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The following is a list of individuals executed by the U.S. state of Nebraska since its statehood.

Before 1903[edit]

The first execution in Nebraska reportedly belonged to Cyrus Tator, a former Kansas Legislature member and judge in Lykins County, Kansas who was tried and convicted of murdering his business partner in 1863.[1] Before 1903, counties carried out executions until the state took over. Since Nebraska statehood in 1867, a total of 14 individuals have been executed.

Executed person Date of execution Method Crime Victims Under Governor
1 Samuel Richards January 15, 1879 hanging murder Peter Anderson Albinus Nance
2 Orlando Caslar May 20, 1879 hanging murder George L. Monroe Albinus Nance
3 Milton W. Smith July 24, 1885 hanging murder his wife (name unknown) James W. Dawes
4 Jim Reynolds May 21, 1886 hanging murder James and John Pinkston James W. Dawes
5 William Jackson MarionA March 25, 1887 hanging murder James Cameron John Milton Thayer
6 David Hoffman July 22, 1887 hanging murder James B. DeWitt John Milton Thayer
7 Albert Haunstine May 17, 1891 hanging murder Hiram Roten and William Ashley John Milton Thayer
8 Christian FurstB June 5, 1891 hanging murder Carl J. Pulsifer John Milton Thayer
9 Charles ShepherdB June 5, 1891 hanging murder Carl J. Pulsifer John Milton Thayer
10 Ed Neil October 9, 1891 hanging murder Allen and Dorothy Jones John Milton Thayer
11 Clinton E. DixonC June 24, 1892 hanging murder Corporal Thomas Carter James E. Boyd
12 Harry Hill March 1, 1895 hanging murder Mattes Akeson Silas A. Holcomb
13 Claude H. Hoover August 7, 1896 hanging murder Samual DuBois Silas A. Holcomb
14 George W. Morgan October 8, 1897 hanging murder Ida Gaskill Silas A. Holcomb
A William Jackson Marion was convicted and executed for the murder of John Cameron. However, Cameron turned up alive in 1891. Marion received a posthumous pardon by Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey on the 100th anniversary of his execution.
B B Although Christian Furst and Charles Shepherd are listed at 8 and 9, the two were hanged together simultaneously in the only double hanging in Nebraska's history.
C Private Clinton Dixon and his victim Corporal Thomas Carter were both members of the U.S. Army (Sixth U.S. Cavalry) making Dixon's execution a U.S. military execution. As such, only the President could grant clemency. President Benjamin Harrison declined to intervene.


A total of 20 individuals were executed by Nebraska after 1897 and before the 1972 Supreme Court capital punishment ban.

Executed person Date of execution Method Crime Victims Under Governor
1 Gottlieb Neigenfiend March 13, 1903 hanging murder Anna Bryer and Albert Bryer (ex-wife and ex-father in law) John H. Mickey
2 William Rhea July 10, 1903 hanging murder Herman Zahn John H. Mickey
3 Harrison Clark December 13, 1907 hanging murder Ed Flury George L. Sheldon
4 Frank Barker January 17, 1908 hanging murder Daniel and Alice Barker (his brother and sister in law) George L. Sheldon
5 Robert M. Shumway March 5, 1909 hanging murder Sarah Martin Ashton C. Shallenberger
6 Bert M. Taylor January 28, 1910 hanging murder Pearl Taylor (sister in law) Ashton C. Shallenberger
7 Thomas Johnson May 19, 1911 hanging murder Henry R. Frankland Chester H. Aldrich
8 Albert Prince March 21, 1913 hanging murder Nebraska State Penitentiary Deputy Warden Edward D.Davis John H. Morehead
9 Allen V. GrammerA December 20, 1920 electric chair murder Lulu Vogt (Grammer's mother in law) Samuel R. McKelvie
10 Alson B. ColeA December 20, 1920 electric chair murder Lulu Vogt (Allen Grammer's mother in law) Samuel R. McKelvie
11 James B. King June 9, 1922 electric chair murder Nebraska State Penitentiary prison guard Robert L. Taylor Samuel R. McKelvie
12 Walter R. Simmons August 11, 1925 electric chair murder Frank Pahl Adam McMullen
13 Henry E. Bartlett April 29, 1927 electric chair murder Asa Ranson (Minden, Nebraska Police Chief) Adam McMullen
14 Frank Carter June 24, 1927 electric chair murder William McDevitt and Dr. A.D. Searles Adam McMullen
15 Frank E. Sharp October 19, 1928 electric chair murder Hariet Sharp (his wife) Adam McMullen
16 Henry Sherman May 31, 1929 electric chair murder Roger and Hattie Pochon, Eugenie Pochon Arthur J. Weaver
17 Joseph T. MacAvoy March 23, 1945 electric chair murder Anna Milroy Dwight Griswold
18 Timothy Iron Bear December 1, 1948 electric chair murder John W. and Grace Stollar Val Peterson
19 Roland Dean Sundahl April 30, 1952 electric chair murder Bonnie Lou Merrill Val Peterson
20 Charles StarkweatherB June 25, 1959 electric chair murder Robert Jensen Ralph G. Brooks
A A Allen Grammer and Alson Cole were the first men electrocuted, and the only double electrocution in Nebraska. Allen Grammer was the first man to be electrocuted by the State of Nebraska, pronounced dead at 3:24 pm. Alson Cole was pronounced dead at 3:37 pm.
B Although Charles Starkweather murdered 10 people in Nebraska (and one in Wyoming), he was tried, convicted, and executed for only one murder, that of 17-year-old Robert Jensen.

After 1976[edit]

Four individuals convicted of murder have been executed by Nebraska since 1976. Three were executed by electric chair. On April 21, 2011, the Nebraska Supreme Court set the first execution date via lethal injection for June 14, 2011. On May 26, 2011, the Nebraska Supreme Court stayed the execution due to objections that the sodium thiopental that Nebraska purchased from a Mumbai company failed to comply with U.S. pharmaceutical standards. The state's first lethal injection was carried out on August 14, 2018.[2]

Executed person Date of execution Method Victims Under Governor
1 Harold Lamont "Wili" Otey September 2, 1994 Electric chair Jane McManus Ben Nelson
2 John Joseph Joubert A July 17, 1996 Danny Eberle and Christopher Walden
3 Robert E. Williams B [3][4] December 2, 1997 Catherine Brooks and Patricia McGarry
4 Carey Dean Moore August 14, 2018 Lethal injection Maynard D. Helgeland and Reuel Eugene Van Ness Jr. Pete Ricketts
A John Joubert was also tried and convicted of murdering Ricky Stetson in Portland, Maine. He received a life sentence in Maine.
B Robert E. Williams also murdered Virginia Rowe of Sioux Rapids, Iowa.[4]

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