List of paintball leagues

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This is a list of notable professional and semi-professional paintball leagues.

North American leagues[edit]

Professional speedball leagues[edit]

Collegiate speedball league[edit]

Professional woodball leagues[edit]


U.S. regional leagues[edit]

Latin American leagues[edit]

  • Costa Rica Xball League (CXL) - Speedball league present in Costa Rica, 5Man and 2Man format with minor divisions.
  • Torneo Argentino de Paintball (TAP) - Speedball league in Argentina, runs 3 divisions since 2005. Organized by Asociación Argentina de Paintball.

Canadian leagues[edit]

European paintball leagues[edit]

  • Irish Woodsball League (IWL) - Ireland's premier woodsball league with teams from all over Ireland competing in a 7-man format with 4 rounds per season. P P
  • Millennium Series - Pan-European paintball league

Australian paintball[edit]

PALM (Paintball League Middle-East)[edit]

Paintball West Asia[1]


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