List of people executed in Mississippi

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Since 1976, 21 people convicted of capital murder have been executed by the state of Mississippi.

Executed person Date of execution Method Victims Under Governor
1 Jimmy Lee Gray 2 September 1983 gas chamber Deressa Jean Scales William Winter
2 Edward Earl Johnson 20 May 1987 gas chamber Policeman J. T. Trest and Sally Franklin (sexual assault) William Allain
3 Connie Ray Evans 8 July 1987 gas chamber Arun Pahwa
4 Leo Edwards Jr. 21 June 1989 gas chamber Linzy Don Dixon Ray Mabus
5 Tracy Alan Hansen 17 July 2002 lethal injection State Trooper David Bruce Ladner Ronnie Musgrove
6 Jessie Derrell Williams 11 December 2002 lethal injection Karon Ann Pierce
7 John B. Nixon 14 December 2005 lethal injection Virginia Tucker Haley Barbour
8 Bobby Glen Wilcher 18 October 2006 lethal injection Katie Bell Moore and Velma Odell Noblin
9 Earl Wesley Berry 21 May 2008 lethal injection Mary Bounds
10 Dale Leo Bishop 23 July 2008 lethal injection Marcus James Gentry
11 Paul Everette Woodward 19 May 2010 lethal injection Rhonda Crane
12 Gerald James Holland 20 May 2010 lethal injection Krystal King
13 Joseph Daniel Burns 21 July 2010 lethal injection Floyd Melvin McBride
14 Benny Joe Stevens 10 May 2011 lethal injection Glenda Lee Reid, Wesley Reid, Dylan Reid and Heath Pounds
15 Rodney Gray 17 May 2011 lethal injection Grace Blackwell
16 Edwin Hart Turner 8 February 2012 lethal injection Eddie Brooks and Everett Curry Phil Bryant
17 Larry Matthew Puckett 20 March 2012 lethal injection Rhonda Griffis
18 William Gerald Mitchell 22 March 2012 lethal injection Patty Milliken
19 Henry Curtis Jackson 5 June 2012 lethal injection his nieces and nephews Dominique, Shunterica, Antonio and Andrew
20 Jan Michael Brawner 12 June 2012 lethal injection his daughter Candice Paige Brawner, former wife Barbara Craft Brawner and former in-laws Carl and Jane Craft
21 Gary Carl Simmons Jr. 20 June 2012 lethal injection Jeffrey Wolfe

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