List of people from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Coordinates: 38°50′02″N 104°49′17″W / 38.8339°N 104.8214°W / 38.8339; -104.8214 (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
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Colorado Springs is located in Colorado
Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs

This is a list of some notable people who have lived in the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States. Colorado Springs, the second-largest city in Colorado and the county seat of El Paso County, Colorado, United States, has been the birthplace and home of several notable individuals. This list of people from Colorado Springs includes people that were born or lived in the city or greater metropolitan area. Individuals included in this list are people presumed to be notable because they have received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.[A]


  • Nick Venetucci (1911–2004), philanthropist who donated over 1 million pumpkins to children

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Max Aaron


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  • Christopher Dean, British former Olympic ice dancer, 1984 Olympic Champion, 1994 Olympic bronze medalist
  • Robert Griswold (born 1996), swimmer
  • Steve O'Dwyer, professional poker player
  • Arlene Pieper, first woman to complete a U.S. marathon
  • Bill Roy, former Olympian and world champion skeet shooter
  • Keith Sanderson (born 1975), sport shooter[9]
  • Susan Beth Scott, Paralympic swimmer, bronze medalist in London 2012 and Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
  • Bobby Unser, automobile racer, born in Colorado Springs
  • Warrick Jones III, African American inducted into Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame, previously stationed at Ft Carson, Colorado Springs, CO


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38°50′02″N 104°49′17″W / 38.8339°N 104.8214°W / 38.8339; -104.8214 (Colorado Springs, Colorado)