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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. State of Delaware since capital punishment was resumed in 1976. All of the sixteen individuals were convicted of murder and have been executed at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, near Smyrna, Delaware. Capital punishment was abolished in Delaware on August 2, 2016.[1]

# Name Race Age Sex Date of Execution Method of Execution Victim(s) Governor
1 Steven Brian Pennell White 34 M Mar-14-1992 Lethal injection Kathleen Meyer, Michelle Gordon, Catherine DiMauro, Shirley Ellis Michael Castle
2 James Allen Red Dog Native American 39 M Mar-03-1993 Hugh Pennington Thomas Carper
3 Kenneth W. DeShields Black 33 M Aug-31-1993 Elizabeth Reed
4 Andre S. Deputy Black 45 M Jun-23-1994 Byard Smith and Alberta Smith
5 Nelson W. Shelton White 27 M Mar-17-1995 Wilson Mannon, Jr.
6 Billy Bailey White 49 M Jan-25-1996 Hanging Gilbert Lamberton and Clara Lamberton
7 William Henry Flamer Black 41 M Jan-30-1996 Lethal injection Byard Smith and Alberta Smith
8 James B. Clark, Jr. White 39 M Apr-19-1996 Elizabeth Clark and James Clark, Sr.
9 David J. Lawrie White 37 M Apr-23-1999 Michelle Lawrie, Fawn Lawrie, Tabitha Lawrie, and Charles Humbertson
10 Willie G. Sullivan Black 28 M Sep-24-1999 Maurice Dodd
11 Dwayne L. Weeks Black 37 M Nov-17-2000 Gwendolyn Weeks and Craig Williams
12 David F. Dawson White 46 M Apr-26-2001 Madeline Marie Kisner Ruth Ann Minner
13 Abdullah Tanzil Hameen
(formerly Cornelius Ferguson)
Black 37 M May-25-2001 Troy Hodges
14 Brian David Steckel White 36 M Nov-04-2005 Sandra Lee Long
15 Robert W. Jackson, III White 38 M Jul-29-2011 Elizabeth Girardi Jack A. Markell
16 Shannon Johnson Black 28 M Apr-20-2012 Cameron Hamlin

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