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Paul Erdős

Paul Erdős (1913–1996) was the most prolifically published mathematician of all time. He considered mathematics to be a social activity and often collaborated on his papers, having 511 joint authors, many of whom also have their own collaborators. The Erdős number measures the "collaborative distance" between an author and Erdős. Thus, his direct co-authors have Erdős number one, theirs have number two, and so forth. Erdős himself has Erdős number zero.

There are more than 11,000 people with an Erdős number of two. This list is intended to include only those authors with an Erdős number of three or less who are notable in their own right and have existing articles. For more complete listings of Erdős numbers, see the databases maintained by the Erdős Number Project or the collaboration distance calculator maintained by the American Mathematical Society.





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