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The following is a list of individuals executed by the U.S. State of Arizona since capital punishment was resumed in 1976. The 37 individuals, all male, were convicted of murder and have been executed at Florence State Prison in Florence, Arizona.[1]

# Executed person Race Age Sex Date of
Method of
Victim(s) Under Governor
1 Donald Eugene Harding White 43 M 06-Apr-1992 Lethal gas Allen Gage, Robert Wise, and Martin Concannon Fife Symington
2 John George Brewer White 27 M 03-Mar-1993 Lethal injection Rita Brier Fife Symington
3 James Dean Clark White 35 M 14-Apr-1993 Lethal injection Charles Thumm, Mildred Thumm, Gerald McFerron, and George Martin Fife Symington
4 Jimmie Wayne Jeffers White 49 M 13-Sep-1995 Lethal injection Penelope Cheney Fife Symington
5 Darren Lee Bolton White 29 M 19-Jun-1996 Lethal injection Zosha Lee Picket Fife Symington
6 Luis Morine Mata Latino 45 M 22-Aug-1996 Lethal injection Debra Lee Lopez Fife Symington
7 Randy Greenawalt White 47 M 23-Jan-1997 Lethal injection John Lyons, Donnelda Lyons, Christopher Lyons, and Theresa Tyson Fife Symington
8 William Lyle Woratzeck White 51 M 25-Jun-1997 Lethal injection Linda Leslie Fife Symington
9 Jose Jesus Ceja Latino 42 M 21-Jan-1998 Lethal injection Linda Leon and Randy Leon Jane Dee Hull
10 Jose Roberto Villafuerte Latino 45 M 22-Apr-1998 Lethal injection Amelia Shoville Jane Dee Hull
11 Arthur Martin Ross White 43 M 29-Apr-1998 Lethal injection James Ruble Jane Dee Hull
12 Douglas Edward Gretzler White 47 M 03-Jun-1998 Lethal injection Michael Sandsberg and Patricia Sandsberg Jane Dee Hull
13 Jesse James Gillies White 38 M 13-Jan-1999 Lethal injection Suzanne Rossetti Jane Dee Hull
14 Darick Leonard Gerlaugh Native American 38 M 03-Feb-1999 Lethal injection Scott Schwartz Jane Dee Hull
15 Karl-Heinz LaGrand White 35 M 24-Feb-1999 Lethal injection Kenneth Hartsock Jane Dee Hull
16 Walter Bernhard LaGrand White 37 M 03-Mar-1999 Lethal gas Jane Dee Hull
17 Robert Wayne Vickers White 41 M 05-May-1999 Lethal injection Wilmar Holsinger Jane Dee Hull
18 Michael Kent Poland White 59 M 16-Jun-1999 Lethal injection Cecil Newkirk and Russell Dempsey Jane Dee Hull
19 Ignacio Alberto Ortiz Latino 57 M 27-Oct-1999 Lethal injection Manuelita McCormack Jane Dee Hull
20 Anthony Lee Chaney White 45 M 16-Feb-2000 Lethal injection Coconino County reserve deputy John B. Jamison Jane Dee Hull
21 Patrick Gene Poland White 50 M 15-Mar-2000 Lethal injection Cecil Newkirk and Russell Dempsey Jane Dee Hull
22 Donald Jay Miller White 36 M 08-Nov-2000 Lethal injection Jennifer Geuder Jane Dee Hull
23 Robert Charles Comer White 50 M 22-May-2007 Lethal injection Larry Pritchard and Tracy Andrews Janet Napolitano
24 Jeffrey Timothy Landrigan Native American 50 M 26-Oct-2010 Lethal injection Chester Dean Dyer Jan Brewer
25 Eric John King African American 47 M 29-Mar-2011 Lethal injection Ron Barman and Richard Butts Jan Brewer
26 Donald Edward Beaty White 56 M 25-May-2011 Lethal injection Christy Ann Fornoff Jan Brewer
27 Richard Lynn Bible White 49 M 30-Jun-2011 Lethal injection Jennifer Wilson Jan Brewer
28 Thomas Paul West White 52 M 19-Jul-2011 Lethal injection Don Bortle Jan Brewer
29 Robert Henry Moorman White 63 M 29-Feb-2012 Lethal injection Roberta Maude Moorman Jan Brewer
30 Robert Charles Towery White 47 M 08-Mar-2012 Lethal injection Mark Jones Jan Brewer
31 Thomas Arnold Kemp White 63 M 25-Apr-2012 Lethal injection Hector Juarez Jan Brewer
32 Samuel Villegas Lopez Latino 49 M 27-Jun-2012 Lethal injection Estafana Holmes Jan Brewer
33 Daniel Wayne Cook White 51 M 8-Aug-2012 Lethal injection Carlos Cruz Ramos, and Kevin Swaney Jan Brewer
34 Richard Dale Stokley White 60 M 5-Dec-2012 Lethal injection Mandy Meyers and Mary Snyder Jan Brewer
35 Edward Harold Schad, Jr. White 71 M 9-Oct-2013 Lethal injection Lorimer Grove Jan Brewer
36 Robert Glen Jones, Jr. White 43 M 23-Oct-2013 Lethal injection Chip O'Dell, Tom Hardman, Maribeth Munn, Carol Noel, Judy Bell, Arthur 'Taco' Bell Jan Brewer
37 Joseph Rudolph Wood III White 55 M 23-Jul-2014 Lethal injection Debbie Dietz, Gene Dietz Jan Brewer

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