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This is an incomplete list of notable natives and residents of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, which includes Las Vegas, Nevada. Natives are individuals born in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Non-natives are people who play or played a notable role in the history of Las Vegas or the Las Vegas metropolitan area while residing here.


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Notable people from Las Vegas
Sheldon Adelson Non-native businessman Las Vegas Sands
Andre Agassi Native professional tennis player philanthropist
Dean Ambrose Non-native professional wrestler World Wrestling Entertainment
Louie Anderson Non-native comedian
Criss Angel Non-native magician Criss Angel Mindfreak
Greg Anthony Native basketball player played for UNLV, NBA
Steve Aoki Non-native musician, DJ and music executive
DJ Ashba Non-native musician and music producer played guitar in Guns N' Roses from 2009 to 2015, current lead guitarist for Sixx:A.M.
Zak Bagans Non-native Paranormal Investigator Host of Ghost Adventures
Shamir Bailey Native singer-songwriter
Bobby Baldwin Non-native professional poker player and casino executive
Toni Basil Non-native singer-songwriter and actress
Jillian Bell Native actress Fist Fight, 22 Jump Street
Tony Bellamy Native musician and vocalist member of the rock band Redbone; inducted into the Native American Music Hall of Fame in 2008[1]
Edward M. Bernstein Non-native attorney and philanthropist
Alexandra Berzon Non-native journalist primary reporter for a Las Vegas Sun Pulitzer Prize-winning series
Big B Non-native recording artist Suburban Noize Records
Robert Bigelow Native entrepreneur founder and CEO of Bigelow Aerospace
Dan Bilzerian Non-native professional poker player
Benny Binion Non-native businessman founder and owner of several properties, including Binion's
Joey Bishop Non-native entertainer Rat Pack
Michael Blazek Native baseball player Major League Baseball
Sam Boyd Non-native casino owner
Mike Branch Non-native commercial pilot former member of the Louisiana State Senate
Toni Braxton Non-native recording artist
David Brenner Non-native comedian
Kris Bryant Native baseball player Major League Baseball
Lance Burton Non-native performer
Kurt Busch Native race car driver NASCAR
Kyle Busch Native race car driver NASCAR
Sam Butera Non-native entertainer, saxophone player
Nicolas Cage Non-native actor Academy Award-winning actor
A E Cahlan Non-native newspaper publisher and executive
Alisyn Camerota Non-native journalist
Gina Carano Non-native MMA fighter, actress first female MMA fight with television coverage; star of Steven Soderbergh's Haywire
Ben Carey Non-native guitarist
Charisma Carpenter Native actress
Nick Carter Non-native musician Front-runner of the Backstreet Boys
Joe Castro Non-native jazz pianist Atlantic Records
Daveigh Chase Native actress
Andrew Cherng Non-native business executive Founder of Panda Express
Spencer Clark Native race car driver NASCAR
Wilbur Clark Non-native businessman ran El Rancho Vegas and Desert Inn
Norm Clarke Non-native gossip columnist Las Vegas Review-Journal
Rico Constantino Native professional wrestler
David Copperfield Non-native illusionist
Reed Cowan Non-native journalist KSNV anchor and reporter
Emina Cunmulaj Non-native philanthropist, supermodel
Randall Cunningham Non-native football player
Vashti Cunningham Native high jumper
Tony Curtis Non-native actor
Jay Cutler Non-native IFBB professional bodybuilder Mr. Olympia
Laura Dahl Native fashion designer
Moe Dalitz Non-native developer casino owner and executive
Abby Dalton Native actress The Joey Bishop Show, Falcon Crest
Baron Davis Non-native basketball player
Ricky Davis Native basketball player
Bill Davis Not-native darts player
Sammy Davis, Jr. Non-native singer and entertainer Rat Pack
Sylvia Day Non-native writer Bared to You
Céline Dion Non-native singer
Leah Dizon Native model, singer
Snoop Dogg Non-native artist rapper, singer-songwriter, actor
Conrad Daniels Non-native darts player
Sheena Easton Non-native singer, songwriter, actress, designer
Jack Entratter Non-native businessman ran Sands Hotel and Casino
Terry Fator Non-native ventriloquist
Herbie Faye Non-native actor
Frank Fertitta III Native businessman founder and CEO of Station Casinos
Lorenzo Fertitta Native businessman
Siegfried Fischbacher Non-native entertainer Siegfried & Roy
Todd Fisher Non-native actor, director, producer, business executive
Flavor Flav Non-native singer, songwriter, producer rap music artist and reality television personality
Marc-André Fleury Non-native professional hockey player Goalie of the Vegas Golden Knights
Justin Flom Non-native magician, performer
Brandon Flowers Native musician The Killers' frontman
William P. Foley II Non-native businessman Owner of the Golden Knights
Aaron Fotheringham Native Extreme wheelchair athlete First person to do a backflip, double backflip, and a front flip in a wheelchair
Redd Foxx Non-native entertainer
Mat Franco Non-native performer
Tony Fredianelli Non-native musician Third Eye Blind guitarist
John C. Frémont Non-native explorer
Charles Frias Non-native philanthropist, entrepreneur
Danny Gans Non-native impersonator Danny Gans Theater at The Mirage
Brendan Gaughan Non-native race car driver NASCAR
Jackie Gaughan Non-native businessman casino owner
Michael Gaughan Non-native businessman casino owner
Jason Giambi Non-native baseball player
Carolyn Goodman Non-native educator Mayor of Las Vegas
Oscar Goodman Non-native attorney defense attorney, Mayor of Las Vegas
Mikalah Gordon Native American Idol, season 4 finalist
Matt Goss Non-native singer
Steffi Graf Non-native professional tennis player former World No. 1 German tennis player; philanthropist
Max Green Native musician Escape The Fate
Shecky Greene Non-native entertainer
Hank Greenspun Non-native newspaper publisher newspaper publisher and land developer
Matthew Gray Gubler Native actor
Lance Gross Non-native actor
Lonnie Hammargren Non-native doctor, politician
Corinna Harney Non-native actress Playboy Playmate
Bryce Harper Native baseball player Major League Baseball
Rick Harrison Non-native pawn shop owner Pawn Stars
Carey Hart Native former professional FMX rider, off-road truck racer
Spencer Haywood Non-native basketball player
Catherine Hickland Non-native actress, singer, stage hypnotist
Adam Hicks Native actor
Ryan Higa Non-native entertainer, Youtuber
Clint Holmes Non-native singer-songwriter
Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn Non-native entertainer Siegfried & Roy
Derek Hough Non-native professional ballroom dancer won Dancing with the Stars
Julianne Hough Non-native actress, country singer, professional ballroom dancer won Dancing with the Stars twice, won Top New Artist at ACM Awards 2008
Tony Hsieh Non-native business executive founder and CEO of Zappos
Howard Hughes Non-native businessman casino tycoon and land developer
Carl Icahn Non-native tycoon former owner of Stratosphere
Reggie Jackson Non-native actor professional baseball player
Steven Jackson Native football National Football League
Jenna Jameson Native pornographic actress
Morris R. Jeppson Non-native second lieutenant Enola Gay bombing of Hiroshima
Penn Jillette Non-native magician half of the comedy-magic duo Penn & Teller
Larry Johnson Non-native basketball player NBA
Nicole Johnson Non-native monster truck driver Scooby-Doo Monster Jam driver
Jan Jones Non-native spokesperson Mayor of Las Vegas
Hubert Keller Non-native chef Michelin-starred celebrity chef
Brian Kelly Non-native football player
Kirk Kerkorian Non-native developer International Hotel, MGM Grand
Dave Keuning Non-native musician The Killers' lead guitarist
Jimmy Kimmel Non-native comedian Jimmy Kimmel Live!
B.B. King Non-native blues legend
Scott Kirchner Non-native darts player
King Lizzard[citation needed] Non-native entertainer
George Knapp Non-native journalist 2008 Peabody Award
Gladys Knight Non-native singer, actress
Jack Kramer Native tennis player
Iris Kyle Non-native 10-time overall Ms. Olympia professional bodybuilder International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness
Meyer Lansky Non-native mobster financier
Nancy Walton Laurie Non-native heiress daughter of Walmart co-founder James "Bud" Walton
T. J. Lavin Native
Peter Lawford Non-native actor Rat Pack
Robin Leach Non-native writer TV show host
Jenny Lewis Native musician Rilo Kiley
Jerry Lewis Non-native entertainer
Liberace Non-native entertainer inspired Liberace Museum
Peter Lik Non-native landscape photographer
Rich Little Non-native comedian
Greg Maddux Non-native pitcher Major League Baseball[2]
Holly Madison Non-native Playboy Playmate, The Girls Next Door, Holly's World
George J. Maloof, Jr. Non-native businessman hotel operator; member of the Maloof Family
Alfred Mann Non-native businessman, entrepreneur billionaire, founder of MannKind Corporation
Frank Marino Non-native impersonator
Shawn Marion Non-native forward, National Basketball Association played for UNLV
Anthony Marnell III Native architect, businessman, and casino developer Marnell Corrao Associates
Dean Martin Non-native singer and entertainer Rat Pack
Greg Martinez Native Left fielder Major League Baseball[3]
Tony Martinez Non-native actor, singer and bandleader The Real McCoys
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Non-native boxer
Conor McGregor Non-native Professional MMA fighter
Phyllis McGuire Non-native actress
John H. Meier Non-native former business adviser of Howard Hughes
Marvin Menzies Non-native College basketball coach UNLV Runnin Rebels head coach
Mike Meyers Native baseball outfielder
Bob Miller Non-native politician former governor
Ross Miller Non-native politician
Frank Mir Native mixed martial artist heavyweight champion in the UFC
Daniel C. Mitchell Native screenwriter
Kevin Mitnick Non-native computer consultant
Farrah Moan Non-native American drag queen and model RuPaul's Drag Race contestant
Irwin Molasky Non-native real estate developer, television and movie producer Lorimar Productions
Jessica Moore Non-native journalist KSNV anchor and reporter
Pat Morita Non-native actor
Michael Morton Non-native businessman and restaurateur co-founder of the N9NE Group
DeMarco Murray Native professional football player
James Murren Non-native businessman
Joe Muscaglione Non-native wine consultant, BMC Fine Spirits former Babbo, NY Wine Director TAO Las Vegas
Kevin Na Non-native professional golfer
Sam Nazarian Non-native businessman CEO and founder of Los Angeles-based SBE Entertainment and SLS Hotels
Harry Newman Non-native College Football Hall of Fame, NFL All-Pro
Wayne Newton Non-native singer was part-owner of Aladdin
Ne-Yo Non-native R&B singer and songwriter
Paige O'Hara Non-native actress
Pierre Omidyar Non-native businessman Chairman and founder of eBay Inc.
Donny Osmond Non-native entertainer Donny & Marie in Las Vegas
Olive Marie Osmond Non-native singer, doll designer, and talk show host
Joseph Otting Non-native businessman
Dan Hewitt Owens Non-native actor
Dre Allen Non-native producer director singer songwriter member of r & b group IV Xample
George Parros Non-native professional hockey player
Andrew Pascal Non-native businessman
Tommy Pham Native Outfielder Major League Baseball[4]
Bill Porter Non-native famous audio engineer
Milton Prell Non-native businessman owned Sahara and Aladdin hotels
Elvis Presley Non-native singer and actor hotel headliner, star of Viva Las Vegas
Louie Prima Non-native bandleader, musician
Sam Querrey Non-native professional tennis player
Ronnie Radke Native musician Falling in Reverse
Ryan Reeves Native professional wrestler ring name "Ryback"
Harry Reid Non-native United States Senator
Dan Reynolds Native musician Imagine Dragons
Debbie Reynolds Non-native entertainer, business executive owned Debbie Reynolds' Hollywood Hotel
Donald Reynolds Non-native business executive, philanthropist
Carlos Rivera Non-native singer
Jackie Robinson Non-native basketball player UNLV and professional basketball player
Sig Rogich Non-native political consultant founder of R&R Advertising; Iceland Ambassador
Willard Hughes Rollings Non-native historian author of four books on Osage and Comanche tribes
Stephanie Romanov Native actress
Kevin Rose Native podcaster founder of and Revision3
Frank Rosenthal Non-native sports handicapper, casino manager
Ryan Ross Native musician Panic! at the Disco's former guitarist and lyricist
Rudy Ruettiger Non-native motivational speaker subject of film Rudy
Phil Ruffin Non-native businessman billionaire
Larry Ruvo Native philanthropist
Peggy Ryan Non-native actress
Tony Sacca Non-native singer, showman, TV host and producer
Tom Sawyer Non-native darts player
Nia Sanchez Non-native Miss USA 2014
Carlos Santana Non-native musician legendary guitarist
Jay Sarno Non-native developer Caesars Palace and Circus Circus
Steve Schirripa Non-native actor entertainment director and consultant for The Riviera
Paul Schrier Native actor star of Saban's Power Rangers series, as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Drew Scott Non-native Reality TV Star star of Property Brothers on HGTV
Jonathan Scott Non-native Reality TV Star star of Property Brothers on HGTV
Julian Serrano Non-native chef Michelin two-star chef; executive chef of Picasso
Adam Seward Native football player
Ernie Shavers Non-native professional boxer
Chasen Shreve Native Major League Baseball pitcher
Bugsy Siegel Non-native mobster developer of the Flamingo
Siegfried & Roy Non-native performers
Kerry Simon Non-native chef celebrity chef and owner of several restaurants in Las Vegas and Los Angeles
Frank Sinatra Non-native singer Rat Pack
Keely Smith Non native singer Louis Prima Band
Spencer Smith Native musician Panic! at the Disco's former drummer
Jim Snyder Non-native journalist KSNV anchor and reporter
Kevin Sorbo Non-native actor
Jeff Speakman Non-native Actor, Martial Arts legend
Britney Spears Non-native pop singer [5]
Donald Spence Non-native casino manager comedy writer
Anthony Spilotro Non-native Mafia enforcer
Lance Stephenson Non-native professional basketball player
Mark Stoermer Native musician The Killers's bass guitarist
Alessandro Stratta Non-native celebrity chef
Bob Stupak Non-native casino developer Stratosphere, Vegas World
Angela Summers Non-native pornographic film actor
Jerry Tarkanian Non-native basketball coach former UNLV men's basketball head coach
Teller Non-native magician half of the comedy-magic duo Penn & Teller
Frank Thomas Non-native professional baseball player
Roger Thomas Non-native interior Designer designer of Wynn Las Vegas, among other resorts
Scott Thompson Non-native actor and comedian a.k.a. Carrot Top
Ike Turner Non-native singer
Tina Turner Non-native singer
Mike Tyson Non-native boxer
Robert Urich Non-native actor star of TV series Vega$
Brendon Urie Non-native musician Panic! at the Disco's frontman and only remaining member
Ronnie Vannucci Native musician The Killers' drummer
Josh Venable Non-native Violine Consultant
Del Webb Non-native developer built Flamingo hotel, owned Sahara
Evan Weinstock Native Olympic bobsledder
Rutina Wesley Native actor True Blood
Dana White Non-native president UFC
Billy Winn Native football player NFL defensive end
Dizzy Wright Non-Native recording artist
Elaine Wynn Non-native businesswoman, philanthropist
Steve Wynn Non-native developer The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio and Wynn Las Vegas
Barry Zito Native baseball player MLB pitcher
Jason Zucker Non-native NHL player
Anthony E. Zuiker Native writer, producer creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY
Cool Vince Phillips Non-native Professional boxer, Former IBF Jr Welterweight Champion