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Veneto, a region of Italy, has been the native land of many notable people, some of whom are listed below.




  • Andrea Gabrieli (c. 1510 (Venice) – late 1586 (Venice)) was a late Renaissance composer and organist, the first internationally renowned member of the Venetian School of composers who spread the Venetian style in Italy as well as in Germany.
  • Giovanni Gabrieli (c. 1554–1557 (Venice) – August 12, 1612 (Venice)), composer and organist whose works represent best of the Venetian School; nephew of Andrea Gabrieli.
  • Baldassarre Galuppi (October 18, 1706 – January 3, 1785), was a composer from Venice, noted for his operas, and particularly opera buffa.
  • Sonia Gandhi (born December 9, 1946 Lusiana, Vicenza, Veneto), influential Indian politician who is President of the Indian National Congress and widow of former Indian Prime-minister Rajiv Gandhi.
  • Giorgione (c. 1477 – 1510) is the familiar name of Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco, one of the seminal artists of the High Renaissance in Venice.
  • Carlo Goldoni (February 25, 1707 – February 6, 1793), Along with Luigi Pirandello, Goldoni is probably the most famous name in Italian theatre, in his country and abroad.
  • Gregory XII born "Angelo Correr", in Venice, died (October 18, 1417 Rome), pope from 1406 to 1415 during the Great Western Schism.
  • Gregory XVI born "Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari" (September 18, 1765 Belluno – June 1, 1846), a Camaldolese monk, reigned as pope from 1831 to 1846.
  • Luigi Groto, also called Cieco d'Adria or Cieco D'Hadria (the blind man of Adria) (born September 7, 1541, died December 13, 1585), a blind Italian poet, lutenist, playwright and actor.
  • John Paul I, (in Latin Ioannes Paulus PP. I), born "Albino Luciani" (October 17, 1912, Forno di Canale, (Province of Belluno) – September 28, 1978, Rome), reigned as pope and as sovereign of Vatican City from August 26, 1978, to September 28, 1978.
  • Titus Livius known as Livy in English (c. 59 BC at Padua – 17 AD ) wrote a monumental history of Rome, Ab Urbe Condita, from its founding (traditionally dated to 753 BC) through the reign of Augustus.
  • Pietro Longhi (November 5, 1701 Venice – May 8, 1785), was a painter of contemporary scenes of life.




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