List of original DC-3 operators

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A DC-3 with Wright Cyclone engines, built in 1938 for Australian National Airways

The List of Douglas DC-3 operators lists only the original customers who purchased new aircraft.

With the availability of large numbers of surplus military C-47 Skytrains or Dakotas after the Second World War, nearly every airline and military force in the 1940s and 1950s operated the aircraft at some point. More than eighty years after the type's first flight, in the second decade of the 21st century the Douglas DC-3 is still in commercial operation.

Commercial operators[edit]

The first DC-3 series aircraft built was this Douglas Sleeper Transport (DST). Seven DSTs were manufactured for American Airlines before the first DC-3 rolled off the production line.
This DC-3 was delivered to Eastern Air Lines on 7 December 1937 and on its retirement from Eastern service in December 1952 was donated to the National Air and Space Museum.
United States

Military operators[edit]

United States
-Includes aircraft built for the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force but taken over before delivery following the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies[3]

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