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List of magazines on paranormal, anomalous and Fortean phenomena.


Publishing reports of anomalous phenomena and investigative articles.

Official research journal of the Society for Scientific Exploration.

  • Mystic Parliament

Publishes articles on paranormal, ufo and cryptid subjects.

UFOs, fringe science, conspiracy theory, alternative medicine

A monthly publication that includes in-depth articles about the paranormal and other anomalous phenomena.

The magazine of the Society for Psychical Research.

Deals with sightings of UFOs, ghosts, the Jersey Devil and other supernatural occurrences in the state of New Jersey.

Australian Magazine which publishes reports of anomalous phenomena, UFOs, paranormal, cryptozoology and investigative articles.



  • Fate
    • Broad array of accounts of the strange and unknown


  • Paranoia
    • Since 1992, PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader has presented alternative views and marginalized theories of the inner workings of the cryptocracy. Subjects include parapolitics, alternative history, and the paranormal.



Earth mysteries[edit]

  • Meyn Mamvro[1]
    • Magazine of Cornish sacred sites, 1986–present
  • White Dragon[2]
    • Mercian (Midlands) magazine published from 1993 till 2009

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