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Listed below are books that describe the techniques of various partner dances.

Ballroom dancing[edit]

Basic books for the International Style[edit]

  • Alex Moore:
    • The Ballroom Technique
    • Ballroom Dancing, an elaboration on the above book (9th Edition, 1986, ISBN 0-7136-2794-8)
    • Popular Variations (numerous reprints and editions since 1954)
  • Victor Silvester, Modern Ballroom Dancing. Stanley Paul, London (first published 1928, 1993 edition ISBN 0-09-178193-0, current edition 2005)
  • Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD):
    • The Ballroom Technique, (numerous reprints and editions since 1948) originally based on a work of the same name by Alex Moore.
    • The Revised Technique of Latin-American Dancing, (reprints and editions since 1971)
    • Popular Variations in Latin-American Dancing, (1982)
  • Guy Howard, Technique of Ballroom Dancing
  • Walter Laird:
    • Technique of Latin Dancing
    • Technique of Latin Dancing Supplement

Advanced books for the International Style[edit]

Basic Books for the American Style[edit]

Partner and social dance research and scholarship[edit]


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