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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. state of Texas between 1990 and 1999. All of the 166 individuals (165 males and 1 female) during this period were convicted of murder and have been executed by lethal injection at the Huntsville Unit in Huntsville, Texas.[1][2]

Executions 1990–99[edit]

The number in the "#" column indicates the nth person executed since 1982 (when Texas resumed the death penalty). As an example, Jerome Butler (the first person executed in Texas during the 1990 decade) was the 34th person executed since resumption of the death penalty.

1990 – 4 executions
# Executed person Race Age Sex Date of
Victim(s) The murder
34 Jerome Butler Black 54 M 21-Apr-1990 Nathan Oakley Jerome Butler killed a taxi cab driver a few years earlier. The victim was a close friend of Nathan Oakley. In 1986 Jerome entered the cab of Nathan Oakley. Nathan recognized Jerome as his friend's killer. Jerome in response shot Nathan in the back of the head and then robbed his corpse.
35 Johnny Ray Anderson White 30 M 17-May-1990 Ronald Goode Johnny Ray and four other family members including Ronald's wife and Ronald's mom schemed to kill Ronald Goode in order to be granted the 67,000 put out his insurance. The task of killing Ronald was given to Johnny Ray. Johnny Ray agreed to kill his brother in law on the condition that he is given to lion's share of the money. Johnny approached Ronald and shot him six times in the back.
36 James Edward Smith Black 37 M 26-Jun-1990 Larry Rohus James Smith broke into the insurance office in an attempt to rob the office. Most avoided James Smith, but Larry Rohus could not. James demanded Larry give him all his money. Larry complied and put the money into a thrash can which he handed to James Smith. Larry Rohus walked away but then James fired a shot at him which penetrated his heart.
37 Mikel James Derrick White 33 M 18-Jul-1990 Edward Sonnier Mikel Derrick planned to rob people by pretending to be a prostitute. Edward Sonnier was one of those victims. While inside Edward's house Mikel started robbing items under Edward's nose. Edward made a sexual advance towards Mikel and then Mikel stabbed Edward 18 times.
1991 – 5 executions
38 Lawrence Lee Buxton Black 38 M 26-Feb-1991 Joel Slotnik Lawrence Buxton planned to rob a local grocery store. He ran inside and armed with a gun ordered everyone on the ground. They all obeyed except one hysterical child fathered by Joel Stotnik. While there he robbed twenty thousand euro from the cash register. On his way out he shot Joel in the neck.
39 Ignacio Cuevas Hispanic 59 M 23-May-1991 Julia Standley Ignacio Guavas was serving a 45-year sentence for murder when Ignacio and another inmate took two librarians hostage in an attempt to get out of jail. Julie Standley managed to get free and tried to make a run for it but Ignacio shot her in the back before she could make it to the door. Police eventually got the situation under control. The other librarian and the other inmate were killed during the situation. Ignacio killed both of the librarians but was executed for Julie Standley.
40 Jerry Joe Bird White 54 M 17-Jun-1991 Victor Trammell Jerry Bird planned to Rob the home of antique gun collector Victor Trammell. Jerry was in the process of robbing when he was caught by Victor. In response he shot Victor in the head twice and tied up Victor's wife. He then set the house on fire.
41 James Russell Black 42 M 19-Sep-1991 Thomas Steams James Russell robbed the radio shack that Timothy Steams owned two years before the murder. Timothy was a witness in the robbery trial. James was released, then kidnapped Timothy and raped him with strap-ons. He tortured Timothy and then shot Timothy execution-style.
42 G. W. Green White 54 M 11-Nov-1991 John Denson G.W Green and Joseph Starvaggi broke into the home of John Denson in order to steal his collection of guns. Joseph killed John Denson when he caught them. G.W Green tried to talk Joseph into killing the man's entire family.
1992 – 12 executions
43 Joe Angel Cordova Hispanic 39 M 22-Jan-1992 Masel Williams Joe Cordova was drinking alcohol and sniffing paint fumes with teenagers in order to get high. The group then planned to rob people. Masel Williams was in a payphone calling a friend when he was kidnapped by the group. The group took all his money and Joe shot him in the chest.
44 Johnny Frank Garrett White 28 M 11-Feb-1992 Tadea Benz Johnny Garrett was planning on raping a nun on the night of Sister Tadea Benz's murder. He broke into the convent and entered Sister Benz's room. When she woke up Johnny raped her and tried strangling her to death. When that failed, he stabbed her to death.
45 David Michael Clark[3] White 32 M 28-Feb-1992 Charles Gears and Beverly Benninghoff David Clark broke into the home of Charles Gears and Beverly Benninghoff. While stealing items from their house, David tied the couple up. David then beat the couple with a metal pipe, slashed their throats and shot them to make sure they were dead.
46 Edward Anthony Ellis White 38 M 03-Mar-1992 Bertie Eakins Edward Ellis crept into the home of Bertie Eakens while she slept. He began robbing her until she woke up. Edward was scared that the victim might testify against him so he chained her to her bed and smothered her with her own pillow.
47 Billy Wayne White Black 34 M 23-Apr-1992 Martha Spinks Billy White planned on robbing the furniture store that Martha Sparks and her husband owned. Billy entered the shop unprovoked and shot Martha Sparks in the head. He then demanded that her husband give him all his money. The husband instead managed to wrestle the gun away from him and shot Billy in the groin.
48 Justin Lee May White 46 M 07-May-1992 Jeaneha Murdaugh Justin May was on a robbery and murder spree when he broke into the house of Frank Murdaugh and Jeaneha Murdaugh. He tied the couple up and shot them both. Frank got shot in the neck twice and died. Jeaneha got shot twice in the head. Due to legal complications he only got sentenced to death for Jeaneha's murder.
49 Jesus Romero, Jr. Hispanic 27 M 20-May-1992 Olga Perales Jesus Romero was the leader of a street gang. One day that gang kidnapped and raped 15-year-old Olga Perales. They then drove her off to a wooded area and then Jesus stabbed her to death.
50 Robert Vannoy Black, Jr. White 45 M 22-May-1992 Sandra Black Robert Black hated his wife. He never tried killing her on his own because he knew he would get caught. Instead he hired a hitman to murder his wife while he took his son to the carnival. The hitman broke in and waited for Sandra Black to enter the house. When she did the hitman shot her in the face and tossed around items to make it look like a robbery gone wrong.
51 Curtis Lee Johnson[4] Black 38 M 11-Aug-1992 Murray Dale Sweat Curtis Johnson was burglarizing the apartment of Murray Sweat. Curtis Johnson and an accomplice ransacked the apartment of 100,000 euro. Sweat snuck up on Curtis and tried to fight back. Curtis shot sweat to death.
52 James Demouchette[5] Black 37 M 22-Sep-1992 Scott Sorell, Robert White, and Johnny Aswin James Demouchette planned to rob the local Pizza Hut. Scott Sorell and Johnny Aswin were employed as night managers at the restaurant. James entered the restaurant and ordered a pizza. When closing time approached, he was told to leave by John. He ordered Johnny and Scott to kneel and shot them execution style. While in prison he stabbed inmate Robert White to death with a homemade knife.
53 Jeffery Lee Griffin[6] Black 37 M 19-Nov-1992 and Horacio DeLeon Jeffrey Griffin was a former mental patient. One day he abducted David Sobotik and Horacio DeLeon. He robbed both of them and drove them to a neighborhood. He then stabbed both of them to death.
54 Kavin Wayne Lincecum[7] Black 29 M 10-Dec-1992 Kathy Coppedge Kavin Lincecum waited outside the local church's parking lot for a victim to rape. Kathy Coppedge and her son Casey were leaving from a sermon when Kavin attacked. He attempted to rape her but she fought him off. Worried about getting caught, he strangled her with her own pantyhose. He then stuffed her son Casey in the truck of her car and dumped Kathy's body on top of him causing him to smother to death.
1993 – 17 executions
55 Sandoval "Carlos" Santana[8] Hispanic 40 M 23-Mar-1993 Oliver Flores Carlos Santana planned to rob an armoured car. Him and Ronald Meanes targeted the van driven by Oliver Flores. While the van pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store Carlos and Ronald ambushed Oliver. Oliver was ordered to turn around at gun point. He was then shot in the back.
56 Ramón Montoya Facundo[9] Hispanic 38 M 25-Mar-1993 John Pasco Ramon Montoya was in possession of an illegal gun. Neighbours had complained about the gun to the police. Officer John Pasco was first on the scene. During the confrountion Ramon shot officer John in the face.
57 Darryl Elroy Stewart Black 38 M 04-May-1993 Donna Kate Thomas Darryl Stewart broke into the home of Donna Thomas. While he was inside he ordered Donna to have sex with him. Donna refused and that's when Darryl shot her fifteen times in the chest. He then fled with 30 thousand euro worth of stolen valuables.
58 Leonel Torres Herrera Hispanic 45 M 12-May-1993 TDPS state trooper David Irvine Rucker and Los Fresnos police officer Enrique L. Carrisalez Leonel Herra had stolen a car without the owner knowing. He was speeding on the highway when officer David Rucker pulled him over. He shot David to avoid prosecution for the robbery. He then fled and was pulled over by another police car for speeding. This time it was Enrique Carrisalez. Herra shot him again and sped off.
59 John Christopher Sawyers White 38 M 18-May-1993 Ethel Delany John Sawyer's had broken into the home of Ethel Delany.He crept up on Ethel and battered her skull with an iron pipe. He then removed the women's panties and raped the corpse.
60 Markham Duff-Smith White 46 M 29-Jun-1993 Gertrude Duff Markham Smith was in dept. That's when him and a local banker hatched a plan to murder his adoptive mother for insurance. They both agreed to slit the money 50\50. Markham snuck up on Gertrude Duff and strangled her to death.
61 Curtis Paul Harris Black 31 M 01-Jul-1993 Timothy Merka Curtis Harris and his brother Danny Harris were looking to rob people. They faked having a car breakdown so they could lure victims. Timothy Merka saw that they needed help and went to fix the brothers car . when he saw that nothing was wrong with the car Curtis clubbed him to death with a tire iron while Danny held him down.
62 Danny Ray Harris Black 32 M 30-Jul-1993 Timothy Merka Danny Harris and his brother Curtis Harris were looking to rob people. They faked having a car breakdown so they could lure victims. Timothy Merka saw that they needed help and went to fix the brothers car. When he saw that nothing was wrong with the car Curtis clubbed him to death with a tire iron while Danny held him down.
63 Joseph Paul Jernigan White 39 M 05-Aug-1993 Edward Hale Joseph Jernigan broke into the home of Edward Hale and attempted to steal his microwave oven. Edward arrived home and Joseph and his accomplish field immediately. While he was running from the scene Joseph became paranoid and thought Edward saw him. Scared that the police might catch him he ran back to the house and confronted Edward. He hit edward several times before shooting him to death.
64 David Lee Holland, Sr. White 58 M 12-Aug-1993 Helen Barnard David Holland was employed at a local bank. While working there he formed a plan to rob that bank.He broke into the bank and ordered Helen Barnard along with Dianna Jackson into the bank vault. He then shot both of them in the head execution style twice.
65 Carl Eugene Kelly[10] Black 34 M 20-Aug-1993 Steven Pryor Carl Kelly was looking for a quick way to make money when he came up with the idea to rob a 7\11. Steven Pryor was the night clerk there. Carl robbed the store and then abducted Steven. They drove Stevens own car to the top of a 60-foot cliff . Carl shot steven to death and threw his body off the cliff. Carl then killed David Reilly in the same manner. David Reilly was a homeless person who was sleeping in Stevens car when they took it.
66 Ruben Montoya Cantu Hispanic 26 M 24-Aug-1993 Pedro Gomez Ruben Cantu broke into a local construction site looking for items to pawn. Two construction workers were guarding the building due to recent breakins. One of them Pedro Gomez was armed with a gun. Ruben ordered both of them on the ground.When he saw Pedro reach for a gun he shot Pedro nine times in the back. He also did so to the other worker but only Pedro died.
67 Richard James Wilkerson Black 29 M 31-Aug-1993 Anil Varughese Richard Wilkerson was fired from the Malibu grand Prix two weeks before the murder. He planned to Rob the Prix as revenge. He and two accomplishs entered the Prix and began the robbery. While there he caught Anil Varughese. He then stabbed her to death as revenge as he believed she was responsible for getting him fired. He then killed Rob Harris, Arnold Pequeno and his brother Joerene Pequeno to avoid persecution for Anil's murder.
68 Johnny James[11] White 39 M 03-Sep-1993 Barbara Mayfield Johnny James once worked at the bar that Barbara Mayfield owned. Johnny robbed the bar and forced her at gunpoint into the back of his truck. He then forced her to drive him around Texas while he raped a clerk he previously robbed. In Jefferson county he shot both of them execution style. Only Barbara died.
69 Antonio Nathaniel Bonham Black 33 M 28-Sep-1993 Marie McGowen Antonio Bonham was looking for a victim to rape. He kidnapped Marie McGowan as she was leaving college and forced her into his trunk. He then drove for four hours before stopping in the middle of nowhere. He then threw Marie out of her car and drove over her.
70 Anthony Quinn Cook White 34 M 10-Nov-1993 David VanTassel, Jr. Anthony Cook needed more money to fund his drug habits.While in a motel parking lot they saw David van Tassels car which was unusually expensive given that it was a poor neighbour. They then hatched a plan to rob David.They kidnapped David and drove him to an abandoned area of the road where they then shot him four times in the head and robbed his corpse.
71 Clifford X. Phillips[12] Black 59 M 15-Dec-1993 Iris Siff Clifford Phillips was a former security guard at the theater where Iris directed. Knowing how wealthy she was he planned to rob her. While robbing her the victim arrived home. Clifford crept up on iris and strangled her to death on her telephone cord. Clifford had done time for killing his son.
1994 – 14 executions
72 Harold Amos Barnard White 51 M 02-Feb-1994 Tuan Nguyen Harold Bernard planned to rob a 7/11. He ran inside the store and ordered Tuan Nguyen to give him all the money in the cash register. Tuan complied with Harold's demands but was unable to get the money out. Angered by his failure Harold shot Tuan in the head.
73 Freddie Lee Webb, Jr.[13] Black 33 M 31-Mar-1994 Leopoldo Cantu Freddie Webb knew that the restaurant Leopoldo Cantu owned was profitable. So he hatched a plan to rob the restaurant. When the couple closed the restaurant and drive to a gas station Freddie was waiting. He ordered them at gunpoint to go back to the restaurant and open their vault. Both in the couple complied with Freddie but then Freddie recognized Leopoldo and realised that Leopoldo could testify against him. He tied the wife to a table in the restaurant and took Leopoldo to an isolated area where he shot him in the head .
74 Richard Lee Beavers White 39 M 04-Apr-1994 Douglas Odle Richard Beavers broke into Douglas Odle's apartment while he and his wife were sleeping. He abducted them at gunpoint and drove them to various ATM's to discharge money. He then made them go back to the restaurant they owned band discharge money. Finally Richard drove Douglas to an isolated area and shot him execution style in the head killing him. He then drove the mans wife to another isolated area and did the same to her. She survived.
75 Larry Norman Anderson White 41 M 26-Apr-1994 Zelda Webster Larry Anderson wanted money badly so he could support his drug habit. He abducted Zelda Webster when she was closing the bar she worked at. He took a thousand euro from the bar and then to avoid witnesses he stabbed Zelda to death with a hunting knife.
76 Paul Rougeau[14] Black 46 M 03-May-1994 Albert Wilkins Paul Rougeau broke inti the stock market Albert was employed to guard. During the robbery paul ordered Albert to beg for his life. Paul laughed as albert begged. He then shot him in the head.
77 Stephen Ray Netheny White 33 M 27-May-1994 John McCarthy Stephen Nethery was in the process of raping an unnamed victim when officer John McCarthy told him to leave not noticing that the victim was being raped. Stephen did as he was told and apologised to the officers just before firing 3 shots towards John who died two days later.
78 Denton Alan Crank[15] White 38 M 14-Jun-1994 Terry Oringderff
79 Robert Nelson Drew[16] White 35 M 02-Aug-1994 Jeffrey Mayes
80 Jessie Gutierrez[17] Hispanic 29 M 16-Sep-1994 Dorothy McNew
81 George Douglas Lott White 47 M 20-Sep-1994 Christopher Marshall and John Edwards
82 Walter Key Williams Black 32 M 05-Oct-1994 Daniel Leipold
83 Warren Eugene Bridge White 34 M 22-Nov-1994 Walter Rose
84 Herman Robert Charles Clark, Jr. Black 48 M 06-Dec-1994 Joseph McClain
85 Raymond Carl Kinnamon White 53 M 11-Dec-1994 Ronald Longmire
1995 – 19 executions
86 Jesse Dewayne Jacobs White 44 M 04-Jan-1995 Etta Ann Urdiales
87 Mario S. Márquez Hispanic 36 M 17-Jan-1995 Rebecca Marquez and Rachel Gutierrez
88 Clifton Charles Russell, Jr. White 38 M 31-Jan-1995 Hubert Tobey
89 Willie Ray Williams Black 38 M 31-Jan-1995 Claude Schaffer, Jr.
90 Jeffrey Dean Motley[18] White 29 M 07-Feb-1995 Maria Adelia Duran
91 Billy Conn Gardner[19] White 52 M 16-Feb-1995 Thelma Row
92 Samuel Christopher Hawkins[20] Black 52 M 21-Feb-1995 Abbe Hamilton
93 Noble D. Mays, Jr. White 42 M 06-Apr-1995 Jerry Lamb
94 Fletcher Thomas Mann White 34 M 01-Jun-1995 Christopher Bates
95 Ronald Keith Allridge Black 35 M 08-Jun-1995 Carla McMillan
96 John W. Fearance, Jr. Black 41 M 20-Jun-1995 Larry Faircloth
97 Karl Hammond[21] Black 31 M 21-Jun-1995 Donna Lynn Vetter
98 Vernon Lamar Sattiewhite Black 40 M 15-Aug-1995 Sandra Sorrell
99 Carl Johnson, Jr. Black 40 M 19-Sep-1995 Ed Thompson
100 Harold Joe Lane[22] White 50 M 04-Oct-1995 Tammy Davis[23]
101 Bernard Eugene Amos Black 33 M 06-Dec-1995 James Joe
102 Hai Hai Vuong Asian 40 M 07-Dec-1995 Hien Quang Tau and Tien Van Nguye
103 Esequel Banda[24] Hispanic 31 M 11-Dec-1995 Merle Laird
104 James Michael Briddle[25] White 40 M 12-Dec-1995 Robert Banks
1996 – 3 executions
105 Leo Ernest Jenkins, Jr. White 38 M 09-Feb-1996 Mark Kelley and Kara Kelley Voss
106 Kenneth Granviel[26] Black 45 M 27-Feb-1996 Natasha McClendon, Steven McClendon, Martha McClendon, Laura McClendon, Linda McClendon, Betty Williams, and Vera Hill
107 Joe Fedelfido Gonzales, Jr.[27] Hispanic 36 M 18-Sep-1996 William J. Veader
1997 – 37 executions
108 Richard Lewis Brimage, Jr.[28] White 42 M 10-Feb-1997 Mary Beth Kunkel
109 John Kennedy Barefield[29] Black 32 M 12-Mar-1997 Cindy Rounseville
110 David Lee Herman[30] White 39 M 02-Apr-1997 Jennifer Burns
111 David Wayne Spence White 40 M 03-Apr-1997 Jill Montgomery, Kenneth Franks, and Raylene Rice
112 Billy Joe Woods White 50 M 14-Apr-1997 Mabel Ehatt
113 Kenneth Edward Gentry White 36 M 16-Apr-1997 Jimmy Dean Ham
114 Benjamin Herbert Boyle[31] White 53 M 21-Apr-1997 Gail Lenore Smith
115 Ernest Orville Baldree White 55 M 29-Apr-1997 Homer Howard and Nancy Howard
116 Terry David Washington Black 33 M 06-May-1997 Beatrica Huling
117 Anthony Ray Westley Black 36 M 13-May-1997 Frank Hall
118 Clifton Eugene Belyeu White 38 M 16-May-1997 Melodie Bolton
119 Richard Gerry Drinkard[32] White 39 M 19-May-1997 Ladean Hendrix, Lou Ann Anthony, and Jerry Mullis
120 Clarence Allen Lackey White 42 M 20-May-1997 Toni Dianne Kumpf
121 Bruce Edwin Callins Black 37 M 21-May-1997 Allen Huckleberry
122 Larry Wayne White White 47 M 22-May-1997 Elizabeth St. John
123 Robert Anthony Madden White 33 M 28-May-1997 Herbert Megason and Don Megason
124 Patrick Fitzgerald Rogers Black 33 M 02-Jun-1997 David Roberts
125 Kenneth Bernard Harris Black 34 M 03-Jun-1997 Lisa Stonestreet
126 Dorsie Lee Johnson-Bey, Jr.[33] Black 30 M 04-Jun-1997 Jack Huddleston
127 Davis Losada[33] Hispanic 32 M 04-Jun-1997 Olga Lidia Perales
128 Earl Russell Behringer White 33 M 11-Jun-1997 Daniel Meyer
129 David Wayne Stoker White 38 M 16-Jun-1997 David Manrique
130 Eddie James Johnson Black 44 M 17-Jun-1997 David Magee, Virginia Cadena, and Elizabeth Galvan
131 Irineo Tristán Montoya Hispanic 29 M 18-Jun-1997 John Kilheffer
132 Robert Wallace West, Jr. White 35 M 29-Jul-1997 DeAnn Klaus
133 James Carl Lee Davis Black 34 M 09-Sep-1997 Yvette Johnson, Tony Johnson, and Tyran Johnson
134 Jessel Turner White 37 M 22-Sep-1997 Charles Hunter
135 Benjamin C. Stone White 45 M 25-Sep-1997 Patsy Stone and Kathy Lynn Van Coney
136 John William Cockrum White 38 M 30-Sep-1997 Eva May
137 Dwight Dwayne Adanandus Black 41 M 01-Oct-1997 Vernon Hanon
138 Ricky Lee Green[34] White 36 M 08-Oct-1997 Steven Fefferman
139 Kenneth Ray Ransom Black 34 M 28-Oct-1997 Roddy Harris, Arnold Pequeño, Joerene Pequeño, and Anil Varughese
140 Aua Lauti Pacific Islander 43 M 04-Nov-1997 Tara Lauti
141 Aaron Lee Fuller White 30 M 06-Nov-1997 Loretta Stevens
142 Michael Eugene Sharp White 43 M 19-Nov-1997 Brenda Broadway
143 Charlie Lee Livingston Black 35 M 21-Nov-1997 Janet Caldwell
144 Michael Lee Lockhart White 37 M 09-Dec-1997 Beaumont police officer Paul Douglas Hulsey, Jr. He was also sentenced to death in Indiana for the murder of Windy Gallagher, and in Florida for the murder of Jennifer Coulhouer.
1998 – 20 executions
145 Karla Faye Tucker White 38 F 03-Feb-1998 Jerry Lynn Dean and Deborah Thornton
146 Steven Ceon Renfro White 40 M 09-Feb-1998 Rhena Fultner, Rose Rutledge, and George Counts
147 Jerry Lee Hogue White 47 M 11-Mar-1998 Jane Markham
148 Joseph John Cannon White 38 M 22-Apr-1998 Anne Walsh
149 Lesley Lee Gosch White 42 M 24-Apr-1998 Rebecca Jo Patton
150 Frank Basil McFarland White 34 M 29-Apr-1998 Terri Lynn Hokanson
151 Robert Anthony Carter Black 34 M 18-May-1998 Sylvia Reyes
152 Pedro Cruz Muniz Hispanic 41 M 19-May-1998 Janis Carol Bickham
153 Clifford Holt Boggess[35] White 32 M 11-Jun-1998 Ray Vance Hazelwood and Moses Frank Collier
154 Johnny Dean Pyles White 40 M 15-Jun-1998 Ray Edward Kovar
155 Leopoldo Narvaiz, Jr. Hispanic 30 M 26-Jun-1998 Shannon Mann, Jennifer Mann, Ernest Mann, and Martha Mann
156 Genaro Ruiz Camacho, Jr. Hispanic 43 M 26-Aug-1998 David Wilburn
157 Delbert Boyd Teague, Jr. White 35 M 09-Sep-1998 Kevin Allen
158 David Allen Castillo Hispanic 43 M 23-Sep-1998 Clarencio Champion
159 Javier Cruz Hispanic 41 M 01-Oct-1998 Menard Neal and James Ryan
160 Jonathan Wayne Nobles White 37 M 07-Oct-1998 Mitzi Johnson and Kelly Farquhar
161 Kenneth Allen McDuff White 52 M 17-Nov-1998 Melissa Ann Northrup
162 Daniel Lee Corwin White 40 M 07-Dec-1998 Alice Martin, Debra Ewing, and Mary Risinger
163 Jeff J. Emery White 49 M 08-Dec-1998 LaShan Muhlinghaus
164 James Ronald Meanes Black 42 M 15-Dec-1998 Oliver Flores
1999 – 35 executions
165 John Glenn Moody White 46 M 05-Jan-1999 Maureen Louis Maulden
166 Troy Dale Farris White 36 M 13-Jan-1999 Clark Rosenbalm, Jr.
167 Martin Sauceda Vega Hispanic 52 M 26-Jan-1999 James William Mims
168 Jorge "George" Cordova Hispanic 39 M 10-Feb-1999 Jose Hernandez
169 Danny Lee Barber White 43 M 11-Feb-1999 Janice Louis Ingram
170 Andrew Flores Cantu Hispanic 30 M 16-Feb-1999 Gene Summers, Helen Summers, and Billy Mack Summers
171 Norman Evans Green Black 38 M 24-Feb-1999 Timothy Adams
172 Charles Henry Rector Black 44 M 26-Mar-1999 Carolyn Kay Davis
173 Robert Excell White White 61 M 30-Mar-1999 Preston Broyles, Gary Coker, and Billy St. John
174 Aaron Christopher Foust White 26 M 28-Apr-1999 David Ward
175 Jose Eligio de la Cruz Hispanic 31 M 04-May-1999 Domingo Rosas
176 Clydell Coleman Black 62 M 05-May-1999 Leetisha Joe
177 William Hamilton Little White 38 M 01-Jun-1999 Marilyn Peter
178 Joseph Stanley Faulder White 61 M 17-Jun-1999 Inez Phillips
179 Charles Daniel Tuttle White 35 M 01-Jul-1999 Cathy Harris
180 Tyrone Leroy Fuller Black 35 M 07-Jul-1999 Andrea Lea Duke
181 Ricky Don Blackmon White 41 M 04-Aug-1999 Carl Rinkle
182 Charles Anthony Boyd Black 39 M 05-Aug-1999 Mary Mulligan
183 Kenneth Dwayne Dunn Black 39 M 10-Aug-1999 Madeline Peters
184 James Otto Earhart White 56 M 11-Aug-1999 Kandy Janell Kirtland
185 Joseph Mario Trevino, Jr. Hispanic 37 M 18-Aug-1999 Blanche Miller
186 Raymond James Jones Black 39 M 01-Sep-1999 Su Van Dang
187 Willis Jay Barnes Black 51 M 10-Sep-1999 Helen Grab
188 William Prince Davis Black 42 M 14-Sep-1999 Richard Lang
189 Richard Wayne Smith White 43 M 21-Sep-1999 Karen Birky
190 Alvin Wayne Crane White 41 M 12-Oct-1999 Melvin Drum
191 Jerry Walter McFadden White 51 M 14-Oct-1999 Suzanne Denise Harrison
192 Domingo Cantu, Jr. Hispanic 31 M 28-Oct-1999 Suda Eller Jones
193 Desmond Dominique Jennings Black 28 M 16-Nov-1999 Wonda Matthews and Sylvester Walton
194 John Michael Lamb White 42 M 17-Nov-1999 Jerry Chafin
195 Jose Angel Gutierrez Hispanic 39 M 18-Nov-1999 Dorothy McNew
196 David Martin Long[36] White 46 M 08-Dec-1999 Donna Sue Jester, Dalpha Lorene Jester, and Laura Lee Owens
197 James Lee Beathard White 42 M 09-Dec-1999 Gene, Linda Sue and Marcus Hathom
198 Robert Ronald Atworth White 30 M 14-Dec-1999 Thomas Carlson
199 Samuel "Sammie" Felder, Jr.[37] Black 54 M 15-Dec-1999 James Hanks
Sources: List of executed offenders by the TDCJ since 1982,[1] and The Espy File: 1608–2002.[2]

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