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The costume of the women of Ningpo.jpg
Traditional attire of Ningbo women, 1898.
Total population
Approximately 6-8 million
Regions with significant populations
China Ningbo, Zhejiang 5,681,000
Hong Kong Hong Kong As part of Mainlander population
Taiwan Republic of China (on Taiwan) As part of Mainlander population
United States United States As part of Chinese American population
Australia Australia As part of Chinese Australian population
Ningbo dialect (in Ningbo)

Traditionally Ningbo dialect; Now Shanghai dialect and Mandarin Chinese (those of Ningbo descent in Shanghai) also Standard Cantonese (those living in Hong Kong), Taiwanese Hokkien (among mainlanders of Ningbo origin living in Taiwan, used as a secondary lingua franca) as well as English (amongst the diaspora Ningbonese subgroup of Chinese Americans and Chinese Australians)
Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Chinese folk religion

Small Christian minorities.
Related ethnic groups
Jiangnanese, Shanghainese people, other Han Chinese
Traditional Chinese 寧波人
Simplified Chinese 宁波人
Chinese 明州人

The Ningbonese or Ningbo people are the people of Ningbo, China, whether resident or abroad. The Ningbonese are a subgroup of the Wu Han ethnicity. Many famous Chinese people have come from Ningbo and many more have Ningbo as their ancestral home.

Because Ningbo was formerly the capital of Ming Prefecture, its people are sometimes also known in Chinese as the Mingzhou.[1] People from Zhoushan are also considered to be Ningbonese,[2] since Zhoushan was formerly part of Mingzhou as well. Despite their significantly small population size in comparison to other Han Chinese subgroups, Fuzhounese people have produced a large number of famous scientists, mathematicians and scholars when compared to other Han Chinese; with exception of Fuzhou people and Taishanese people.

The scene of Ningbo people celebrating the foundation of Republic of China, 1912.
Students of Ningbo Riverside Girls Academy on the playground, circa 1930s.

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