List of palaces and manor houses in Estonia

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Saku manor house

This is the List of palaces and manor houses in Estonia. This list does not include castles, which are listed in a separate article. And as there are at least 400 manor houses in Estonia, this list is incomplete.[1]

Palaces and manor houses in Estonia[edit]

Name Name in German Location County Established Picture Notes
Aa Manor Haakhof Lüganuse Parish Ida-Viru County 1426 Aa mõisa peahoone jpg.jpg Now an assisted living facility for the elderly
Ääsmäe Manor Essemäggi Saue Parish Harju County 1574 Ääsmäe mõisa peahoone2011.jpg King John III of Sweden presented the estate as a gift to his secretary Johann Berends in 1574. Current building dates from the 1770s.
Aaspere Manor Kattentack Haljala Parish Lääne-Viru County 16th century Aaspere mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg
Aavere Manor Afer Väike-Maarja Parish Lääne-Viru County 1765 Aavere mõisa peahoone.jpg Partially destroyed; belonged to the Tiesenhausen and Harpe families
Adavere Manor Addafer Põltsamaa Parish Jõgeva County 17th century Adavere mõisa peahoone 1.jpg Belonged to the von Stackelberg family, among others
Ahja Manor Aya Ahja Parish Põlva County 1553 Ahja mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Oxenstierna family and later, Johann Ernst Glück
Alatskivi Castle Allatzkiwwi Alatskivi Parish Tartu County 16th century Alatskivi mõisa peahoone.jpg Now partly houses the Eduard Tubin Museum
Albu Manor Alp Albu Parish Järva County 1282 Albu mõisa peahoone2012.jpg Belonged to Gustaf Otto Douglas
Alu Manor Allo Rapla Parish Rapla County 1409 Alu mõisa peahoone1.jpg Belonged to the von Uexküll, Wrangel and Tiesenhausen families, among others
Anija Manor Annia Anija Parish Harju County 1482 Anija manor house.jpg Current building dates to 1802. Owned by the Stael von Holstein, von Ungern-Sternberg and von Wahl families. Currently a community centre and a library.
Arkna Manor Arknal Rakvere Parish Lääne-Viru County 1527 Arkna mõisa peahoone.jpg
Aruküla Manor (Järva County) Arroküll Koeru Parish Järva County 17th century Aruküla mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to Karl Wilhelm von Toll
Aruküla manor (Harju County) Arroküll Raasiku Parish Harju County 17th century Arukyla Mois.jpg
Atla Manor Groß-Attel Juuru Parish Rapla County 1422 Atla mõisa peahoone.jpg
Avanduse Manor Awandus Väike-Maarja Parish Lääne-Viru County 1494 Avanduse mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to Fyodor Litke
Eivere Manor Eyefer Paide Parish Järva County 1552 Eivere mõisa peahoone.jpg
Ervita Manor Erwita Koeru Parish Järva County 1663 Ervita mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to Gotthard Johann von Knorring
Glehn Castle Nõmme district, Tallinn Harju County 1886 Glehni loss 01.jpg Built and owned by Nikolai von Glehn
Härgla Manor Herküll Juuru Parish Rapla County 1516 Härgla mõisa peahoone 1.jpg Belonged to a succession of owners, including the von Uexküll and von Stackelberg families
Harku Manor Hark Harku Parish Harju County 1372 Harku mõisa peahoone 14-10-2012.jpg
Hatu Manor Hattoküll Padise Parish Harju County 1609 Hatu manor.JPG Belonged to the Wrangel family, birthplace of Ludwig August Mellin
Heimtali Manor Heimthal Pärsti Parish Viljandi County 1528 Heimtali mõisa peahoone.jpg
Hellenurme Manor Hellenorm Palupera Parish Valga County 1641 Hellenurme mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Wrangel family
Helme Manor Schloß Helmet Helme Parish Valga County 17th century Helme mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the de la Gardie, Edler von Rennekampff and von Stryk families. Currently used as an agricultural school.
Holdre Manor Hollershof Helme Parish Valga County 1597 Holdre mõisa peahoone.jpg
Hummuli Manor Hummelshof Hummuli Parish Valga County 1470 Hummuli mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg Battle of Hummelshof fought nearby
Illuka Manor Illuck Illuka Parish Ida-Viru County 1657 Illuka mõisa peahoone 01.JPG
Illuste manor Illust Varbla Parish Pärnu County 1646 Illuste mõis.JPG Owned by the von Maydell family. Current Heimat-style manor designed by Otto Wildau in 1912. Today, used by the Tallinn Sports School.
Imastu Manor Mönnikorb Tapa Parish Lääne-Viru County 1447 Imastu mõisa peahoone.jpg
Ingliste Manor Haehl Kehtna Parish Rapla Parish 1526, or earlier Ingliste mõisa peahoone 1.jpg
Inju Manor Innis Vinni Parish Lääne-Viru County 1520 Inju mõisa peahoone.jpg Current building dates from 1894. Possibly designed by architect Rudolf von Engelhardt.
Jälgimäe Manor Jelgimeggi Keila Parish Harju County 1656 Jälgimäemõis.jpg Birthplace of Nikolai von Glehn (who later built Glehn Castle) in the 19th century
Jäneda Manor Jendel Tapa Parish Lääne-Viru County before 1510 Jäneda mõis 2007.jpg Belonged to Moura Budberg
Järlepa Manor Jerlep Juuru Parish Rapla County 1688 Järlepa mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to August von Kotzebue
Joosu Manor Waimel-Neuhof Laheda Parish Põlva County 1731 Joosu manor 01.jpg Destroyed
Kabala Manor Kabbal Türi Parish Järva County 1638 Kabala mõisa peahoone1 (Pilistvere).jpg Owned by the von Uexküll family
Kadriorg Palace Catherinethal Kadriorg district, Tallinn Harju County 1718 Kadrioru Kunstimuuseum.jpg Houses part of the Art Museum of Estonia's collection of foreign artwork
Kaelase Manor Kailes Halinga Parish Pärnu County 1665 Kaelase mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the von Derfelden and von Brandt families. Partially destroyed in 1905, rebuilt. Now a schoolhouse.
Kalvi Manor Pöddes Aseri Parish Ida-Viru County 1485 Kalvi mõisa peahoone, 1908-1912.jpg Belonged to the von Essen and von Stackelberg families
Kammeri Manor Duckershof Kambja Parish Tartu County 16th century Demolished; birthplace of Gregor von Helmersen
Käravete Manor Kerrafer in Kirchspiel Ampel Ambla Parish Järva County 17th century Käravete mõis.jpg
Kärstna Manor Kerstenshof Tarvastu Parish Viljandi County 1678 Flickr - Triin Olvet - IMG 0918.jpg Belonged to Joseph Carl von Anrep
Käru Manor Kerro Käru Parish Rapla County 18th century Käru rüütlimõisa peahoone.JPG Birthplace of Ragnar Nurkse; belonged to Karl von Ditmar
Kehtna Manor Kechtel Kehtna Parish Rapla County 1470 Kehtna mõisa peahoone2.jpg Belonged to the Beckendorff and Lilienfeld families, among others
Kelia Manor Kegel in Kirchspiel Kegel Keila Harju County 1433 Keila mõisa peahoone (Harjumaa Muuseum).jpg Now houses the Harjumaa Museum
Keila-Joa Manor Schloss Fall Keila Parish Harju County 17th century Keila-Joa mõisa peahoone 2015 1.jpg Belonged to Alexander von Benckendorff
Kernu Manor Kirna Kernu Parish Harju County 1637 Kernu mõisa peahoone1, 19.saj.jpg
Kiikla Manor Kiekel Mäetaguse Parish Ida-Viru County 17th century Kiikla mõisa peahoone eest.jpg
Kiltsi Manor Schloß Ass Väike-Maarja Parish Lääne-Viru County 1466 Kiltsi mõisa peahoone 16079 (3).jpg Belonged to Adam Johann von Krusenstern
Kirna Manor Kirna Türi Parish Järva County 1614 Kirna mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Osten-Sacken family, among others
Kiviloo Manor Fegefeuer Raasiku Parish Harju County 1413 Kiviloo mõisa peahoone.jpg Current building dates from between 1906–1910. Owned by the von Stackelberg family
Kodasoo Manor Kotzum Kuusalu Parish Harju County 1485, possibly earlier Kodasoo manor house.jpg Belonged to the von Tiesenhausen and Stael von Holstein families.
Kodijärve Manor Gothensee Kambja Parish Tartu County 17th century Kodijärve mõisa peahoone.JPG
Kohala Manor Tolks Sõmeru Parish Lääne-Viru County 1880s Kohala mõisa peahoone.jpg First manor house dates from 1489, current manor house dates from the 1880s. Belonged to the von Wrangells, von Lodes, von Ungern-Sternbergs, among others
Kohila Manor Koil Kohila Parish Rapla County 1438 Kohila mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Wrangel family, among others.
Kõima Manor Kaima Audru Parish Pärnu County ca. 1800 Kõima mõisa peahoone.jpg
Kõltsu Manor Wellenhof Keila Parish Harju County 19th century Kõltsu mõisa peahoone1.JPG Belonged to the von Uexküll family
Kolu Manor Kollo Türi Parish Järva County 1639 Kolu mõisa peahoone *.jpg
Kõljala Manor Kölljall Pihtla Parish Saare County 1250 Kõljala mõisa peahoone 2005.jpg Belonged to the Buxhoeveden and Osten-Sacken families
Kolga Manor Kolk Kuusalu Parish Harju County 1230 Kolga mõisa peahoone-.JPG Birthplace of Estonian wrestler Aleksander Aberg
Koordi Manor Kirrisaar Roosna-Alliku Parish Järva County 1485, or earlier Koordi mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to various Baltic German noble families
Kose-Uuemõisa Manor Neuenhof Kose Parish Harju County 1340s Esifassaad III (2004.a.).jpg
Kostivere Manor Kostifer Jõelähtme Parish Harju County 1379, or earlier Kostivere mõisa peahoone, 18.-19.saj..JPG Main manor building was redesigned and built between 1770-1780
Kõue Manor Kau Kõue Parish Harju County 1241 Kõue-Triigi mõisa peahoone1.jpg Belonged to Otto von Kotzebue
Kudina Manor Kudding Palamuse Parish Jõgeva County 1447, or earlier Kudina mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg Belonged to the Taube family
Kukruse Manor Kuckers Kohtla Parish Ida-Viru County 1453 Kukruse mõisa peahoone, 2010, regnr 13892.jpg Belonged to Eduard Toll
Kumna Manor Kumna Harku Parish Harju County 17th century Kumna mõisa uus peahoone, 20.saj..jpg Belonged to the Knopiuse, Lübken, von Kosküll and von Meyendorff families.
Kuremaa Manor Jensel Jõgeva Parish Jõgeva County 16th century Kuremaa mõisa peahoone.jpg
Kuusiku Manor Saage Rapla Parish Rapla County 1467, or earlier Kuusiku mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Wrangel family, among others
Lahmuse Manor Lachmes Suure-Jaani Parish Viljandi County 1593 Lahmuse manor house 2.JPG
Laitse Manor Laitz Kernu Parish Harju County 1630 Laitse mõisa peahoone2, 19.saj.jpg Belonged to the von Uexküll family, among others
Lasila Manor Lassila Rakvere Parish Lääne-Viru County 17th century Lasila mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg Connected to the life of Karl Ernst von Baer
Laupa Manor Laupa Türi Parish Järva County 17th century Laupa mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg Originally owned by the Taube family; current building was designed architect Jacques Rosenbaum in 1910 and completed in 1913
Lehtse Manor Lechts Tapa Parish Lääne-Viru County 1467 Lehtse mõisa peahoone varemed.jpg Ruined
Lihula Manor Schloß Leal Lihula Parish Lääne County 19th century Lihula manor house 24Sep2008.jpg Original manor dates to the 1630s
Lohu Manor Loal Kohila Parish Rapla County 1620 Lohu mõisa peahoone (1).jpg Belonged to by Estonian military commander Johan Pitka in the 1920s
Loona Manor Kadvel/Klausholm Kihelkonna Parish Saare County 1480 Loona mõis.JPG Located in Vilsandi National Park
Luke Manor Lugden Nõo Parish Tartu County 1557, possibly earlier Luke mõisahoone.JPG Destroyed
Lustivere Manor Lustifer Põltsamaa Parish Jõgeva County 1552

Lustivere mõisa peahoone 19-05-2013.jpg

Luua Manor Ludenhof Palamuse Parish Jõgeva County 1519 Luua mõisa peahoone.jpg Birthplace of Arthur von Oettingen
Maardu Manor Maart Jõelähtme Parish Harju County 1397 Maardu mõisa peahoone2.jpg
Maarjamäe Manor Marienberg Maarjamäe district, Tallinn Harju County 17th century Maarjamäe suvemõisa loss.jpg Houses one part of the Estonian History Museum
Mäetaguse Manor Mehntack Mäetaguse Parish Ida-Viru County 1542 Mäetaguse mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Wrangel family among others
Maidla Manor (Ida-Viru County) Wrangelstein Maidla Parish Ida-Viru County 1465 Maidla mõisa piirdemüür, 2010, regnr 13957. (1).jpg Belonged to the Taube family, the von Fersen family and von Maydell family, among others
Maidla Manor (Rapla County) Maidel Juuru Parish Rapla County 1452 Maidla mõisa peahoone 08-05-2013.jpg Belonged to the Wrangel family
Malla Manor Malla Viru-Nigula Parish Lääne-Viru County 1443 Malla mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg Was owned by Gustav Horn, Count of Pori in the 17th century; current building dates from the 1880s
Mäo Manor Mexhof Paide Parish Järva County 16th century Mäo mõisa peahoone.jpg Partially destroyed; previously owned by Lennart Torstensson, the von Stackelberg family and the von Essen family
Meeri Manor Meyershof Nõo Parish Tartu County 16th century Meeri mõis tagafassaad.JPG
Mooste Manor Moisekatz Mooste Parish Põlva County 16th century Mooste mõisa peahoone2.jpg
Mõdriku Manor Mödders Vinni Parish Lääne-Viru County 1470 Mõdriku mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to Alexander Kaulbars
Muuga Manor Münkenhof Laekvere Parish Lääne-Viru County 16th century Muuga mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to painter Carl Timoleon von Neff
Neeruti Manor Buxhoewden Kadrina Parish Lääne-Viru County 1412 Neeruti mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg In ruins. Belonged to the von Rehbinder family
Norra Manor Kaltenborn Koeru Parish Järva County 1569 Norra mõisa peahoone.jpg Partially destroyed
Ohtu Manor Ocht Keila Parish Harju County 17th century Ohtu manor.jpg
Õisu Manor Euseküll Halliste Parish Viljandi County 16th century Õisu mõisa peahoone2.jpg
Olustvere Manor Ollustfer Suure-Jaani Parish Viljandi County 16th century Olustvere mõisa peahoone2.jpg
Ontika Manor Ontika Kohtla Parish Ida-Viru County 17th century Ontika mõisa peahoone.jpg Owned by the von Knorring, von Wrangell and von Clapier de Colongue families.
Oru Palace Orrenhof Jõhvi Parish Ida-Viru County 1899 Oru loss.png Destroyed
Oti Manor Peudehof Pöide Parish Saare County 1309, possibly earlier Oti mõisa peahoone*.JPG Preserved as it appeared in the 1850s
Pädaste Manor Peddast Muhu Parish Saare County 16th century Pädaste mõis, 2010.jpg Now a luxury hotel, spa and restaurant.
Padise Manor Padis-Kloster Padise Parish Harju County 1780 Padise Manor.JPG Currently a boutique hotel and restaurant, owned and operated by the

original family, the von Ramm family.

Paju Manor Luhde-Großhof Tõlliste Parish Valga County 1748 Paju mõisa peahoone.jpg The Battle of Paju, during the Estonian War of Independence took place in 1919 around the manor
Palmse Manor Palms Vihula Parish Lääne-Viru County Middle Ages Palmse mõisa peahoone (3).JPG Located in Lahemaa National Park
Palurpera Manor Palloper Palupera Valga County 1765 Palupera mõisa ph1.JPG
Penijõe Manor Pennijöggi Lihula Parish Lääne County 17th century Penijõe manor.JPG Located in Matsalu National Park
Pikajärve Manor Langensee Valgjärve Parish Põlva County 1749 Pikajärve mõisa peahoone2.jpg
Pirgu Manor Pirk Juuru Parish Rapla County 1662 Pirgu mõisa peahoone1.jpg
Põlgaste Manor Poelcks Kanepi Parish Põlva County 1628 Põlgaste mõisa peahoone.jpg
Pööravere Manor Pörafer Halinga Parish Pärnu County unknown Destroyed; birthplace of explorer Alexander von Middendorff
Pootsi Manor Podis Tõstamaa Parish Pärnu County 16th century Pootsi mõis.JPG Belonged to the von Pahlen family, the von Lilienfeld family and the von Maydell family.
Porkuni Manor Borkholm Tamsalu Parish Lääne-Viru County 1479 Porkuni mõisa peahoone 2013.jpg Current manor house dates to 1870-74. Battle of Porkuni fought nearby
Pühajärve Manor Heiligensee, Wollust Otepää Parish Valga County 1376 Pühajärve mõisa peahoone 2013.jpg Belonged to the von Uexküll, von Siver and other families. Main building was rebuilt in the 1880s. Destroyed in 1944. Rebuilt in 1951.
Purdi Manor Noistfer Paide Parish Järva County 1560 Purdi mõisa peahoone.jpg Birthplace of Alexander von Ungern-Sternberg
Purila Manor Purgel Juuru Parish Rapla County 1513 Purila mõisa peahoone 1.jpg
Pürksi Manor Birkas Noarootsi Parish Lääne County 1620 Pürksi mõisahoone, 22. juuni 2011.jpg Belonged to painter Johann Carl Emanuel von Ungern-Sternberg
Putkaste Manor Putkas Martna Parish Lääne County 19th century Putkaste mõisa peahoone 2011.jpg
Puurmani Manor Talkhof Puurmani Parish Jõgeva County Middle Ages Puurmani mõis1.JPG
Raasiku Manor Rasik Raasiku Parish Harju County Middle Ages
Rabivere Manor Rabbifer Kohila Parish Rapla County 1417 Rabivere mõisa peahoone.jpg
Rägavere Manor Raggafer Sõmeru Parish Lääne-Viru County 1540 Rägavere mõis, 2009.jpg Belonged to the Metztaken, Taube, Paykull, Schulmann, von Stackelberg, von Knorring, Kaulbars, von Herzfeld, von Dehn and Pilar von Pilchau families
Raikküla Manor Rayküll Raikküla Parish Rapla County 1469, or earlier Raikkula mois 11.08.2007.jpg Partially destroyed
Ravila Manor Mecks Kose Parish Harju County 1469 Ravila mõisa peahoone.jpg
Riisipere Manor Neu-Riesenberg Nissi Parish Harju County 1394 Riisipere mõisa peahoone.jpg
Roosna-Alliku Manor Kaltenbrunn Roosna-Alliku Parish Järva County 16th century Roosna-Alliku mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the von Stackelberg family, among others
Ruila Manor Ruil Kernu Parish Harju County 1417 Ruila mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg
Rogosi Manor Rogosinsky Haanja Parish Võru County c. 1600 Rogosi mõisa peahoone tiibhoonetega 2012.jpg Established Stanislaw Rogosinsky. Later, belonged to the von Glasenapp family. Today, a schoolhouse.
Saadjärve Manor Sadjerw Tartu Parish Tartu County 1628 Saadjärve mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Wrangel family, among others
Saare Manor Lückholm (Swedish: Lyckholm) Noarootsi Parish Lääne County 1622 LückholmSaare Manor.jpg
Sagadi Manor Saggad Vihula Parish Lääne-Viru County 1469 Sagadi mõisa peahoone pargipoolne külg.jpg Located in Lahemaa National Park
Saka Manor Sackhof Kohtla Parish Ida-Viru County 1626 Saka mõis1.JPG Belonged to Jürgen Leslie of Aberdeen
Saku Manor Sack Saku Parish Harju County 1463 Saku mõisa peahoone1.jpg Possibly designed by Carlo Rossi.
Sangaste Castle Sagnitz Sangaste Parish Valga County 1522 Sangaste mõisa peahoone3.jpg Designed by architect Otto Pius Hippius
Sänna Manor Sennen Rõuge Parish Võru County Middle Ages Sänna mõisa peahoone 2013 04.jpg Belonged to the von Budberg, von Vietinghoff and von Fusch families. Current manor house dates from 1875. Currently houses a library and a community centre
Särevere Manor Serrefer Türi Parish Järva County 17th century Särevere mõisa peahoone.jpg
Sargvere Manor Sarkfer Paide Parish Järva County 1722 Sargvere mõisahoone 2014 tagant.jpg Belonged to various Baltic German noble families including the von Essen family, the von Stackelberg family, among others
Saue Manor Friedrichshof Saue Parish Harju County 17th century Saue mõisa peahoone, 18.saj (1).jpg
Sausti Manor Gross-Sauss Kiili Parish Harju County 1453 Sausti manor front.jpg Belonged to various Baltic German noble families, including the Tiesenhausen family
Seidla Manor Seydell Albu Parish Järva County 1639 Seidla mõisa peahoone.JPG
Seli Manor Sellie Rapla Parish Rapla County 1474 Seli mõisa peahoone 3.jpg
Sillapää Manor Rappin Räpina Parish Põlva County 1582 Räpina mõisa park.jpg Also known as Räpina Manor. Belonged to Bengt Oxenstierna
Sõmerpalu Manor Sommerpahlen Sõmerpalu Parish Võru County 1544 Sõmerpalu mõisa peahoone.jpg
Suure-Kõpu Manor Gross-Köppu Kõpu Parish Viljandi County 1487 Suure-Kõpu mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg Belonged to the von Stryk family. Now a schoolhouse.
Suure-Lähtru Manor Gross-Lächtigall Martna Parish Lääne County 16th century Suure-Lähtru mõisa peahoone.jpg
Suuremõisa Manor Grossenhof Pühalepa Parish Hiiu County 16th century Suuremõisa peahoone (8).JPG Belonged to Jacob De la Gardie and later, pirate Otto Reinhold Ludwig von Ungern-Sternberg
Taagepera Castle Wagenküll Helme Parish Valga County 16th century Taagepera mõisa peahoone2.jpg Belonged to the von Stackelberg family, among others
Taali Manor Staelenhof Tori Parish Pärnu County 17th century Taali mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Staël von Holstein family
Tähtvere Manor Techelfer Nõo Parish Tartu County 1515 Tähtvere mõisahoone.jpg Now owned by the Estonian University of Life Sciences
Tammistu Manor Tammist Tartu Parish Tartu County 18th century Tammistu mõisa peahoone.jpg
Tilsi Manor Tilsi Laheda Parish Põlva County 1749 Tilsi mõisa peahoone tagantvaade 2013-08.jpg Partially destroyed
Tohisoo Manor Tois Kohila Parish Rapla County 17th century Tohisoo mõis.jpg Belonged to numerous Baltic German and Swedish noble families, including the von Essen family and the Wrangel family
Tõstamaa Manor Testama Tõstamaa Parish Pärnu County 1553 Tõstamaa mõis.jpg Belonged to Alexander von Staël-Holstein
Tuudi Manor Tuttomäggi Lihula Parish Lääne County 17th century Tuudi mõisa peahoone*.jpg
Uderna Manor Uddern Rõngu Parish Tartu County 1486 Uderna mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Tiesenhausen family
Udeva Manor Uddewa Koeru Parish Järva County 1594 Udeva mõis 02.jpg Destroyed
Udriku Manor Uddrich Kadrina Parish Lääne-Viru County 1642 Udriku peahoone 1.jpg Belonged to Henrik von Rehbinder
Ungru Manor Linden Ridala Parish Lääne County 1523 Ungru mõisa varemed1.jpg Last construction on the manor occurred in 1893 by the Ungern-Sternberg family. Never completed, in ruins
Uuemõisa Manor Neuenhof Ridala Parish Lääne County 1539 Uuemõisa mõisa peahoone (eest).jpg Belonged to Eugenie Mikhailovna Shakhovskaya
Uue-Põltsamaa Manor Neu-Oberpahlen Põltsamaa Parish Jõgeva County 17th century Uue-Põltsamaa mõisa peahoone 2.JPG
Uue-Suislepa Neu-Suislep Tarvastu Parish Viljandi County 1805 Built near the ruins of an earlier, 17th century manor
Vääna Manor Faehna Harku Parish Harju County 1325 Vääna mõisa peahoone 18.-19.saj (2).jpg Belonged to the von Stackelberg family; Otto Magnus von Stackelberg was born there
Väätsa Manor Waetz Väätsa Parish Järva County 1620-1630 Väätsa mõisa peahoone.jpg
Väimela Manor Waimel, Alt-Waimel Võru Parish Võru County 1590, or earlier Väimela mõisa peahoone eestvaade 2013-09.jpg
Vaimõisa Manor Waddemois Märjamaa Parish Rapla County 1494 Vaimõisa mõisa peahoone.JPG Birthplace of Gustav Heinrich von Wetter-Rosenthal, Reinhold Johann von Nasackin, Friedrich Hubert Wendach
Valkla Manor Wallküll Kuusalu Parish Harju County 1627 Valkla mõisa peahoone.jpg
Väinjärve Manor Weinjerwen Koeru Parish Järva County after 1663 Väinjärve mõisa peahoone.jpg Birthplace of the first Imperial Russian general of Estonian descent Johann von Michelsohnen.
Vanamõisa Manor Altenhof Haljala Parish Lääne-Viru County c. 1660 Vanamoisa mois.JPG
Vana-Nursi Manor Alt-Nursie Rõuge Parish Võru County 1688 Vana-Nursi mõisa peahoone 2013 01.jpg Partially destroyed
Vana-Vigala Manor Fickel Vigala Parish Rapla County 1420 Vana-Vigala Manor.jpg Belonged to the von Uexküll family
Vana-Võidu Manor Alt-Woidoma Viljandi Parish Viljandi County c. 1504 Vana-Võidu mõisa peahoone.jpg
Varangu Manor Warrang Haljala Parish Lääne-Viru County 17th century Varangu mõisa peahoone.jpg
Vasalemma Manor Wassalem Vasalemma Parish Harju County 1825 Vasalemma mõisa peahoone, 1893 (3).jpg Designed by architect Konstantin Wilcken for Eduard von Baggehufwudt
Vasta Manor Waschel Viru-Nigula Parish Lääne-Viru County 1398 Vasta mõisa peahoone.jpg
Vastse-Kambja Manor Gut Neu-Kamby Kambja Parish Tartu County 17th century Vastse-Kambja mõisa härrastemaja.JPG
Vatla Manor Wattel Hanila Parish Lääne County 16th century Vatla mõis.IMG 9564.jpg
Veltsi Manor Weltz Rakvere Parish Lääne-Viru County 1709 Veltsi mõisa peahoone.jpg
Vihterpalu Manor Wichterpal Padise Parish Harju County 1622 Vihterpalu manor2, Estonia, April 2006.jpg Granted to Thomas von Ramm by Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus. Remained in the von Ramm family until the early 20th-century
Vihula Manor Viol Vihula Parish Lääne-Viru County 1501 Vihula mõisa peahoone 2012.jpg Located in Lahemaa National Park
Viimsi Manor Wiems Jõelähtme Parish Harju County Middle Ages Viimsi mõis.jpg Current manor house dates from after 1865. Owned by the von Stenbock, von Buxhoevden, von Maydell and von Schottländer families.
Viitina Manor Kosse Rõuge Parish Võru County 1542 Viitina mõisahoone.jpg Belonged to mystic Barbara von Krüdener
Viljandi Manor Schloß Fellin Viljandi Viljandi County 17th century Viljandi mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Ungern-Sternberg family
Vohnja Manor Fonal Kadrina Parish Lääne-Viru County 1504 Vohnja mõisa peahoone.jpg Belonged to the Oxenstierna and Tiesenhausen families, among others
Võisiku Manor Woiseck Põltsamaa Parish Jõgeva County 1558 Võisiku mõisa peahoone 1.jpg Birthplace of Friedrich Amelung, cultural historian, businessman and chess endgame composer
Voltveti Manor Tignitz Saarde Parish Pärnu County 1601 Voltveti mõisa peahoone.jpg
Vooru Manor Worroküll Tarvastu Parish Viljandi County 16th century Partially destroyed; briefly belonged to August von Kotzebue

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