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This list of people in Playboy 1960–69 is a catalog of women and men who appeared in Playboy magazine in the years 1960 through 1969. Note that not all of the people featured in the magazine are pictured in the nude.

While every month included a centerfold, interviews and cover models did not become an almost-regular feature until autumn 1962. The interviews would occasionally be replaced by panel discussions such as the two-part "Panel on 1984 and Beyond" published in 1963.

Entries in blue indicate that the issue marks the original appearance of that year's Playmate of the Year (PMOY).


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-60 Clayre Peters, Nancy Crawford, Elaine Reynolds, Eleanor Bradley, Yvette Vickers, Donna Lynn, Ellen Stratton Stella Stevens
2-60 no cover model Susie Scott Jayne Mansfield
3-60 Joyce Nizzari Sally Sarell
4-60 no cover model Linda Gamble Isabel Sarli (misspelled as 'Sarlis' in article)
5-60 no cover model Ginger Young
6-60 Delores Wells Delores Wells Ellen Stratton - first Playmate of the Year (PMOY)
7-60 Collete Berne Teddi Smith
8-60 no cover model Elaine Paul Sophia Loren
9-60 Marli Renfro Ann Davis
10-60 no cover model Kathy Douglas
11-60 June Wilkinson Joni Mattis June Wilkinson
12-60 Teddi Smith Carol Eden Marilyn Monroe


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-61 Teddi Smith, Joni Mattis, Stella Stevens, Susie Scott, Ginger Young, Delores Wells Connie Cooper
2-61 Barbara Ann Lawford Barbara Ann Lawford
3-61 unidentified model Tonya Crews Panel on Hip Comics and the New Humor
4-61 unidentified model Nancy Nielsen Linda Gamble - PMOY
5-61 Judy Newton Susan Kelly
6-61 Heidi Becker Heidi Becker Ann Richards
7-61 Susie Scott Sheralee Conners Panel on Sex and Censorship in Literature and the Arts
8-61 no cover model Karen Thompson
9-61 Barbara Ann Lawford Christa Speck
10-61 unidentified models Jean Cannon
11-61 unidentified model Dianne Danford Panel on TV's Problems and Prospects Anita Ekberg
12-61 Delores Wells Lynn Karrol -


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-62 Heidi Becker, Susan Kelly, Connie Cooper, Christa Speck, Karen Thompson Merle Pertile
2-62 Cynthia Maddox Kari Knudsen
3-62 unidentified model Pamela Gordon
4-62 Roberta Lane Roberta Lane Christa Speck - PMOY
5-62 unidentified model Marya Carter
6-62 unidentified model Merissa Mathes Panel on the Womanization of America
7-62 unidentified model Unne Terjesen Janet Pilgrim
8-62 unidentified model Jan Roberts Gesa Meiken
9-62 unidentified models Mickey Winters Miles Davis
10-62 Laura Young Laura Young Peter Sellers
11-62 no cover model Avis Kimble Panel: Beyond Ethics and Morality
12-62 Sheralee Conners June Cochran Jackie Gleason Arlene Dahl


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-63 Merle Pertile, Avis Kimble, Laura Young, Kari Knudsen, Marissa Mathes Judi Monterey Elizabeth Taylor
2-63 Cheryl Lampley Toni Ann Thomas Frank Sinatra
3-63 Cynthia Maddox Adrienne Moreau Bertrand Russell
4-63 Kelly Collins Sandra Settani Helen Gurley Brown
5-63 no cover model Sharon Cintron Malcolm X June Cochran - PMOY
6-63 Jayne Mansfield Connie Mason Billy Wilder Jayne Mansfield
7-63 Judy Newton Carrie Enwright Panel on 1984 and Beyond Part I
8-63 Nancy Perry Phyllis Sherwood Panel on 1984 and Beyond Part II Gillian Tanner
9-63 Joey Thorpe Victoria Valentino Richard Burton
10-63 Teddi Smith Christine Williams Jawaharial Nehru Elsa Martinelli
11-63 Sharon Rogers Terre Tucker Jimmy Hoffa
12-63 no cover model Donna Michelle Albert Schweitzer Kim Novak, Susan Strasberg


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-64 Connie Mason, Phyllis Sherwood, Terre Tucker Sharon Rogers Vladimir Nabokov Marilyn Monroe
2-64 Cynthia Maddox Nancy Jo Hooper Panel on Jazz: Today and Tomorrow Mamie van Doren
3-64 Olga Schoberová Nancy Scott Ayn Rand
4-64 Peter Sellers, Karen Lynn Ashlyn Martin Jean Genet
5-64 Donna Michelle Terri Kimball Jack Lemmon Donna Michelle - PMOY
6-64 Mamie van Doren Lori Winston Ingmar Bergman Mamie van Doren
7-64 Cynthia Maddox Melba Ogle Salvador Dalí Brigitte Bardot
8-64 Barbara Reeves China Lee Dick Gregory
9-64 Heather Hewitt Astrid Schulz Henry Miller Elke Sommer
10-64 Judy Newton Rosemarie Hillcrest Cassius Clay
11-64 Maria Hoff Kai Brendlinger George Wallace
12-64 no cover model Jo Collins Ian Fleming Carroll Baker


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-65 Sharon Rogers, Nancy Jo Hooper, Nancy Scott, Ashlyn Martin, Terri Kimball, Lori Winston, Melba Ogle, China Lee, Astrid Schulz, Rosemarie Hillcrest, Kai Brendlinger, Jo Collins Sally Duberson Martin Luther King, Jr.
2-65 Teddi Smith Jessica St. George The Beatles Donna Michelle, Kim Novak
3-65 no cover model Jennifer Jackson Panel on Uses and Abuses of the New Leisure Carol Lynley
4-65 Lannie Balcom Sue Williams Art Buchwald
5-65 unidentified model Maria McBane Jean-Paul Sartre Stella Stevens
6-65 Turid Lundberg Hedy Scott Melvin Belli Ursula Andress
7-65 Joey Thorpe Gay Collier Marcello Mastroianni
8-65 Jo Collins Lannie Balcom Robert Shelton Jo Collins - PMOY
9-65 Teddi Smith Patti Reynolds Peter O'Toole Jeanne Moreau
10-65 Penny James Allison Parks Madalyn Murray Catherine Deneuve
11-65 Beth Hyatt Pat Russo Sean Connery
12-65 Allison Parks Dinah Willis Al Capp


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-66 Patti Reynolds Judy Tyler Princess Grace
2-66 Sissy Melinda Windsor Federico Fellini
3-66 no cover model Priscilla Wright Bob Dylan, Panel on Crisis in Law Enforcement
4-66 Cynthia Maddox Karla Conway George Lincoln Rockwell
5-66 Allison Parks Dolly Read Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Allison Parks - PMOY
6-66 Mary Warren Kelly Burke Mike Nichols
7-66 Penny James, Patti Reynolds, Joann Russell, Barbara Shaw, Joey Thorpe Tish Howard Ralph Ginzburg Ursula Andress
8-66 Sissy Susan Denberg H. L. Hunt Jane Fonda
9-66 Dianne Chandler Dianne Chandler Timothy Leary Jocelyn Lane
10-66 Penny James Linda Moon Mel Brooks Ann-Margret
11-66 Sue Batchelor Lisa Baker Norman Thomas
12-66 Nancy Gould Susan Bernard Sammy Davis, Jr.


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-67 Judy Tyler, Dianne Chandler, Melinda Windsor Surrey Marshe Fidel Castro Playmate Review: Susan Denberg, Dolly Read, Lisa Baker, et al.
2-67 Helen Kirk Kim Farber Mark Lane Casino Royale: Barbara Bouchet, Joanna Pettet
3-67 Nancy Chamberlain Fran Gerard Orson Welles Sharon Tate
4-67 Cheryl Shrode Gwen Wong Arnold Toynbee Playmate Playoff: Lisa Baker, Susan Denberg, Trish Howard
5-67 Beth Hyatt Anne Randall Woody Allen Sylva Koscina, Barbara Parkins
6-67 Sharon Kristie Joey Gibson Panel on Religion and the New Morality 007's Oriental Eyefulls: Mie Hama, Akiko Wakabayashi, et al.
7-67 Venita Wolf Heather Ryan Michael Caine
8-67 Lisa Baker DeDe Lind F. Lee Bailey Lisa Baker- PMOY, Sherry Jackson
9-67 Bo Bussmann Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri) John Lindsay Susan Strasberg
10-67 no cover model Reagan Wilson Jim Garrison Anne Heywood
11-67 Beth Hyatt Kaya Christian Michelangelo Antonioni
12-67 Lynn Winchell Lynn Winchell Johnny Carson Elke Sommer


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-68 DeDe Lind, Angela Dorian, Kim Farber, Gwen Wong Connie Kreski Norman Mailer Stella Stevens
2-68 Paulette Lindberg Nancy Harwood Jim Brown Joanna Pettet
3-68 Sharon Kristie Michelle Hamilton Truman Capote
4-68 Dolly Read Gaye Rennie Charles H. Percy
5-68 Angela Dorian Elizabeth Jordan William Masters & Virginia Johnson Angela Dorian - PMOY, Julie Newmar
6-68 Jennie Wallace Britt Fredriksen John Kenneth Galbraith
7-68 Lynn Hahn Melodye Prentiss Paul Newman Kecia Nyman
8-68 Aino Korva Gale Olson William Sloane Coffin Carroll Baker
9-68 Erika Toth Dru Hart Stanley Kubrick Vicky Drake
10-68 Dale Fahey Majken Haugedal Ralph Nader Barbara McNair
11-68 no cover model Paige Young Don Rickles
12-68 Cynthia Myers Cynthia Myers Eldridge Cleaver


Date Cover model Centerfold model Interview subject Pictorials
1-69 no cover model Leslie Bianchini Lee Marvin
2-69 Nancy Chamberlain Lorrie Menconi Mort Sahl Pamela Tiffin
3-69 Penny James Kathy MacDonald Marshall McLuhan Marie Liljedahl
4-69 Sharon Kristie Lorna Hopper Allen Ginsberg Brigitte Bardot
5-69 Paulette Lindberg Sally Sheffield Bill Cosby
6-69 Connie Kreski Helena Antonaccio Gore Vidal Connie Kreski - PMOY
7-69 Barbara Klein (Barbi Benton) Nancy McNeil Rod Steiger Tina Aumont
8-69 Penny James Debbie Hooper Ramsey Clark Paula Kelly
9-69 Shay Knuth Shay Knuth Panel on Student Revolt Julie Newmar (with Zero Mostel)
10-69 Paulette Lindberg Jean Bell Dan Rowan & Dick Martin
11-69 no cover model Claudia Jennings Jesse Jackson
12-69 Jorja Beck Gloria Root Joe Namath

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