Pavićević & Vesović, 2022 Beetle Novak Djokovic A troglobiont carabid beetle found in an underground pit in Mount Povlen, Serbia, named after Djokovic "due to its speed, strength, flexibility, durability and ability to survive in a difficult environment." "He is the man who did much for this country. We feel urged to pay him back in the way we can", said researcher Nikola Vesović. [110][111]
Eadya annleckieae Ridenbaugh, 2018 Wasp Ann Leckie [112]
Echiniscus madonnae Michalczyk & Kaczmarek, 2006 Tardigrade Madonna [113]
Edmundsina reboloi Ortea & Moro, 2020 Sea slug Rafael Rebolo López "Dedicated to Dr. Rafael Rebolo López, researcher at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. In 1995 he discovered the first brown dwarfs in our galaxy. Canary Islands Award for Research 2002." The holotype of this species, collected in Cabo Verde, is deposited in the Museo de la Naturaleza y Arqueología, Tenerife. [114]
Elseya irwini Cann, 1997 Turtle Steve Irwin [87]
Elysia deborahae Ortea, Caballer, Moro & Espinosa, 2005 Sea slug Deborah Andollo A species native to Cuba, named "in honour of the Cuban freediver Deborah Andollo (Havana, 1967), world record holder in free diving, with 74 m depth (!) in 2001." [115]
Enyalioides binzayedi Venegas et al., 2013 Lizard Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan "honoring Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE, who created the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZSCF) to support species conservation projects around the globe. Field surveys leading to the discovery of the two species reported on in this paper were supported by a grant from the MBZSCF." [116]
Episinus bonjovi Lin & Li, 2021 Spider Bon Jovi "honoring the American rock band Bon Jovi, composer of the music album Have a Nice Day and the singles "Because We Can" and "Living On A Prayer", which encouraged the author by their songs full of romance and freedom" [117]
Episinus jiangweni Lin & Li, 2021 Spider Jiang Wen A comb-footed spider native to China, "named after the famous director Mr. Wen Jiang, in honor of his tremendous impact on Chinese cinema" [117]
Eridanula susannaebierae Fanti & Damgaard, 2018 Beetle Susanne Bier A fossil soldier beetle found in Baltic amber from the Eocene of Kaliningrad Oblast, "named in honour of Danish film director Susanne Bier, to thank her for her films and to recognize her for the awards she has earned." [66]
Eristalis alleni Thompson, 1997 Fly Paul Allen "named after Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, in recognition of his contributions to the PC revolution."
On his website, the author also said this species "was named after Paul Allen in recognition of his great contributions to the science of Dipterology."
Eristalis gatesi Thompson, 1997 Fly Bill Gates "named after William Gates III, the co-founder of Microsoft, in recognition of his contributions to the PC revolution."
On his website, the author also said this species "was named after Bill Gates in recognition of his great contributions to the science of Dipterology."
Etheostoma obama Mayden & Layman, 2012 Fish Barack Obama The scientific name of the spangled darter, endemic to rivers of Tennessee, honors Obama for "his environmental leadership and commitment during challenging economic times in the areas of clean energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection and humanitarian efforts globally, and especially for the people of the United States." [121][122]
Euastacus binzayedi Coughran & Furse, 2013 Crustacean Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan "Named for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates, in acknowledgement of his substantial contributions to conservation of endangered species, through the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. The Fund supports conservation initiatives for plants and animals throughout the world, and has generously supported recent conservation initiatives for the highly imperiled crayfish genus Euastacus. [123]
Eucosmogastra sirindhornae Pinkaew & Leadprathom, 2016 Moth Sirindhorn [124]
Eulaema quadragintanovem Nemésio & Ferrari, 2012 Bee Ronaldinho 'Quadraginta novem' means forty-nine, the number of Ronaldinho's T-shirt at Clube Atlético Mineiro (his team at the time this species was named). Ronaldinho chose the number 49 as a homage to his mother, born in 1949. [125]
Euthora timburtonii Clarkston & G.W. Saunders, 2010 Alga Tim Burton "Named for Tim Burton, because the alga and its common substrate (polychaete worm tube) together resemble a macabre flower in the style of T. Burton’s artistic contributions." [126]
Eviota santanai Greenfield & Erdmann, 2013 Fish Nino Konis Santana A dwarfgoby from East Timor, "named in honor of Connisso Antonino ("Nino Konis") Santana, a national hero in Timor-Leste's struggle for independence who was renowned for his environmental awareness. The type locality of this beautiful goby species is in Tutuala, just offshore of Santana's birthplace, and moreover is located within the Nino Konis Santana National Park." [127]
Extraordinarius andrematosi Rheims, 2019 Spider Andre Matos "The species name honors Andre Coelho Matos (1971–2019), Brazilian singer, composer, maestro and pianist, lead singer for the heavy metal bands Viper, Angra and Shaman. A great guy that left us too soon" (the paper was published three months after Matos's death). [128]
Extraordinarius brucedickinsoni Rheims, 2019 Spider Bruce Dickinson "The specific name honors Bruce Dickinson, singer, writer and airplane pilot, best known for being lead singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden." [128]
Extraordinarius rickalleni Rheims, 2019 Spider Rick Allen "The species name honors Rick Allen, drummer for the British rock band Def Leppard, who lost an arm in a car accident but continues to play the drums with an especially adapted drum set." [128]
Filistata maguirei Marusik & Zamani, 2015 Spider Tobey Maguire Maguire starred in four Spider-Man films. [129]
Flemingia sirindhorniae Mattapha, Chantar. & Suddee Legume Sirindhorn A species native to Thailand, named "in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand who has initiated the Plant Genetic Conservation Project under the Royal Initiative of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn." The vernacular name "Thep-pa-mat" (เทพมาศ) was given by the Princess herself. [130]
Forteyaspis adamanti Karim & Adrain, 2022 Trilobite Adam Ant [17]
Forteyaspis idoli Karim & Adrain, 2022 Trilobite Billy Idol [17]
Friesodielsia lalisae Damth., Baka & Chaowasku Flowering plant Lisa (rapper) "named in honour of Lalisa Manobal, a famous Thai rapper, singer and dancer, whose motivation has greatly inspired the first author to overcome any obstacles during her Ph.D. study." [131]
Fukomys ilariae Gippoliti & Amori, 2011 Rodent Ilaria Alpi A rare mole rat from Somalia, "dedicated to Miss Ilaria Alpi, an Italian journalist, who together with her cameraman Miran Hrovatin, was assassinated in Mogadishu in 1994, while investigating trade in toxic cargoes between Italy and Somalia." [132]
Gaga Pryer et al. Fern Lady Gaga "named in honor of the American pop singer-songwriter-performer Lady Gaga, for her articulate and fervent defense of equality and individual expression in today's society. Because Lady Gaga speaks to the need for humanity to celebrate broad differences within its own species, we hereby provide her with a scientific namesake that characterizes the struggle to understand the intricate biology underlying cryptic patterns of diversity. Because public funding supports basic research, this naming honor allows us to acknowledge the confluence between science and public interests, and to make our findings more accessible and relevant to the diversity of individuals who fund our work. The name Gaga also echoes one of the molecular synapomorphies that characterizes the genus. At nucleotide positions 598–601 in the matK gene alignment, all Gaga species have "GAGA", a sequence pattern not seen at this site in any other cheilanthoid fern sampled". Concurrently with the genus, two species were described: Gaga germanotta, named for Lady Gaga's parents Cynthia and Joe Germanotta, and Gaga monstraparva, Latin for "little monster" [133]
Gagadon Stucky & Covert, 2014 Even-toed ungulate Lady Gaga The type species is named Gagadon minimonstrum. [134]
Gammarus stasiuki Jażdżewski, Mamos & Grabowski, 2021 Crustacean Andrzej Stasiuk A freshwater amphipod found in streams of the Eastern Carpathians and named "in honour of Andrzej Stasiuk, a very successful and internationally acclaimed Polish writer, journalist and literary critic. By this we pay tribute to his travel literature and essays that describe the natural and cultural environment of Eastern Europe, including the Carpathians, where he has chosen to settle." [135]
Gibberula adzubae Ortea, 2015 Sea snail Caddy Adzuba One of 21 sea snails of the genus Gibberula concurrently named after female winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards (see also List of organisms named after famous people (born 1900–1949)).[note 2]
"Named in honour of Congolese lawyer Caddy Adzuba (Bukavu, 1981), laureate of the 2014 Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, an activist for women's rights, children's rights and freedom of the press in her country."
Gibberula betancourtae Ortea, 2015 Sea snail Ingrid Betancourt One of 21 sea snails of the genus Gibberula concurrently named after female winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
"Named in honour of Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt (Bogotá, Colombia, 1961), who was awarded the 2008 Prince of Asturias Award for Concord in recognition of her struggle in defence of human rights and against terrorist violence. In the same year she was awarded the French Legion of Honour."
Gibberula boulmerkae Ortea, 2015 Sea snail Hassiba Boulmerka One of 21 sea snails of the genus Gibberula concurrently named after female winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
"Named in honour of middle-distance runner Hassiba Boulmerka (Constantine, Algeria, 1968), winner of the 1995 Prince of Asturias Award for Sports, winner of her country's first gold medal at the Olympic Games (Barcelona 92) and a tireless fighter for women's rights."
Gibberula grafae Ortea, 2015 Sea snail Steffi Graf One of 21 sea snails of the genus Gibberula concurrently named after female winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
"Named in honour of tennis player Steffi Graf (Mannheim, Germany, 1969), winner of the 1999 Prince of Asturias Award for Sports, winner of 22 Grand Slam tournaments, including seven at Wimbledon and six at Roland Garros."
Gibberula isinbayevae Ortea, 2015 Sea snail Yelena Isinbayeva One of 21 sea snails of the genus Gibberula concurrently named after female winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
"Named in honour of athlete Yelena Isinbayeva (Volvograd, Russia, 1961), winner of the 2009 Prince of Asturias Award for Sports; specialist in the pole vault, she was the first woman to surpass the height of 5 m. Gold medallist at the Athens Olympic Games (2004), she broke the World record 18 times."
Gibberula navratilovae Ortea, 2015 Sea snail Martina Navratilova One of 21 sea snails of the genus Gibberula concurrently named after female winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
"Named in honour of Czech-born American tennis player Martina Navratilova (Prague, Czech Republic, 1956), distinguished in 1994 with the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports, number one in the women's world ranking (1982-87) and winner of tournaments such as Wimbledon, eight times, and Roland Garros, twice."
Gibberula rowlingae Ortea, 2015 Sea snail J. K. Rowling One of 21 sea snails of the genus Gibberula concurrently named after female winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
"Named in honour of British writer Joanne Kathlenn Rowling (Yate, 1965), winner of the 2003 Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, creator of the Harry Potter book series, a literary phenomenon with more than 500 million copies sold. In 2000 she was made an official Dame of the British Empire and in 2008 a Dame of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic."
Gigagryllus omayrae Cadena-Castañeda & García García, 2020 Cricket Omayra Sánchez "a new genus of giant field cricket, from the middle Magdalena of Colombia, more precisely from the department of Tolima, in the region of the Armero tragedy, for which this species is dedicated to the memory of Omayra Sánchez"
"Dedicated to the memory of Omayra Sánchez (1972-1985), a symbol of the most devastating natural tragedy in Colombia, a victim of the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in 1985. She gained worldwide recognition by being trapped in the mud and remains of her own home for three days until her death."
Gladiatoria crowei Adrain, McAdams & Westrop 2011 Trilobite Russell Crowe One of five trilobites of the genus Gladiatoria concurrently named after cast members of the 2000 film Gladiator (see also List of organisms named after famous people (born 1900–1949)). [138]
Gladiatoria nielsenae Adrain, McAdams & Westrop 2011 Trilobite Connie Nielsen One of five trilobites of the genus Gladiatoria concurrently named after cast members of the 2000 film Gladiator. [138]
Gladiatoria phoenixi Adrain, McAdams & Westrop 2011 Trilobite Joaquin Phoenix One of five trilobites of the genus Gladiatoria concurrently named after cast members of the 2000 film Gladiator. [138]
Glyptothorax alidaeii Mousavi-Sabet, Eagderi, Vatandoust & Freyhof, 2021 Catfish Ali Daei "in honor of Ali Daei, due to his humanitarian activities after the 2018 earthquake in region, where the Seymareh River (type locality of G. alidaeii) is located." [139][140]
Goloboffia megadeth Ferretti, Ríos-Tamayo & Goloboff, 2019 Spider Megadeth [141]
Goniozus musae Ward, 2013 Wasp Muse A bethylid wasp from New Zealand. "This species is named after the music band, Muse. [The name] also refers to 'musings' over the placement of this species." [142]
Gormaniella Lewis, Robison & Fay-Wei Li Green alga Amanda Gorman "It was a very dark time," said Li. "The COVID-19 pandemic had been going on for almost a year, and then there were the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021." After rounds of fruitless brainstorming, the lab group found inspiration during President Joe Biden's inauguration, when poet Amanda Gorman read her poem, "The Hill We Climb." "At a point when it was sometimes difficult to find meaning in our research, Amanda Gorman gifted us with this incredibly uplifting poem that gave us a renewed sense of hope in the lab" [143][144]
Granulina keilori Espinosa & Ortea, 2019 Sea snail Keylor Navas A species from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, "Named in honour of the outstanding Costa Rican sportsman Keilor Navas, captain of the Costa Rica national football team, a symbol for the youth of his country, "pura vida" (pure life) as some sports narrators nicknamed him, Trofeo Comunidad Iberoamericana 2018 at the [Spanish] Premios Nacionales del Deporte (National Sports Awards)." [145]
Grouvellinus andrekuipersi Freitag, Pangantihon & Njunjić, 2018 Beetle André Kuipers "named after the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers in recognition of his engagement against the loss of the planet’s natural resources and his ambassadorship for various entomological organizations. The name was elected in an online public contest organized by the science program De Kennis van Nu of the Dutch public broadcaster NTR." [146]
Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi Freitag, Pangantihon & Njunjić, 2018 Beetle Leonardo DiCaprio "named in honour of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio to acknowledge his inspiring work in promoting environmental awareness and bringing the problems of climate change and biodiversity loss into the spotlight. The species name was selected during a naming ceremony at Maliau Basin Studies Centre on 6 October 2017, in which expedition participants as well as a large number of field centre staff and porters took part." [146][147]
Hannia wintoni Shelley et al., 2020 Fish Tim Winton A freshwater grunter found in rivers of the Kimberley (Western Australia), named "in honour of Western Australian author and Kimberley conservationist Tim Winton, whose many novels espouse a love of fish and the Australian landscape" [148]
Harpidella greggi Adrain & Chatterton, 1995 Trilobite Randy Gregg One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Cyphaspis, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [149]
Harpidella kurrii Adrain & Chatterton, 1995 Trilobite Jari Kurri One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Cyphaspis, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [149]
Harpidella tikkaneni Adrain & Chatterton, 1995 Trilobite Esa Tikkanen One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Cyphaspis, Maurotarion, Otarion and Songkania). [149]
Heckethornia ballionae McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Siouxsie Sioux Named after Sioux's birth name, Susan Ballion. [150]
Heckethornia hyndeae McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Chrissie Hynde [150]
Heckethornia morrisseyi McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Steven Morrissey [150]
Heckethornia numani McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Gary Numan [150]
Heckethornia smithi McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Robert Smith [150]
Hemiandrus jacinda Trewick, 2021 Wētā Jacinda Ardern [151]
Heteragrion johndeaconi Lencioni, 2013 Damselfly John Deacon One of four Heteragrion species named after members of the band Queen (see also List of organisms named after famous people (born 1900–1949)). [152]
Heteropoda helge Jäger, 2008 Spider Helge Schneider "in honour of Helge Schneider, a German comedian, for revolutionising the comedy scene" [153]
Heteropoda ninahagen Jäger, 2008 Spider Nina Hagen "named after the German rock- and punk singer Nina hagen, who inspired the author with her unique songs and texts over many years, which were as unusual as the shape of the RTA [Retrolateral tibial apophysis] in this new species" [153][154]
Heteropoda richlingi Jäger, 2008 Spider Mathias Richling "in honour of the German cabaret artist Mathias Richling for observing and commenting politicians in Germany and his tremendous sagacious neologisms" [153]
Holostaspis mooni Keum, Jung & Joharchi, 2017 Mite Moon Jae-in "This species is named after Mr Moon Jae-in, the President of the Republic of Korea, in recognition of his invaluable movements seeking to improve and protect natural environments and wildlife in the Republic of Korea" (which this species is native to). [155]
Hortipes wimmertensi Bosselaers & Jocqué, 2000 Spider Wim Mertens "in honor of the Flemish composer Wim Mertens, protagonist of the European romantic minimalist school." [156]
Hoya indaysarae M.N.Medina, R.J.T.Villanueva, Kloppenb. & Cabras Flowering plant Sara Duterte A waxvine native to Dinagat Islands, Philippines, named after then Davao City Mayor, Sara Duterte-Carpio (known as Inday Sara by the Davaoeños), daughter of then president Rodrigo Duterte, for her support for nature conservation initiatives in the region. "I am thankful that everyone knows that I like flowers and I am happy that there is a flower named after me," said Duterte. [157][158]
Hydrolagus trolli Didier & Séret, 2002 Fish Ray Troll [160]
Hyla stingi Kaplan, 1994 Frog Sting Colombian tree frog named after Sting "for his commitment and efforts to save the rain forest." [161][87]
Hylomyrma macielae Ulysséa, 2021 Ant Formiga "named after Miraildes Maciel Mota, a black Brazilian woman and footballer, popularly known as "Formiga" (=ant in Portuguese). Formiga holds many international records; she is the only player present in all female football editions in the Olympic Games (the first edition happened in 1996), and has participated in seven different FIFA Women's World Cups." [162]
Hylomyrma marielleae Ulysséa, 2021 Ant Marielle Franco "named in honor of Marielle Franco (1979–2018), born Marielle Francisco da Silva, a black Brazilian woman, politician, feminist, and human rights activist, whose assassination, motivated by her positions and actions against all forms of discrimination, happened during her mandate as a representative in Rio de Janeiro local Assembly." [162]
Hyloscirtus sethmacfarlanei Reyes-Puig et al., 2022 Frog Seth MacFarlane "in honor of Seth MacFarlane, American writer, director, producer, actor, artist, musician and conservationist, with an outstanding passion for science, biodiversity and the natural world." [163]
Hypotrachyna oprah Lendemer & J.L.Allen (2019) Lichen Oprah Winfrey A foliose lichen native to the Southeastern United States. "The specific epithet was chosen to honor Dr. Oprah Winfrey for her performances, media presence, and generous philanthropy that have substantially improved humanity." "The new species honors Dr. Oprah Winfrey, widely considered to be the world’s most influential woman, to commemorate her lifelong accomplishments and contributions in the realms of media and philanthropy." [164]
Hystricurus zanderi Adrain, Westrop, Karim & Landing 2014 Trilobite Robin Zander [165]
Ibexaspis coadyi McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite Sharon Needles Named after Needles's birth name, Aaron Coady. [99]
Ibexaspis leuppi McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite Miss Coco Peru Named after Peru's birth name, Clinton Leupp. [99]
Ibexaspis rupauli McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite RuPaul [99]
Icius tukarami Prajapati, Kumbhar & Kamboj, 2021 Spider Tukaram Omble A jumping spider native to India. "The specific epithet is dedicated to a hero of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, ASI Tukaram Omble AC, who took 23 bullets and captured the terrorist of the attack." [166]
Icius vikrambatrai Prajapati, Malamel, Sudhikumar & Sebastian, 2018 Spider Vikram Batra A jumping spider native to India. "The specific epithet is a tribute to the Indian Kargil war hero, Captain Vikram Batra, PVC, an officer of the Indian Army. He was posthumously awarded with the Param Vir Chakra (India’s highest and most prestigious award for valour) for his tremendous actions during the 1999 Kargil War in Kashmir, for which he was also known as 'Sher Shah' ('Lion King')." [167]
Idiogramma elbakyanae Khalaim, 2017 Wasp Alexandra Elbakyan "named in honour of [...][the] creator of the web-site Sci-Hub, in recognition of her contribution to making scientific knowledge available for all researchers" [168]
Idris elba Talamas, 2019 Wasp Idris Elba In explaining the etymology of the name, the authors merely wrote: "The epithet 'elba' is an arbitrary combination of letters that is to be treated as a noun in apposition." In a statement, Talamas elaborated on the choice, noting that were the species to be explicitly named after Idris Elba, it would then be a patronym, and thus, following Latin grammar rules, the wasp would have to be called Idris elbai. Treating the specific epithet as merely "an arbitrary combination of letters", however, avoided this grammar issue. Talamas also said that this wasp "might prove to be a Heimdall-like "protector" for many crops", because it parasitises the eggs of the painted bug, Bagrada hilaris, which is considered a major pest in North America. Elba plays Heimdall, protector of the Bifröst bridge, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. [169][170]
Impatiens dorjeekhandui Chowlu, S. S. Dash & Gogoi Flowering plant Dorjee Khandu A balsamine native to the Eastern Himalayas, named "after Late Dorjee Khandu, former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh for his service to the nation and contribution for better development in the Himalayan state." [172]
Impatiens nimspurjae Raskoti Flowering plant Nirmal Purja A species of balsamine native to Gandaki Province, Nepal. "The specific epithet 'nimspurjae' honours Mr. Nirmal Purja (nickname Nimsdai) for his initiation on conservation through climate change champion. [sic]" [173]
Impatiens shailajae Sindhu Arya & V.S.A Kumar Flowering plant K. K. Shailaja A balsamine native to Kerala, India, "eponymous to Mrs. K.K. Shailaja, former Health Minister of Kerala, honoring her efforts to tackle various epidemic and pandemic situations in the state of Kerala through scientific temper." [174]
Impatiens sirindhorniae Triboun & Suksathan Flowering plant Sirindhorn A balsamine native to Thailand, named "in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn for her dedication and encouragement to the environmental sciences and biodiversity conservation in Thailand." [175]
Indirana tysoni Dahanukar et al., 2016 Frog Neil deGrasse Tyson "The species is named after the famous Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York, for his effective, innovative, witty and entertaining contributions to popularizing and communicating science to the general public." [176]
Iniestapodus Torcida Fernández-Baldor et al., 2021 Dinosaur Andrés Iniesta A fossil ichnogenus of sauropod dinosaurs described from tracks found on sedimentary rocks from the late Jurassic/early Cretaceous of Spain. The name, meaning "Iniesta's foot", is "dedicated to Andrés Iniesta, the Spanish footballer who scored the winning goal in the 2010 World Cup final." In a press release, the discoverers said "The tracks indicate, as in the case of the footballer from La Mancha, firm, elegant, graceful, well-marked steps of a dinosaur with a peaceful character, enduring in time, leaving a good trace [...] In the same way that the footsteps of the dinosaurs of Burgos have lasted millions of years, the talent and successes of Andrés Iniesta make up a fundamental part of the history of the Spanish national team and world football." [177][178]
Kahlerosphaera pamuki Kozur, Moix & Ozsvárt, 2007 Protist Orhan Pamuk A fossil radiolarian from the Triassic of Turkey. [179]
Kaikaia gaga Morris & Dietrich, 2020 Treehopper Lady Gaga The lead author, a longtime fan of Lady Gaga, said "If there is going to be a Lady Gaga bug, it’s going to be a treehopper, because they’ve got these crazy horns, they have this wacky fashion sense about them; they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen before." He also compared its horns to shoulder pads, and commented "It's just kind of their theme as a family of insects to have these very diverse and other-worldly forms that you wouldn't expect from an insect. Gaga often brings the unexpected and makes it popular." [180][181]
Karaops pilkingtoni Crews & Harvey, 2011 Spider Karl Pilkington [183]
Kerevata clarksoni Butcher & Quicke, 2014 Wasp Jeremy Clarkson One of three species named after the hosts of Top Gear [184]
Kerevata hammondi Butcher & Quicke, 2014 Wasp Richard Hammond One of three species named after the hosts of Top Gear [184]
Kerevata jamesmayi Butcher & Quicke, 2014 Wasp James May One of three species named after the hosts of Top Gear [184]
Kingnites diamondi Eriksson et al., 2012 Polychaete worm King Diamond A fossil annelid worm from the Silurian of Baltoscandia. "Named [...] after King Diamond for musical inspiration during the course of this study." [185]
Kirchnerala Petrulevicius & Gutiérrez, 2016 Dragonfly Néstor Kirchner A fossil Odonatoptera from the Carboniferous of La Rioja Province, Argentina, named "in honour of Argentinean President (2003-2007) Néstor Kirchner, who passed away on October 27th, 2010 and the Latin "ala" meaning wing. On July 16, 2003, he agreed to a public meeting requested by two designed delegates of CONICET External Postdoctoral Fellows in the Argentinean Embassy in Paris. In relation to our concerns, he explained us the promissory future plans of the government for the scientific system in our country. After our return to Argentina in 2004, his sayings were corroborated year by year and continued in the same way by the next (twice) President of the country, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner."
The type species is named Kirchnerala treintamil, "Dedicated to the 30,000, in Spanish "treinta mil" (presentes, ahora y siempre!), detained [or] disappeared by the Argentinean Military-Civil-Ecclesiastic Dictatorship 1976-1983. Mil is also a linguistic morph in Kakán (Diaguita) language from La Rioja province whose meaning has unfortunately disappeared".
Kootenichela deppi Legg, 2013 Early Arthropod Johnny Depp An early arthropod from the Cambrian period. It was named after Depp for his role in Edward Scissorhands, because of the shape of its claws. [186]
Lanice kellyslateri Lavesque, Daffe, Londoño-Mesa & Hutchings, 2021 Polychaete worm Kelly Slater "This species is named after the "King" Kelly Slater, 11-time Surf World Champion, and also an environmental activist for the protection of the oceans." [187][188]
Lapidaster coreytaylori Thuy, 2013 Brittle star Corey Taylor A fossil species from the Cretaceous of Southern France, "named in honour of Corey Taylor, lead vocalist of the rockgroup Slipknot and Stone Sour, for lending a powerful voice during moments of despair in the course of the present study." The genus Lapidaster, created concurrently, is "composed of lapis, Latin for "rock", and aster, Greek for "star", in reference to three species of the genus being named after rockstars." [189]
Lapidaster hystricarboris Thuy, 2013 Brittle star Porcupine Tree A fossil species from the Jurassic of England; "Name derived from Hystrix, a genus of porcupine, and arbor, Latin for "tree", in honour of Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Gavin Harrison and Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree whose music was a fertile source of inspiration whenever the creative process of the present study threatened to come to a halt." [189]
Lapidaster mastodon Thuy, 2013 Brittle star Mastodon (band) A fossil species from the Jurassic of Southern Germany, "named in honour of Brent Hinds, Brann Dailor, Bill Kelliher and Troy Sanders of the rockgroup Mastodon, whose music was indispensable during lengthy nightly sessions at the scanning electron microscope." [189]
Laqueichnus baloffi Kappel, 2003 Crustacean trace fossil Paul Baloff An ichnospecies identified from the Cretaceous of Germany. [190][191]
Lasioglossum obamai Genaro, 2016 Bee Barack Obama "Species dedicated to the forty-fourth president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, for his contribution to the conservation of the environment (and native pollinators) and the improvement in relations with Cuba, among other progressive policies and reforms carried out by his administration." [192]
Lavajatus moroi Simone, 2018 Snail Sérgio Moro The generic name Lavajatus, created concurrently, "is a Latinization of the Portuguese words Lava Jato (car wash), an allusion to the Lava-Jato Operation, which designates a conjunct of investigations of [the] Federal Police of Brazil, mostly investigating corruption crimes. The translucency of the shell, revealing the occult inner structures, is an afflatus." "The specific epithet is in honor to the judge Sérgio Fernando Moro, professor of criminal law in [the] Federal University of Paraná, who is leading Lava-Jato Operation referred above. This is a demure acknowledge[ment] of his effort in remodeling Brazil into a better country." [193]
Lemureops kilbeyi McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Steve Kilbey One of four species concurrently named after the members of the 1981-1990 line-up of The Church. [194]
Lemureops koppesi McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Peter Koppes One of four species concurrently named after the members of the 1981-1990 line-up of The Church. [194]
Lemureops ploogi McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Richard Ploog One of four species concurrently named after the members of the 1981-1990 line-up of The Church. [194]
Lemureops willsonpiperi McAdams & Adrain, 2009 Trilobite Marty Willson-Piper One of four species concurrently named after the members of the 1981-1990 line-up of The Church. [194]
Leporinus enyae Burns et al., 2017 Fish Enya "Named in honor of the singer Enya, whose beautiful song "Orinoco Flow" celebrates the flow of the mighty Orinoco River, which the new species inhabits" [195]
Librelula maradoniana Petrulevičius, 2020 Damselfly Diego Maradona A fossil species from the Palaeocene of Jujuy Province, Argentina, named "in honour [of] Diego Armando Maradona (El Diego) the best world football player ever. In [the] 1986 FIFA World Cup, Maradona, the "People's football player", redefined football in less than five minutes, first with the "hand of God" goal and then with "the Goal of the Century", [narrated] exquisitely by Víctor Hugo Morales. In [the] words of Emir Kusturica "that match was maybe the first and the last time that there was justice in the world". He inspired the people and many popular artistic expressions via his Maradonian way." The author sent the paper for publication one month before Maradona's sudden death; it was published the day after the footballer's demise. [196][197]
Liladownsia Fontana, Mariño-Pérez, Woller & Song, 2014 Grasshopper Lila Downs "We are pleased to name the new genus in honor of the Mexican singer-songwriter and Grammy Award-winner, Ana Lila Downs Sánchez, whose stage name is Lila Downs. This taxon is dedicated to her for a number of reasons, such as the fact that she was born in the vicinity of the type locality and because she incorporates several indigenous tongues from Mexico into her musical style, including Mixteco and Zapoteco (the latter of which is spoken in the type locality). Additionally, Lila Downs has not only promoted the vast cultural diversity of Mexico worldwide via her music, but also through the use of bright colors, a staple of Mexican culture, and considering that this new genus is brightly-colored, we would like to recognize her efforts through the dedication of this new genus." [198]
Lillithaster lamentatiofelium Thuy, Numberger-Thuy & Jagt, 2018 Brittle star Katzenjammer A fossil species from the Cretaceous of South Carolina, US. "Species name composed of Latin 'lamentatio' (= mourning) and 'felium' (= of cats), honouring the Norwegian folk rock band Katzenjammer, in recognition of their energy-loaded approach to music and their masterpiece "Demon Kitty Rag"." [28]
Liolaemus messii Ruiz et al., 2021 Lizard Lionel Messi A species of iguanian lizard native to a locality in Rosario de Lerma Department, Argentina, and named "in honour of Lionel Andrés Messi, a world-renowned Argentinian footballer, but above all a world-class example of humility and chivalry." [199]
Litarachna lopezae Pešić, Chatterjee, Alfaro & Schizas, 2014 Mite Jennifer Lopez An aquatic mite from Puerto Rico. "The reason behind the unusual choice of name for the new species is simple: J-Lo's songs and videos kept the team in a continuous good mood when writing the manuscript and watching World Cup soccer," said lead author Vladimir Pešić. [200][201]
Liturgusa krattorum Svenson, 2014 Mantis Kratt brothers Named for the "hosts and creators of Kratts' Creatures and Wild Kratts... which provide children with entertaining programming focused on animal biology presented with accurate information." [202]
Loureedia phoenixi Zamani & Marusik, 2020 Spider Joaquin Phoenix "The new species is named after the American actor, producer and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix in recognition of his praised portrayal of the title character in the 2019 movie "Joker" and as a reference to the male abdominal pattern of the new species, which resembles the famous facial makeup of this character."
Loxosomatoides sirindhornae Wood, 2005 Entoproct Sirindhorn [8]
Mackenziurus ceejayi Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite C. J. Ramone One of four species concurrently named in 1997 after members of The Ramones (see also List of organisms named after famous people (born 1900–1949)) [205]
Mackenziurus deedeei Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Dee Dee Ramone One of four species concurrently named in 1997 after members of The Ramones. [205]
Mackenziurus joeyi Adrain & Edgecombe, 1997 Trilobite Joey Ramone One of four species concurrently named in 1997 after members of The Ramones. [205]
Macrobiotus rybaki Stec & Vecchi, 2021 Tardigrade Alexander Rybak "The choice to dedicate the new species to Alexander Rybak is the fruit of our passion for the Eurovision Song Contest. We are both fans of this very popular, diverse and cheerful song contest, and we wanted to honour it with a reference to one of its most iconic winners." [206][207]
Macrobrachium sirindhorn Naiyanetr, 2001 Crustacean Sirindhorn "The specific name is given in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, as a token of recognition of Her great interest in the study of the natural history of Thailand. Her Royal Highness graciously permitted the use of Her name for this interesting species." [208]
Macrocarpaea dies-viridis J.R. Grant Flowering plant Green Day "from the Latin "dies," day, and "viridis," green, for the American punk-rock music group Green Day, whose music we listened to, especially while driving to localities throughout Ecuador during our 2006 expedition." [209]
Macrocentrus jonathanrosenbergi Sharkey & van Achterberg, 2021 Wasp Jonathan Rosenberg (technologist) "named to honor Mr. Jonathan Rosenberg of Google for his generous perception of the potential relevance of ACG [ Área de Conservación Guanacaste, where this species was found] to biodiversity understanding of Google employees." [210]
Macrostylis metallicola Riehl & De Smet, 2020 Crustacean Metallica "The name '‘metallicola' is dedicated to the U.S. thrash metal pioneers Metallica whose works accompanied and inspired the first author since teenage years. As a composite word from the Latin word for 'metal' and the New Latin suffix '-cola', meaning 'inhabiting' or 'living in', the name simultaneously refers to the species' habitat that is rich in polymetallic nodules (manganese nodules). It is meant to raise attention to the habitat of this new species which, sad but true, may be partially lost or damaged due to nodule mining in the near future potentially putting the new species under threat." The band commented on their Facebook page "First of all, stellar name Dr. Riehl. Second, what an honor! Not only did Dr. Riehn [sic] name his discovery after a band as he has been a fan since childhood, The Thing That Should Not Be has a few things in common with us. The worm-like creature dwells in complete darkness, has no eyes, and is colorless. Talk about Blackened! It also lives amongst metallic nodules containing cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, and rare-earth elements. So it basically lives in a rock stadium? Now that’s one metal crustacean! You just never know what you’ll find "lurking beneath the sea."" [211][212]
Maeota ibargueni Galvis, 2014 Spider Caterine Ibargüen A species of jumping spider native to Colombia, named "in honour of Caterine Ibargüen Mena, world and Olympic triple jump champion, for her charisma and contribution to Colombian sport, and for sharing the talent of jumping with this particular and diverse group of spiders." [213]
Magnolia lopezobradorii A.Vázquez Flowering plant Andrés Manuel López Obrador A rare species of magnolia known only from the Tuxtlas Mountains in Veracruz, Mexico; "The specific epithet honors Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a progressive politician and second time Mexican Presidential Candidate [at the time of naming; he would go on to become president], a scholar of the "deep" problems of Mexico, "El México profundo", with sound proposals for sustainable management for tropical rainforest, from where he and this tree species are native. A magnificent tree of the family Magnoliaceae is named after a magnificent philanthropic man." [214]
Magnolia sirindhorniae Nooteboom & Chalermglin Flowering plant Sirindhorn [8]
Maguimithrax Klompmaker et al., 2015 Crustacean Tobey Maguire A genus of spider crab. Maguire starred in four Spider-Man films. [215]
Maldybulakia angusi Edgecombe, 1998 Myriapod Angus Young A fossil species from the Devonian of Australia. [216]
Maldybulakia malcolmi Edgecombe, 1998 Myriapod Malcolm Young A fossil species from the Devonian of Australia. [216]
Marengo sachintendulkar Malamel, Prajapati, Sudhikumar & Sebastian, 2019 Spider Sachin Tendulkar A jumping spider native to India, "dedicated to the Indian cricketer Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar, also known as the 'God of Cricket' and 'Master Blaster', for his extraordinary and unbreakable records in the game of cricket." [217]
Marginellopsis rineri Ortea, 2020 Sea snail Teddy Riner A small Neogastropod from the island of Guadeloupe, "dedicated to Teddy Riner (Pointe-á-Pitre, Guadeloupe, 1989), the judo legend, 10 times world super-heavyweight champion, with 154 consecutive victories in 10 years, a sportsman admired by the Guadeloupeans, as we could see in our talks with the park rangers and local collaborators of the Karubenthos expedition, looking for names for new species." [218]
Mauriciosaurus fernandezi Frey et al., 2017 Plesiosaur Mauricio Fernández Garza A plesiosaur from the Cretaceous of Vallecillo, Mexico; "Genus and species name in honor of Mauricio Fernández Garza, who not only made the specimen accessible for scientific research, but also secures all future work in the quarry area at Vallecillo and supports public education in Earth- and biological sciences predominantly in the state of Nuevo León." [219]
Maurotarion messieri Adrain & Chatterton, 1995 Trilobite Mark Messier One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Cyphaspis, Harpidella, Otarion and Songkania). [149]
Mecodema genesispotini Seldon & Buckley, 2019 Beetle Genesis Potini "This species is named in honour of the late Genesis Potini, who was a New Zealand speed chess champion from Gisborne. He was also the cofounder of the Gisborne Eastern Knights Chess Club, helping underprivileged Māori children by teaching them how to play chess." The genus Mecodema is endemic to New Zealand, and this species is native to Waimata Valley in Gisborne District. [220]
Mecodema jacinda Seldon & Buckley, 2019 Beetle Jacinda Ardern The genus Mecodema is endemic to New Zealand, and this species is native to Maungatautari, close to Ardern's hometown of Hamilton. [220]
Megalestes gyalsey Gyeltshen, Kalkman & Orr, 2017 Damselfly Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck A species native to Bhutan, "named in honour of His Royal Highness Crown Prince of Bhutan, The Gyalsey, Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck, on the occasion of his first birthday." [221]
Megophthalmidia mckibbeni Kerr, 2014 Fly Bill McKibben A fungus gnat native to California, named "in honor of William Earnest "Bill" McKibben, noted author, environmental activist, and founder of The magnificent diversity of life on our planet depends on a stable climate, which is now under grave threat. There are solutions, but they require the wisdom, persistence, and activism that Bill McKibben exemplifies." McKibben said "I felt truly honored. I love this planet we got born onto, from the big down to the very small. To be officially connected with its great diversity – well, that means a lot.[...] I was born in California, and my father was a member of the Sierra Club back when it was mostly a hiking group, spending his weekends in the mountains and forests, so I feel some extra kinship." [222][223]
Melusinaster alissawhitegluzae Thuy & Stöhr, 2018 Brittle star Alissa White-Gluz A fossil species of basket star from the Jurassic of Germany, named "to honour Alissa White-Gluz, singer of death metal band Arch Enemy, for being an inspiring person, and to pay tribute to the intensity, authenticity and passion that she conveys in her powerful vocals." "It’s a real honour", declared the singer. "The fact that such an important discovery was made while the palaeontologist was listening to our music is something quite special. Combining art and science in this way is impressive." She received a replica of the fossil from one of the authors while on stage at a concert in Rockhal, Luxembourg. [224][225]
Melusinaster arcusinimicus Thuy & Stöhr, 2018 Brittle star Arch Enemy A fossil species of basket star from the Jurassic of Luxembourg; its name is "the Latin translation of Arch Enemy, Swedish death metal band, for producing some of the heaviest melodic death metal songs ever, and in particular for having written masterpieces such as "We will rise" and "Reason to believe"". [224]
Meotipa luoqiae Lin & Li, 2021 Spider Luo Qi (singer) A comb-footed spider native to China, "honoring the Chinese rock singer Mrs. Qi Luo, which encouraged the author by her courage, freedom and spirit of exploration" [117]
Meranoplus mosalahi Sharaf & Aldawood, 2019 Ant Mohamed Salah [226]
Mesoparapylocheles michaeljacksoni Fraaije et al., 2012 Crustacean Michael Jackson A fossil species of hermit crab from the Cretaceous of northern Spain. "Named in honour of the "King of Pop", Michael Jackson, who passed away at the age of fifty [on] the same day when the holotype was found (June 25, 2009)" [227]
Metabowmania braggi Adrain & Westrop, 2007 Trilobite Billy Bragg [228]
Metallactus dicaprioi Sassi, 2019 Beetle Leonardo DiCaprio "The species is named after Leonardo Di Caprio, a popular American actor, also known for his constant commitment to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity." [229]
Metallichneumon neurospastarchus Wahl & Sime, 2002 Wasp Metallica A parasitic wasp. The genus name honors the band, while neurospastarchus ("ruler of puppets" in Greek) alludes to "the weak and mindless nature" of hosts, and the album Master of Puppets. [230]
Millardaspis knoxi McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite The Lady Chablis Named after The Lady Chablis's birth name, Benjamin Knox. [99]
Mimadiestra sirindhornae Dawwrueng, Storozhenko & Artchawakom, 2016 Cricket Sirindhorn This species is native to Thailand. [231]
Mirpurina edytavaresi Ortea & Moro, 2023 Sea snail Edy Tavares This species from Cape Verde is "dedicated to Walter (Edy) Tavares (Maio, 22.3.1992), outstanding Cape Verdean basketball player, who has contributed in a decisive and incontestable manner to the classification of his country's team for the world championship of that sport. The white mantle that covers the animal's shell when it moves, a true meringue, is a tribute to Real Madrid, the Spanish team in which Tavares plays" (Note: "meringue" is a common nickname for Real Madrid players and supporters, referencing their white uniform). [232]
Misumessus dicaprioi Edwards, 2017 Spider Leonardo DiCaprio "This species is named in honor of Leonardo DiCaprio, for his efforts to raise awareness about global warming." [233]
Muldaster haakei Thuy, Eriksson & Numberger-Thuy, 2022 Brittle star Tomas Haake A fossil species from the Silurian of Gotland, Sweden, which "honours Tomas Haake, Swedish drummer of metal band Meshuggah, representing a derived form of heavy metal music." [234]
Myzomela irianawidodoae Prawiradilaga et al., 2017 Bird Iriana Joko Widodo Named after the first lady of Indonesia at the time due to her great interest in the country's nature. [235]
Nannaria swiftae Hennen, Means & Marek, 2022 Millipede Taylor Swift Named after the American singer-songwriter "in recognition of her talent as a songwriter and performer and in appreciation of the enjoyment her music has brought [Hennen]". [236]
Nannaria mcelroyorum Hennen, Means & Marek, 2021 Millipede Clint McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy and Griffin McElroy "This species is named for Clint, Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy from Huntington, West Virginia, who provided endless hours of emotional support [...] during field collections through their podcasts, The Adventure Zone and My Brother, My Brother, and Me." [237]
Neilpeartia Carnevale et al., 2020 Fish Neil Peart A genus of fossil frogfish from the Eocene of Italy, "named after the outstanding Canadian musician and writer Neil Ellwood Peart who passed away on January 7, 2020." [238]
Nelloptodes gretae Darby, 2019 Beetle Greta Thunberg Darby said he chose the name because he was "immensely impressed" by the Swedish teenager's environmental campaigning. By naming the beetle after Ms Thunberg, he said, he "wanted to acknowledge her outstanding contribution in raising awareness of environmental issues". [239]
Nemoura hugekootinlokorum Wang, 2021 Stonefly Hu Ge and Louis Koo A species of spring stonefly from southwestern China, "named in honor of Mr. Ge Hu and Mr. Tin-Lok Koo, two renowned actors, as an appreciation for their contribution to elementary education and environmental preservation in the mountainous areas of western China."
Nervellius philippus Braet, 2014 Wasp Philippe of Belgium "Named in honour of the seventh king of Belgium: Philippe Léopold Louis Marie de Belgique for his enthronement." [242]
Nesticus jemisinae Hedin & Milne, 2023 Spider N. K. Jemisin A scaffold web spider known only from a cave in Tennessee, named "in honor of N. K. Jemisin whose 'Broken Earth' book series features a subterranean colony, including scientists who study caves." [243]
Nystalus obamai Whitney et al., 2013 Bird Barack Obama The Western striolated puffbird from South America, which was split from the Eastern striolated puffbird after scientists noticed the difference in their song. "Barack Hussein Obama II has proven to be a public servant of the highest caliber. He was elected and re-elected the 44th President of the United States based primarily on his outstanding professional record as a fair-minded, resolute, and visionary humanitarian. With the name of this puffbird, we are pleased to recognize Obama's remarkably positive and pervasive influence on the world stage and, in particular, we support his staunch initiative to bring development of solar energy to the forefront at a time when this obviously ideal global energy solution is, incredibly, still an uphill battle. The mainstream use of solar power around the world will benefit all, certainly including the flora, fauna, and people of Amazonia, mainly by allowing the Earth’s natural atmosphere to persist." [244][245]
Obamadon Longrich et al., 2013 Lizard Barack Obama An extinct genus of lizards from the Cretaceous. [246]
Obamus Dzaugis et al., 2018 Ediacaran biota Barack Obama A fossil, torus-shaped marine organism found in Ediacara Hills and Ediacara Conservation Park in South Australia, and named "In honour of President Barack Obama for his passion for science and the likeness of fossil morphology to his ears." [247]
Ocellularia jacinda-arderniae A.J.Marshall, Blanchon, Lücking & de Lange (2019) Lichen Jacinda Ardern A species native to New Zealand, "Named in honour of Jacinda Ardern (1980–), the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the third and youngest woman to hold that position. In bestowing this name, we also wish to acknowledge that Ocellularia jacinda-arderniae was discovered in 2018, the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand, making it all the more fitting that we name a lichen after a prominent female New Zealand politician." [248]
Oenonella wasisnamei Adrain & Fortey, 2022 Trilobite Buddy Wasisname A trilobite from the Ordovician of Newfoundland, Canada. [249]
Oenonella otherfellersorum Adrain & Fortey, 2022 Trilobite The Other Fellers A trilobite from the Ordovician of Newfoundland, Canada. [249]
Ogyges menchuae Cano, 2014 Beetle Rigoberta Menchú "Named in honor of the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Rigoberta Menchú, who was born in Laj Chimel."
All the specimens used to describe this species were collected from forests near Laj Chimel, Guatemala.
Ogyges toriyamai Cano, 2014 Beetle Akira Toriyama "Named after Akira Toriyama, the Japanese artist creator of the manga and anime series Dragon Ball."
Another species was concurrently named Ogyges mutenroshii, after the character Master Roshi from this series.
Oligoaeschna sirindhornae Ngiam & Orr, 2017 Dragonfly Sirindhorn "We humbly dedicate this species to Her Royal Highness, The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand, in recognition of her continuing support of nature conservation and as a mark of personal admiration by the authors." [251]
Oligopseudamia iancurtisi Marramà, Giusberti & Carnevale, 2022 Fish Ian Curtis A fossil cardinalfish from the Oligocene of Italy, "named after the late British musician and composer Ian Curtis in honour of his music, which was an excellent companion during long hours at the microscope while analysing the fossil specimens." [252]
Olios jaenicke Jäger, 2012 Spider Hannes Jaenicke "This species is dedicated to the German actor and environmental campaigner Hannes Jaenicke for his activities about and documentaries on threatened animal species and for raising general awareness in the public on such topics. Also for his dedication to the Senckenberg Research Society" [253]
Opaluma rupaul Lessard & Woodley, 2020 Fly RuPaul A brightly coloured soldier fly from Australia, named "in honour of the drag superstar RuPaul Charles who is known to wear extravagant outfits that resemble this species." The lead author told the press "I'd been watching a lot of RuPaul's Drag Race when I was examining the specimen under the microscope, so it was on my mind!" And I really wanted to give this group of flies a memorable name because it needs the attention – the first specimen of this RuPaul fly was collected over a hundred years ago and sat neglected in a museum collection until someone with the knowledge of that group came along to name and document them." He also said that naming the fly after RuPaul came as an "obvious decision" because "It has a costume of shiny metallic rainbow colours, and it has legs for days." [254][255]
Ophelosia mcglashani Berry, 1995 Wasp Don McGlashan [257]
Ophiacantha oceani Numberger-Thuy & Thuy, 2020 Brittle star The Ocean (band) A fossil species from the Pliocene and Pleistocene of Sicily, Italy. "Species named in honour of progressive metal band 'The Ocean'. Musicians who so skillfully combine arts and science, composing albums like Precambrian (with songs named after the periods of the Precambrian), Pelagial (with songs named after the bathymetric subdivisions of the water column) and Phanerozoic as well as the song "Turritopsis dohrnii" referring to the immortal jellyfish from the Mediterranean, are more than deserving of being immortalized in the fossil record." [258]
Ophiocoma avatar Thuy & Numberger-Thuy, 2023 Brittle star Avatar (band) A fossil species from the Cretaceous of Sweden, "named in honour of Swedish metal band Avatar, to honour their outstanding musical creativity that has been inspiring our research activities during the last years." [259]
Ophioduplantiera Thuy, Numberger-Thuy & Pineda-Enríquez, 2021 Brittle star Joe Duplantier and Mario Duplantier A fossil genus from the Jurassic of Austria, "named after Joseph (Joe) and Mario Duplantier of French metal band Gojira, to honour their inspiring artistic achievements and their authentic, compassionate personalities." [260]
Ophiogojira Thuy, Numberger-Thuy & Pineda-Enríquez, 2021 Brittle star Gojira (band) A fossil genus from the Jurassic of France and Luxembourg, "named in honour of French metal band Gojira, for producing songs of an unfathomable intensity, beautifully dark and heavy, and exploring the abyss of life and death, of human strength and error, and of thriving and yet threatened oceans." [260]
Ophiogojira andreui Thuy, Numberger-Thuy & Pineda-Enríquez, 2021 Brittle star Christian Andreu A fossil species from the Jurassic of Luxembourg, named after the guitar player of French metal band Gojira. [260]
Ophiogojira labadiei Thuy, Numberger-Thuy & Pineda-Enríquez, 2021 Brittle star Jean-Michel Labadie A fossil species from the Jurassic of France, named after the bass player of French metal band Gojira. [260]
Ophiojagtus acklesi Thuy, 2013 Brittle star Jensen Ackles A fossil species from the Cretaceous of Texas, US, "named in honour of Texas-born actor Jensen Ackles; my wife urged me to do so." [189]
Ophioleviathan watsoni Thuy, 2013 Brittle star Paul Watson A fossil species from the Jurassic of Austria, "named in honour of Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, in admiring recognition of his relentless commitment to the protection of marine wildlife." [189]
Ophiomalleus stevenwilsoni Thuy, 2013 Brittle star Steven Wilson A fossil species from the Cretaceous of Germany, "named in honour of British musician Steven Wilson, one of the contemporaneous masters of originality and creativity, whose music often taught me how to let ideas develop and materialise." [189]
Ophiomisidium pratchettae Thuy & Numberger-Thuy, 2021 Brittle star Rhianna Pratchett A fossil species from the Jurassic of Luxembourg. "Species named in honour of English video game writer and journalist Rhianna Pratchett, for her gamebook Crystal of Storms that reinvigorated stamina in moments of frustration during work on the present study." [261]
Ophiomitrella floorae Thuy, Numberger-Thuy & Jagt, 2020 Brittle star Floor Jansen A fossil species from the Cretaceous of the Netherlands, named after Dutch singer "Floor Jansen, lead singer of the Finnish band Nightwish in recognition of her long-standing career in metal, her general interest in all things (palaeo)biological and her and the band’s use of fossils for artwork." [262]
Ophiotardis tennanti Thuy & Numberger-Thuy, 2021 Brittle star David Tennant A fossil species from the Jurassic of Luxembourg. "Species named in honour of Scottish actor David Tennant, for his performance as the tenth incarnation of The Doctor in the science fiction series Doctor Who, bringing us inspiration during moments of frustration while writing the present paper." The genus Ophiotardis, created concurrently, was "formed as a combination of óphis, Greek for serpent, a commonly used prefix in ophiuroid genus names, and TARDIS, acronym for "Time And Relative Dimension In Space", the time machine and spacecraft used by Dr Who." [261]
Ophiura tankardi Thuy, Nungesser & Numberger-Thuy, 2022 Brittle star Tankard A fossil species from the Oligocene of the Mainz Basin, Germany, "named in honor of German thrash metal band Tankard, to celebrate their loyal and consistent connection to their fan base." [263]
Orasema difrancoae Herreid & Heraty, 2008 Wasp Ani DiFranco "I have admired Ani DiFranco for about 10 years," Herreid said. "I like her music and I think she is a great role model." [264][265]
Orectochilus orbisonorum Miller et al., 2008 Beetle Roy Orbison and his widow Barbara Orbison A species of whirligig beetle from India. [87]
Ornodolomedes mickfanningi Raven & Hebron, 2018 Spider Mick Fanning A species of fishing spider from Queensland, Australia, named "in honour of Australian surfer, Mick Fanning, whose path to surfing greatness has incorporated all the attributes of a champion, including overcoming personal tragedy, career-threatening injury and one of sport's greatest competitive dynasties to reach surfing's highest echelon three times. He has a love for water and has a strong Queensland connection with his favourite "break" being at Queensland's iconic Snapper Rocks at Coolangatta." [108]
Osbornellus obamai Domínguez & Godoy, 2010 Leafhopper Barack Obama [266]
Otarion beukeboomi Adrain & Chatterton, 1994 Trilobite Jeff Beukeboom One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Cyphaspis, Harpidella, Maurotarion and Songkania). [267]
Otarion huddyi Adrain & Chatterton, 1994 Trilobite Charlie Huddy One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Cyphaspis, Harpidella, Maurotarion and Songkania). [267]
Oxelytrum nairoi Amat-García & Valcárcel, 2014 Beetle Nairo Quintana A carrion beetle native to Colombia, "dedicated to the Colombian sportsman Nairo Quintana, one of the "escarabajos" of the new generation of Colombian cyclists, winner of the 2014 Giro d'Italia." [268]
Ozicrypta combeni Raven & Churchill, 1994 Spider Pat Comben A brushed trapdoor spider endemic to Queensland, Australia, named "for Pat Comben, Minister for the Environment and Heritage (1989-1992), in recognition of his efforts to ensure national parks of Queensland, like the type locality, Forty Mile Scrub National Park, are representative of the biodiversity of the state." [269]
Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum Hanelt et al., 2012 Dinosaur Ross Perot and family "In recognition of members of the Perot family (Margot and H. Ross Perot and their children), who have demonstrated a long history of supporting science and science education for the public." [270]
Palmnickeneoceras ejersboi Fanti & Damgaard, 2018 Beetle Jakob Ejersbo A fossil soldier beetle found in Baltic amber from the Eocene of Kaliningrad Oblast. [66]
Paracidaris eluveitie Hostettler & Menkveld-Gfeller, 2015 Sea urchin Eluveitie A fossil species from the Jurassic of Switzerland. "The species name refers to the Etruscan form of the Celtic word Helvetios ("the Helvetian"), Eluveitie. [...] The species is dedicated to the Swiss band Eluveitie, which combines Celtic folklore with metal sound in its music. The detailed sculptures of corona and spines of this regular sea urchin are also reminiscent of "Celtic gold" (jewellery and vessels of the Helvetians)." [271]
Paragordius obamai Hanelt et al., 2012 Horsehair worm Barack Obama [272]
Paragorgia jamesi Herrera & Shank, 2016 Coral James Rodríguez "Named in honor of James David Rodríguez Rubio, arguably the best Colombian professional football (soccer) player in history." [273]
Parakoldinioidia akerfeldti Westrop & Adrain, 2014 Trilobite Mikael Åkerfeldt One of five species concurrently named after members of Opeth. [274]
Parakoldinioidia akessoni Westrop & Adrain, 2014 Trilobite Fredrik Åkesson One of five species concurrently named after members of Opeth. [274]
Parakoldinioidia lindgreni Westrop & Adrain, 2014 Trilobite Peter Lindgren One of five species concurrently named after members of Opeth. [274]
Parakoldinioidia lopezi Westrop & Adrain, 2014 Trilobite Martín López One of five species concurrently named after members of Opeth. [274]
Parakoldinioidia mendezi Westrop & Adrain, 2014 Trilobite Martín Méndez One of five species concurrently named after members of Opeth. [274]
Paramaka pearljam Mariano, 2011 Mayfly Pearl Jam [275]
Paramphitrite dragovabeci Lavesque, Daffe, Londoño-Mesa & Hutchings, 2021 Polychaete worm Drago Vabec "This species is dedicated to the Yugoslav football player Drago Vabec, legend of the "Stade Brestois" Football Club from 1979 to 1983. This species name was proposed by Jacques Grall (IUEM laboratory—Brest), who collected the type material and who is a great fan of both this club and this player." [187][276]
Parascepsis lantingi Grados, 2020 Moth Frans Lanting "The first author and Rainforest Expeditions SAC, which support the project "Discovery new species" in Tambopata would like to dedicate the discovery of this new species to Frans Lanting, whom with wife Christine Eckstrom were key players in raising awareness and establishing the international standing of Tambopata so that it became known in every corner of the world." [277]
Paroligoneurus harishi Ranjith & van Achterberg, 2020 Wasp Harish Sivaramakrishnan A species native to India, "dedicated to Mr. Harish Sivaramakrishnan, Carnatic singer and vocalist of Agam band for his continuing journey in the realm of independent music, imaginative talk and making many listeners to think 'out of the box'." [278]
Pastorius Carnevale & Johnson, 2015 Fish Jaco Pastorius A genus of fossil cusk-eels from the Cretaceous of Italy. [279]
Pastorius methenyi Carnevale & Johnson, 2015 Fish Pat Metheny A species of fossil cusk-eel from the Cretaceous of Italy. [279]
Penicillium alexiae Visagie, Houbraken & Samson, 2013 Fungus Princess Alexia of the Netherlands One of five species of Penicillium fungi identified from strains stored at the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands, and named after the members of the Dutch royal family to coincide with the coronation of Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. [280]
Penicillium amaliae Visagie, Houbraken & Jacobs, 2013 Fungus Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange One of five species of Penicillium fungi identified from strains stored at the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands, and named after the members of the Dutch royal family to coincide with the coronation of Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. [280]
Penicillium arianeae Visagie, Houbraken & Samson, 2013 Fungus Princess Ariane of the Netherlands One of five species of Penicillium fungi identified from strains stored at the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands, and named after the members of the Dutch royal family to coincide with the coronation of Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. [280]
Penicillium maximae Visagie, Houbraken & Samson, 2013 Fungus Queen Máxima of the Netherlands One of five species of Penicillium fungi identified from strains stored at the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands, and named after the members of the Dutch royal family to coincide with the coronation of Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. [280]
Penicillium vanoranjei Visagie, Houbraken & Samson, 2013 Fungus Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands One of five species of Penicillium fungi identified from strains stored at the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands, and named after the members of the Dutch royal family to coincide with the coronation of Willem-Alexander. "named, in reference to the orange (Dutch=oranje) coloured colonies produced by this species, after Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, 'Zijne Koninklijke Hoogheid de Prins van Oranje' (translated from Dutch as: 'His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange') and the new King of the Netherlands upon the retirement of Queen Beatrix on 30 April 2013." [280]
Pentaceration bifficlyro Kaiser & Marner, 2012 Crustacean Biffy Clyro [281]
Peperomia sirindhorniana Suwanph. & Chantar. Flowering plant Sirindhorn A radiator plant native to Thailand, named to honour "Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Mahidol who initiated the Plant Genetic Conservation Project to develop the personnel and plant genetics resources for the maintenance of plant varieties, and for the development to be advantageous for farmers and the business sector of Thailand." [282]
Percnarcha claudiadoblesae Metz, 2020 Moth Claudia Dobles Camargo "named in honor of Claudia Dobles Camargo, First Lady of Costa Rica and dedicated biopolitical force for Costa Rica's survival and socioeconomic development as a truly green tropical country that is on its way to becoming bioliterate while being a exemplary tropical country for controlling, mitigating and reducing its contributions to climate change." [283]
Phanaeus changdiazi Kohlmann & Solís-Blanco, 2001 Beetle Franklin Chang Díaz [284][285]
Philogenia marinasilva Machado, 2010 Damselfly Marina Silva A species described from a single specimen collected in Acre, Brazil, and "Named in honor of senator Marina Silva, the former Minister of [the] Environment of Brazil in recognition for her outstanding contribution to the protection of the Amazonian forest, especially that of the state of Acre." [286]
Phlebotomus simonahalepae Cazan, Erisoz Kasap & Mihalca, 2021 Fly Simona Halep "The species is dedicated to the famous tennis player Simona Halep, born in the same county as the type locality." The authors "were very happy afterwards to receive Simona Halep's agreement, through her legal officer, who informed us that she was honoured by our initiative. [...] We dedicate this scientific discovery to Simona Halep, as a sign of honour and recognition for her performance and for the way she bears Romania's name in the world, as we also do in the field of research." [287][288]
Pholcus youngae Huber, 2011 Spider Tata Young A cellar spider native to Thailand. Subsequently transferred to genus Cantikus. [289][290]
Photinus guillermodeltoroi Zaragoza-Caballero & Rodríguez-Mirón, 2023 Firefly Guillermo del Toro This species, described from specimens collected in Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico, was named "in honor of Guillermo del Toro, a prominent Jalisco-born filmmaker and director." [291]
Phricotelphusa sirindhorn Naiyanetr, 1989 Crustacean Sirindhorn [8]
Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae Martin et al., 1994 Dinosaur Sirindhorn [8]
Physoschistura chulabhornae Suvarnaraksha, 2013 Fish Chulabhorn A freshwater stone loach native to the Chaophraya River basin in Thailand; "The species epithet honours Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn for her valuable scientific works." [292]
Picea burtonii Klymiuk & Stockey, 2012 Conifer Tim Burton A fossil species from the Cretaceous of Vancouver Island.
"The ovuliferous scale, when viewed in transverse section, seems a demonstrable case of "life imitating art."" (it resembles a goblin-like creature)
Pison larsoni Menke, 1988 Wasp Gary Larson "dedicated to Gary Larson whose The Far Side cartoons have brought much laughter to me and many other entomologists." [294]
Pista miosseci Lavesque, Daffe, Londoño-Mesa & Hutchings, 2021 Polychaete worm Miossec "This species is dedicated to the famous Brest singer Christophe Miossec, whose music has accompanied [the lead author] for 25 years, especially when writing." [187][295]
Placida barackobamai McCarthy, Krug & Valdés, 2010 Sea slug Barack Obama "This species is named in honor of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, born in the State of Hawaii, where the holotype of this species was collected. With this name, we would like to recognize President Obama for his efforts to reduce carbon emissions globally and lessen the effects of climate change, as well as for his Proclamation on August 26, 2016 that dramatically expanded the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, in order to preserve this culturally and ecologically important region for future generations." [296]
Platycoelia hiporum Smith, 2003 Beetle The Tragically Hip This species was described by a Canadian entomologist. [297]
Platygomphus benritarum Joshi & Mital, 2022 Dragonfly Monisha Behal and Rita Banerji A clubtail from India, "Named in honor of Monisha "Ben" Behal (founder, North East Network), and Rita Banerji (founder, Green Hub) for their pioneering work across two decades. Both women have been empowering and training the youth of northeast India to become change-makers, working towards creating ecological security, sustainable livelihoods, and social change. The species epithet is the feminine genitive plural created from combining the two names Ben and Rita." [298]
Pleisticanthoides cameroni Ng & Richer de Forges, 2012 Crustacean James Cameron "The species is named after director and deep-sea explorer James Francis Cameron, to honour his landmark dive into the Mariana Trench on 24 March 2012 onboard the Deepsea Challenger, the third man ever to dive to such depths. His films on deep-sea and extra-terrestrial worlds have also been an inspiration to explorers everywhere." [299]
Pleurotus sirindhorniae Suwannarach et al., 2020 Mushroom Sirindhorn A species of oyster mushroom native to Thailand. [300]
Plumatella chulabhornae Wood, 2006 Bryozoan Chulabhorn A freshwater species native to Thailand. "With kind permission from the Office of Her Royal Highness' Personal Affairs Division the species name honors Princess Chulabhorn, a tireless and effective supporter of scientific endeavors in Thailand." [301]
Podistra mattheseni Fanti & Damgaard, 2020 Beetle Anders Matthesen A fossil soldier beetle found in Baltic amber from the Eocene of Kaliningrad Oblast.
"Named in honor of the Danish standup comedian, actor, and rapper Anders Matthesen, pseudonym "Anden (The Duck)" (Copenhagen, 6 July 1975)."
Predatoroonops mctiernani Brescovit et al., 2012 Spider John McTiernan The generic name Predatoroonops "is a contraction of "Predator Oonops," taken from the science-fiction action movie Predator. The name refers the fact that all species show the frontal area of the male chelicerae with modified structures that resemble the face of the Predator character [...]. It is also a homage to the 25th anniversary of this blockbuster success." McTiernan is the director of the film. [302]
Predatoroonops peterhalli Brescovit et al., 2012 Spider Kevin Peter Hall Hall played the Predator in the film Predator. [302]
Pristimantis gretathunbergae Mebert et al., 2022 Frog Greta Thunberg "... in honor for Greta Thunberg, a Swedish student, and her global climate activism. [...] Greta Thunberg represents the authentic voice that exposes the motivations behind the diplomatic curtain of politicians and business stakeholders. Her voice is essential if we want to revert to and maintain a healthy environment on the planet we all share, and not least, learn to respect its magnificent mega-diversity of life that took millions of years to evolve." [303]
Pristimantis jamescameroni Kok, 2013 Frog James Cameron "honouring the Canadian film director, producer, environmentalist and explorer Mr. James F. Cameron in recognition of his efforts to alert the general public to environmental problems through pioneering high quality "blockbuster" movies and adventurous documentaries. James Cameron also encourages people to go vegan (a diet excluding animal products), one of the effective ways to reduce human environmental impacts such as global climate change, identified as a serious threat to tepuis ecosystems." The species is known only from Aprada-tepui, Venezuela. [304]
Pristimantis urani Rivera-Correa & Daza, 2016 Frog Rigoberto Urán "The specific name is a patronym for Rigoberto (Rigo) Urán, a Colombian cyclist born in Urrao, Antioquia, type locality of the new species. Rigo Uran represents, despite adversity, the struggle to become a great athlete. The new taxon is native to the northern Andes, mountains widely conquered by the Colombian cyclists." [305]
Pritha garfieldi Marusik & Zamani, 2015 Spider Andrew Garfield Garfield starred in three Spider-Man films. [129]
Pseudapanteles christianafigueresae Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Christiana Figueres "for her persistent interest in ACG survival since the early 1990s, and up through her ... efforts to get the world to reverse its climate change" [306]
Pseudapanteles jorgerodriguezi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Jorge Rodríguez "who ... helped ACG forge new paths of self-support through Environmental Service Payments" [306]
Pseudapanteles josefigueresi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp José María Figueres "in recognition of his steady and imaginative support of ACG foundation, growth and survival through non-damaging biodiversity development" [306]
Pseudapanteles laurachinchillae Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Laura Chinchilla "in gratitude for her persistent tolerance of ACG efforts to push the conservation envelope during her term in office." [306]
Pseudapanteles luisguillermosolisi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Luis Guillermo Solís "in appreciation of the new opportunity for further administrative evolution that his election offers to ACG" [306]
Pseudapanteles ottonsolisi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp Ottón Solís "in recognition of his steadfast policy support of the ACG concept throughout two decades ... and the foundation of the party, PAC" [306]
Pseudapanteles renecastroi Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 Wasp René Castro "who helped ACG and INBio in their early years ..., promoted the development of Costa Rica's carbon market, and tolerated the growing pains of decentralized administration of Costa Rica's conserved wildlands." [306]
Pseudochelidon sirintarae Thonglongya, 1968 Bird Sirindhorn The white-eyed river martin, endemic to Thailand and now possibly extinct, was "named in honour of Her Royal Highness [...] the third daughter of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, for her gracious interest in the wildlife of the Kingdom." [307][308]
Pseudoclelandia weymouthae Adrain, Westrop, Karim & Landing 2014 Trilobite Tina Weymouth [165]
Pseudohystricurus wigglesorum Adrain, Karim & Westrop, 2014 Trilobite The Wiggles [309]
Pseudotrichonympha leei del Campo and Keeling, 2017 Protist Geddy Lee One of three species named concurrently after the members of the Canadian band Rush. "Species name refers to the Geddy Lee, a musician who, with other members of Rush, have inspired an interest in natural history and science through art."
"A Spanish postdoc, Javier del Campo, asked me to recommend some good Canadian music, and I suggested he listen to Rush," said Patrick Keeling, a University of British Columbia microbiologist and senior author on the paper describing the species. "He came back to me and said 'Those microbes we're finding have long hair like the guys on the album 2112!'" (referring to the abundant flagella on these species).
Pseudotrichonympha lifesoni del Campo and Keeling, 2017 Protist Alex Lifeson One of three species named concurrently after the members of the Canadian band Rush. "Species name refers to the Alex Lifeson, a musician who, with other members of Rush, have inspired an interest in natural history and science through art." [310]
Pseudotrichonympha pearti del Campo and Keeling, 2017 Protist Neil Peart One of three species named concurrently after the members of the Canadian band Rush. "Species name refers to the Neil Peart, a musician who, with other members of Rush, have inspired an interest in natural history and science through art." [310]
Pterostichus neilgaimani Chaladze, et al., 2017 Beetle Neil Gaiman "Species is named after author Neil Gaiman, for bringing back what has been forgotten." [312]
Ptomaphaginus isabellarossellini Schilthuizen, Njunjić & Perreau, 2018 Beetle Isabella Rossellini "Named in honour of the actress and biologist Isabella Rossellini, whose short movies and stage performances on animal reproduction have popularized theories on the evolution of genitalia. In P. isabellarossellini, the extremely long penis stylet in the male and similarly long spermiduct in the female suggest a long history of sexually antagonistic coevolution, one of the types of selection that appears in Rossellini's Green Porno series on SundanceTV. [313]
Qiliania graffini Ji et al., 2011 Bird Greg Graffin "In honour of Dr Gregory Graffin, lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles and co-founder of the musical group Bad Religion, for his contributions to evolutionary biology, his public outreach through music, and his inspiration to young scientists around the world." [314]
Quadricona madonnae Topper, Skovsted, Brock & Paterson, 2011 Early Arthropod Madonna A fossil Bradoriid from the Cambrian of South Australia, "named for the American entertainer Madonna; in reference to the nodes on each valve resembling her conical brassiere made famous during the 1980s and 1990s, particularly her "Blond Ambition" tour in 1990." [315]
Quamtana hectori Huber, 2003 Spider Hector Pieterson A cellar spider native to South Africa, whose name "commemorates Hector Pietersen [sic] and the other children shot in Soweto, June 16, 1976 by police." [316]
Raputia santosii Kallunki Flowering plant Juan Manuel Santos A species from Amazonian Colombia, whose name "honors former President Juan Manuel Santos, one of the chief proponents of Colombia BIO, a national research program created during his administration for the express purpose of funding biological expeditions, during which many new species of plants have been collected." [317]
Rhinatrema shiv Gower et al., 2010 Caecilian Shivnarine Chanderpaul [318]
Rhogeessa menchuae Baird, Marchán-Rivadeneira, Pérez and Baker, 2012 Bat Rigoberta Menchú A small bat species found in Honduras and Guatemala. "This species is named to honor Rigoberta Menchú (along with the rest of the Menchú family) for her decades of work establishing a better understanding of the Mayan culture in Guatemala. Her important work has earned her a Nobel Peace Prize. She always underscored, among other traits, the respect of nature by the native peoples of this area. We propose "Menchu's little yellow bat" as the English common name." [319]
Rhyzodiastes (Temoana) xii Wang, 2016 Beetle Xi Jinping "[D]edicated to Dr. Xi Jin-Ping, the President of the People's Republic of China, for his leadership making our motherland stronger and stronger." Entomologist Cheng-Bin Wang also said that "The Rhyzodiastes (Temoana) is very rare – you might not encounter a single one even after 10 field collection sessions – and it also eats rotten wood for food… so it’s a metaphor for Xi Jinping, a rare person you only encounter once a century, and specifically his controls on corruption [eating rot], which will allow Chinese corruption to gradually disappear." However, censors in China, perceiving the naming of a "bug" as a possible slight against Xi, clamped down on any online references to the new beetle species and ordered them to be removed from Chinese social media. Responding to the censorship, Wang said his gesture had been "deliberately vilified". He was mortified that the naming had been taken as an insult, and stated that it had been intended as a "tremendous honour". Wang believed it to be the first species to be named after a Chinese leader, saying: "As long as science exists, the name will forever exist. It’s a very rare species of beetle, and I would certainly have appreciated it if someone had named it after me". [320][321]
Rissoella aliciae Espinosa & Ortea, 2009 Sea snail Alicia Leal A species native to Cuba, "named after the painter Alicia Leal Veloz (Sancti Spíritus, 1957) for the constant presence of nature in her pictorial work, in which even Noah's Ark is present and in which animals are actors or extras in everyday scenes of peasant life or Afro-Cuban rites." [326]
Rissoella belkisae Ortea & Espinosa, 2004 Sea snail Belkis Ayón A species native to Cuba, named "in homage to Belkis Ayón, Havana (1967-1999) painter of the African spirituality inherent to the black people in Cuba, concerned with the role of women in the environment of the ñáñigos (Abakuá secret society)." [327]
Rissoella taniae Ortea & Espinosa, 2004 Sea snail Tania Bruguera A species native to Cuba, named "in homage to Tania Brugueras [sic] (Havana, 1968), an artist who delves into the real life of Cubans and at the same time concerns herself with the world that surrounds her through migration, moving her discourse through the air." [327]
Rollinschaeta Parry et al., 2015 Polychaete worm Henry Rollins A fossil annelid worm from the Cretaceous of Lebanon. "Derivation of name: Rollins – for Henry Rollins + chaeta, from Late Latin, for a bristle, seta or long hair." [328]
Rossaspis leboni Adrain, Westrop, Karim & Landing 2014 Trilobite Simon Le Bon [165]
Saccocirrus slateri Di Domenico, Martínez & Worsaae, 2019 Polychaete worm Kelly Slater "named in honor of surfer Kelly Slater, who has been crowned World Surf League Champion 11 times. The genus Saccocirrus is often found at exposed sandy beaches, where they are able to cope with the turbulence produced by the waves by moving horizontally along the beach slope." [329]
Sacoproteus nishae Krug et al., 2018 Sea slug Nisha Ayub "Named in honor of Nisha Ayub, Malaysian transgender activist and recipient of the International Women of Courage Award 2016, who was born in the state of Malacca where specimens were collected. We honor her courage in the fight for equality and protection of all people." [330]
Saepocephalum stephenfryi Gustafsson & Bush, 2017 Louse Stephen Fry In a revision of the Brueelia-complex, the louse was named in recognition of Fry because his "quiz show "QI" can be seen as a revision of the complexity of human knowledge, one misunderstanding at the time." [331]
Sanaungulus rosenzweigi Fanti & Damgaard, 2020 Beetle Tal R A fossil soldier beetle found in Burmese amber from the Cretaceous of Hukawng Valley.
"Named in honor of the Danish artist Tal Rosenzweig, known as Tal R."
Sanaungulus strungei Fanti & Damgaard, 2019 Beetle Michael Strunge A fossil soldier beetle found in Burmese amber from the Cretaceous of Hukawng Valley.
"In memory of the Danish poet Michael Strunge Jensen (Hvidovre, 19 June 1958 - Copenhagen, 9 March 1986)."
Sarsamphiascus jackiei Karanovic, 2020 Crustacean Jackie Jackson "The species is named in honour of Sigmund Esco 'Jackie' Jackson, the oldest of five brothers in the American music-group The Jackson 5, which came to prominence in 1969, after signing with Motown label, the same year that I was born. The name [...] alludes to this species being one of five syntopic congeners." [333]
Sarsamphiascus titoi Karanovic, 2020 Crustacean Tito Jackson "The species is named in honour of Toriano Adaryll 'Tito' Jackson, second oldest of five brothers in the American music-group The Jackson 5." [333]
Sarsamphiascus jermainei Karanovic, 2020 Crustacean Jermaine Jackson "The species is named in honour of Jermaine La Jaune Jackson, third oldest of five brothers in the American music-group The Jackson 5." [333]
Sarsamphiascus marloni Karanovic, 2020 Crustacean Marlon Jackson "The species is named in honour of Marlon David Jackson, second youngest of five brothers in the American music-group The Jackson 5." [333]
Sarsamphiascus michaeli Karanovic, 2020 Crustacean Michael Jackson "The species is named in honour of Michael Joseph Jackson, the youngest of five brothers in the American music-group The Jackson 5. [...] This species is the most successful of all Korean congeners, both in abundance and distribution, just as Michael was the most successful of all of his siblings." [333]
Scaptia beyonceae Lessard, 2011 Fly Beyoncé Knowles The horse fly was named after the singer and actress because of its striking golden behind. [87]
Schistura sirindhornae Suvarnaraksha, 2015 Fish Sirindhorn "The species epithet honors Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for her 60th birthday anniversary, her biodiversity conservation projects including a Plant Genetic Conservation Project Under the Royal Initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, several projects in education and protein source security for rural communities, and many projects located in Nan Province, the type locality of this species." [334]
Sciophila holopaineni Salmela, 2017 Fly Tuomas Holopainen A fungus gnat native to Finland and Karelia, "named after Mr. Tuomas Holopainen, the founder, songwriter and keyboardist of a Finnish metal band, Nightwish." "I am very, very touched," Holopainen said in a statement, "This is the highest honor a nature nerd like me can receive." [335][336]
Selenacentrus Morris & Dietrich, 2016 Treehopper Selena A genus of treehoppers from Southwestern USA and Northern Mexico, whose name is "derived from the first name of the late Tejano music artist, Selena, with the suffix –centrus, a commonly employed term in centrotine taxonomy." [337]
Selenyphantes gaimani Silva-Moreira & Hormiga, 2021 Spider Neil Gaiman "The species epithet is an homage to Neil Gaiman, an English writer of short fiction, novels, graphic novels, audio theatre and films. Notable works include American Gods and Anansi Boys, where he features the spider god Anansi from Caribbean mythology as one of its characters. Most recently, he participated in the short documentary Sixteen legs about the Tasmanian cave spider, Hickmania troglodytes (Higgins & Petterd, 1883), where he wrote and voiced the short story A visit to the queen of the dark." Gaiman tweeted "I'm amazed. I'm a spider. Well, sort of. (Thank you to whoever named it!)" [338][339]
Senecio anastasioi Montesinos Flowering plant Trey Anastasio "The specific epithet refers to the musician Ernest Joseph "Trey" Anastasio III (born 30 September 1964), honouring the fifty-eight birthday of that American singer, songwriter, composer and musician who is best known for the band Phish.[...] I enjoyed Trey Anastasio's music during my research, and it greatly facilitated my work." [340]
Sericomyrmex radioheadi Ješovnik & Schultz, 2017 Ant Radiohead "This species is named after the English rock band Radiohead as an acknowledgement of their longstanding efforts in environmental activism, especially in raising climate-change awareness, and in honor of their music, which is an excellent companion during long hours at the microscope while conducting taxonomic revisions of ants." [341]
Serphites hynemani McKellar & Engel, 2011 Wasp Jamie Hyneman A fossil species found in Canadian amber from the Cretaceous of Grassy Lake, Alberta.
"The specific epithet is a patronym for Jamie Hyneman, co-host of the television series Mythbusters, in reference to the 'walrus moustache' formed by the clypeal and mandibular setae in this species."
Serratoterga larsoni Johnson, 1991 Butterfly Gary Larson Subsequently, synonymised with Calycopis pisis (Godman & Salvin, 1887). [343][344]
Seticotasteromimus brunomanseri Germann, 2021 Weevil Bruno Manser A species native to Malaysian Borneo "dedicated to Bruno Manser (1954-2000?), Swiss environmental activist from Basel, to honour his indispensable activism for rainforest preservation and against deforestation by timber companies, and defender for the human rights of indigenous peoples. Bruno Manser disappeared in 2000 in Malaysia." [345]
Sicoderus bautistai Anderson, 2018 Weevil José Bautista This species is native to the Dominican Republic. [346]
Sinosura dieschbourgae Thuy & Numberger-Thuy, 2021 Brittle star Carole Dieschbourg A fossil species from the Jurassic of Luxembourg. "Species named after Carole Dieschbourg, Luxembourg environment minister at the time of publication of this paper, for her achievements towards a more sustainable society, but also as an incentive to pursue a rigorous, science-based policy towards climate change mitigation." [261]
Sinusichnus priesti Kappel, 2003 Crustacean trace fossil Judas Priest An ichnospecies identified from the Cretaceous of Germany. [190][191]
Sirindhorn thailandiensis Adamski & Malikul, 2003 Butterfly Sirindhorn [8]
Sirindhorna Shibata, Jintasakul, Azuma & You, 2015 Dinosaur Sirindhorn A basal hadrosauroid dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous Khok Kruat Formation of Thailand.
"Dedication to the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Thailand, for her contribution to the support and encouragement of paleontology in Thailand."
Sirindhornia (plant) H.A.Pedersen & Suksathan Orchid Sirindhorn [8]
Sirindhornia (moth) Pinkaew & Muadsub, 2014 Moth Sirindhorn [348]
Songkania smithi Adrain & Chatterton, 1995 Trilobite Geoff Smith One of thirteen Canadian species named, in a series of four papers, after members of the Edmonton Oilers team that won the 1990 Stanley Cup (See also species in genera Aulacopleura, Cyphaspis, Harpidella, Maurotarion and Otarion). [45]
Sonoma colberti Ferro, 2016 Beetle Stephen Colbert "named for Stephen Colbert (silent "t") a character created by Stephen Tyrone Colbert (sounded "t"), an author, philosopher, humanitarian, champion of science, and humorist." [349]
Sonoma rossellinae Ferro, 2016 Beetle Isabella Rossellini "named after Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini, an Italian actress and film maker who wrote and starred in Green Porno, a series of short films on animal sexual behavior." [349]
Sonoma stewarti Ferro, 2016 Beetle Jon Stewart "named for Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz), a humanitarian, champion of science, and humorist best known for reintroducing skepticism and intelligence to news reporting through a television program called The Daily Show." [349]
Spathaspora brunopereirae Santos et al., 2023 Yeast Bruno Pereira A species collected in the Amazon rainforest, where Pereira was murdered, and named in his honor as a tribute for his work in defence of the environment. [350][351]
Spathaspora domphillipsii Santos et al., 2023 Yeast Dom Phillips A species collected in the Amazon rainforest, where Phillips was murdered, and named in his honor as a tribute for his work in defence of the environment. [350][351]
Sphaeropthalma arnalduri Pitts, 2010 Wasp Arnaldur Indriðason A velvet ant from the Sierra Nevada, California, "Named after Arnaldur Indriðason (1961 to present) who is an Icelandic writer of crime fiction and is currently best known for his detective novels involving Detective Erlender Sveinsson." [352]
Spintharus barackobamai Agnarsson & Van Patten, 2018 Spider Barack Obama "The species epithet honours former US president Barack Obama for the dignity, humanitarianism, statesmanship and respect he brought to the oval office; a true world leader." [353]
Spintharus leonardodicaprioi Van Patten & Agnarsson, 2018 Spider Leonardo DiCaprio "The species epithet honours the talented actor Leonardo DiCaprio for his amazing acting, and, in particular, for his leading role in bringing awareness of the perils of global climate change to the public and politicians alike." [353]
Spintharus michelleobamaae Agnarsson & Sargeant, 2018 Spider Michelle Obama "The species epithet honours former first lady Michelle Obama who has long fought to defend human rights, fairness, and equality for all, with her characteristic dignity and grace." [353]
Stittella beeae Westrop, Waskiewicz Poole & Adrain, 2010 Trilobite Samantha Bee [107]
Streptocephalus sirindhornae Sanoamuang et al., 2000 Crustacean Sirindhorn A freshwater fairy shrimp native to Thailand. [354]
Strigiphilus garylarsoni Clayton, 1990 Louse Gary Larson "named in honor of cartoonist Gary Larson, in appreciation of the unique light he has shed on the workings of nature." In a letter to Larson, Clayton praised him for "the enormous contribution that my colleagues and I feel you have made to biology through your cartoons." In his 1989 book The Prehistory of the Far Side, Larson stated, "I considered this an extreme honor. Besides, I knew no one was going to write and ask to name a new species of swan after me. You have to grab these opportunities when they come along." [355][356]
Strongylophthalmyia federeri Evenhuis, 2016 Fly Roger Federer "This species is named for tennis champion Roger Federer because of the distinctive racquet-shaped male palpus." [357]
Struthoscelis christianafigueresae Metz, 2017 Moth Christiana Figueres A concealer moth from Costa Rica, "dedicated to Ms. Christiana Figueres in recognition of her decades of care of the ACG biosocio-economic environment, as well as that for Costa Rica, and now for the world as inspiration and leader of the United Nations (UN) climate effort by being the energetic and highly successful Executive Director of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) of the Paris Accords for the World." [358]
Syzygium sirindhorniae Chantar., Suksathan & Wongnak Flowering plant Sirindhorn A species of the myrtle family native to northern Thailand, named "in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand who has long been interested in botanical diversity. She has initiated the Plant Genetic Conservation Project under The Royal Initiative of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn." The vernacular name "Rat-cha-rat" was given by Princess Sirindhorn herself. [359]
Talabrica elotroyoae Santelli & Del Río, 2014 Bivalve El Otro Yo A fossil species from the Miocene of Patagonia. [360]
Tanidromites nightwishorum Klompmaker, Starzyk, Fraaije & Schweigert, 2020 Crustacean Nightwish A fossil crab from the Jurassic of eastern Austria.
"Named in honor of the members of the symphonic metal band Nightwish (Troy Donockley, Kai Hahto, Marko Hietala, Tuomas Holopainen, Floor Jansen, and Emppu Vuorinen), in particular for their 2015 album Endless Forms Most Beautiful about the evolution of life."
Tarantobelus jeffdanielsi Schurkman et al., 2022 Roundworm Jeff Daniels An often fatal parasite of tarantulas, "named after American actor Jeff Daniels, whose character in the 1990 film Arachnophobia kills the queen spider and saves the fictional town of Canaima from a deadly infestation of spiders." "His character in the film is a spider killer, which is exactly what these nematodes are," said one of the parasitologists involved in the discovery. Daniels joked "When I first heard a new species of nematode had been named after me, I thought, 'Why? Is there a resemblance?'" "Honestly, I was honored by their homage to me and Arachnophobia," the actor added, noting that it "made me smile." He then quipped, "And of course, in Hollywood, you haven't really made it until you've been recognized by those in the field of parasitology." [362][363]
Tarsius sirindhornae Chaimanee et al., 2011 Tarsier Sirindhorn Fossil species of tarsier from the Miocene of Thailand, named "in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who has repeatedly demonstrated her great interest in the palaeontological richness of her country." [364]
Tasmanicosa hughjackmani Framenau & Baehr, 2016 Spider Hugh Jackman "The specific epithet for this wolf spider species honours the Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the X-Men film series, for his extraordinary artistic skills and more so for his numerous philanthropic activities."
The species is endemic to Australia, and the common name "wolverine wolf spider" was proposed by its discoverers.
Teleogramma obamaorum Stiassny & Alter, 2015 Fish Barack Obama and Michelle Obama [366]
Terebella banksyi Lavesque, Daffe, Londoño-Mesa & Hutchings, 2021 Polychaete worm Banksy "This species is dedicated to Banksy, a brilliant street artist whose graphic work always conveys powerful messages." [187][367]
Terebellides sepultura Garraffoni & Lana, 2003 Polychaete worm Sepultura "The species is named to honour Sepultura, the best Brazilian heavy metal band." [368]
Testudacarus harrisi O'Neill & Dowling, 2016 Mite Sam Harris "after Samuel Benjamin Harris, the American author, philosopher, and co-founder of Project Reason. Sam Harris, more than any speaker and author, has challenged my (JCO) views and assumptions and kept me on my toes." [369]
Tetramorium adamsi Hita Garcia & Fisher, 2012 Ant Douglas Adams [370]
Thaipotamon chulabhorn Naiyanetr, 1993 Crustacean Chulabhorn A freshwater crab native to Thailand, named "in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn, [on] the occasion of Her Royal Highness's 36th birthday, as a token of respect, and in recognition of Her Highness's important contribution to the promotion of education, science and public health in Thailand, as well as Her efforts to bring an acceptable balance between industrial development and nature conservation. Her Royal Highness graciously permitted the use of Her name for this interesting species with its intriguing colour pattern." [371]
Thaumatodryinus tuukkaraski Olmi, Copeland & Guglielmino, 2015 Wasp Tuukka Rask "This species is named after Tuukka Rask, the acrobatic goaltender for the Finnish National ice hockey team and the Boston Bruins, whose glove hand is as tenacious as the raptorial fore tarsus of this dryinid species." [372]
Thepparatia Phuph. Flowering plant Sirindhorn A monotypic genus of mallows described from a holotype collected in Thailand. "The genus is, by gracious permission dedicated to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who has made great efforts to conserve the natural environments in Thailand. Thepparat is her royal title." [373]
Thunberga Jäger, 2020 Spider Greta Thunberg A genus of huntsman spiders endemic to Madagascar, "Named after Greta Thunberg (*2003 in Sweden), a young and courageous climate activist fighting against global warming, ignorant stakeholders and for a better future on our planet. In fact, global warming and other issues caused by humans affect all parts of the nature including Madagascar’s nature in general and its spider fauna in particular." [374]
Thunberga boyanslat Jäger, 2021 Spider Boyan Slat "named for the inventor and entrepreneur Boyan Slat (*1994 in the Netherlands) for initiating the ocean clean-up" [375]
Thunberga greta Jäger, 2020 Spider Greta Thunberg "The species is named for Greta Thunberg (*2003 in Sweden) for her strong commitment for a better future on our planet" [374]
Thunberga jyoti Jäger, 2021 Spider Jyoti Kumari "named for the 15-year-old girl Jyoti Kumari from India who drove her ailing father with her bicycle 1200 km from Sikandarpur (Haryana) to Darbhanga (Bihar) to allow him treatment in his home village; the name is chosen for all loving and caring persons on our planet" [375]
Thunberga malala Jäger, 2021 Spider Malala Yousafzai "The species honours Malala Yousafzai (*1997 in Pakistan), an activist for female education and children's rights and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate in history" [375]
Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima Dong, 1993 Dinosaur Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, Ariana Richards, and Joseph Mazzello Actors involved in the 1993 film Jurassic Park: Neill, Dern, Goldblum, Attenborough, Peck, Ferrero, Richards, and Mazzello. The type specimen was informally referred to as "Jurassosaurus". The species name was proposed by director Steven Spielberg. [87]
Tigriopus sirindhornae Chullasorn, Dahms & Klangsin, 2013 Crustacean Sirindhorn A marine copepod described from specimens collected in Thailand. [376]
Tinaegeria carlosalvaradoi Metz, 2020 Moth Carlos Alvarado Quesada "named in honor of Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President of Costa Rica, who is philosophically and practically dedicated to facilitating Costa Rica's continued growth into being the most green tropical country of all. He encourages Costa Rican bioliteracy for conservation of its wild biodiversity, which is relevant to the forests in which his patronym moth lives." [283]
Tinaegeria romanmacayai Metz, 2020 Moth Román Macaya "named in honor of Dr. Román Macaya, in recognition of his proactive and intense support for BioAlfa, the initiating biodiversity inventory of Costa Rica, while simultaneously being the Costa Rican ambassador to the United States." [283]
Tmesisternus floorjansenae Weigel, 2018 Beetle Floor Jansen Jansen wrote on her website: "How special to have the honor of having a beautiful animal named after me." [377][378]
Torrenticola manni Fisher et al., 2017 Mite Charles C. Mann "Named in honor of author Charles Mann, whose books about the peopling of North America (e.g., 1491, 1493) breach history and venture into human ecology. They are an inspiration to confronting misconceptions and a reminder that even seemingly well-known history, whether archeological or evolutionary, is in fact usually not well-known. His books are a battle cry to never cease learning and to always question." [380]
Torrenticola oliveri Fisher et al., 2017 Mite John Oliver "Named in honor of comedian John Oliver and his team, whose commentary on Last Week Tonight breaches the realm of comedy and enters journalism. News and politics, like science, require both challenging misinformation and effectively communicating those challenges—tasks Oliver has humbly mastered." [380]
Torrenticola pollani Fisher et al., 2017 Mite Michael Pollan "Named in honor of author Michael Pollan, whose influential books breach mere accounts on food culture and enter insightful discussions of human ecology." [380]
Torrenticola tysoni Fisher et al., 2017 Mite Neil Degrasse Tyson "Named in honor of Neil Degrasse Tyson for his efforts in popularizing cosmology and science in general with Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014), which was a worthy update to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1980)." [380]
Torvosaurus gurneyi Hendrickx & Mateus, 2014 Dinosaur James Gurney Gurney created and illustrated the Dinotopia books. [381]
Tosanoides obama Pyle, Greene & Kosaki, 2016 Fish Barack Obama The species was named after former US President Barack Obama in honor of his efforts to preserve natural environments. [382]
Trachyoribates viktortsoii Ermilov, 2019 Mite Viktor Tsoi "The species is named after the late Viktor Robertovich Tsoi (Russian: Виктор Робертович Цой; 21 June 1962–15 August 1990), the famous Soviet rock musician, singer and songwriter who co-founded the Kino rock band, one of the most popular and musically influential bands in the history of Russian music. Tsoi's songs long have had special significance for the author, and continue to provide a musical background for his scientific research." [383]
Travunijana djokovici Grego & Pešić, 2021 Snail Novak Djokovic "named after Novak Djokovic, a famous Serbian tennis player, to acknowledge his inspiring enthusiasm and energy." "I don't know how symbolic this is, because throughout my career I always tried to be fast and then a snail was named after me," Djokovic said, cracking a laugh. "Maybe it's a message for me, telling me to slow down a bit!" "I am honoured that a new species of snail was named after me because I am a big fan of nature and ecosystems and I appreciate all kinds of animals and plants," Djokovic added. "I try to live in harmony with nature. The news made me laugh." [384][385]
Trigona (Tetragonula) sirindhornae Michener & Boongird, 2004 Bee Sirindhorn "We take pleasure in dedicating this species to HRH Princess Sirindhorn on the occasion of her 48th birthday celebrations. We wish to convey our gratitude to HRH for graciously granting permission to name the species after her".
Tetragonula, formerly a subgenus of Trigona, was subsequently elevated to genus status, making the valid name of the species Tetragonula sirindhornae.
Trypanosoma irwini McInnes et al., 2009 Protist Steve Irwin [87]
Tuleaspis jeneki McAdams, Adrain & Karim, 2018 Trilobite Courtney Act Named after Courtney Act's birth name, Shane Jenek. [99]
Tupacsala Petrulevičius & Gutiérrez, 2016 Dragonfly Túpac Amaru II and Milagro Sala Fossil Odonatoptera from the Carboniferous of La Rioja Province, Argentina. "Dedicated to the memory of José Gabriel Condorcanqui Noguera, "Túpac" Amaru II (1738-1781) and to Milagro Amalia Ángela "Sala" (1963-). Túpac Amaru in 1780-1781 initiated a revolt against [the] Spanish State and its rules. He was tortured (forced to witness the execution of the sentences imposed on his family), executed and quartered to be exposed. Milagro Sala is a prominent Argentine social leader, Secretary of the "Organización Barrial Túpac Amaru" and Parliamentary of the Parlasur imprisoned with other members of the organization since January 16, 2016."
The type species is named Tupacsala niunamenos, "Dedicated to "Ni una menos" (Not one [woman] less), a collective against gender violence. It is a collective campaign that arose from the need to say "enough femicides", because in Argentina every 30 hours a woman is killed just [for] being a woman."

Tympanoctomys kirchnerorum Teta, Pardiñas, Sauthier & Gallardo, 2014 Rodent Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner "The idea of this tribute arises as a result of the fact that the governments of both presidents were characterized by an active policy of promoting science, the repatriation of scientists, and above all, by the creation of a Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation." [387]
Tytthonyx stadili Fanti & Damgaard, 2019 Beetle Christian Stadil A fossil soldier beetle found in Dominican amber from the Miocene of the Cordillera Septentrional.
"In honor of the owner and CEO of Thornico Group and chairman for the fashion brand Hummel, Christian Nicholas Stadil."
Uma thurmanae Derycke, Gottscho, Mulcahy, & De Queiroz, 2020 Lizard Uma Thurman "The specific name honors Uma Karuna Thurman (born April 29, 1970), an American actress and pop icon, for her philanthropic contributions and outreach promoting wildlife conservation and human rights." [388]
Ummidia brandicarlileae Godwin & Bond, 2021 Spider Brandi Carlile "in honor of Brandi Carlile, an American singer-songwriter who, along with Tim and Phil Hanseroth, established the Looking Out Foundation, which raises money and awareness for numerous causes to include supporting child victims of war, world hunger, LGBT rights, and the empowerment of women. Carlile founded the annual Girls Just Wanna Weekend Festival to counter the lack of female representation at mainstream music festivals, which takes place near the type locality for this species." [389]
Ummidia gabrieli Godwin & Bond, 2021 Spider Peter Gabriel "in honor of musician and human rights activist Peter Gabriel." [389]
Ummidia neilgaimani Godwin & Bond, 2021 Spider Neil Gaiman "in honor of Neil Gaiman, author of a number of fantasy and horror books with spider-based characters. In one book, American Gods, the main character is tied to the World Tree located "one hour south of Blacksburg," not far from the type locality of this species." [389]
Unruhdinium Gottschling, 2017 Protist N. U. Unruh One of two genera of dinoflagellates named concurrently after the two permanent members of Einstürzende Neubauten (see also Blixaea). [54]
Uperoleia gurrumuli Catullo & Keogh, 2021 Frog Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu Gurrumul was born in the Wessel Islands, which this rare species is endemic to. [390][391]
Uvariopsis dicaprio Cheek & Gosline Flowering plant Leonardo DiCaprio "This threatened and spectacular tree is named for the American actor and conservationist Leonardo DiCaprio, who, through several months in 2020, lobbied extensively on social media to draw attention to threats for the numerous rare Ebo species from the logging concession that had been announced at Ebo earlier that year. The concession was cancelled in August 2020, surely partly due to his efforts." [392]
Venomius tomhardyi Rossi, Castanheira, Baptista & Framenau, 2023 Spider Tom Hardy The monotypic genus Venomius had been named after the Marvel Comics character Venom, and the species was named "in reference to the English actor Edward Thomas 'Tom' Hardy, who plays the character Eddie Brock and his alter-ego Venom in the super-hero films of the same name." [393]
Volvarina rhiannae Ortea, 2021 Sea snail Rihanna "Named in honour of Rhianna [sic] Fenty, talent, beauty and commitment, considered the most successful artist of the 21st century, of whom a personality like Barack Obama highlighted her powerful force in the struggle to give dignity to people. The holotype was collected in her hometown, Saint Michael (Barbados), a curious coincidence to pay tribute to a universal Barbadian." The author also mentioned Rihanna's status as a National Hero of Barbados and her involvement in the Believe Foundation and the Clara Lionel Foundation. [394]
Wahydra graslieae A. Warren, Carneiro, & Dolibaina, 2018 Butterfly Emily Graslie [395][396]
Websteroprion Eriksson et al., 2017 Polychaete worm Alex Webster [397][398]
Wormaldia menchuae Muñoz-Quesada & Holzenthal, 2015 Caddisfly Rigoberta Menchú A species native to Guatemala, "named in honor of Rigoberta Menchú Tum, the Guatemalan and Mayan Quiché Indian and winner of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of her outstanding campaign for human rights, especially for indigenous peoples." [399]
Xanthosomnium Wahl & Sime, 2002 Wasp Tangerine Dream "The genus is named after the musical group Tangerine Dream, the choice of discriminating ichneumonologists. From the Greek xanthos, yellow or yellowish-red (the closest equivalent to 'tangerine' in a classical language) and the Latin somnium, dream." [230]
Xestochironomus dickinsoni Pinho & Souza, 2013 Fly Bruce Dickinson [400]
Xestochironomus virgoferreae Pinho & Souza, 2013 Fly Iron Maiden "Virgo Ferrea" is Latin for "Iron Maiden". [400]
Zasphinctus obamai Hita Garcia et al., 2017 Ant Barack Obama "This species is named in honour of Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America. We want to acknowledge his important efforts undertaken for the conservation of fragile natural habitats around the globe. Also, the type locality of Z. obamai is geographically close to the hometown of Obama's paternal family in Western Kenya." [401]
Zingiber sirindhorniae Triboun & Keerat. Flowering plant Sirindhorn A species of ginger plant native to Loei Province in northern Thailand. "The specific epithet honours Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand who has taken a keen interest in the conservation of plants." The vernacular name "Aiyarit" (ไอยริศ) was given by Princess Sirindhorn herself. [402]

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