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Selena Quintanilla (April 16, 1971 – March 31, 1995) was an American Tejano singer, songwriter, spokesperson, actress and fashion designer. She was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, 54 miles south of Houston, and her family moved to Corpus Christi after declaring bankruptcy.[1] Her father, a musician before her birth,[2] formed his children into Selena y Los Dinos (with A.B. Quintanilla on bass, Suzette Quintanilla on drums and Selena singing) when he discovered her musical talent.[2] Selena received the Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist of the Year for nine consecutive years, beginning in 1987.[3] She signed her first major contract with EMI Latin in 1989, releasing four Spanish-language albums which were milestones in the Latin music industry.[a] EMI Latin then wanted her to release a crossover album, transitioning from Spanish- to English-language pop songs.[10] On March 31, 1995, Selena was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldívar, her friend and the former manager of her boutiques.[11] Reaction to her death was compared to the grief following the deaths of musicians John Lennon and Elvis Presley and U.S. president John F. Kennedy.[12][7]

Selena's greatest influences were Donna Summer, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. According to music critics her Tejano sound incorporated contemporary R&B, disco and funk, and her roots in American pop music were believed by Ed Morales to have been inspired by Summer and Diana Ross. Selena credited Michael Jackson for inspiring her to follow in his footsteps after she saw him perform at a 1984 Astrodome concert. Onstage, she wore fashions inspired by Abdul, Madonna and Janet Jackson. Selena's husband, Chris Pérez, said that she was "open-minded" toward all musical genres, rock in particular. Since her death in 1995, entertainers have cited the singer's influence on their careers in interviews, speeches, books and music.


Selena credited Donna Summer,[13] Madonna,[14] Paula Abdul,[15] Michael Jackson, [16] and Janet Jackson[17] as primary influences on her dance moves, her music and fashion. According to Michelle Habell-Pallán in her book Latino/a Popular Culture (2002), the singer was influenced by African-American music such as disco,[13] R&B and funk.[17] Habell-Pallán wrote that Summer and Gloria Gaynor's music were "drawn into" Selena's Tejano sound.[18] Before she began recording her first LP in 1984 her father and manager, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., discouraged her from singing in "Donna Summer's style" and believed that his children should record the music of their heritage.[19] According to Ed Morales, Selena's interest in American pop music influenced her work and her 1995 sampled single "Fotos y Recuerdos" was inspired by Summer and Diana Ross.[20][21]

During the early 1990s Selena began wearing revealing outfits at her concerts,[22] emulating the trends of the time set by Madonna, Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul.[23] Because of her dress and dancing, she was called the "Mexican Madonna" by fans.[24][25] Selena was credited as one of the first women to change public perceptions of feminine beauty; a feminist, she blazed a trail for other female artists during her career.[14][26] In her 2004 Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture, Cordelia Candelaria called Selena's concert wardrobe "independence from a more rural image" which "was the provocative sexuality of her dress and her creation of a contemporary sexy Latina style in the manner of Madonna."[27]

In an interview Selena said that Michael Jackson's 1984 performance at the Astrodome influenced her to follow in his footsteps,[16] and her February 1995 Astrodome concert set an attendance record.[28] In To Selena, with Love (2012), his book about their relationship, her widower Chris Pérez wrote that Selena's favorite artists were Bonnie Raitt, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston and her favorite song was "Black Cat" from Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814. She was "open-minded", he said, about all music (especially rock groups such as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Green Day).[29] According to Pérez, Selena enjoyed singing Extreme's "More Than Words".[30]

Influenced by Selena[edit]


Artist Country of origin Genre Primary inspiration
Whitney Houston United States R&B, pop, soul In a July 1999 New York Daily News interview, Houston told David Hinckley about a then-upcoming project that would have been inspired by the works of Selena and Will Smith. Houston told Hinckley "what Selena did in the English market was brilliant.", referring the singer as her biggest admiration.[31]
Beyoncé United States R&B, pop, funk In an MTV Tres interview, Beyoncé said that she admires Selena and her Spanish-language albums helped her with pronunciation on her Spanish-language recordings.[32] She told People en Espanol that as a child, she listened to Selena's music and dreamed of fame.[33]
Demi Lovato United States Pop rock, dance pop Lovato told Latina "I loved Selena's music", citing her 1997 biopic as an inspiration,[32] and also told The Huffington Post that she considered the singer an inspiration.[34]
Lady Gaga United States Electropop, dance-pop, synthpop Lady Gaga cited Selena's outfits (primarily her bustiers) as inspiring her choice of clothing for her concerts.[35] According to The Daily Telegraph, Gaga was influenced by Selena's career.[36]
Paula DeAnda United States Pop, dance, R&B In a 2007 interview with Latina, DeAnda cited Selena as her role model.[37] She told editor Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle the following year that she began performing Selena's songs at parties when she was younger: "I probably didn't sing the songs right, but I just loved her music so much".[38]
Adrienne Bailon United States R&B, pop, hip-hop Bailon has cited Selena as an inspiration since her early days with 3LW and the Cheetah Girls[39] and covered "Como la Flor", Selena's 1992 single.[40] She performed Selena's 1995 posthumous single "I Could Fall in Love" after a six-year departure from the music business, during the March 31, 2015 episode of The Real, a talk show she currently hosts.[41][42]
Marc Anthony United States Salsa, Latin pop, pop According to Ilan Stavans in his book Latin Music: Musicians, Genres, and Themes (2014), Anthony has cited Selena as influencing his musical career.[43]
Ivy Queen Puerto Rico Reggaeton, hip-hop, bachata After recording a cover version of Selena's 1994 song "Si Una Vez", Queen called Selena her main influence.[44]
Kat DeLuna United States R&B, hip-hop, pop DeLuna sang "No Me Queda Más", a song from Selena's Amor Prohibido (1994) album, when she was younger and told reporters that she wants to "become a singer [and] be famous like Selena."[32]
Jennifer Peña United States Tejano, Latin pop Pena told MTV that she "feel[s] Selena has influenced my life in tremendous ways", and "she was definitely a huge inspiration for me to even try singing in Spanish".[32] Pena has been called "the next Selena" by the singer's fans, primarily because she was managed by Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. and has won Tejano Music Awards in categories once dominated by Selena.[45]
Katy Perry United States Pop, rock Asked about influences on her career, Perry said: "Someone asked me 'What did you think of when you were a little girl relating to the Grammys?' I said, 'I remember Selena! That's all I remember! I remember that dress – I think it was red! Or was that [Jennifer Lopez's] interpretation of Selena? I remember the whole movie about her ... and I wanted to be in that world."[32]
David Archuleta United States Pop Archuleta told an interviewer that one of the first songs he tried to sing was "Como la Flor". He performed the song at the 2010 Tejano Music Awards, later saying that it had "a big impact on me".[32]
Daddy Yankee Puerto Rico Raggaeton, Latin pop Talking about how Selena's life and death impacted him, Daddy Yankee told Latina that "[Selena] motivates me" because of her success in the Latin-music industry.[32]
Selena Gomez United States Pop, dance, R&B During an interview on The View, Gomez said that Selena "was a big deal to my family and growing up from the get-go, I knew who she was and who I was named after" and it was "such [an] honor to be named after someone so amazing."[32] She recorded "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom", off of Amor Prohibido (1994), for the 2012 remix album Enamorada de Ti. Gomez told, "I was completely honored when they asked me to be on the tribute CD and when I went into the studio to record they actually had her vocals in the booth that she was in, so I felt like she was singing right next to me, it gave me chills! It was incredible and it was a great experience and it was a great song."[46] Domingo Banda of the Semana News called "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" a "standout track".[47] Gomez was also named after Quintanilla.[48][49]
Wyclef Jean Haiti Hip-hop, reggae fusion, R&B In 2007 Jean recorded "Selena" with Melissa Jiminez, which sampled Selena's 1994 single "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom", and cited Selena's music as inspiring him.[50][51]
Aventura United States Bachata, tropical, Latin pop Aventura cited Selena as an influence.[52]
Angelo Garcia United States Latin pop, dance, pop Garcia, formerly of Menudo, covered "Como la Flor", uploaded its video to his YouTube account and cited Selena as a "huge influence" on him.[53]
Jenni Rivera United States Banda, norteño, ranchera Rivera credited Selena as one of her influences in a Billboard interview.[54]
Girl in a Coma United States Indie rock, alternative Rock, punk The band cited Selena as their main influence and covered "Si Una Vez", from Amor Prohibido (1994), on their debut album.[55]
Solange Knowles United States R&B, hip-hop, neo soul Knowles covered "I Could Fall in Love" during her 2013-14 world tour, telling audiences that Selena was one of her favorite recording artists and influenced her musical career.[56]
Ashlee Simpson United States Pop, pop rock, pop punk In an MTV interview, Simpson said that "Dreaming of You" was her favorite song and she had "always loved Selena".[57]
Becky G United States Hip-hop, Latin pop According to the singer, Selena is the main influence on her music.[58] She was interviewed for the Siempre Selena documentary on Telemundo and called the singer "so special and so relatable".[59]
Meghan Trainor United States Bubblegum pop, blue-eyed soul, doo-wop Trainor told E! that the film Selena inspired her to become a singer.[60][61]
La India Puerto Rico Salsa, Latin pop La India performed "No Debes Jugar" on Selena ¡VIVE!, a concert aired April 5, 2005 on Univision, and called Selena "the queen".[62]
Pete Astudillo United States Mexican pop, Tejano pop Pete Astudillo, the former back-up dancer and singer for Selena y Los Dinos, quit in 1994 to pursue a solo career but continued to open shows for Selena until her death. In 1997 he recorded Como Te Extrano, which received two awards at the 1997 Tejano Music Awards, for Selena and his late mother.[63] Astudillo performed the album's title song at the April 2005 Selena ¡VIVE! concert.[62]
Paulina Rubio Mexico Mexican pop, Latin pop, dance-pop Rubio performed "Fotos y Recuerdos" at the Selena ¡VIVE! tribute concert[62] and, according to, cited Selena's music as influencing her career.[64]
Drake Canada Hip-hop, R&B Drake posted a picture of himself in an airbrushed shirt featuring Selena on his Instagram page, and quoted a King L song recorded as a tribute to her.[65][66][67]
Gloria Estefan Cuba Latin pop, dance-pop Selena was believed by Jose Behar to be "the next Gloria Estefan" when he signed her to the new EMI Latin label in 1989.[68] Estefan, chosen to perform "I Could Fall in Love" for Selena ¡VIVE!,[62] said that she loves Selena and her music.[62]
Angel y Khriz United States Reggaeton On MTV Tres, Angel y Khriz said that Selena influenced their careers.[57]
Diana Reyes Mexico Latin pop, Mexican traditional, ranchera
Mary Miranda Cuba Latin pop Miranda performed "Como la Flor" during the fourth season of The Voice, telling Latina that she chose the song because she grew up listening to Selena in Cuba and idolized her.[69]
Ally Brooke United States Pop, dance, R&B Asked about the band's biggest influence, Ally Brooke Hernandez from Fifth Harmony cited Selena. She told the Houston Chronicle that Selena is her favorite singer, calling the singer's personality and voice "the most important".[70]
Jennifer Lopez United States Pop, dance Lopez played Selena in the 1997 biopic, her breakthrough role;[71][72][73][74][75] inspired by Selena, she released her debut album in 1999.[76] Lopez has since covered "No Me Queda Más" and "I Could Fall in Love" for her live tours.[77][78] She performed a tribute to Selena for the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards on 30 April 2015.[79][80]
Fergie United States Pop, hip hop, R&B In an interview for Glam Belleza Latina magazine. She says: "One of my beauty idols was Selena, who had the most beautiful lips. I overline my lips a bit—I completely admit it. I really like the look!".[81]
Thalía Mexico Latin pop
Carlos Vives Colombia Vallenato, cumbia Announcing his tour of the United States and Canada, Vives said: "For me it was like one of those leaders who brings music and is part of a new sound. Then, as Colombian for me was very important what she did and what she was doing with the music, and wrote about it in my song "La Cumbia de Todos".[82]
Malverde United States Hip-hop, rap On MTV Tres, Malverde said that Selena influenced his musical career.[57]
HAIM United States Pop rock, soft rock In Glide magazine, HAIM said that Selena was their "collective favorite movie".[83]
Yuridia Mexico Indie pop, Latin pop, Latin ballad In an interview for promotion of her sixth album, Yuridia says: "Selena's music is one of my biggest influences".[84]
Dulce María Mexico Latin pop, Pop In an interview for promotion of her debut album, Dulce Maria says: "For me Selena's music has transcended through the years because she is an icon, and that is why I decided to do a cover of his song "Ya No".[85]
Mia Martina Canada Dance-pop, electropop During the release of her song "Prototype". Mia Martina, mentions Selena as one of her influences .[86]
Chiquis United States Regional Mexican pop music According to Metro Puerto Rico, Chiquis cited Selena as her influence.[87]
Los Horóscopos de Durango United States Banda, Duranguense According to Metro Puerto Rico, band members Marisol and Vicky Terrazas cited Selena as their influence.[87]
Big Sean United States Hip-hop In a July 2015 interview with Billboard magazine, Hip-hop recording artist Big Sean called Selena "a legend" whose accomplishments in her career inspired Big Sean to wear clothing with her image.[88][89]
Romeo Santos Dominican Republic Bachata, tropical music According to The Washington Post, Santos' musical career was influenced by the career of Selena.[90]
Tony Joe White United States Country In 1996, Tony Joe White wrote and recorded "Selena", a track he originally recorded for the 1997 Selena soundtrack; it was later released on his studio album One Hot July (1997).[91] In an interview, White told the reporter that he "loved her music" and after hearing about the shooting he had "to get it off my mind by writing about it."[91] White wrote "One More Time" with Edward James Olmos that was later recorded by Lil' Ray for the soundtrack.[91]
Cardi B United States Hip hop, trap During the release of her song "MotorSport". Cardi B, says "She is a alter ego that everybody would want to be and I want the world to know how much I love her".[92]


Name Country of origin Occupation Primary inspiration
Q'orianka Kilcher United States Actress At the 2006 ALMA Awards Kilcher thanked Jennifer Lopez, who played Selena in the 1997 biopic, and said that Selena was her first influence.[38]
Eva Longoria United States Actress In an interview with George Lopez on Lopez Tonight, Longoria discussed Selena's legacy and called the singer one of her greatest influences.[93] In 2016 it was announced that both Selena and Longoria would receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the same year. Following the announcement Longoria left a message in her Instagram where she described her as "my idol, my inspiration, my fellow Tejana, my fellow Corpus Christi native, Selena Quintanilla. She was the reason I even dared to dream that a better life was possible." [94]
Jon Seda United States Actor Seda played Selena's husband Chris Pérez in the 1997 biopic. In a 2007 special edition of the film Selena, Seda said that although filming it was emotionally "incredibly difficult" because of the presence of Selena's parents, after its release she became one of his greatest influences.[95]
Jackie Guerra United States Actress Guerra played Selena's sister Suzette Quintanilla in the 1997 biopic. Guerra, who was also interviewed for the 2007 special edition of Selena, called the singer her greatest influence.[95]
Jackie Cruz Dominican Republic Actress Cruz, a recurring character in Orange Is the New Black, called Selena her "beauty icon" and told Latin Times about her similarities to the singer: "Just like me, she was into beauty and fashion, and her beauty secret was doing what she loved the most, sing. Also, she loved a bold lip color and healthy long locks, and I'm all about that".[96] Cruz recorded and uploaded a music video redemption of "Como la Flor" in October 2015 with critical acclaim.[97][98]
Marjorie de Sousa Venezuela Actress, model Sousa, who stars in Hasta el fin del mundo, performed "Como la Flor" at a fan gathering and told that she is a fan of Selena's music.[99]
Kat Von D Mexico Tattoo artist Kat Von D, who was featured on LA Ink, told TLC that Selena is one of her favorite artists.[100]
Ninel Conde Mexico Actress Conde, who starred in the Mexican soap opera Rebelde, performed "Techno Cumbia", "Amor Prohibido" and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" on Univision's "Divas De La Musica" and said that Selena inspired her to consider a singing career.[101]
Kylie Jenner United States Reality television personality According to The Washington Post, Jenner's clothing choices are influenced by the styles Selena wore; specifically the use of red lipstick and the styling of her '90s inspired hair.[90] In an April 2015 issue of Remix magazine, Jenner wore Selena-inspired white boutsier outfit for the cover of the magazine.[90]
Valentina United States Drag performer In an interview for Entertainment Weekly after her elimination from RuPaul's Drag Race, Valentina said: "I idolized Selena because she was Chicana and beautiful and talented and humble, and I could identify with her. When she passed away, I felt that was taken away from me."[102]


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