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This is a list of people from Mississauga, Ontario. The list includes people from Toronto Township, the Village and Town of Port Credit, and the Village and Town of Streetsville, predecessors of the modern community.


James Cox Aikins
James Cox Aikins
Natalie Appleton
Natalie Appleton


Johnny Bower





J. D. Fortune




  • IllScarlett
  • Thomas Ingersoll (1749–1812), Justice of the Peace, hotel operator, father of Laura Secord
  • Michael Ireland (b. 1974), Olympic long track speed skater
  • Sean Ireland, speed skating coach, former Olympic speed skater
  • Zunera Ishaq (b. c. 1986), successfully challenged a law requiring people taking the Oath of Citizenship to have their identity visible, allowing her to wear a niqab


Simeon Jackson, soccer player 
Peter Jones (Kahkewāquonāby), Ojibwa Methodist minister 


T. L. Kennedy, Premier of Ontario 
Benjamin Kowalewicz, lead singer, Billy Talent 
Greg Kovacs, bodybuilder 
Christina Kessler, ice hockey goalie 


Lisa Lennox as Deedee Doodlebop


Hazel McCallion
Hazel McCallion
Mishael Morgan
Mishael Morgan
Manny Malhotra
Manny Malhotra




Oscar Peterson



John Roberts
John Roberts
Adamo Ruggiero
Adamo Ruggiero
Mazo de la Roche
Mazo de la Roche


Matt Stajan
Matt Stajan
Artwork by Charlotte Schreiber
Artwork by Charlotte Schreiber





Daria Werbowy




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