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A passport is a booklet issued by countries to their citizens, permitting the person to travel to other countries. In some cases countries issue travel documents similar to passports to their residents. International organizations also issue travel documents, usually called laissez-passer, to their staff. This article shows images of the various passports currently under issue.

Contemporary ordinary passports[edit]

Special cases[edit]

Passports where the captioned country is shown in italics are issued by states that are neither member states of the United Nations nor United Nations non-member observer states. These are currently Taiwan and Kosovo.

However, even though Taiwan maintains official relations with only 22 countries, its Republic of China (ROC) passport is still accepted as a valid travel document in most countries of the world. Although its passport enjoys (for nationals with rights of abode in Taiwan) visa-free (or visa on arrival access) status in 137 countries, ranking the ordinary Taiwanese passport 29th in the world (tied with Uruguay) according to the Visa Restrictions Index.,[1] some countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, the People's Republic of China, Jamaica and Mauritius, pursuant to their positions on Taiwan's political status, refuse to visé or stamp ROC passports, and instead issue visas on a separate travel document or a separate piece of paper to Taiwanese travelers to avoid conveying any kind of recognition to the ROC, or to Taiwan as a polity distinct from the People's Republic of China.


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North America[edit]

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South America[edit]

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International organizations and sovereign subjects of international law[edit]

Contemporary diplomatic passports[edit]


Special passports[edit]

Not granting a right of abode[edit]

Certain passports do not, without additional endorsement, confer the right of abode anywhere and have varying international acceptance for travel:

Travel documents issued to non-nationals[edit]

Common design passport groups[edit]

Colours of passport covers across the world

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