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List of peace prizes

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This list of peace prizes is an index to articles on notable prizes awarded for contributions towards achieving or maintaining peace. The list is organized by region and country of the sponsoring organization, but many of the prizes are open to people from around the world.

United Nations[edit]

Award Sponsor Notes
Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize UNESCO For individuals and organizations who have made a significant contribution to promoting, seeking, safeguarding, or maintaining peace (from 1991)
Millennium Peace Prize for Women United Nations Development Fund for Women Awarded in 2001 as part of International Alert's "Women Building Peace" campaign
N-Peace Awards United Nations Development Programme For women making outstanding contributions in peace (from 2010)
U Thant Peace Award Sri Chinmoy To individuals or organizations for accomplishments toward the attainment of world peace
UNESCO Prize for Peace Education UNESCO Excellent effort in the drive to reach a better quality education (from 1981)
UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize UNESCO For extraordinary creative achievements in promoting tolerance, as notable models for others in the field of peace-building
United Nations Peace Medal United Nations Commemorative medal produced by the United Nations to promote peace
UNAA Media Peace Awards United Nations Association of Australia Awarded 1979–2018 on UN Day, to recognise Australian journalists and media organisations for promotion of human rights and issues
UN Queensland Community Award United Nations Association of Australia For selfless and often uncelebrated efforts and commitment in their day-to-day lives relating to issues of peace, human rights, social justice, and equality


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Canada Pearson Medal of Peace United Nations Association in Canada To recognize an individual Canadian's "contribution to international service" (from 1979)
Canada Calgary Peace Prize Mount Royal University Established in 2006, awarded to individuals for global peace work
United States Jane Addams Children's Book Award Jane Addams Peace Association To a children's book that advances the causes of peace and social equality
United States American Peace Award First created in 1923 by Edward Bok; revived in 2008
United States Art of Peace Award President's Peace Commission To an artist with a reputation for quality work, known as a person who attempts to further the cause of peace (since 1999)
United States Atoms for Peace Award independent nonprofit For the development or application of peaceful nuclear technology (1957–1969)
United States Community of Christ International Peace Award Community of Christ To honor and bring attention to the work of peacemaking and peacemakers in the world (since 1993)
United States Dayton Literary Peace Prize Dayton Literary Peace Prize Foundation Recognizing the power of the written word to promote peace (from 2006)
United States Dialog and Peace Award Niagara Foundation Individuals or organizations whp have demonstrated strong commitment to serving their community while maintaining a global mindset (from 2006)
United States Albert Einstein Peace Prize Albert Einstein Peace Prize Foundation (from 1980)
United States El-Hibri Peace Education Prize El-Hibri Foundation To celebrate and encourage individuals who embody the principles of peace, justice, and inclusion (since 2007)
United States Gandhi Peace Award Promoting Enduring Peace For contributions made in the promotion of international peace and good will (since 1960)
United States Grawemeyer Award University of Louisville Ideas for improving world order
United States World Methodist Peace Award World Methodist Council For courage, creativity, and consistency in the cause for peace (since 1976)
United States Pacem in Terris Award Catholic Church To honor a person for their achievements in peace and justice, not only in their country but in the world (since 1964)
United States Pope Paul VI Teacher of Peace Award Pax Christi USA To an individual who has exemplified Pope Paul VI's World Day for Peace message: "To reach peace, teach peace." (since 1978)[1]
United States International Pfeffer Peace Award Fellowship of Reconciliation (United States) To individuals or organizations whose commitment to peace, justice, and reconciliation is recognized as extraordinary (since 1989)
United States Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize University of New Mexico UNM student, faculty, staffmember, retiree, or alumnus who has demonstrated notable achievements in promoting world peace and understanding
United States War Resisters League Peace Award War Resisters League To a person or organization whose work represents the League's radical nonviolent program of action (since 1958)
United States World Peace Prize World Peace Corps Mission To promote world peace and inter-religious understanding


Country Award Sponsor Notes
United Arab Emirates UAE International Award for Poets of Peace International Humanitarian City Promote the peace message to the world (since 2014)
China Confucius Peace Prize China International Peace Studies Center To promote world peace from an Eastern perspective, and Confucian peace specifically
India Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration Indian National Congress Promote national integration, understanding, and fellowship amongst religious groups, ethnic groups, cultures, languages, and traditions of India (since 1987)
India Indira Gandhi Prize Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust To individuals or organisations in recognition of creative efforts toward promoting international peace, development, and a new international economic order (since 1986)
India Gandhi Mandela Awards Gandhi Mandela Foundation Peace, Social Welfare, Culture, Health Care, Sports, Education, and Innovation (since 2019)
India Gandhi Peace Prize Government of India Contributions towards social, economic, and political transformation through nonviolence and other Gandhian methods (since 1995)
Japan Niwano Peace Prize Niwano Peace Foundation For interreligious cooperation in the cause of peace (from 1983)
Philippines Gusi Peace Prize Gusi Peace Prize Foundation This award is given to recognize individuals and organizations who contribute to global peace and progress through a wide variety of fields. (since 2002)
Philippines Ramon Magsaysay Award Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation Outstanding contributions in Government Service, Public Service, Community Leadership, Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts, Peace and International Understanding, and Emergent Leadership (from 1958)
South Korea Manhae Prize The Society for the Promotion and Practice of Manhae's Thoughts Peace, Social Service, Academic Excellence, Art, Literature, and Buddhist Missionary Work
South Korea Seoul Peace Prize Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation To crystallize the wishes of the Korean people for peace in the Korean peninsula and the rest of the world (since 1990)
South Korea Sunhak Peace Prize Sunhak Peace Prize Committee Enduring contributions to help resolve worldwide suffering, conflict, poverty, and threats to the environment, by promoting a comprehensive, future-oriented vision of peace (since 2015)


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Europe European Medal of Tolerance European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation Honour and reward extraordinary creative achievements in the promotion of tolerance (since 2010)
Belgium Pax Christi International Peace Award Pax Christi International To honour men and women who stand up for peace, justice, and nonviolence across the globe (since 1988)[2]
France / Finland World Peace Council prizes World Peace Council International Peace Prize from 1949 to 1957, Joliot-Curie Medal of Peace, etc.
Germany / Poland Brückepreis (Bridge prize) Town of Görlitz/Zgorzelec Person who contributed by a life's work to better understanding between peoples in Europe (since 1993)
Germany Civis Media Prize CIVIS Media Foundation For radio and television broadcasting projects that promote peaceful coexistence within the European immigration community (since 1988)
Germany Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels Peace Prize of the German book trade: for individuals who have contributed to ideals of tolerance through their exceptional activities, especially in the fields of literature, science, and art (since 1950)
Germany Otto Hahn Peace Medal United Nations Association of Germany For outstanding services to peace, tolerance, and international understanding (since 1988)
Germany Sean MacBride Peace Prize International Peace Bureau Person or organisation who has done outstanding work for peace, disarmament, and/or human rights (since 1992)
Germany Stuttgart Peace Prize Die AnStifter To people or projects involved in a special way for peace, justice, and world solidarity
Italy Art, Science and Peace Prize Man Center and World Interreligious Center For artists and scientists who have worked for peace and the welfare of society and the world (since 2002)
Italy Man of Peace World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates Personalities from the world of culture and entertainment who have stood up for human rights and for the spread of the principles of peace and solidarity in the world, who made an outstanding contribution to international social justice and peace (since 1999)
Italy Premio Testimone di Pace President of Italy Person, organization, or association particularly distinguished for their commitment and action in the context of peace and nonviolence
Netherlands International Children's Peace Prize KidsRights Foundation Child who has made a significant contribution to advocating children's rights and improving the situation of vulnerable children such as orphans, child labourers, and children with HIV/AIDS (since 2005)
Netherlands OPCW–The Hague Award Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Individuals and institutions who have significantly contributed towards the goal of a world free of chemical weapons (since 2014)
Netherlands Wateler Peace Prize Carnegie Foundation (Netherlands) For being meritorious in the cause of peace (since 1931)
Norway Nobel Peace Prize Norwegian Nobel Committee For doing the most or best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies. and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses (since 1901)
Norway Student Peace Prize Student Peace Prize Secretariat Student or student organization making a significant contribution to creating peace and promoting human rights (since 1999)
Spain ICIP Peace in Progress Award International Catalan Institute for Peace The International Catalan Institute for Peace has been giving the ICIP Peace in Progress Award every year since 2011 to publicly recognise people, entities, or institutions who have worked and contributed prominently and extensively in promoting and constructing peace
Soviet Union Lenin Peace Prize Soviet Union Formerly the Stalin Peace Prize; for notable individuals who strengthened peace among comrades (from 1949)
Sweden Right Livelihood Award Right Livelihood Award Practical and exemplary solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the world today
Switzerland Balzan Prize International Balzan Prize Foundation Outstanding achievements in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, and culture, as well as for endeavours for peace and the brotherhood of man
Switzerland Giuseppe Motta Medal Geneva Institute for Democracy and Development People from any country or region of the world for exceptional achievement in the promotion of peace and democracy, human rights, and sustainable development (since 2004)
United Kingdom Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize Ahmadiyya Individual's or organisation's contribution for the advancement of the cause of peace (since 2009)


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Australia Australian Peace Prize Peace Organisation of Australia To an Australian citizen or resident, or a group based in Australia, for outstanding contributions towards peace (2006–2009)
Australia UN Queensland Community Award United Nations Association of Australia For selfless and often uncelebrated efforts and commitment in their day-to-day lives relating to issues of peace, human rights, social justice, and equality
Australia Sydney Peace Prize University of Sydney Promotes peace with justice and the practice of nonviolence
Australia UNAA Media Peace Awards United Nations Association of Australia Awarded 1979–2018 on UN Day, to recognise Australian journalists and media organisations for promotion of human rights and issues

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