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This is a list of people from the metropolitan borough of Bury in North West England. It includes people from the town of Bury and also people from the towns of Radcliffe, Prestwich, Whitefield, Tottington, Ramsbottom and other places which together form the Metropolitan Borough of Bury. This list is arranged alphabetically by surname:

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  • Noel Castree, professor of geography and author.
  • Sir John Charnley (1911-1982), orthopaedic surgeon, hip replacement pioneer, born in Bury.
  • David Chaytor (born 1949), Labour MP for Bury North 1997–2010, and convicted fraudster.
  • Walter Clegg (18 April 1920–15 April 1994), British Conservative politician.
  • Lol Creme of the band 10cc was from Prestwich.
  • Richmal Crompton (1890–1969), real name Richmal Crompton Lamburn - author of Just William stories.[6]
  • Cecil Cronshaw (1889–1961), pioneer of modern dyes, Chairman and Director of ICI.[7]
  • Brian Cubbon (1928–2015), former Permanent Secretary, Home Office and Northern Ireland Office.



  • Michael Edelson (born 1944), businessman and Director of Manchester United Football Club.
  • Elbow (band) was formed and played its first gig in Bury.





  • Howard Jacobson (born 1942), writer. Born in Prestwich.[25]
  • John Just (1797–1852), Second Master of Bury Grammar School 1832–52. A noted botanist, he lectured at the Royal Manchester School of Medicine and Surgery, and was honorary professor of botany at the Royal Manchester Institution.[26]



  • Allan Levy QC (1943–2004), Children's Rights Lawyer, Chairman of the Pindown Enquiry[30]
  • Dr Montagu Lomax was an assistant medical officer at the Prestwich Asylum from 1917 to 1919, and exposed the inhuman, custodial and antitherapeutic practices there in a book[31] which led to a Royal Commission, increased central control and ultimately the Mental Treatment Act of 1930.[32][33] However, much of what Lomax described could still be seen in parts of Prestwich Hospital in the 1960s and 1970s.[34][35]




  • Michael Oates the amateur astronomer who resides in Prestwich, has discovered 144 comets using images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and for almost 5 years, held the world record for the greatest number of comet discoveries by an individual.





Vicki Pollard - Grew up in Bury beside Mike Gooch.



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