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Passport colors across the world

The following is a list of passports:

By country or territory[edit]

Those passports shown in italics are issued by states that lack widespread recognition.

Common design passport groups[edit]

By type[edit]

Special passports[edit]

Travel documents issued to non-nationals[edit]

Gallery of contemporary ordinary passports of sovereign countries[edit]


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North America[edit]

Location North America.svg

South America[edit]

South America (orthographic projection).svg


Asia (orthographic projection).svg


Oceania (orthographic projection).svg


Europe orthographic Caucasus Urals boundary.svg

Gallery of ordinary passports of non-sovereign jurisdictions[edit]

Gallery of ordinary passports of partially recognized countries[edit]

Gallery of passports of international organizations and sovereign subjects of international law[edit]

Gallery of contemporary diplomatic passports[edit]


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