List of people executed in Illinois

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This is a list of people executed in Illinois. A total of twelve individuals convicted of murder have been executed by the state of Illinois since 1977. All were executed by lethal injection.

List of people executed in Illinois[edit]

Number Name Date of Execution Victims Governor
1 Charles Walker September 12, 1990 Kevin Pauls and Sharon Winker James R. Thompson
2 John Wayne Gacy May 10, 1994 See: List of Victims of John Wayne Gacy James Edgar
3 Hernando Williams March 22, 1995 Linda Goldstone
4 James P. Free, Jr. [1] Bonnie Serpico
5 Girvies Davis May 17, 1995 Charles Biebel
6 Charles Albanese September 20, 1995 Michael Albanese, Marion Mueller, and Mary Lambert
7 George Del Vecchio November 22, 1995 Tony Conzoneri
8 Raymond Lee Stewart September 18, 1996 Willie Fredd, Albert Pearson, Kevin Kaiser, Kenny Faust, Richard Boeck, and Donald Rains
9 Walter Stewart November 19, 1997 Thomas Paviopoulos and Dinalo Rodica
10 Durlyn Edmonds Richard Lee Miller
11 Lloyd Wayne Hampton January 21, 1998 Roy Pendleton
12 Andrew Kokoraleis March 17, 1999 Lorraine Ann Borowski George Ryan

Abolition of death penalty[edit]

Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation on March 9, 2011, to abolish the death penalty in Illinois. Quinn also commuted the death sentences of the fifteen inmates on Illinois' death row to life imprisonment.[2]


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