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This list of people associated with the London School of Economics includes notable alumni, non-graduates, academics and administrators affiliated with the London School of Economics and Political Science. This includes 55 past or present heads of state, as well as 18 Nobel laureates.[1]

LSE started awarding its own degrees in its own name in 2008,[2] prior to which it awarded degrees of the University of London. This page does not include people whose only connection with the university consists in the award of an honorary degree.

The list has been divided into categories indicating the field of activity in which people have become well known. Many of the university’s alumni have attained a level of distinction in more than one field, however these appear only in the category which they are most often associated.

Government and politics[edit]

Heads of state or government[edit]


State Image Leader Affiliation Office
 Barbados Errol Walton Barrow (1920–1987) BSc (Econ) 1950 Prime minister 1962–1966; 1966–1976; 1986–1987
 Barbados Mia Mottley (born 1965) LLB 1986 Prime minister 2018–present
 Benin Lionel Zinsou (born 1954) Course unknown Prime minister 2015–2016
 Bulgaria Sergey Stanishev, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, 2005–2009 Sergey Stanishev (born 1966) Visiting Fellow International Relations 1999–2000 Prime minister 2005–2009
 Canada Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, 1980–1984 Pierre Trudeau (1919–2000) Research Fee student 1947–1948 Prime minister 1968–1979; 1980–1984
 Canada Kim Campbell, Prime Minister of Canada, 1993 Kim Campbell (born 1947) PhD student 1973 Prime minister June–November 1993
 Colombia Alfonso López Pumarejo, President of Colombia, 1934–1938 and 1942–1945 Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo Occasional Registration 1932–1933 President 1934–1938, 1942–1945
 Colombia Alfonso López Pumarejo, President of Colombia, 1934–1938 and 1942–1945 Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo Occasional Registration 1932–1933 President 1934–1938, 1942–1945
 Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, 2010–present Juan Manuel Santos MSc Economics 1975 President 2010–2018
 Costa Rica Óscar Arias, President of Costa Rica, 2006–2010, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Óscar Arias (born 1941) Enrolled 1967 President 1986–1990, 2006–2010
 Denmark Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, 1973–present HM Queen Margrethe II (born 1940) Occasional student 1965 Queen 1972–present
 Dominica Eugenia Charles, Prime Minister of Dominica, 1980–1995 Dame Eugenia Charles LLM 1949 Prime minister 1980–1995
 Fiji Kamisese Mara, Founding father of Fiji, Prime Minister, 1970–1992 Sir Kamisese Mara (1920–2004) Diploma Econ & Social Admin 1962 Prime minister 1970–1992; President 1994–2000
 Finland Alexander Stubb, Prime Minister of Finland, 2014–2015 Alexander Stubb (born 1968) PhD International Politics 1999 Prime minister 2014–2015
 Germany Heinrich Brüning, Chancellor of Germany, 1930–1932 Heinrich Brüning BSc Economics student 1911–1913 Chancellor 1930–32
 Ghana Kwame Nkrumah, First Prime Minister of Ghana, 1957–1960 Kwame Nkrumah (1909–1972) PhD 1946 First president 1960–1966
 Ghana Hilla Limann, President of Ghana, 1979–1981 Hilla Limann (1934–1998) BSc (Econ) 1960 President 1979–1981
 Ghana John Atta Mills, President of Ghana, 2009–2012 John Atta Mills (born 1944) LLM 1967–68 President 2009
 Gibraltar Joe Bossano, Chief Minister of Gibraltar, 1988–1996 Joe Bossano (born 1939) BSc Economics circa 1960 Chief minister 1988–1996
 Greece George Papandreou, Prime Minister of Greece, 2009–2011 George Papandreou (born 1952) MSc Sociology 1977 Prime minister 2009–2011
 Greece Costas Simitis, Prime Minister of Greece, 1996–2004 Constantine Simitis (born 1936) Research Fee student 1961–1963 Prime minister 1996–2004
 Grenada Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister of Grenada, 1979–1983 Maurice Bishop (1943–1983) LLB circa 1967/1968 Prime minister 1979–1983
 Guyana Forbes Burnham, President of Guyana, 1980–1985; Prime Minister of Guyana, 1964–1980 Forbes Burnham (1923–1985) LLB 1948 Prime minister 1964–1980, President 1980–1985
 India K.R. Narayanan, President of India, 1997–2002 K.R. Narayanan (1921–2005) BSc (Econ) 1945–1948 President 1997–2002
 Israel Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister of Israel, 1954–1955 Moshe Sharett (1894–1965) BSc (Econ) 1924 Prime minister 1953–1955
 Italy Romano Prodi, Prime Minister of Italy, 2006–2008 Romano Prodi (born 1939) Research Fee student 1962–1963 Prime minister 1996–1998; 2006–2008
 Jamaica Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica, 1972–1980 and 1989–1992 Michael Manley (1924–1997) BSc (Econ) 1949 Prime minister 1972–1980; 1989–1992
 Jamaica P.J. Patterson, Prime Minister of Jamaica, 1992–2006 P J Patterson LLB 1963 Premier 1992–2006
 Japan Korekiyo Takahashi, Prime Minister of Japan, 1921–1922 Takahashi Korekiyo (1854–1936) Course unknown Prime minister 1920–1922; 1932
 Japan Tsutomu Hata (1935–2017) Course unknown Prime minister 1994
 Japan Tarō Asō, Prime Minister of Japan, 2008–2009 Taro Aso (born 1940) Occasional student 1966 Prime minister 2008–2009
 Kenya Jomo Kenyatta, President of Kenya, 1964–1978 Jomo Kenyatta (1891–1978) ADA 1936 First president 1964–1978
 Kenya Mwai Kibaki (born 1931) BSc Economics 1959 President 2002–2013
 Kiribati Anote Tong (born 1952) MSc Sea-Use Group 1988 President 2003–2016
 Libya Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (born 1972) PhD 2006 Effective Prime minister, 2007–2011[4]
 Malaysia Tuanku Jaafar (1922–2008) Course unknown Yang di-Pertuan Agong (elected monarch) 1994–1999
 Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (1900–1985) Attended lectures whilst studying at University College London Chief minister 1961–1968, Prime minister 1968–1982, Governor-General 1983–1985
 Mauritius Veerasamy Ringadoo, first President of Mauritius, 1992 Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo (1920–2000) LLB 1948 First President of Mauritius March–June 1992
 Mauritius Navin Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius, 2005–2014 Navinchandra Ramgoolam (born 1947) LLB 1990 Prime minister 1995–2000; 2005–2014
   Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba, Prime Minister of Nepal, 1995–1997, 2001–2002, 2004–2005 Sher Bahadur Deuba (born 1943) Research student, International Relations 1988–1989 Prime minister 1995–1997; 2001–2003; 2004–2005
 Panama Harmodio Arias (1886–1962) Occasional student, 1909–1911 President 1932–1936
 Peru Pedro Beltran Espantoso (1897–1979) BSc (Econ) 1918 Prime minister 1959–1961
 Peru Beatriz Merino, Prime Minister of Peru, 2003 Beatriz Merino (born 1947) LLM 1972 Prime minister 2003
 Poland Edward Szczepanik, Prime Minister of Poland, 1986–1990 Edward Szczepanik (1915–2005) MSc Economics 1953 Prime minister of government in exile 1986–1990
 Poland Marek Belka, Prime Minister of Poland, 2004–2005 Marek Belka (born 1952) Summer School 1990 Prime minister 2004–05
 Sierra Leone Banja Tejan-Sie (1917–2000) LLB circa 1950 Governor-General 1968–1971
 Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, Prime Minister of Singapore, 1959–1990 Lee Kuan Yew (1923–2015) Occasional student after circa 1945 Prime minister 1959–1990
 Saint Lucia John Compton (1925–2007) LLB 1952 Premier 1964–1979; Prime minister February–July 1979 and 1982–1996
 Taiwan Yu Kuo-Hwa (1914–2000) Composition fee student 1947–1949 Premier 1984–1989
 Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan, 2016–present Tsai Ing-wen (born 1956) Ph.D. Law 1984 President 2016–present
 Thailand Thanin Kraivichien, Prime Minister of Thailand, 1976–1977; President of the Privy Council of Thailand, 2016–present Tanin Kraivixien (born 1927) LLB 1953 Prime minister 1976–1977
 Togo Sylvanus Olympio, President of Togo, 1960–1963 Sylvanus Olympio (b. 1902–1963) BSc Economics Prime minister of Togo 1958–1961, first President 1961–1963
 United Kingdom Ramsay MacDonald, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 1929–1935 Ramsay MacDonald Lecturer Prime minister (1924 and 1929–1935)
 United Kingdom Clement Attlee, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 1945–1951 Clement Attlee (1883–1967) Lecturer in social science and administration, 1912–1923 Prime minister 1945–1951

United Kingdom[edit]

Current members of the House of Commons[edit]

Yvette Cooper, Labour MP
Margaret Hodge, Labour MP
Ed Miliband, former leader of the Labour Party

Current members of the House of Lords[edit]

Former members of parliament[edit]

Civil servants[edit]

United States[edit]


Latin America and the Caribbean[edit]




Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, First Law Minister of India and architect of Indian Constitution

Australia and New Zealand[edit]

Middle East[edit]

International organisations and ambassadors[edit]

Central bankers[edit]

Nobel laureates[edit]

Guy Medal (statistics) recipients[edit]



Economic historians[edit]

Niall Ferguson, historian

Employment relations and management[edit]


Human geography[edit]

International relations[edit]




Karl Popper, Austro-British philosopher and professor at LSE

Political scientists[edit]


Social anthropology[edit]

Bronislaw Malinowski, eminent anthropologist and functionalist

Social policy analysts and workers[edit]

William Beveridge, the author of the Beveridge Report and former Director of LSE

Social psychology[edit]


Arts and media[edit]

Film, music and performance[edit]

Television and radio[edit]

Mark Urban, historian and journalist

Authors and journalists[edit]

Pulitzer Prize winners[edit]

Year Recipient Prize
1968 Nick Kotz Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting
1987 Anne Applebaum Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction
1990 David A. Vise Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism
1993 Roy Gutman Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting
1994 David Levering Lewis Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography
2000 John Bersia Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing
2001 David Levering Lewis Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography
2013 Bret Stephens Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

Business and finance[edit]

Tony Fernandes, Malaysian entrepreneur, CEO of AirAsia
David Rockefeller, American banker and billionaire
George Soros, billionaire
Yevhenia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian entrepreneur

Law enforcement[edit]

Lawyers and judges[edit]

NGOs, charities and pressure groups[edit]




Founders of LSE[edit]

First the four generally accepted co-founders:[29]

George Bernard Shaw, one of the founders of the LSE and Nobel laureate

The original governors of the LSE were, besides Beatrice Webb:[30]


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