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The following list includes notable people who were born or have lived in Columbus, Ohio or from the surrounding suburbs.



  • Abdisalam Aato, film director, producer, entrepreneur and media consultant.
  • George Bellows (1882–1925), realist painter, known for bold depictions of urban life in New York City, becoming, according to Columbus Museum of Art, "the most acclaimed American artist of his generation".
  • Charles Csuri (1922–), father of digital art and computer animation.
  • Alex Grey (1953– ), psychedelic artist. Grey was born in Columbus and attended Columbus College of Art and Design.
  • Aminah Robinson (born 1940), artist. Robinson was born in Columbus.
  • Alice Schille (1869–1955), watercolorist and painter.




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  • Tom Meek (1965– ), columnist. Meek lived in Columbus in 1976.
  • Mary Robison (1949– ), an American short story writer.
  • Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (1917–2007), historian and writer. Schlesinger was born in Columbus
  • Jeff Smith (1960– ), cartoonist and creator of Bone. Smith grew up and currently lives in Columbus.
  • Donald Ogden Stewart (1894–1980), humorist, playwright, and Academy Award-winning, black-listed, screenwriter. Stewart was born and raised in Columbus.
  • R. L. Stine (1943– ), author. Stine was born and raised in Columbus, attended the Ohio State University.
  • James Thurber (1894–1961), cartoonist and humorist. Thurber was born and raised in Columbus, and many of his short stories depict episodes from this period of his life.


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