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The following people were all born in or were residents of the city of Akron, Ohio, United States.

Name Occupation/industry Description Association Reference
Henry Eugene Abbey Theatre Theatre manager and producer Born in Akron [1]
Richard F. Abel Military U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Born in Akron [2]
John R. Adams Judge Federal judge on U.S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio Practiced in Akron [3]
James E. Akins Politician U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1973–76 Born and raised in Akron [4]
Lola Albright Actress and singer Starred in TV series Peter Gunn and films such as Kid Galahad Born and raised in Akron [5]
Andy Alleman Athlete Football center for Miami Dolphins Born in Akron [6]
Harold Anderson Athlete Basketball coach at Bowling Green State and University of Toledo Born in Akron [7]
R. W. Apple, Jr. Writer Editor, writer for The New York Times Born in Akron [8]
Joseph Arthur Musician Musician and artist Born and raised in Akron [9]
Dan Auerbach Musician Solo musician, guitarist for The Black Keys, owner of Akron Analog Recording Studios Born and raised in Akron [10]
William Hanes Ayres Politician Republican member of U.S. House of Representatives Represented Akron in Congress [11]
Josh Azzarella Artist Born in Akron [12]
Melissa Baker Model Model Born in Akron [13]
E.T. Barnette Politician Founder of Fairbanks, Alaska and its first mayor Born in Akron [14]
Alice M. Batchelder Attorney Attorney and jurist, currently[when?] chief judge of U.S. Court of Appeals for Sixth Circuit Practiced in Akron [15]
Elsworth R. Bathrick Politician U.S. Representative Worked in Akron [16]
Tom Batiuk Cartoonist Comic strip creator (Funky Winkerbean, Crankshaft) Born in Akron [17]
Cliff Battles Athlete Football player Born in Akron [18]
Margaret Baxtresser Musician Classical pianist Supporter of Akron [19]
Art Becker Athlete Basketball player Born in Akron [20]
Samuel H. Bell Judge Federal judge on U.S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio Practiced in Akron [citation needed]
Terry Bevington Athlete Baseball player and manager Born in Akron [citation needed]
George Bliss Politician Congressman Practiced and worked in Akron [citation needed]
Ray C. Bliss Politician Republican Party leader Born and worked in Akron [citation needed]
Jim Boeke Athlete Football player Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Mark Bloch Artist Artist Raised in Akron [citation needed]
Phil Boggs Athlete Diver, 1976 Olympic gold medalist Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Dante Booker Athlete Football player Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Rosario Borgio Criminal Mobster Worked in Akron [citation needed]
William Boyett Actor Actor Born in Akron [citation needed]
Dave Brown Athlete Football player Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
John Brown Politician Abolitionist Worked in Akron [citation needed]
Walter Hermann Bucher Scientist Geologist and paleontologist Born in Akron [citation needed]
Michael Buckley Writer Author of The Sisters Grimm and NERDS series Born in Akron [citation needed]
E. J. Burt Athlete Football player Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Rhea Butcher Actor Stand-up comic, co-creator and co-star of Take My Wife Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Jimmy Butler Actor Actor Born in Akron [citation needed]
Glen Buxton Musician Guitarist for Alice Cooper Born in Akron [citation needed]
Patrick Carney Musician Drummer for The Black Keys, bassist for band Drummer Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Bob Casale Musician Musician, Devo Raised in Akron [citation needed]
Gerald Casale Musician Musician, Devo Raised in Akron [citation needed]
Len Chandler Musician Folk musician Born in Akron [citation needed]
David Allan Coe Singer Country music artist Born in Akron [citation needed]
Russell Coffey Military World War I veteran Lived in Akron [citation needed]
Arthur L. Conger Historian Theosophist Born in Akron [citation needed]
Deborah L. Cook Judge Federal judge on U.S. Court of Appeals for Sixth Circuit Practiced in Akron [citation needed]
Jarrod Cooper Athlete Football player Born in Akron [citation needed]
Cheryl Crawford Theatre Director and producer Born in Akron [citation needed]
Mark Croghan Athlete Five-time national champion in steeplechase Born in Akron [citation needed]
Stephen Curry Athlete Basketball player for Golden State Warriors, three-time NBA champion Born in Akron [citation needed]
Ruby Nash Curtis Singer Singer of Ruby & The Romantics Born in Akron [citation needed]
Hammer Damage Singer Rock band Formed in Akron [citation needed]
Keith Dambrot Athlete Basketball coach Born, raised, and worked in Akron [citation needed]
Jimmy Darrow Athlete Basketball player Born in Akron [citation needed]
John Dean Politician White House counsel to Richard Nixon [citation needed]
Charles W. F. Dick Politician U.S. Senator (Republican) [citation needed]
Frank Dicopoulos Actor Actor [citation needed]
Michael Dokes Athlete Boxer, WBA World Heavyweight Champion 1982–1983 Born in Akron [citation needed]
Lloyd C. Douglas Minister Minister, author [citation needed]
Rita Dove Writer Poet [citation needed]
Hugh Downs TV TV journalist and personality, 20/20 [citation needed]
Peter C. Economus Judge Federal judge on U.S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio Practiced in Akron [citation needed]
Sidney Edgerton Politician 19th-century politician [citation needed]
Eddie Elias Athlete Founder of Professional Bowlers Assn. [citation needed]
Harold G. Epperson Military Decorated U.S. Marine [citation needed]
Eugene C. Eppley Corporate executive Hotel mogul [citation needed]
Angie Everhart Actress Model and actress [citation needed]
Fritzi Fern Actress Actress [citation needed]
Harvey Samuel Firestone Corporate executive Founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Lived in Akron [citation needed]
Leonard Firestone Corporate executive Industrialist [citation needed]
Steve Fitzhugh Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Art Fleming TV TV game show host, Jeopardy [citation needed]
Carol Folt College executive Chancellor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Born in Akron [citation needed]
Martha Firestone Ford Business executive Owner and chairwoman of NFL's Detroit Lions Born in Akron
Trent Ford Actor Actor, model [citation needed]
Mike Fox Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Elizabeth Franz Actress Tony Award and Obie Award-winning actress [citation needed]
Shirley Fry Athlete Tennis player [citation needed]
Ruby Nash Garnett Singer Singer of Ruby & the Romantics Born in Akron [citation needed]
William H. Gerstenmaier NASA NASA administrator [citation needed]
Joe Glazer Musician Musician [citation needed]
Dick Goddard Scientist Meteorologist [citation needed]
Harvey Gold Musician Musician [citation needed]
Bob Golic Athlete Football player, radio personality [citation needed]
Mike Golic Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Benjamin Goodrich Corporate executive Founder of B.F. Goodrich Company [citation needed]
Jim Graner TV Sports anchor at WKYC; color commentator for Cleveland Browns radio Born in Akron [21]
Brad Guigar Cartoonist Cartoonist [citation needed]
James S. Gwin Judge Federal judge on U.S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio Practiced in Akron [citation needed]
Kris Haines Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Dave Hampton Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Leon Harris TV Television journalist [citation needed]
James Harrison Athlete Football player for Pittsburgh Steelers, two-time Super Bowl champion [citation needed]
Dow W. Harter Politician U.S. Representative [citation needed]
Umar Bin Hassan Writer Poet [citation needed]
Anne Heche Actress Star of films like Volcano, Psycho, Cedar Rapids [citation needed]
John Heisman Actor, athlete, coach Football and baseball coach at Buchtel College (now known as the University of Akron); Heisman Trophy named in his honor Lived in Akron [22]
Carol Heiss Athlete Figure skater, Olympic gold medalist, five-time world champion [citation needed]
Daniel Hesidence Artist Painter [citation needed]
Howard Hewett Singer Gospel and R&B singer [citation needed]
Michael Holley Writer Sports journalist [citation needed]
M. Herbert Hoover Politician Politician [citation needed]
Roger Hoover Singer Singer, musician [citation needed]
Walter B. Huber Politician U.S. Representative [citation needed]
Rex Humbard Televangelist Televangelist [citation needed]
Craig Hummer TV Sportscaster [citation needed]
Chrissie Hynde Singer Musician, leader of The Pretenders [citation needed]
James Ingram Musician Singer, songwriter, two-time Grammy Award winner Born in Akron [citation needed]
Shirley Fry Irvin Athlete Hall of Fame tennis player Born in Akron [citation needed]
Lux Interior Singer (The Cramps) [citation needed]
Sandi Jackson Politician Politician [citation needed]
LeBron James Athlete Basketball player for Los Angeles Lakers, three-time NBA champion Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Jim Jarmusch Filmmaker Director of films such as Down by Law, Broken Flowers [citation needed]
David Jenkins Athlete Figure skater, Olympic gold medalist, three-time world champion [citation needed]
Hayes Alan Jenkins Athlete Figure skater, 1956 Olympic gold medalist [citation needed]
Helen Jepson Singer Soprano [citation needed]
Gus Johnson Athlete Basketball player, television sportscaster [citation needed]
Steve Johnson Athlete Basketball player [citation needed]
Grandpa Jones Musician Musician, comedian (Hee-Haw) [citation needed]
Melina Kanakaredes Actress Star of television series Providence, CSI: NY [citation needed]
Salaria Kea Nurse Nurse [citation needed]
Maynard James Keenan Singer Singer, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer Born in Akron [citation needed]
Dean Keener Coach Basketball coach [citation needed]
Herman Keiser Athlete Golfer, 1946 Masters champion [citation needed]
Charlton Keith Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Phil Kline Musician Composer [citation needed]
Bob Knepper Athlete Major League Baseball pitcher [citation needed]
Charles Landon Knight Attorney Publisher, politician [citation needed]
James L. Knight Writer Publisher [citation needed]
John S. Knight Writer Publisher [citation needed]
Parke Kolbe College executive College president [citation needed]
Heather Kozar Model Model; former Barker's Beauty on The Price Is Right [citation needed]
Brock Kreitzburg Athlete Bobsledder [citation needed]
Art Kusnyer Athlete Baseball player and coach [citation needed]
Jani Lane Singer Lead singer of Glam metal band Warrant Born in Akron [citation needed]
Jerome Lane Athlete Basketball player [citation needed]
Bob Lape TV Television journalist [citation needed]
Mortimer Dormer Leggett Military Civil War officer [citation needed]
Bob Lewis Singer Founder of Devo [citation needed]
Thomas Lewis Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Frank Fowler Loomis Engineer Inventor and city director of mechanical engineering Born and raised in Akron [23]
David Lough Athlete Baseball player Born in Akron [citation needed]
Liam Lynch Musician Musician, puppeteer, Sifl and Olly [citation needed]
Doug Marsh Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Thomas E. Martin Politician Iowa politician [citation needed]
Mike Massie Politician Wyoming politician [citation needed]
Banjo Matthews Athlete NASCAR driver [citation needed]
Frank W. Mayborn Writer Publisher [citation needed]
Andy McCollum Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Frances McGovern Politician U.S. Representative [citation needed]
Marian Mercer Actress Tony Award-winning actress of stage, film and TV [citation needed]
Gene Mingo Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Dan Moldea Writer Journalist and author [citation needed]
Vaughn Monroe Singer Recording artist, actor, bandleader on Hollywood Walk of Fame [citation needed]
Michael Morell TV ICIA director, TV analyst [citation needed]
Brian Mosteller Politician Director of Oval Office Operations for President Barack Obama [citation needed]
Bob Mothersbaugh Musician Musician, member of Devo [citation needed]
Jim Mothersbaugh Musician Musician, member of Devo [citation needed]
Mark Mothersbaugh Musician Musician, member of Devo [citation needed]
Scott Muni Radio Radio personality [citation needed]
Thurman Munson Athlete Baseball player, seven-time All-Star, 1976 American League MVP [citation needed]
Ron Negray Athlete Baseball player [citation needed]
John Neidert Athlete Football player Born in Akron [citation needed]
Donnie Nickey Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Pete Nischt Musician Musician [citation needed]
Gabe Norwood Athlete Basketball player for the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters [citation needed]
Russell Oberlin Musician Musician [citation needed]
Les Olsson Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Stanford R. Ovshinsky Scientist Inventor and scientist [citation needed]
Chris Owens Athlete Basketball player [citation needed]
Tim "Ripper" Owens Singer Singer, replaced Rob Halford in Judas Priest; inspiration for movie Rock Star Born in Akron [citation needed]
Paige Palmer TV Fitness expert, TV personality [citation needed]
John Parry Sports official Football official [citation needed]
Ara Parseghian Coach Football coach, Notre Dame [citation needed]
Jaroslav Pelikan Theologian Christianity scholar [citation needed]
Simon Perkins Founder Settler, surveyor [citation needed]
Antonio Pittman Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Ronald Phillips Murderer Child murderer Executed for rape and murder of child
Terry Pluto Writer Sports journalist [citation needed]
Shawn Porter Athlete Professional boxer [citation needed]
Ricky Powers Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Edward Pramuk Artist Artist Born in Akron [citation needed]
Richard Quick Athlete Swimming coach [citation needed]
Robert Quine Musician Guitarist [citation needed]
Willard Van Orman Quine Philosopher Philosopher [citation needed]
Ron Rector Athlete Football player [citation needed]
James W. Reilly Politician Politician [citation needed]
Nikola Resanovic Musician Composer [citation needed]
Judith Resnik NASA Astronaut, killed in Challenger explosion Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Butch Reynolds Athlete Track-and-field star, gold medalist in 1988 Olympics [24]
Jennifer Niederst Robbins Corporate executive Designed the web's first commercial site [citation needed]
Sydne Rome Actress Actress [citation needed]
Edmund Rowe Politician U.S. Representative [citation needed]
Wilbur F. Sanders Politician Montana politician [citation needed]
Thomas C. Sawyer Politician Politician [citation needed]
Bo Schembechler Coach Football coach, University of Michigan [citation needed]
Mark Schubert Coach Swimming coach Born and raised in Akron [citation needed]
Francis Seiberling Politician U.S. Representative [citation needed]
Frank Seiberling Corporate executive Founder of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Born in Akron [citation needed]
John F. Seiberling Politician U.S. Representative [citation needed]
Luke Sewell Athlete Baseball player and manager [citation needed]
Chuck Share Athlete Basketball player [citation needed]
Denny Shute Athlete Golfer [citation needed]
Matt Simon Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Harry Simpson Athlete Baseball player [citation needed]
George Sisler Athlete Baseball player, member of Hall of Fame [citation needed]
Richard Smalley Scientist Physicist, winner of Nobel Prize [citation needed]
Bob Smith Founder Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous [citation needed]
Neal Smith Musician Drummer for Alice Cooper [citation needed]
Donald Ray Snodgrass Author Author [citation needed]
Mark Stevens Actor Star of films such as The Dark Corner, The Street with No Name [citation needed]
Betty Sutton Politician U.S. Representative for 13th Congressional District Practiced in Akron [citation needed]
Tyrell Sutton Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Rachel Sweet Actress Singer, actress and TV writer [citation needed]
Gene Thomas Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Nate Thurmond Athlete Basketball player, member of Hall of Fame [citation needed]
Todd Tobias Musician Musician [citation needed]
Aiden Wilson Tozer Author Preacher, author [citation needed]
Bill Upham Athlete Baseball player [citation needed]
William H. Upson Politician 19th-century politician [citation needed]
Claude Virden Athlete Basketball player [citation needed]
Mike Vrabel Athlete Football player for New England Patriots, three-time Super Bowl champion [citation needed]
Michael Wadleigh Director Director and cinematographer, filmed documentary of 1969 Woodstock Festival, Woodstock [citation needed]
Ramon Walker Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Brad Warner Musician Zen priest, musician [citation needed]
Chris Wells Athlete Football player for Arizona Cardinals [citation needed]
Michael Tarver Athlete Professional wrestler [citation needed]
George Dexter Whitcomb Manufacturer [citation needed]
Jesse White Actor Actor, known as Maytag Repairman in 1967–1988 commercials Raised in Akron [citation needed]
Josh Williams Athlete Professional soccer player Born in Akron [25]
Wendell Willkie Politician Presidential candidate, lawyer Worked in Akron [citation needed]
Melinda Windsor Model Playboy model [citation needed]
Antoine Winfield Athlete Football player [citation needed]
Ray Wise Actor Known for films and TV series such as Twin Peaks, 24 [citation needed]
Sam Wise Athlete Baseball player [citation needed]
Gene Woodling Athlete Baseball player [citation needed]
Kim Zurz Politician Politician [citation needed]

Fictional people from Akron, Ohio[edit]


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