List of parks in the Louisville metropolitan area

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Following is a list of parks, forests and nature preserves in the Louisville metropolitan area.

View of Downtown Louisville from the overlook atop Iroquois Park.

Louisville Metro (Jefferson County)[edit]

Frederick Law Olmsted Parks[edit]

The Jefferson Memorial Forest is the largest municipal urban forest in the United States.

The Frederick Law Olmsted Parks[1] (formerly called the Olmsted Park System) in Louisville was the last of five such systems designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.[2] All of the parks in this system are managed by Louisville Metro Parks.

Other parks
Walking trails in Central Park, located in the Old Louisville neighborhood.

Other parks managed by Louisville Metro Parks[edit]

Parks not managed by Louisville Metro Parks[edit]

Louisville Waterfront Park, once an industrial wasteland, Louisville's reclaimed waterfront now features trees and walking paths

Kentucky metropolitan counties outside Jefferson[edit]

Sign at the entrance of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, 25 miles south of Louisville.





  • John T. Walsh Park (La Grange)
  • Wendell Moore Park (Buckner)
  • Wilborn Park (La Grange)
  • Yew Dell Gardens (Crestwood)
  • Creasy Mahan Nature Preserve (Goshen)
  • Community Convention and Aquatic Center (Buckner)




Indiana metropolitan counties[edit]

Postcard of a scene from Cherokee Park at the base of Baringer Hill, early 20th century.


Jeffersonville parks and recreation[8]
  • Bob Hedge Park
  • Colston Park
  • Connie Seller Park
  • Highland Park
  • John Wilcoxson Park
  • Lansden Park
  • Lottie Oglesby Park
  • Meijer Little League Fields
  • Oak Park
  • Optimist Park
  • Port Fulton Park
  • Shannon Memorial Park
  • Shirley Hall Park
  • Vissing Park
  • Warder Park
  • Wathen Park
Clarksville parks and recreation[9]
  • Ashland Park
  • Beechwood Park
  • Cedar Park
  • Colgate Park
  • Gaskell Park
  • Lapping Park
  • Little League Park
  • Midway Park
  • Moser Park
  • Parkwood Park
  • Ray Lawrence Park
Others and state parks


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