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An origamist is a person who is associated with the art of origami. Some notable origamists are:

  • Neal Elias - One of the first modern origamists, famous for amongst other things his box pleating.
  • Peter Engel - influential origami artist and theorist
  • Tomoko Fuse (布施 知子) - famous for boxes and unit origami
  • Robert Harbin - popularised origami in Britain; also presented a series of short programmes entitled Origami, made by Thames Television for ITV
  • Humiaki Huzita - Formulated the first six of the Huzita–Hatori axioms.
  • Eric Joisel - French wet-folder renowned for his lifelike masks
  • Kade Chan - Professional Hong Kong origami artist who specializes in designing origami monster characters, he designed his first origami "Fiery Dragon" in 2008 when he was 14.
  • Satoshi Kamiya - One of the youngest geniuses of the origami field
  • Kunihiko Kasahara - devised a standardized method for creating many modular polyhedra
  • Toshikazu Kawasaki - Japanese mathematician famous for his Iso-area folding theory and his many geometric folds, including Kawasaki's "Rose"
  • Marc Kirschenbaum - known for his instrumentalist designs
  • Hideo Kumayama Brazilian origamist.
  • Carmel D. Morris Origami author of many books; most notable are her advanced origami paper airplanes.
  • Michael G. LaFosse Origami designer and author of many books. Co-founder, with Richard L. Alexander, of Origamido® Studio and Origamido® Paper. Notable pioneers in the making of custom handmade papers for origami artists, and for their own, original origami creations.
  • Robert J. Lang - Author of many Origami books including the new benchmark Origami Design Secrets
  • Sing-man Lee - Hong Kong paper-tearing artist who tears paper according to the order of strokes of the word.
  • Ligia Montoya - Argentine paper-folder who played crucial role in establishing paper-folding as an international movement
  • John Montroll - probably the most prolific Western artist and author of over 30 books on origami
  • Samuel Randlett - helped design and popularize the Yoshizawa-Randlett diagramming system
  • Nick Robinson - professional origami artist and author of over seventy books on origami
  • Leonor Rosser - Origami presenter for television
  • Jeremy Shafer - professional entertainer and origamist based in Berkeley, California.
  • Florence Temko - a pioneer in spreading origami in the United States, is the most prolific author on this subject. With 55 books to her credit on paperarts and folk crafts, she has been a strong influence on interesting beginners in the art of paperfolding.
  • Miguel de Unamuno - Spanish essayist, novelist, poet, playwright and philosopher who devised many new models and popularized origami in Spain and South America in the early twentieth century.
  • Makoto Yamaguchi
  • Akira Yoshizawa - reinvented modern origami. Created the modern repertoire of folding symbols

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