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The following list includes notable people who were born or have lived in Wilmette, Illinois. For a similar list organized alphabetically by last name, see the category page People from Wilmette, Illinois.

Academics and scientists[edit]

Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Emanuel, EzekielEzekiel Emanuel Zeke Emanuel Amherst.jpg 1957 Oncologist; developer of The Medical Directive: health policy adviser to the federal government
Myerson, RogerRoger Myerson Myerson roger b print.jpg Mar 29, 1951 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics co-winner [1]

Acting and modeling[edit]

Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Bennett, BeckBeck Bennett October 1, 1984 Actor, current Saturday Night Live castmember Born in Wilmette
Brennan, NealNeal Brennan Neal Brennan with paper face.jpg October 19, 1973 Comedian, writer, director, producer, actor Lived in Wilmette as a child between 1978 and 1986 [2]
Heston, CharltonCharlton Heston Charlton Heston - 1953.jpg Oct 4, 1923 Apr 5, 2008 Actor Born in Wilmette [3]
Madsen, VirginiaVirginia Madsen Virginia Madsen Oscars 2009.jpg Sep 11, 1961 Actress [citation needed]
McCahill, CrystalCrystal McCahill Dec 18, 1983 Model; Playboy Playmate of the Month [4]
Murray, BillBill Murray Bill Murray Deauville 2011.jpg Sep 21, 1950 Actor and comedian Born in Wilmette
Murray, JoelJoel Murray Joel Murray Deauville 2012.jpg Apr 17, 1963 Actor Born in Wilmette
Olsson, Ann-MargretAnn-Margret Olsson Ann-Margret2.jpg Apr 28, 1941 Swedish-American actress Lived in Wilmette
Quinn, KevinKevin Quinn May 21, 1997 Actor Grew up in Wilmette [5]
Tortorella, NicoNico Tortorella Jul 30, 1988 Model and actor Born in Wilmette [6][7]
Wilson, RainnRainn Wilson Rainn Wilson 2011 Shankbone.JPG Jan 20, 1966 Actor and comedian (Dwight Schrute on the The Office) [8]


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Marshall, BenjaminBenjamin Marshall Benjamin H Marshall 001.jpg May 5, 1874 June 19, 1940 Designed such buildings as the Drake Hotel Lived in Wilmette [9]


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Crown, LesterLester Crown Jun 7, 1925 Billionaire businessman
Emanuel, AriAri Emanuel Mar 29, 1961 Co-founder of Endeavor Talent Agency Grew up in Wilmette
Hefner, ChristieChristie Hefner Christie Hefner.jpg Nov 8, 1952 Former CEO of Playboy Born in Wilmette
Kochman, CaryCary Kochman April 1965 Head of the North American Mergers and Acquisitions Group at Citigroup and the Co-Head of the Chicago Citi office Lives in Wilmette [10]
Rezko, TonyTony Rezko 1955 Restaurateur and political fundraiser convicted of fraud [11]
Ricketts, LauraLaura Ricketts Cubs visit to the White House, Laura Ricketts (02).jpg Co-owner of the Chicago Cubs; board member of Lambda Legal and the Housing Opportunities for Women organization; daughter of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts Lives in Wilmette [12][13]
Ricketts, Thomas S.Thomas S. Ricketts 20120802 Thomas S. Ricketts cropped.jpg May 23, 1963 Co-owner and Chairman of the Chicago Cubs; CEO of Incapital; Director of TD Ameritrade Holding Company; son of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts Lives in Wilmette [12][13]
Trunk, PenelopePenelope Trunk Penelope Trunk.jpg December 10, 1966 Businesswoman, blogger, writer Grew up in Wilmette


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Trotter, CharlieCharlie Trotter Sep 8, 1959 Nov 5, 2013 Chef and restauranter Born in Wilmette [14]


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Abrams, CaseyCasey Abrams Caseyabrams.jpg Feb 12, 1991 Singer and musician; finalist on American Idol season 10 Lived in Wilmette; attended McKenzie Elementary School
Flaherty, KristineKristine Flaherty

(a.k.a. K.Flay)

Jun 30, 1985 Rapper Born in Wilmette
Fulks, RobbieRobbie Fulks Robbie-fulks.jpg Mar 25, 1963 Alt-country singer and musician Moved to Wilmette from Lindenhurst in 2005 [15]
Walker, MattMatt Walker Matt Walker (drummer) (cropped).JPG Drummer for Filter, The Smashing Pumpkins and Morrissey [16]
Wentz, PetePete Wentz Pete Wentz TyLiner.jpg Jun 5, 1979 Bassist and primary lyricist for the band Fall Out Boy Grew up in Wilmette


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Emanuel, RahmRahm Emanuel Rahm Emanuel, official photo portrait color.jpg Nov 29, 1959 55th Mayor of Chicago; White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama; Senior Advisor to President Bill Clinton, Democratic Caucus Chairman of the House of Representatives Grew up in Wilmette
Ricketts, ToddTodd Ricketts Cubs World Series Victory Parade (30142887113) (Todd Ricketts).jpg Has been named by Donald Trump for nomination as the Deputy Secretary of Commerce.

Ricketts is the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs; owner of Higher Gear Bike Shops chain; CEO of Ending Spending Super PAC; member of the World Bicycle Relief board of directors; son of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts.

Lives in Wilmette [12][13][17][18]
Ryan, JackJack Ryan Oct 6, 1959 Candidate for the United States Senate Grew up in Wilmette
Shriver, SargentSargent Shriver Sargent Shriver 1961.jpg Nov 9, 1915 Jan 18, 2011 General manager of the Merchandise Mart; first head of the Peace Corps; vice presidential nominee for George McGovern's presidential campaign Lived in Wilmette


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Brickhouse, JackJack Brickhouse Jack Brickhouse 1958.JPG Jan 24, 1917 Aug 6, 1998 Sportscaster for the Chicago Cubs [citation needed]
Horowitz, BarryBarry Horowitz Mar 24, 1960 Wrestler with the WWE
Schroeder, JamieJamie Schroeder Sep 9, 1981 Olympic rower [19]
Skelton, BobBob Skelton Bob Skelton c. 1925 (cropped).jpg June 25, 1903 June 25, 1977 Gold medalist Olympic swimmer Born in Wilmette
Tilson, CharlieCharlie Tilson December 22, 1992 Professional baseball center fielder Born in Wilmette
Whybrow, Alexander K.Alexander K. Whybrow

(a.k.a. Larry Sweeney)

Feb 18, 1981 Apr 11, 2011 Wrestler and manager in the American independent circuit
Wingels, TommyTommy Wingels Tommy Wingels.jpg Apr 12, 1988 Center for the San Jose Sharks [citation needed]

Writing and journalism[edit]

Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Allison, JuliaJulia Allison Juliaallisonheadshot1.jpg Feb 28, 1981 Columnist Born in Wilmette
Gilson, JamieJamie Gilson July 4, 1933 Author Lives in Wilmette
Nolan, JonathanJonathan Nolan Jonathan Nolan 2 cropped.jpg British-American author and screenwriter
Olsen, DanaDana Olsen Screenwriter Lives in Wilmette
Punnett, IanIan Punnett Mar 3, 1960 Radio broadcaster Born in Wilmette
Webster, DonovanDonovan Webster Jan 13, 1959 Best-selling and award-winning journalist, author, film-maker, and humanitarian Grew up in Wilmette


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