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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. State of California since capital punishment was resumed in 1976.

Since the 1976 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Gregg v. Georgia, the following 13 people convicted of murder have been executed by the state of California.[1] The first two executions were by gas inhalation; all subsequent executions were by lethal injection,[2] following a 1996 federal court (9th Circuit) ruling that the use of the gas chamber in California was unconstitutional.[3]

# Name Race Age Sex Date of
Method of
Victim(s) Governor
1 Robert Alton Harris White 39 M April 21, 1992 Gas chamber John Mayeski and Michael Baker Pete Wilson
2 David Edwin Mason White 36 M August 24, 1993 Joan Picard, Arthur Jennings, Boyd Johnson, Antionette Brown, and Dorothy Land
3 William George Bonin White 49 M February 23, 1996 Lethal injection Marcus Grabs, Donald Hyden, David Murillo, Dennis Frank Fox, Charles Miranda, James McCabe, Ronald Gatlin, Harry Todd Turner, Russell Rugh, Glenn Barker, Steven Wood, Darin Lee Kendrick, Lawrence Sharp, and Steven Jay Wells
4 Keith Daniel Williams White 48 M May 3, 1996 Lourdes Meza, Miguel Vargas, and Salvador Vargas
5 Thomas Martin Thompson White 43 M July 14, 1998 Ginger Fleischli
6 Jaturun Siripongs Asian 43 M February 9, 1999 Packovan Wattanporn and Quach Nguyen Gray Davis
7 Manuel Pina Babbitt Black 50 M May 4, 1999 Leah Schendel
8 Darrell Keith Rich Native American 45 M March 15, 2000 Annette Fay Edwards, Patricia Ann Moore, Linda Diane Slavik, and Annette Lynn Selix
9 Robert Lee Massie White 59 M March 27, 2001 Boris G. Naumoff
10 Stephen Wayne Anderson White 48 M January 29, 2002 Elizabeth Lyman
11 Donald Jay Beardslee White 61 M January 19, 2005 Stacey Benjamin and Patty Geddling Arnold Schwarzenegger
12 Stanley Tookie Williams Black 51 M December 13, 2005 Albert Owens, Yen-Yi Yang, Tsai-Shai Lin, and Yee-Chen Lin
13 Clarence Ray Allen Native American 76 M January 17, 2006 Bryon Schletewitz, Josephine Rocha, and Douglas White

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