List of parks in Klamath Falls, Oregon

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The Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Klamath Falls on the shore of Lake Ewauna.

Following is a list of parks, forests and nature preserves in the metropolitan area of Klamath Falls, Oregon:

State Parks[edit]

City Parks system[edit]

Soccer field and playground within Moore Park
Memorial erected in Klamath Falls Veterans Memorial Park
  • Moore Park and Moore Park Marinas, 458 acres on the south shore of Upper Klamath Lake.
  • Kit Carson Park, 9.1 acres adjacent to Crater Lake Parkway, picnic, playground, baseball.
  • Conger Heights Park, 10.6 acres leased to the Klamath Falls City School District.
  • Ella Redkey pool, 2.4 acres, geothermically heated.
  • Klamath Falls Veterans Memorial Park, 3.30 acres, downtown Klamath Falls.
  • Mills-Kiwanis Park, 2.40 acres, basketball court, swings, scrimmage soccer field.
  • Krause Park, 2.8 acre neighborhood park.
  • Fairview Park, 3.10 acres primarily open space and a children's playground.
  • Lynnewood Hills Open Area, 104 acres above Moore Park
  • Conger Heights Open Area, 32.96 acres on east side of Link River in downtown Klamath Falls.
  • Kiger Stadium, 7.1 acres, 5,000 seat wood stadium
  • Putnam Landing Park, 2.56 acres on south shore of Upper Klamath and Link River.
  • Southside Park, 13.4 acres in southern Klamath Falls
  • Warford Park, 8.6 acres in western Klamath Falls, baseball, playground, picnic, trail
  • Fairview Park, 3.1 acres with picnic, playground, athletic field
  • Stukel Park, .7 acres with basketball, tennis court, playground
  • Maple Park, 1 acre, south trailhead for Link River Canyon trail and home of Klamth Art Association.
  • Henderson Park, .6 acre with athletic field and swings

Wiard Memorial Park and Recreation District[edit]

Entrance to Wiard Park, the largest park within the Wiard Memorial district, east Klamath Falls.

The Wiard Memorial Park and Recreation District[2] in Klamath Falls is a taxing district that operates six parks and recreational facilities within the Klamath Falls metropolitan area.

  • Wiard Park, the largest park in the Wiard Park District with just over 5 acres. Although built with a wading pool, it closed permanently on account of the water not circulating from the pool.
  • Crest Park, open space of little over 3 acres. Sold to Wiard Park District in 1969 for $900.
  • Keller Park, primarily open space with a playground, basketball and volleyball courts and a covered picnic area.
  • Etna Park, named for the street it is located on, features primarily open space with a playground and picnic area since 1932.
  • Alva Park, a small park named for the street it is located on, features half a basketball court, playground and picnic area, donated in 1949.
  • Klein Park, located in the Casitas subdivision, features a playground and a basketball and volleyball courts.

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