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This is a list of notable people who have been killed in traffic collisions. This list does not include those who were killed competing on closed road events whether in motorsport or in competitive cycling events. Passengers of a vehicle are indicated in parentheses on the "mode of transport" field.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Abe, NorifumiNorifumi Abe 1975 2007 32 years Japanese motorcycle racer scooter Yamaha XP 500 TMAX Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan Collision with a lorry, which made an illegal u-turn in front of him, when he was riding his motorcycle.[1][2]
Adams, FrankFrank Adams 1930 1989 58 years British mathematician car
Adelabu, AdegokeAdegoke Adelabu 1915 1958 42 years Nigerian politician car
Adenhart, NickNick Adenhart 1986 2009 22 years American baseball pitcher car Mitsubishi Eclipse Fullerton, California A drunk driver ran a red light in his Toyota Sienna minivan and hit the car in which Adenhart was a passenger, driving it into a light pole. Of the three other people in the car, the driver and one passenger died, and the other passenger survived an internal decapitation. The drunk driver escaped on foot, but was quickly apprehended; he has since been convicted of three counts of second-degree murder.
Adonis, AdrianAdrian Adonis 1954 1988 33 years American professional wrestler car Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada Two other passengers in the vehicle he was riding - professional wrestlers Pat Kelly (Victor Arko) and Dave McKigney - died in the same crash, caused when the driver, Mike Kelly (William Arko), struck a moose on a highway near Lewisporte, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It then spun into a tree at over 80 km/h.
Aldridge, MartinMartin Aldridge 1974 2000 25 years British footballer car Peugeot A45, England After being an unused substitute in a game for Rushden & Diamonds, he was travelling home towards Northampton on the westbound A45 after the game when his Peugeot was involved in a collision with a BMW travelling in the opposite direction.[3]
Allen, SteveSteve Allen 1921 2000 78 years American actor, songwriter, author car Encino, California Died from a heart attack that was found to have resulted from a condition known as pericardial effusion. The crash caused a blood vessel in his chest to leak blood into the sac surrounding his heart. His death occurred several hours after the crash, from which he suffered no immediately apparent injuries.
Allman, DuaneDuane Allman 1946 1971 24 years American guitarist motorcycle Harley-Davidson Macon, Georgia Allman lost control of his motorcycle when he tried to avoid an oncoming truck that unexpectedly stopped in the middle of an intersection while turning left in front of him. He was thrown from the motorcycle, which landed on him and skidded with him under it, resulting in fatal internal injuries.
Amalrik, AndreiAndrei Amalrik 1938 1980 42 years Russian writer car near Guadalajara, Spain Amalrik swerved out of his lane on a wet road and hit an oncoming truck. A piece of metal, most likely from the steering column, embedded in his throat, instantly killing him. His wife and the two other passengers in his car suffered only minor injuries.
Andolsek, EricEric Andolsek 1966 1992 25 years American football player stationary Thibodaux, Louisiana Andolsek was working in the front yard of his home when a semi-trailer truck ran off the highway and hit him.
Angelopoulos, TheoTheo Angelopoulos 1935 2012 76 years Greek film director pedestrian Drapetsona, Greece Hit by a motorcycle driven by an off-duty police officer while attempting to cross a busy road. He was taken to the hospital, where he was treated in an intensive care unit but succumbed to his serious injuries several hours later.
Anglin, JackJack Anglin 1916 1963 46 years American country music singer car Madison, Tennessee Died in crash en route to funeral for Patsy Cline.
Araújo, CristianoCristiano Araújo 1985 2015 30 years Brazilian singer and songwriter car Range Rover Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil At approximately 3:30am, their vehicle (driven by his bodyguard) veered off the road and rolled over. He was traveling in the back seat of the vehicle, along with his girlfriend, and was not wearing a seat belt. His girlfriend died at the scene; he died en route to the hospital. An investigation is still ongoing.
Angulo, ÁlexÁlex Angulo 1953 2014 61 years Spanish actor car Fuenmayor, La Rioja, Spain [4]
Armenulić, SilvanaSilvana Armenulić 1939 1976 37 years Bosnian singer car Ford Granada Kolari, Smederevo, Yugoslavia The car was reportedly travelling 130 km/h (81 mph), when it collided with a FAP truck.[5]
Arruza, CarlosCarlos Arruza 1920 1966 46 years Mexican bullfighter car
Ashby, DonDon Ashby 1955 1981 26 years Canadian ice hockey player car
Asparuhov, GeorgiGeorgi Asparuhov 1943 1971 28 years Bulgarian footballer car
al-Assad, BasilBasil al-Assad 1962 1994 31 years Syrian eldest son and heir of president of Syria car Mercedes-Benz Damascus, Syria While driving his car at high speed through fog in the early hours of the morning,[6] Bassel is said to have collided with a motorway roundabout without wearing a seat belt, and he died instantly.[7][8]
Astrid of Sweden 1905 1935 29 years Swedish Queen of the Belgians car (passenger) Packard One-Twenty convertible Küssnacht am Rigi, near Lake Lucerne, Schwyz, Switzerland As the Queen pointed out something on a map to her husband, the car went off the road, down a steep slope, and slammed into a pear tree. Queen Astrid's body was ejected from the car and collided with the trunk of the tree, while the car slammed into a second tree.
Armstrong, RegReg Armstrong 1926 1979 52 years Irish motorcycle racer motorcycle
Audret, PascalePascale Audret 1936 2000 63 years French actress car (passenger) Brive-la-Gaillarde, Corrèze, France[9]
Aus, LauriLauri Aus 1970 2003 32 years Estonian professional cyclist bicycle Tartu, Estonia Aus was struck by a truck during a workout session.[10]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Sammy Babitzin 1948 1973 24 years Finnish singer car Alfa Romeo Route (Valtatie) 13, Hietama, Äänekoski Investigations ongoing.[11]
Christian Bakkerud 1984 2011 26 years Danish retired racing driver car Audi RS6 Putney Heath near Wimbledon Common Investigations ongoing.[12][13]
Bajraktarević, MirsadaMirsada Bajraktarević 1951 1976 25 years Bosnian singer car Ford Granada Kolari, Smederevo, Yugoslavia The car was reportedly travelling 130 km/h (81 mph), when it collided with a FAP truck.[5]
Harry Bamford[14] 1920 1958 38 years England footballer motorcycle Bristol, England Collided with a car. He remained in hospital for three days before finally dying from his injuries on 31 October.
Maurice Banach 1967 1991 24 years German footballer car Opel Omega Kombi Autobahn near Remscheid, Germany
Ian Bannen 1928 1999 71 years Scottish actor car Renault Laguna Knockies Straight, Scotland With his wife driving, hit a verge and the vehicle overturned.
Gerhard Barkhorn 1919 1983 63 years German World War II Luftwaffe fighter ace car Cologne, Germany Crashed during a winter storm killing his wife and fatally injuring himself.
Roland Barthes 1915 1980 64 years French philosopher pedestrian Paris, France Hit by a laundry van while walking home from a lunch party hosted by François Mitterrand.
Stiv Bators 1949 1990 40 years American Dead Boys singer pedestrian Paris, France Struck by a taxi in Paris during a bank holiday. He was taken to a hospital but reportedly left before seeing a doctor, after waiting several hours and assuming he was not injured. Reports indicate that he died in his sleep as the result of a concussion.
Jeff Batters 1970 1996 25 years American ice hockey player car pickup truck Trans-Canada Highway Canmore, Alberta, Canada Driving the wrong way down a highway access ramp at 4am, the truck drove off the road and rolled. Batters was ejected and crushed by the truck. Another passenger, 18-year-old Sherri Kalan, was also killed. Police botched the investigation and could not determine who was driving, so all charges were dropped.
Chris Bell 1951 1978 27 years American Big Star musician car Triumph TR7
Brad Beckman 1964 1989 24 years American American football player car Lilburn, Georgia In icy conditions, the driver (Jeff Modesitt) bumped the rear of another vehicle and skidded into the northbound lanes of the interstate. When the driver got out to inspect the damage with Beckman still sitting in the car, a tractor trailer rig slammed into the side of the car killing Beckman instantly and critically injuring Modesitt.
Lamont Bentley 1973 2005 31 years American actor car Mercedes-Benz Simi Valley, California Exited the highway at high speed, ran a stop sign, went through a chain-link fence, rolled down an embankment, ejected through moonroof, and was run over by five other vehicles.
Rob Bironas 1978 2014 36 years American NFL kicker car GMC Nashville, Tennessee
Black (singer), real name Colin Vearncombe 1962 2016 54 years British singer-songwriter car near Cork Airport, Ireland Died in hospital a few weeks after the crash.[15]
J. Stuart Blackton 1875 1941 66 years American film producer
Larry Blyden 1925 1975 49 years American actor car near Agadir, Morocco Blyden's rental car reportedly went off the road and overturned. According to Blyden's manager, Blyden suffered injuries to the chest, head and abdomen. He underwent surgery but died of his injuries on June 6. On the audio commentary for the 2009 DVD of What Makes Sammy Run?, Blyden's co-star Barbara Rush claimed that Blyden had been carjacked by bandits and killed.
Bill Boaks 1904 1986 81 years British political campaigner for road safety bus Boaks was injured in a minor road traffic crash while getting off a bus. His death in hospital two years later was the result of complications from the head injuries sustained.
Marc Bolan 1947 1977 29 years British T.Rex musician car (passenger) Mini 1275GT Queens Ride, Barnes Common, southwest London Driver was girlfriend Gloria Jones.[16]
Franco Bonvicini "Bonvi" 1941 1995 54 years Italian comic book artist pedestrian Citroën Pallas Bologna, Italy Hit by a car while crossing the street
D. Boon 1958 1985 27 years American The Minutemen musician van Was sleeping in the van when it crashed
Luc Bourdon 1987 2008 21 years Canadian Ice hockey player motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1000 Lamèque, New Brunswick Ran into the back of a tractor-trailer after losing control of the motorbike.
Peter "Possum" Bourne 1956 2003 47 years New Zealand rally driver car Subaru Forester Race to the Sky track, Cardrona, New Zealand During course inspection, Bourne collided head on with a competitor's Jeep Cherokee who was later charged with dangerous driving
Dennis Brain 1921 1957 36 years British Horn virtuoso car Triumph TR2
Jaime Bravo 1932 1970 37 years Mexican Matador car
Nino Bravo 1944 1973 28 years Spanish singer and songwriter car BMW 2800 Villarrubio, Cuenca
Gianni Brera 1919 1992 73 years Italian sports journalist and novelist car Codogno, Lodi, Italy
Michel Brière 1949 1971 21 years Canadian NHL player car Mercury Cougar Quebec Route 117, Val-d'Or Crashed his car on May 15, 1970 and was ejected, suffering major head trauma. Died 11 months after the crash without regaining consciousness.
Rolf Dieter Brinkmann 1940 1975 35 years German poet
Gladys Brockwell 1893 1929 35 years American actress car Ventura Highway Male friend driver, who later said he'd been blinded by dust in an eye, went off road and over a 75-foot embankment, she was crushed under the car.
Norman Brookman 1884 1949 65 years Australian politician car South Road, Noarlunga, South Australia Head-on collision with 4-ton truck.
Herb Brooks 1937 2003 66 years American ice hockey coach, most notably of the gold medal-winning 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team car Interstate 35 in Washington County, Minnesota Believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel. Was not wearing a seat belt.
Clifford Brown 1930 1956 25 years American jazz trumpeter, aka "Brownie" car (passenger) west of Bedford, Pennsylvania Powell's wife Nancy was driving at night in the rain on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, she lost control of the car and it went off the road.[17] All three people in the car were killed in the resulting crash.
Jerome Brown 1965 1992 27 years American American football player car Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Brooksville, Florida Lost control of his car at high speed and hit a power pole. His nephew, a passenger in the car, was also killed.
Jean Bugatti 1909 1939 30 years French automotive designer car Bugatti Type 57S Tank
Brandon Burlsworth 1976 1999 22 years American American football player car near Alpena, Arkansas [18]
Cliff Burton 1962 1986 24 years American Metallica bass guitarist tour bus European route E4 in Ljungby Municipality, Sweden Thrown out of window and crushed after the bus skidded off the road and landed on its side.
Norman Burton 1923 2003 79 years American actor car Imperial, California, United States Auto crash while returning from Ajijic, Mexico near the CaliforniaArizona state line.
Fred Buscaglione 1921 1960 38 years Italian singer, musician Ford Thunderbird Rome, Italy Collision with a truck


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Jason Callahan 1976 1995 19 years American None car Emporia, Virginia, United States Victim remained unidentified until December 2015.
Albert Camus 1913 1960 46 years French-Algerian writer and Nobel Prize-winner car Facel Vega Villeblevin, France Michel Gallimard, the driver, was also killed.
Eric Campbell 1878 1917 38 years British silent screen star and ubiquitous nemesis of Charlie Chaplin car Los Angeles
Cornelius Cardew 1936 1981 45 years English composer pedestrian Leyton, London Killed in a hit and run incident. The driver of the car was never found.
Cecilia, real name Evangelina Sobredo Galanes 1948 1976 27 years Spanish singer-songwriter car SEAT 124 near Benavente, in Zamora Province, Spain Musician José Luiz Gonzalez also died in the crash.
Chang Yu-sheng 1966 1997 31 years Taiwanese pop singer, composer and producer car Saab 900 Tamsui District, New Taipei City When he driving a car, serious crash at the intersection of Tamsui District, Shinpei (New Taipei), and coma 24 days later, on November 12, he lives at Tamsui's hospital.[citation needed]
Harry Chapin 1942 1981 38 years American musician and film producer car Volkswagen Rabbit Long Island Expressway, New York Collision with truck.
Ernest Chausson 1855 1899 44 years French composer bicycle Limay, Yvelines, France Collision with wall.
Steve Chiasson 1967 1999 32 years Canadian hockey player pickup truck North Carolina Fell out of truck after collision. Was over drink-drive limit.
Ron Chippindale 1933 2008 74 years New Zealander Chief Inspector of Air Accidents pedestrian Porirua, near Wellington, New Zealand Chippindale, who investigated many airplane crashes, most notably the crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901 into Mount Erebus, Antarctica, was struck by an out of control car while walking near his home.[19]
Dugald Christie 1941 2006 either 64 or 65 years Canadian lawyer and political activist bicycle Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada Collision with truck.
Prince Christopher of Yugoslavia 1960 1994 34 years Yugoslav royalty car Irvine, California The death was determined to be suicide by carbon monoxide.[20]
Bob Clark 1939 2007 67 years American film director car Infiniti I30 Pacific Coast Highway, near Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California Collision with SUV.
Spencer Clark 1987 2006 19 years American NASCAR driver truck near Albuquerque, New Mexico Truck was carrying a car and fell over.
Eddie Cochran 1938 1960 21 years American musician taxi Ford Consul A4 in Chippenham, Wiltshire Taxi blew a tyre and collided with a lamp-post. Gene Vincent and Sharon Sheeley, the other passengers, survived the crash.
Ludo Coeck 1955 1985 30 years Belgian footballer car BMW near Rumst, Belgium Collision with central reservation.
Alexis Cohen 1983 2009 25 years American actress and American Idol participant Pedestrian Mitsubishi Galant Seaside Heights, New Jersey Killed in a "hit-and-run" incident. The driver of the car, Daniel Bark, was arrested and charged with drink-driving and leaving the scene of an crash.
Brian Cole 1979 c. 2001 22 years American baseball player car [21][22]
Bonar Colleano 1924 1958 34 years American actor car Queensway Tunnel, Birkenhead, United Kingdom
Billy Collins 1961 1984 22 years American boxer car 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Antioch, Tennessee Collision with culvert.[23]
Jerry Collins 1980 2015 34 years New Zealander rugby union player and former All Black car Béziers, France Collision with bus. Partner Alana Madill was also killed however Collins' daughter Ayla survived.
Rob Collins 1965 1996 33 years English musician and keyboardist of The Charlatans car BMW Wales Was over the drink-drive limit and not wearing a seat belt.
Coluche 1944 1986 41 years French Comedian motorcycle Opio, Alpes-Maritimes, France Collision with lorry.
Amie Comeaux 1976 1997 21 years American country singer car Dodge Avenger near Baton Rouge, Louisiana Car overturned.
Jim Connors 1940 1987 46 years American radio disc jockey and on-air personality car Interstate 95 in Greenville County, Virginia
Pete Conrad 1930 1999 69 years American lunar astronaut motorcycle Ojai, California Veered off road and crashed.
Dallas Cook 1982 2005 23 years American musician motorcycle Costa Mesa Freeway, near Orange, California Collision with car.
Stephen Covey 1932 2012 79 years American author, professional speaker, professor, consultant, management-expert bike Provo, Utah Complications after falling off a bike.
Gottfried von Cramm 1909 1976 67 years German tennis player car near Cairo, Egypt
Seymour Cray 1925 1996 71 years American supercomputer architect car Jeep Cherokee Interstate 25 near Colorado Springs, Colorado Collision with another vehicle.
Kenneth Craik 1914 1945 31 years British philosopher and psychologist bicycle
Tonya Crews 1938 1966 28 years American model and Playboy Playmate car [24]
Bob Cryer 1934 1994 59 years British Labour MP car Rover M1 motorway near Watford, England Car overturned on motorway. His wife, Ann, survived the crash.
Alan Crosland 1894 1936 41 years American film director car Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
Laurie Cunningham 1956 1989 33 years English footballer car Renault 5 GTI Madrid Car collided with barrier and overturned.
Pierre Curie 1859 1906 46 years French chemist and physicist, 1903 Nobel Prize recipienp pedestrian Rue Dauphine, Paris Run over by a horse-drawn vehicle.
Greg Curnoe 1936 1992 55 years Canadian Painter bicycle Knocked down by a pickup truck.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Jack Dakin 1996 2016 19 years British drummer of the rock band Viola Beach car Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager. See under Craig Tarry.
Vitaly Daraselia 1957 1982 25 years Georgian footballer
Betty Jack Davis 1932 1953 21 years American country music singer; one half of The Davis Sisters car Skeeter Davis (no relation), the other half of the Davis Sisters, was seriously injured in the same crash. She recovered and went on to a successful recording career.
Jimmy Davis 1983 2003 21 years British Manchester United footballer car BMW 3 series M40 motorway in Oxfordshire Crashed into back of lorry. Was twice over the drink-drive limit.
Victor Davis 1964 1989 25 years Canadian Swimmer, Olympic gold medallist pedestrian Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec Outside a nightclub in a Montreal suburb, Davis was struck by a car whose driver fled the scene. It was later determined that, due to an earlier verbal altercation with the driver, Davis had walked to the middle of the road and was brandishing a juice bottle toward the car at the time he was struck. Two days later, the 25-year-old died of his injuries in hospital. In February 1992, Glen Crossley was found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident and sentenced to ten months in prison, ultimately serving four months.
James Dean 1931 1955 24 years American Actor car Porsche 550 Spyder near Cholame, California
Mike Darr 1976 2002 25 years American baseball player car Peoria, Arizona
Andrea de Cesaris 1959 2014 55 years Italian racing driver motorcycle Rome, Italy Was killed in a motorcycle crash on the Grande Raccordo Anulare motorway in Rome
Roger Delgado 1918 1973 55 years British actor car Republic of Turkey Died on location in Turkey while shooting an episode of French TV show La cloche tibétaine (translation: Bell of Tibet). Two Turkish film technicians were killed in the same crash.
Kazimierz Deyna 1947 1989 41 years Polish footballer car BMW San Diego, California
Arnold Diamond 1915 1992 76 years British actor car Bournemouth, Dorset, England Died from injuries after being knocked down.
Diana, Princess of Wales 1961 1997 36 years British member of British royal family car 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 W140 Pont de l'Alma road tunnel, Paris, France Diana's companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the car, Henri Paul, were killed in the same crash; Fayed's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones survived. Further reading: Death of Diana, Princess of Wales
František Dibarbora 1916 1987 70 years Slovak actor car
Mike Dickin 1943 2006 63 years British radio DJ car Cornwall
Lou DiMuro 1932 1982 51 years American baseball umpire[25] pedestrian Arlington, Texas
Bridget Driscoll 1852 1896 44 years British The first pedestrian victim of an automobile crash in the United Kingdom.[26] pedestrian Crystal Palace, London One of the earliest recorded road crash victims.
Alfred Dobbs 1882 1945 either 62 or 63 years British politician car Doncaster, England Dobbs' car was in collision with a military vehicle.
Marshall Dodge 1935 1982 47 years American humorist bicycle Waimea, Hawaii Dodge's bicycle was struck by a motorist.
Ian Stuart Donaldson 1957 1993 36 years British neo-Nazi musician car Volkswagen Polo near Burnaston, Derbyshire
Françoise Dorléac 1942 1967 25 years French film actress car Renault 10 A8 autoroute near Villeneuve-Loubet Collided with signpost.
Piero Drogo 1926 1973 46 years Italian racing driver and coachbuilder car Ferrari 250 California Bologna Crashed into a broken down truck in a tunnel; both were unlit.[27]
Alexander Dubček 1921 1992 70 years Slovak politician car BMW 535i D1 highway near Humpolec, Czech Republic Car veered off road.
Gus Dudgeon 1942 2002 59 years British record producer car Jaguar XK8 M4 motorway between Reading and Maidenhead Car veered off road.
Fred Duesenberg 1876 1932 55 years American automobile pioneer, designer and manufacturer car Duesenberg Lincoln Highway near Jennerstown, Pennsylvania Car overturned. Duesenberg died in hospital after being comatose for three weeks.
Isadora Duncan 1878 1927 50 years American dancer car Amilcar Nice, France Strangled by scarf getting tangled in rear wheel of open-top sports car. Thrown out onto road, died instantly.
Ryan Dunn 1977 2011 34 years American reality television personality and daredevil car Porsche 911 GT3 Chester County, Pennsylvania Collided with tree. Was twice over the drink-drive limit.
Al Dvorin 1923 2004 81 years American Elvis Presley concert announcer car near Ivanpah, California


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Donald Eccles British 1908 1986 77 years actor car Brighton, England
Mike Edwards British 1948 2010 62 years Electric Light Orchestra cellist van Devon, England Edwards was killed on the A381 road between Harbertonford and Halwell near where he lived in Totnes in Devon, on 3 September 2010, when a cylindrical hay bale weighing 1,300 pounds (590 kg) rolled down a hillside and collided with the van he was driving.
Edem Ephraim British 1959 1995 35 years singer and one half of London Boys car Eastern Alps, Austria His colleague, Dennis Fuller, also died in the head-on collision with a drunken Swiss.[28]
Fernando Martín Espina Spanish 1962 1989 27 years basketball player car limited edition Lancia Thema 8.32 Madrid, Spain first Spaniard to play in the NBA, inductee of the FIBA Hall of Fame
, Go Eun-biGo Eun-bi South Korean 1992 2014 21 years singer (member of Ladies' Code) van Hyundai Grand Starex Yeongdong Expressway, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do [29]


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Fagernes, Pål ArnePål Arne Fagernes Norwegian 1974 2003 29 years athlete (javelin) car European route E6 near Moss, Norway Collided with a truck/lorry.
Falco, Falco Austrian 1957 1998 40 years rock musician SUV Mitsubishi Montero Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Collided with a bus.
Farina, GiuseppeGiuseppe Farina Italy 1906 1966 59 years inaugural Formula One world champion car Lotus Cortina Chambéry, France [30]
Fariña, RichardRichard Fariña American 1937 1966 29 years musician and writer motorcycle Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, California Motorbike veered off road. Driver survived.
Farrell, RichardRichard Farrell New Zealand 1926 1958 31 years classical pianist car Arundel, Sussex, England
Fayed, DodiDodi Fayed Egyptian 1955 1997 42 years companion of Diana, Princess of Wales car 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 W140 Pont de l'Alma road tunnel, Paris, France Fayed was traveling with Diana, Princess of Wales at the time of the crash. Both were killed in this crash along with the driver of the car, Henri Paul; Fayed's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones survived.
Further reading: Death of Diana, Princess of Wales
Fenslau, TorstenTorsten Fenslau German 1964 1993 29 years record producer, DJ car Mercedes-Benz 500SL Landesstraße 3097, Near Messel, Hessen, Germany Fenslau, best known for his involvement in Culture Beat, lost control of his car, causing it to roll several times before coming to rest in a field. Fenslau, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown from the vehicle, dying in hospital a short time later.
Fernández, AlbertoAlberto Fernández Spanish 1955 1984 29 years road racing cyclist car near Aranda de Duero, Burgos Province, Spain His wife was also killed in the crash.
Fernandez, RommelRommel Fernandez Panamanian 1966 1993 27 years footballer car near Albacete, Spain His cousin, Ronny Rojo, survived the crash.
Farrington, JohnJohn Farrington American 1936 1964 28 years American football player car Rensselaer, Indiana[31][32]
Flahavan, AaronAaron Flahavan English 1975 2001 25 years footballer car BMW sports car near Bournemouth, England
Foster, JackJack Foster New Zealander 1932 2004 72 years marathon runner bicycle Rotorua, New Zealand
Fox, CharleyCharley Fox Canadian 1920 2008 88 years RCAF fighter pilot car Tillsonburg, Ontario [33]
Fox, StanStan Fox American 1952 2000 48 years racing driver van Desert Road, south of Auckland, New Zealand
Fuller, DennisDennis Fuller Jamaican 1959 1995 36 years singer and one half of London Boys car Eastern Alps, Austria His colleague, Edem Ephraim, also died in the head-on collision with a drunken Swiss.[28]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Gabelich, GaryGary Gabelich 1940 1984 43 years American land speed record holder motorcycle Long Beach, California Collision with truck.[34]
Gaetano, RinoRino Gaetano 1950 1981 30 years Italian singer-songwriter car Volvo 343 Via Nomentana, Rome Collision with lorry.
Gahol, BryanBryan Gahol 1977 2014 36 years Filipino basketball player van Nissan Urvan Escapade South Luzon Expressway, Philippines Gahol was killed along with companion Rosemarie Manalo in a multiple-vehicle collision along the Skyway in the evening of March 31, 2014. He was driving a van on the northbound lane of the SLEX near the Alabang exit at 10pm Monday night, along with four other friends, when their vehicle was hit by a delivery jeep filled with vegetables.[35] He and Manalo were declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.[36]
Galimore, WillieWillie Galimore 1935 1964 29 years American football player car Rensselaer, Indiana Teammate John Farrington also died in the crash.
Galli, NiccolòNiccolò Galli 1983 2001 17 years Italian footballer motorcycle Bologna Motorcycle collided with central reservation.
Gallo, JulioJulio Gallo 1910 1993 83 years American winemaker car near Tracy, California Car veered off road.
Garriga, JuanJuan Garriga 1963 2015 52 years Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer motorcycle Spain
Gassoff, BobBob Gassoff 1953 1977 24 years Canadian ice hockey player motorcycle near Villa Ridge, Missouri Head-on collision with car.
Gastaldello, LinoLino Gastaldello 1939[37] 2010 71 years Italy businessman, owner of Wilier Triestina bicycle San Zenone degli Ezzelini Head-on collision with car.[37]
Gaudí, AntoniAntoni Gaudí 1852 1926 73 years Spanish architect pedestrian Barcelona Struck by a tram and died from his injuries three days later.
George, BillBill George 1929 1982 52 years American American football Hall of Famer van Wisconsin Mr. George was driving eastbound on Illinois 72 when a tractor-trailer struck his van at an intersection.[38]
Gessinger, Marie-ChristineMarie-Christine Gessinger 1992 2010 17 years Austrian fashion model car (passenger) Volkswagen Golf Austria Struck a tree at 150 km/h over the permitted 100 km/h.[39]
Ghazi of Iraq 1912 1939 27 years King of Iraq 1933–1939 car Ghazi died in 1939 in a mysterious crash involving a sports car he was driving.[40] Some believe he was killed on the orders of Nuri as-Said.
Gomez Gonzalez, JuanJuan Gómez González 1954 1992 37 years Spanish footballer car Calzado de Oropesa, Spain
Princess Grace of Monaco 1929 1982 52 years American actress, Monegasque royalty car Rover P6 Route de la Turbie near Monte Carlo Car veered off road and overturned. Grace's daughter Princess Stéphanie survived.
Greensville County John Doe Unknown 1995 15–21 years unidentified decedent car Emporia, Virginia Collision with tree
Griggs, DavidDavid Griggs 1967 1995 28 years American American football player car Fort Lauderdale, Florida Collision with billboard.
Grunitzky, NicolasNicolas Grunitzky 1913 1969 56 years Togolese exiled President of Togo car Ivory Coast
Guyton, ArthurArthur Guyton 1919 2003 83 years American physiologist car


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Paul Hackman 1953 1992 38 or 39 years Canadian musician van near Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada Van belonging to Helix, Paul Hackman's band, veered off road and fell down embankment.
Jörg Haider 1950 2008 58 years Austrian politician, Governor of Carinthia car Volkswagen Phaeton near Köttmannsdorf, Carinthia, Austria Car veered off road and fell down embankment.
Mike Hailwood 1940 1981 40 years British motorcycle racer car Rover SD1 A435 Alcester Road, near Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England Collision with lorry. Hailwood's daughter Michelle was also killed.
Veikko Hakulinen 1925 2003 78 years Finnish skier pedestrian Valkeakoski, Finland Hit by car.
David Halberstam 1934 2007 73 years American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist car Toyota Camry California State Route 84 at Menlo Park, California near the Dumbarton Bridge Collision with car. Kevin Jones, Halberstam's assistant, was the driver.
Josh Hancock 1978 2007 29 years American baseball player car Ford Explorer near St. Louis, Missouri Collision with truck. Hancock was twice over the drink-drive limit.
Mary Hansen 1966 2002 36 years Australian vocalist with Stereolab bicycle London, United Kingdom Crushed to death by lorry.
Ron Hansen 1960 1993 33 years American jockey [41]
Sajjadul Hasan 1978 2007 28 years Bangladeshi cricketer motorcycle
Ahmed Hassanein 1889 1946 56 years Egyptian political advisor, writer, and sportsman car Egypt Collision with British military vehicle.
Mike Hawthorn 1929 1959 29 years British racing driver car Jaguar Mark 1 A3 near Guildford, England Collision with tree.
Michael Hedges 1953 1997 43 years American musician car BMW State Route 128, near Boonville, California Car veered off road and fell down embankment.
Conrad Hendricks 1979 2006 27 years South African footballer car near Johannesburg
Chris Henry 1983 2009 26 years American American footballer pick-up truck near Charlotte, North Carolina Fell out of pick-up truck window.
Bob Herbert 1942 1999 57 years British talent manager car MG F Windsor Great Park, Berkshire Collision with fence.[42]
Ivan Hlinka 1950 2004 54 years Czech ice hockey player car near Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Collision with truck.
Heinz Hofer 1943 1977 Swiss racing team manager and mechanic car Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer A27, near Portsmouth, England Collision with another vehicle. Car belonged to Roger Penske, whom he was helping to deliver the car to the United States.[43]
Marty Hogan 1869 1923 53 years American baseball player car Died of injuries received in crash.
Patrick Hogan 1891 1936 Irish politician car Aughrim, County Galway, Ireland
Ben Hollioake 1977 2002 24 years English cricketer car Porsche 968 convertible Kwinana Freeway, Perth, Australia Collision with wall.
Johnny Horton 1925 1960 35 years American musician car Cadillac near Milano, Texas Car fell off bridge into ditch after colliding with a truck.
Tim Horton 1930 1974 44 years Canadian ice hockey player car De Tomaso Pantera Queen Elizabeth Way at crossing of Twelve Mile Creek, Ontario Car collided with culvert, throwing Horton out.
Dean Horrix 1961 1990 28 years English footballer car Berkshire, England His wife survived the crash.
Peter Houseman 1945 1977 31 years English footballer car near Oxford, England His wife and two friends were also killed.
Beatrice Hsu 1978 2007 28 years Taiwanese actress car Mini Cooper National Highway No. 1 near Taichung, Taiwan Car collided with central reservation and then with a lorry.
Allan Hubbard 1928 2011 83 years New Zealander businessman, financier car Oamaru, New Zealand Car in which he was passenger collided with another vehicle.
John Hugenholtz 1914 1995 80 years Dutch race circuit designer car Zandvoort, Netherlands His wife died instantly; he died later of his injuries.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Vernon Isley 1942 1955 13 years American singer and original member of The Isley Brothers bicycle Cincinnati, Ohio His bicycle was struck by a car near his home.


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
James Jabara 1923 1966 43 years American war ace pilot car Volkswagen Delray Beach, Florida
Randall Jarrell 1914 1965 51 years American poet pedestrian Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Paul Jarrico 1915 1997 82 years American screenwriter car
Claudia Jennings 1949 1979 29 years American model and Playboy Playmate car Volkswagen Beetle Malibu, California [24]
Arvin "Tado" Jimenez 1974 2014 39 years Filipino Comedian bus (passenger) Nissan Diesel RB46S (DMMC Aero Adamant) Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines Jimenez died in an crash involving a Florida bus on February 7, 2014. He was among the 14 people killed in the crash, which occurred around 7:20 a.m. (PST) at Banaue-Bontoc road in Sitio Panggang, Barangay Talubin, Bontoc, Mountain Province.
Jack Johnson 1878 1946 68 years American boxer car Franklinton, North Carolina
James Weldon Johnson 1871 1938 67 years American lawyer and civil rights advocate car Wiscasset, Maine Crash happened on level crossing.
Kenneth Jones 1952 1969 16 years American songwriter car Jones was killed in an automobile crash.
Ray Jones[44] 1988 2007 18 years English footballer car (passenger) Volkswagen Golf East Ham, London Vehicle collided with bus.
Junkyard Dog (Real name: Sylvester Ritter) 1952 1998 45 years American professional wrestler car Interstate 20, near Forest, Mississippi
Dariusz Jarosław 1967 2007 40 years Polish scientist car


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Toshitami Kaihara 1933 2014 81 years Japanese former Governor of Hyōgo car Port Island, Chuo-ku, Kobe His car collision from another car on the left side, and former governor dead by traumatic aortic injury with left side of the body swipe.[45]
Yutaka Kanai 1959 1990 30 years Japanese long-distance runner[46] Hokkaido, Japan He was killed in a traffic crash.[47]
Grace Kelly 1929 1982 52 years American Princess of Monaco, actress 1971 Rover P6 3500 Road between Mont Agel and Monaco Suffered stroke while driving, lost control of car which plunged down a 120 ft. mountainside road. Survived the crash, but died from her injuries the following night in Monaco Hospital. Her passenger, daughter Princess Stéphanie, survived the crash.
Kemistry 1963 1999 35 years English DJ car (passenger) Hampshire, England Olusanya died when her car was travelling behind a van on the M3 motorway. She was hit by the steel body of a cat's eye, which had been dislodged by the van and flew through the windscreen of the car in which she was a passenger. The cat's eye hit Olusanya in the face and she was killed instantly.
Valeri Kharlamov 1948 1981 33 years Russian ice hockey player car Solnechnogorsky District, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union Valeri and his wife Irina died tragically in a car crash on the busy highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg.[48]
Hari Raj Khewa Unknown 2016 Unknown Nepalese[49] former Minister of State for Finance and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist-Centre) chairman. bus Dhankuta He was among the 9 killed in a bus accident.
Terrence Kiel 1980 2008 27 years American football player car Chevy Sedan San Diego, California Kiel was driving alone in San Diego's upscale Scripps Ranch neighborhood when he hit a wall and was thrown from his car.[50] Police said Kiel was barely breathing when paramedics got to him and he died about an hour later.
Witold Kiełtyka 1984 2007 23 years Polish death metal drummer bus (passenger) Novozybkov, Russia While traveling to a show in Gomel, Belarus, Decapitated and the other band that was on the tour bus, Crionics, were involved in a bus crash. The tour bus collided with a truck carrying wood, causing serious head injuries to both Kiełtyka and Adrian Kowanek. The two were taken to a hospital in Novozybkov, Russia. While Kiełtyka's family released a statement on November 1, 2007, saying that his condition had improved, he underwent trepanation and was due to be transported to a hospital in Kraków, Poland, for further treatment. However, Kiełtyka died on November 2, 2007, at the age of 23.[51]
Ken Kifer 1945 2003 57 years American[52] writer, bicyclist and webmaster bicycle 6 miles (9.7 km) from his home near Scottsboro, Alabama Kifer was struck and killed by a serial drunk driver.[53][54] He died the next morning.
Sam Kinison 1953 1992 38 years American stand-up comedian and actor car 1989 Pontiac Trans Am west of Needles, California Kinison died after his car was struck head-on on U.S. Route 95, four miles (6 km) north of Interstate 40, by a pickup truck driven by 17-year-old Troy Pierson, who had been drinking alcohol.[55][56] The pickup truck crossed the center line of the roadway and went into Kinison's lane. At the time of the collision, Kinison was traveling to Laughlin, Nevada to perform at a sold-out show.[57]
Andy Kirby 1961 2002 40 years American NASCAR stockcar driver motorcycle White House, Tennessee He was killed in a motorcycle crash in his home town.
Hugo Koblet 1925 1964 39 years Swiss champion cyclist car Egg, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland Koblet died at 39, four days after a car crash, with speculation that his death may have been suicide.
Mary Jo Kopechne 1940 1969 28 years American passenger of U.S. Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy car (passenger) 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts Kennedy drove the car off a narrow, unlit bridge, which was without guardrails.[58] The Oldsmobile landed in Poucha Pond and overturned in the water; Kennedy extricated himself from the vehicle and survived, but Kopechne did not.[58]
Lou Kolls 1896 1941 48 years American baseball umpire[59] car Hooppole, Illinois Head-on collision.
Nikola Kotkov 1938 1971 32 years Bulgarian football striker Sofia, Bulgaria Kotkov died together with his friend and teammate Georgi Asparuhov in a traffic crash in the Vitinya Pass of the Balkan Mountains, en route to Vratsa.[60]
Ernie Kovacs 1919 1962 42 years American comedian, actor, and writer car Chevrolet Corvair station wagon Los Angeles Kovacs was killed in an automobile crash in Los Angeles in the early morning hours. Kovacs, who had worked for much of the evening, met his wife, Edie Adams, at a baby shower for Milton Berle and his wife, who had recently adopted a newborn baby boy. The couple left the party in separate cars.[61] After a light southern California rainstorm, Kovacs lost control of his car while turning fast, and crashed into a power pole at the corner of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boulevards. He was thrown halfway out the passenger side, dying almost instantly from chest and head injuries.[62]
Philip Taylor Kramer 1952 1995 42 years American bass guitar player for the rock group Iron Butterfly minivan 1993 green Ford Aerostar near Malibu, California Kramer drove to Los Angeles International Airport to pick up an investor. He spent forty-five minutes at the airport but failed to meet the investor. Kramer did make a flurry of cell phone calls, including one to the police during which he said, "I’m going to kill myself."[63][64] He was never heard from again. This led to a massive search, many news reports, and talk show segments.[65] An article in Skeptic reported numerous conspiracy theories about his death.[66][67] On May 29, 1999, Kramer's minivan and skeletal remains were found[68][69] by photographers looking for old car wrecks to shoot at the bottom of Decker Canyon near Malibu, California.[63] Based on forensic evidence and Kramer's emergency call to the police, authorities ruled his death as a probable suicide committed on the day on which he was last heard.[70]
Marek Krejčí 1980 2007 26 years Slovak footballer car Audi S3 near Maitenbeth, Bavaria, Germany He died in a road crash in the early morning driving on the road B12 toward Mühldorf, while returning to Burghausen from Munich, when he lost control over the car in the left turn. The car subsequently swung off the road and continued to spin for about 50 metres before its roof hit a tree in the adjacent forest. Krejčí was left trapped inside the vehicle and the fire brigade was unable to save him. The probable cause of the crash is suspected to have been excessive speeding.[71]
Richard Kröll 1968 1996 28 years Austrian alpine skier car Zillertal road (B 169), Austria He hit a German bus on a wet road head and died at the scene.
Juscelino Kubitschek 1902 1976 73 years Brazilian former president car near Resende, Rio de Janeiro He was killed in a car crash.
Evgeny Kucherevsky 1941 2006 65 years Ukrainian football coach car Mercedes-Benz Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Kucherevskyi's car suffered a head-on collision with a KAMAZ truck.
Janusz Kulig 1969 2004 35 years Polish rally driver car Fiat Stilo Rzezawa, Poland Kulig died after his car collided with a train on a level crossing. The crossing barriers were not lowered.
Atsushi Kuroi 1969 2010 40 years Japanese professional drifting driver[72][73] motorcycle He died during the evening due to a motorcycle crash.[74] Kuroi was hit by another vehicle while travelling home from work on his motorcycle. Kuroi later died in the hospital after bleeding to death from injuries to his thigh.[75]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Nicolae Labiş 1935 1956 21 years Romanian poet pedestrian University Square, Bucharest He lost his balance, caught the grille between the tram wagons, his head hit the pavement, and he was dragged a short distance.
Scott LaFaro 1936 1961 25 years American jazz musician car Flint, New York LaFaro died in an automobile accident in the summer of 1961 in Flint, New York on U.S. Route 20 between Geneva and Canandaigua.[76]
Martin Lamble 1949 1969 19 years British drummer for British electric folk band, Fairport Convention van Birmingham, England Crashed on the M1 motorway on the way home from a gig at Mothers, a club in Birmingham.
Mark Langford 1964 2007 42 years British controversial company director of The Accident Group car Opel Corsa Marbella, Spain Langford died when his car left the road.[77]
T. E. Lawrence 1888 1935 46 years British army officer motorcycle Brough Superior SS100 Dorset, England Lawrence was fatally injured in an accident when a dip in the road obstructed his view of two boys on their bicycles; he swerved to avoid them, lost control, and was thrown over the handlebars.[78] He died six days later.
Iry LeJeune 1928 1955 26 years American Cajun accordionist pedestrian Eunice, Louisiana Hit by a car while changing a tire.
Julia Lennon 1914 1958 44 years British mother of John Lennon pedestrian Menlove Avenue, Woolton, Liverpool, England While crossing Menlove Avenue to the central reservation between two traffic lanes, she was struck and killed by a Standard Vanguard car.
Kris Leonard 1996 2016 19 years British vocalist of the rock band Viola Beach car Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager. See under Craig Tarry.
Charles Lewis, Jr. 1963 2009 45 years American businessman, promoter and entertainer car Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Newport Beach, California Lewis died in a high-speed car crash when his car collided with a 1977 Porsche before hitting a light pole. It is presumed that the two vehicles were traveling alongside one another at high speed, and were most likely engaged in a "street race".[79]
Jim Liberman 1945 1977 31 years American NHRA drag racing driver[80] car 1972 Corvette West Goshen Township near West Chester, Pennsylvania Liberman died in a head-on collision with a bus.
Pelle Lindbergh 1959 1985 26 years Swedish ice hockey goaltender car Porsche 930 Turbo Somerdale, New Jersey Lindbergh lost control of his car and struck a wall in front of an elementary school, critically injuring himself and severely injuring his two passengers.[81] Although declared brain dead a few hours later, he was kept on life support until his father arrived from Sweden late the next day and his parents gave their permission to terminate treatment.
Audrey Lindvall 1982 2006 23 years American model bicycle Lee's Summit, Missouri The 23-year-old was riding a bike near her childhood home. She hit a curb, was thrown from her bike and fell under the rear wheels of a tanker truck carrying fuel.[82][83] She died instantly when the truck rolled over her.[84]
Jaclyn Linetsky 1986 2003 17 years Canadian actress car Chrysler Grand Caravan Saint-Césaire, Quebec Linetsky and her 15/Love costar Vadim Schneider were killed in a traffic collision on their way to the set.[85]
Desmond Llewelyn 1914 1999 85 years British actor, played Q in the James Bond movies car Renault Megane Firle, East Sussex Llewelyn's car collided head-on with a Fiat Bravo on the A27.[86]
Lisa Lopes 1971 2002 30 years American singer with the R&B trio TLC SUV Mitsubishi Montero Sport La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras Lopes swerved to the right slightly then again to the left as she tried to avoid a collision with another vehicle that was in her lane. Her vehicle rolled several times after hitting two trees, throwing Lopes and three others out of the windows. She died of neck injuries and severe head trauma.[87]
Linda Lovelace 1949 2002 53 years American actress car Denver, Colorado She was involved in a serious automobile accident, suffering massive trauma and internal injuries. On April 22, 2002, she was taken off life support.[88]
Jack Lovelock 1910 1949 39 years New Zealander Olympic athlete pedestrian Brooklyn, New York Lovelock fell onto the tracks at a train station and died after being struck by an approaching train.
Juan López Mella 1965 1995 30 years Spanish motorcycle racer[89] Traffic accident when he went to the circuit of Calafat to test with Team Arbizu.
Ira Louvin 1924 1965 41 years American Louvin Brothers singer car Williamsburg, Missouri Louvin died on June 20, 1965 when a drunk driver struck his car.
Tomas Lowe 1989 2016 27 years British bassist of the rock band Viola Beach car Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager. See under Craig Tarry.
Michael Lucero 1963 1998 34 years music video director car Nevada [90]
Mitch Lucker 1984 2012 28 years American frontman of metal band Suicide Silence motorcycle 2013 Harley Davidson Huntington Beach, California On November 1, 2012, it was announced by Orange County Coroners Office that Mitch Lucker had died that day from injuries sustained after a motorcycle accident at Huntington Beach, California. The coroner's office said Lucker was "pronounced dead at 6:17 a.m. Thursday at UCI Medical Center in Orange County". One report stated that Lucker crashed his motorcycle shortly after 9:00 p.m. on October 31.[91][92]


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Occupation
(or claim to notability)
Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Shawn Mackay 1982 2009 26 years Australia rugby union player pedestrian Durban, South Africa Died of complications a week after the accident.
David Macpherson, 2nd Baron Strathcarron 1924 2006 82 years British Peerage motorcycle Died from sustained injuries from a collision with dustcart seven weeks later.[93]
Keith Magnuson 1947 2003 56 years Canadian hockey player car Chrysler Intrepid Vaughan, Ontario Killed in an auto accident with fellow NHL alumnus Rob Ramage behind the wheel. Ramage survived the accident, but was later found guilty of vehicular manslaughter.
Aristide Maillol 1861 1944 82 years French artist car
Sigisfredo Mair 1939 1977 38 years Italian luger car [94]
Stephen Malcolm 1970 2001 30 years Jamaica footballer car
Malle, AnnaAnna Malle 1967 2006 38 years American adult movie actress car (passenger) near Las Vegas, Nevada She was a passenger in a car in which the driver made a u-turn and turned into the path of pickup truck.
Mammadov, SakhavatSakhavat Mammadov 1953 1991 38 years Azerbaijani Mugham singer car Baku, Azerbaijan
Barry Mannakee 1947 1987 39 years British bodyguard and alleged lover of Diana, Princess of Wales motorcycle (passenger) Suzuki Woodford, east London
César Manrique 1919 1992 73 years Spanish architect car Tahiche, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Jayne Mansfield 1933 1967 34 years American actress car (passenger) 1966 Buick Electra U.S. Highway 90 En route to New Orleans, the car crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer that had slowed down because of a truck spraying mosquito fogger. The automobile struck the rear of the semi tractor and underrode it, killing its front seat occupants Mansfield, her boyfriend Sam Brody and her driver instantly.[95]
Lesley Manyathela 1981 2003 21 years South Africa footballer car
Theo Marcuse 1920 1967 47 years American actor car Los Angeles, California
Joey Marella 1963 1994 31 years American World Wrestling Federation referee car
Gonzalo Márquez 1946 1984 38 years Venezuelan major league baseball player car Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela He was returning home from a baseball game.
Billy Martin 1928 1989 61 years American baseball player and manager car Port Crane, north of Binghamton, New York He was killed in a low speed, single vehicle collision during an ice storm at the end of the driveway to his farm on Christmas Day 1989.
Pyotr Masherov 1918 1980 62 years Belarusian first secretary of Belarusian committee of the Communist Party of Soviet Union and a communist leader of Soviet Belarus car His car, escorted by police, collided with a produce truck (potatoes).
Tareque Masud 1956 2011 54 years Bangladeshi independent film director, producer microbus near Ghior Upazila, Bangladesh Masud died while returning to Dhakar after visiting a shooting location. His microbus collided head-on with a passenger bus. His long-time co-worker Mishuk Munier also died. Masud's wife and four others survived.
Lebo Mathosa 1977 2006 29 years South African popular Kwaito singer car Johannesburg, South Africa Her driver lost control of her vehicle. Mathosa's car overturned and hit a tree.[96]
Johnny Mauro[97] 1910 2003 92 years United States racing driver Interstate 70, near Denver Head-on collision
Jason Mayélé 1976 2002 26 years Congolese footballer car Parma, Italy His car collided with another while Mayélé was attempting to catch the Chievo team bus for a match against Parma. He was taken to hospital in nearby Verona by helicopter, but he died of his injuries.
Lucien Mazan 1882 1917 35 years Argentinian road bicycle racer Troyes, France When he was six he moved with his parents to Buenos Aires where he took Argentine nationality. He joined the French army during the First World War and died when he crashed into an oncoming car at the front near Troyes.
Justin Mentell 1982 2010 27 years American Actor Car Jeep Mineral Point, Wisconsin His 2005 Jeep left the roadway on Highway 39, went down an embankment and struck two trees. Possibly Mentell had fallen asleep at the wheel, he was not wearing a seatbelt
Aubrey McClendon 1959 2016 56 years American CEO of Chesapeake Energy SUV Chevy Tahoe Oklahoma City Probable suicide the day after he had been indicted by a federal grand jury
Andy McVann 1965 1986 21 years British drummer car Liverpool, England He died in a crash after attempting to outrun a police car near his Liverpool home.[98]
Vittorio Mero 1974 2002 27 years Italian footballer car Rovato, Italy Vittorio died in a car accident on the A4 highway near Rovato.
Gionata Mingozzi 1984 2008 23 years Italian footballer car Porsche Campagna Lupia, Italy Mingozzi died when his Porsche hit a lorry.[99]
Solomon Mikhoels 1890 1948 55 years Russian actor and Jewish activist pedestrian Minsk, Soviet Union According to official records, Mikhoels and a friend, Sergei Golubev, were run over by a lorry. True circumstances became known only in 1951, when Viktor Abakumov, ex-state security minister of the USSR was arrested. It turned out the writer Golubev was KGB agent. He got a task to invite Mikhoels to his friends’ dacha. The dacha belonged to the Byelorussian state security chief, Tsanava. The lorry was already prepared, under whose wheels Mikhoels and Golubev (who was sacrificed for the story's credibility) were thrown.[100]
Darren Millane 1965 1991 26 years Australian Australian rules football[101] Albert Park, Victoria Millane was killed in a car crash while intoxicated.[102] On the early morning of the day, he was driving on Queens Road, near Albert Park Lake, before he clipped a semi-trailer and rolled his car, being killed instantly.[103]
Fred Mills 1935 2009 74 years Canadian trumpeter and music professor[104][105] Athens, Georgia
Soledad Miranda 1943 1970 27 years Spanish actress car Estoril, Portugal On the morning of 18 August 1970 Soledad and her husband went out driving along the Costa do Sol highway between Estoril and Lisbon. They were involved in a collision with a small truck which completely crushed their car. Though her husband, who was driving, only had minor injuries, Soledad received serious fractures to her skull and spine, placing her in a deep coma. She died hours after the accident at the Hospital of São José in Lisbon, never having come out of her coma.
Margaret Mitchell 1900 1949 48 years American author of Gone with the Wind car pedestrian Atlanta, Georgia Struck by a speeding automobile as she crossed Peachtree Street at 13th Street in Atlanta with her husband, John Marsh, while on her way to see a movie. She died five days later without fully regaining consciousness.
Tom Mix 1880 1940 60 years American actor car 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton Florence, Arizona Heading toward Phoenix, he came upon construction barriers at a bridge washed away by a flash flood. He was unable to stop in time. The car swerved twice, then rolled into a gully, pinning his body underneath.[106] The 60-year-old actor was killed almost instantly.
Russell Mockridge 1928 1958 30 years Australian racing cyclist bicycle Clayton (south-east suburb of Melbourne, Australia) During the Tour of Gippsland cycle race, shortly after the start, Mockridge was struck by a bus and killed at the Dandenong Rd and Clayton Rd intersection.
Michelle Monkhouse 1991 2011 19 years Canadian fashion model car Markham, Ontario Contact with black ice caused her to collide with oncoming traffic.[107]
Carlos Monzón 1942 1995 52 years Argentina boxer car Los Cerrillos, Argentina Monzon was killed when his car ran off a road and overturned during a weekend furlough.[108]
Bob Moose 1947 1976 29 years American baseball player car near Martins Ferry, Ohio Killed in a head-on collision heading to Bill Mazeroski's golf course on his 29th birthday.[109]
Saúl Morales 1973 2000 26 years Spanish racing cyclist bicycle Caucete, San Juan Province, Argentina During the Tour of Argentina he was hit by a truck that accidentally came between the riders.
Rob Moroso 1968 1990 22 years American NASCAR Winston Cup driver car Oldsmobile Cutlass (1990) near Terrell, North Carolina Under the influence of alcohol and travelling at too high a speed, Moroso lost control going round a tight curve in the road, veering into an oncoming car killing its driver along with himself.
Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho 1938 1996 57 years Sotho monarch of his country car in the Maloti Mountains, Lesotho Car veered off cliff, killing both the royal and his chauffeur.
Mike Mosley 1946 1984 37 years American IndyCar driver van near Aguanga, California Died in an off-road vehicle accident in which he lost control of the van he was driving and it caught fire.[110]
Lucille Mulhall 1885 1940 55 years American cowgirl and Wild West performer car Mulhall, Oklahoma Killed in an automobile accident less than a mile from the Mulhall Ranch.[111]
Rich Mullins 1955 1997 41 years American Christian music artist car Jeep north of Bloomington, Illinois Mullins and a friend were traveling southbound on I-39 when his Jeep rolled over. They were not wearing seat belts and were both ejected from the vehicle. When a passing semi-trailer truck swerved to miss the overturned Jeep, Mullins, who was too injured to move out of the path of the oncoming truck, was hit and died instantly at the scene.
F. W. Murnau 1888 1931 42 years German film director of Nosferatu car Rolls Royce along the Pacific Coast Highway near Rincon Beach, south of Santa Barbara. Murnau hit his head and died in a hospital the day after his car hit an electric pole.
Sir John Murray 1841 1914 73 years Scots-Canadian marine biologist car Kirkliston, Edinburgh His car overturned near his home.
Mike Muuss 1958 2000 42 years American computer programmer, creator of Ping car He died while returning home from a restaurant, when his car was involved in a multi-vehicle pileup on Interstate 95.[112]
Maharajapuram Santhanam 1928 1992 63 years Indian guru and exponent of Indian classical music car Tindivanam, India Maharajapuram died on 24 June 1992, in a car accident near Tindivanam.[113]


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Napolitano, NorbertoNorberto Napolitano Argentina 1950 2005 54 years blues and metal/rock musician motorcycle Harley-Davidson route 5, km 71, Luján, Buenos Aires Province [114]
Naruse, HiromuHiromu Naruse Japan 1944 2010 67 years chief test driver and chief test engineer of Toyota car Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition Boos, Mayen-Koblenz Veered onto the path of a prototype BMW 3 Series, also on a testing exercise, frontally. All three occupants involved wore helmets.[115][116][117][118]
Nash, JohnJohn Nash American 1928 2015 86 years mathematician taxi Ford Crown Victoria Monroe Township, New Jersey [119]
Nierlich, RudolfRudolf Nierlich Austria 1966 1991 25 years Alpine skier car Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Vienna
Norwood, RalphRalph Norwood United States 1966 1989 23 years American football player car Suwanee, Georgia Veered off down an embankment into a tree eight miles from his team's training complex.[120][121]


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
John O'Quinn American 1941 2009 68 years lawyer car Chevrolet Suburban Houston, Texas O'Quinn was driving twice the 40 mph speed limit in the rain at 8 a.m. where his Suburban slammed into a tree.[122][123][124]
Berry Oakley American 1948 1972 24 years bass guitarist motorcycle Macon, Georgia Oakley was driving around a sharp right bend of the road when he crossed the line and collided at an angle with a city bus making the bend from the opposite direction. After striking the front and then the back of the bus, Oakley was thrown from his bike, and struck his head. Oakley said he was okay after the accident, declined medical treatment, and caught a ride home. Three hours later, he was rushed to the hospital, delirious and in pain, and died of cerebral swelling caused by a fractured skull.
Daisuke Oku Japanese 1976 2014 38 years footballer car Miyakojima, Miyako-jima, Okinawa Prefecture
Masao Ohba Japanese 1949 1973 23 years boxer car Chevrolet Corvette Tokyo, Japan Ohba died in a car accident on an expressway in Tokyo, when he hit a truck coming down the opposite lane.
Metin Oktay Turkish 1936 1991 55 years footballer car Istanbul, Turkey Car accident.
Mel Ott American 1909 1958 49 years Baseball Hall of Famer car New Orleans, Louisiana Car accident.
Willem van Otterloo Dutch 1907 1978 70 years conductor, cellist and composer car St Kilda East, Victoria, Australia He died from injuries suffered in an automobile accident.


Name Nationality Birth Death Age Occupation Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Carlos Paião Portugal 1957 1988 30 years singer-songwriter car Datsun Urvan Almeirim, Santarém District
Fran Papasedero United States 1969 2003 34 Years arena football player and coach car Lexus sedan Orlando, Florida Car lost control and rolled four times; ejected due to not wearing seat belt.[125]
Michelle Parma United States 1975 2002 27 years actress car Jeep Head-on collision.[126]
Simon Patterson England 1982 2006 24 years footballer car BMW 328i
George S. Patton United States 1885 1945 60 years General car 1939 Cadillac Series 75 near Mannheim, Germany Died from complications 12 days after accident.
Alan J. Pakula United States 1928 1998 70 years film producer car 1995 Volvo [127]
Mike Parkes UK 1931 1977 45 years auto racer
Henri Paul France 1956 1997 41 years chauffeur car Mercedes-Benz S280 Pont de l'Alma tunnel, Paris See also Death of Diana, Princess of Wales.
Oswaldo Paya Cuban 1952 2012 60 years dissident and political activist car Died under controversial circumstances. The Cuban government stated that the driver had lost control of the vehicle and collided with a tree, while Payá's children and one of the car's passengers asserted that the car had been deliberately run off of the road.
David Penhaligon British 1944 1986 42 years politician car Rover SD1 Truck Fork, Probus, Cornwall
Dražen Petrović Croatia 1964 1993 28 years basketball player car Volkswagen Golf Bundesautobahn 9 near Denkendorf, Bavaria, Germany On a cloudy and rainy afternoon, the driver of a northbound semi-trailer truck swerved to avoid a collision with a car in his lane. The truck broke through the median, blocking all three southbound lanes. Seconds later, the car in which Petrović was a passenger hit the truck. The sleeping Petrović, who was not wearing a seat belt, died on impact. His girlfriend, who was driving, and another passenger in the car suffered grave injuries, but survived.
Bobby Phills United States 1969 2000 30 years basketball player car 1997 Porsche 993 Cabriolet Charlotte, North Carolina [128]
Mark Philo English 1984 2006 21 years footballer car Vauxhall Astra
Andrea Pininfarina Italian 1957 2008 51 years engineer and manager, CEO of Pininfarina scooter Vespa GT60 Trofarello, Piedmont
Ja'far Pishevari Persian 1893 1947 founder and chairman of short-lived Azerbaijan People's Government car Baku, Azerbaijan Died in a car crash.
Vasek Polak American 1914 1997 82 years racing team owner car 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S Died later from injuries sustained in an accident in a German autobahn[129][130]
Greg Plitt American 1977 2015 37 years fitness model, actor pedestrian Burbank, California, United States Struck by a train
Jackson Pollock American 1912 1956 44 years artist car 1950 Oldsmobile 88 convertible [131]
Jim Pomeroy American 1952 2006 53 years Motocrosser car Jeep Yakima, Washington Single vehicle, rollover accident[132]
Cozy Powell British 1947 1998 50 years drummer with Whitesnake car Saab 9000 Powell's blood-alcohol reading shown that he was over the legal limit at the time of crash, also he was not wearing a seatbelt, and was talking to his girlfriend on his mobile phone whilst driving.[133]
Richie Powell 1931 1956 24 years jazz pianist car (passenger)
Steve Prefontaine American 1951 1975 24 years athlete car MG MGB Eugene, Oregon Car swerved, hit a rock wall, and flipped, trapping him underneath. A witness saw him alive beneath the car, but could not move the vehicle. By the time the witness returned with help, Prefontaine had died.
Rajesh Pilot Indian 1945 2000 55 years Indian Minister and politician from Congress party jeep Jaipur, India Rajesh Pilot died on June 11, 2000 in a car accident.[134][135]
Audie Pitre American 1970 1996 26 years bassist of music group Acid Bath car Audie Pitre and his parents were killed when they were hit head-on by a drunk driver on the Bourg-Larose Highway in Louisiana.[136]
Buford Pusser American 1937 1974 36 years Sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee car Chevrolet Corvette near Adamsville, Tennessee[137] Pusser died from injuries sustained in a one-car automobile accident, returning home alone from the McNairy County Fair, struck an embankment at high speed, ejecting him from the vehicle. The car caught fire and burned.
Toše Proeski Macedonian 1981 2007 26 years pop star car Volkswagen Touareg Nova Gradiška, Brod-Posavina County, Croatia


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Occupation Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Eric Qin 1967 1993 25 years United States experimental music composer bicycle Upper West Side, Manhattan
Valérie Quennessen 1957 1989 31 years French actress car A13 autoroute
Jocelyn Quivrin 1979 2009 30 years French actor car Ariel Atom Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Occupation Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Dottie Rambo 1934 2008 74 years American gospel singer and songwriter tour bus Mount Vernon, Missouri
Manjural Islam Rana 1984 2007 22 years Bangladeshi cricketer motorcycle
Joe Ranft 1960 2005 45 years American animator car California State Route 1, Mendocino County, California
Razzle 1960 1984 24 years British Hanoi Rocks drummer car De Tomaso Pantera Car was driven by its owner, Vince Neil who crashed whilst driving intoxicated as well was speeding
River Reeves 1996 2016 19 years British guitarist of the rock band Viola Beach car Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden All four members of the band died in this crash, along with their manager. See under Craig Tarry.
Clay Regazzoni 1939 2006 67 years Swiss retired racing driver car Chrysler Voyager A1 Autostrada, near Parma
Don Rich 1941 1974 32 years American country music singer; member of Buck Owens' Buckaroos motorcycle near Bakersfield, California Struck a guardrail after losing control of his motorcycle on Highway 99 north of Bakersfield, while traveling to Morro Bay for a family vacation.
John D. Rockefeller III 1906 1978 72 years American philanthropist car Mount Pleasant, NY Three-car crash on state Route 448 in Mount Pleasant. He was en route to Pocantico Hills from his farm in Mount Pleasant when David Low, a 16-year-old from Briarcliff Manor, crashed head-on into the car Rockefeller's secretary was driving.
Kenny Robinson 1969 1999 29 years American major league baseball pitcher car Tucson, Arizona
Tom Rodgers[138][139] 1987 2009 21 years British Downhill racer car Peugeot 306 Mearbeck Car that he and Ben Ineson was travelled in left the road and struck into a tree.
Rodrigo Bueno 1973 2000 27 years Argentinian cuarteto singer and songwriter car Ford Explorer Berazategui Partido, Buenos Aires
Joe Rollino[140] 1905 2010 93 years American strongman pedestrian Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York Crossing street 40 ft (12 m) from nearest crosswalk.
Jean Rondeau 1946 1985 39 years French racing driver and race car builder car Champagné, France Attempted to drive through a closed level crossing to follow a police car and was struck by a train.
Jerry Rubin 1938 1994 56 years American social activist pedestrian Los Angeles Jaywalked on Wilshire Boulevard and was struck by a car. Died of a heart attack while hospitalized.
Darrell Russell 1976 2005 29 years American football player car 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Los Angeles Car was driven by former teammate Michael Bastianelli, who was also killed[141]
Porfirio Rubirosa 1909 1965 56 years Dominican Republic Dominican diplomat car 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Paris, France Crashed into a tree whilst driving intoxicated.[142]
Frank Ryan 1960 2010 50 years American plastic surgeon car 1995 Jeep Wrangler California State Route 1, Malibu, California Car drove off the cliff, his passenger Jill the dog was thrown out of the vehicle but survived with some minor injuries. Accident is likely to have been caused by "tweeting" whilst driving.[143]
Kwon Ri-se 1991 2014 23 years South Korean singer van Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Occupation Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Silvester Sabolčki[144] Croatian 1979 2003 23 years footballer car Audi A3 Varaždin, Croatia The vehicle, driven by Sabolčki, was torn apart upon hitting two light poles and traffic signs at high speed. Sabolčki and two other passengers in the vehicle were ejected from it and killed instantly.
Salvador Sánchez Mexican 1959 1982 23 years boxer car Porsche 928 (1981) Mexican federal highway, north of Santiago de Querétaro Pre-dawn, driving at high speed, crashed into a heavily loaded tractor-trailer.
Richard Sanders American 1945 1972 27 years amateur wrestler car Land Rover Skopje, Yugoslavia Following the 1972 Olympic Games, Sanders began touring Europe. While hitch-hiking to Greece, the vehicle he was riding in crashed head-on into a bus.
Jessica Savitch American 1947 1983 36 years journalist car Oldsmobile station wagon (1982) Pennsylvania Canal (Delaware Division), USA In heavy rainfall, Savitch was passenger in the back seat with her dog. The vehicle veered too far left and fell over the canal wall, landing upside down and in deep mud. All inside were trapped and drowned.
Josef Schnitzer.[145] German 1939 1978 39 years racing driver and founder of Schnitzer Motorsport car
Henry Schultz American 1893 1938 45 years economist
Gaetano Scirea Italian 1953 1989 36 years footballer car (passenger) Polski Fiat 125p Babsk, Poland The car carrying him and three other people was hit from behind by a van. The track carried four canister of gasoline, which exploded on the impact, killing Scirea and two of the other passengers.
Malik Sealy American 1970 2000 30 years basketball player
Jun Seba Japanese 1974 2010 36 years record producer, DJ Nishi-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo
W.G. Sebald German 1944 2001 57 years novelist car near Norwich, UK Sebald suffered an aneurysm while driving and died of this condition before his car swerved across the road and collided with an oncoming lorry. His daughter Anna survived the crash.
Mihail Sebastian Romanian 1907 1945 38 years writer
Donald Sellers American 1974 2001 26 years football player
Mike Sharperson American 1961 1996 34 years baseball player
Alexis Gewertz Shepard American 1969 1998 either 28 or 29 years folk singer-songwriter bicycle
Larisa Shepitko Soviet Russia 1938 1979 41 years film director car near Tver, Russia
Alexander Fu Sheng Hong Kong 1954 1983 28 years martial arts actor car (passenger) Porsche 911 Targa Collision with concrete wall
Gene Shoemaker American 1928 1997 69 years (astro)geologist and astronomer car Australia Head-on collision on the Tanami Road near Alice Springs.
Karen Silkwood American 1946 1974 28 years labor activist car 1974 Honda Civic Silkwood's body was found in her car, which had run off the road and struck a culvert. Some journalists have theorized that Silkwood's car was rammed from behind by another vehicle, with the intent to cause an accident that would result in her death.[146]
Trinidad Silva American 1950 1988 38 years Hill Street Blues actor car Whittier, California Silva died at the age of 38 in a car accident involving a collision with a drunken driver.
Wayne Simmons American 1969 2002 32 years American football player car Mercedes Independence, Missouri Simmons was killed in a single-car crash on Interstate 70. Witnesses report he was driving his Mercedes at high speed and weaving through traffic before losing control of the vehicle. The car rolled several times before landing in a ditch and catching fire.
Peter Slaghuis Dutch 1961 1991 30 years DJ, producer and remixer car Slaghuis' died in a car accident.
Bessie Smith American 1894 1937 43 years blues singer car (passenger) between Memphis, Tennessee, and Clarksdale, Mississippi Smith was critically injured in a car accident while traveling along U.S. Route 61.
Darren Smith Australian 1972 1992 20 years cyclist bicycle Gold Coast road Just months after competing at the Barcelona Olympics Gold Coaster Smith was killed in a road accident while training. The coastal training route along the Gold Coast Oceanway and various cycling events have been named in his honour.
Horace Smith-Dorrien British 1858 1930 72 years soldier
Ronnie Smith British 2003 motorcycle racer and journalist Scooter
Dan Snyder Canadian 1978 2003 25 years ice hockey player
Bahattin Sofuoğlu Croatian 1978 2002 24 years motorcycle racer car
Wallace Stegner American 1909 1993 84 years Pulitzer Prize-winning author car Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dick Stello American 1934 1987 53 years National League umpire pedestrian Lakeland, Florida Crushed between two parked cars along a highway after one was struck by a third.
Nigel Stepney British 1958 2014 55 years race car mechanic, noted for the 2007 spying scandal van Volkswagen Caddy M20 motorway, Ashford, Kent "collision with an articulated goods vehicle" whilst parked on hard shoulder.[147]
François Sterchele Belgian 1982 2008 26 years soccer player
Billy Stewart American 1937 1970 32 years singer ("Summertime") car Ford Thunderbird near Smithfield, North Carolina Approaching a bridge across the Neuse River near Smithfield, North Carolina, Stewart's car left the highway, ran along the median strip at a slight angle to the highway, struck the bridge abutment, and then plunged into the river, killing Stewart and his three passengers instantly. The other victims in the accident were members of Stewart's band: Norman P. Rich, 39, of Washington D.C., William Cathey, 32 of Charlotte, N.C., and Rico Hightower, 22 of Newark, New Jersey.
Lynn Strait American 1968 1998 30 years vocalist with Snot car 1992 Ford Tempo Highway 101, Santa Barbara, California collision with a full-size pickup truck[148]
Italo Svevo Italian 1861 1928 66 years writer car Motta di Livenza near Treviso, Italy Died in a hospital the following day from the consequences of the accident


Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Occupation
(or claim to notability)
Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Ron Tabak 1953 1984 31 years Canadian Prism singer bicycle Vancouver, British Columbia Struck by a passing vehicle, fell and hit his head on the pavement. ER doctors did not detect anything wrong with him initially. Upon being released, Tabak abruptly became abusive, prompting two police officers at the hospital to arrest him on the belief he was drunk. Later discovered unconscious in his jail cell Tabak was rushed back to the hospital. A second examination discovered a blood clot had developed on the right side of his brain. Tabak died on Christmas Day 1984, before a pending neurosurgical operation could be performed.
Kouki Takahashi 1987 2011 23 years Japanese Grand Prix motorcycle racer[149] car Higashimatsuyama, Saitama, Japan[150]
Craig Tarry 1983 2016 32 years British manager of the rock band Viola Beach car Nissan Qashqai Södertälje, Sweden The car went through the barrier of a lifting bridge that had opened to let a boat go through, and plunged into the Södertälje Canal. All four members of the band, Jack Dakin, Kris Leonard, Tomas Lowe and River Reeves, were also killed.[151]
Oscar Taveras 1992 2014 22 years Dominican baseball player car 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Car ran off the road and hit a tree.
Otilino Tenorio 1980 2005 25 years Ecuadorian footballer car Quevedo, Ecuador The car in which he was travelling collided with a gas truck on the Santo Domingo-Quevedo road.
Derrick Thomas 1967 2000 33 years American football linebacker and defensive end SUV 1999 Chevrolet Suburban Miami, Florida Driving to Kansas City, Thomas, driving erratically and at high speed in slippery conditions, went off Interstate 435. Two other passengers were in the car, one died instantly. Thomas was left paralyzed from the chest down and died from further complications a few months later.
Diane Thomas 1946 1985 38–39 years American screenwriter car (passenger) Porsche 911 Carrera Pacific Coast Highway, California Her partner, who was driving her car, was intoxicated and was driving at 80 mph when they crashed.[152]
Thuy Trang 1973 2001 27 years Vietnamese actress car near San Francisco The driver of the vehicle Trang was riding in lost control of the wheel. The car swerved violently across the road before hitting the roadside rock face and flipping several times, then hit the safety rail and plunging over the bank. Trang died before reaching the hospital, due to the internal injuries she had sustained.
Stacey Toran 1961 1989 27 years American American football defensive back Car 1984 BMW location [153]
Judy Tyler 1932 1957 24 years American actress car Rock River, Wyoming While driving through Wyoming they were involved in an automobile accident on U.S. Route 30 in Wyoming. Tyler was killed instantly, and her husband later died of his injuries. A passenger in the other car was killed as well.[154]
Nicola Trussardi 1942 1999 29 years Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur car Mercedes-Benz near Milan, Italy Trussardi was killed when he lost control of his Mercedes, on Tangenziale Est of Milan and hit a lamp post in the early hours; he died the following day in Milan.
Viktor Tsoy 1962 1990 28 years Soviet musician, songwriter, and leader of the band Kino car Aleko Tukums, Latvia Early in the morning Tsoi was driving on the road Sloka–Talsi from a fishing trip when his car collided with a bus outside Tukums at high speed. Tsoi died instantly. His car was completely demolished to the point that one of its tires was never found. The investigation concluded that Tsoi had fallen asleep while driving, possibly due to fatigue.[155][156]


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Occupation Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
José Uribe Dominican 1959 2006 47 years former Major League baseball player car Juan Baron, Palenque, Dominican Republic
Joe Unser[157][158] American 1896 1929 Indycar driver, 1st Gen. member of the Unser racing family car FWD Coleman Special US-85 highway, Littleton, Colorado Killed whilst testing for the Indianapolis 500
Javier Urruticoechea Spanish 1952 2001 48 years football goalkeeper car Mercedes-Benz B-20 or Ronda de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain impacted central barrier between exits 14 and 15


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Vivian Vachon Canadian 1951 1991 40 years professional wrestler car near Montreal, Quebec Her daughter, a passenger in Vachon's vehicle, also died in the crash.
Dickie Valentine British 1929 1971 41 years singer car Hillman Avenger Glangrwyney, near Crickhowell, Wales [159]
Jorma Valkama Finnish 1928 1962 34 years athlete car Volkswagen Beetle Hollola, Päijät-Häme His car collided with a van.[160]
Ivo Van Damme Belgian 1954 1976 22 years middle distance runner (athletics) car Marseille, France
Michael Ventris British 1922 1956 34 years the decipherer of Linear B car
Ondřej Voříšek Czech 1986 2004 18 years footballer car Uherský Ostroh, Czech Republic [161]


Name Nationality Birth Death Aged Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Billy Walker American 1929 2006 77 years country singer tour van Interstate 65, Fort Deposit, Alabama Three passengers in Walker's vehicle — his wife, Bettie, and two members of his band — were also killed. A fourth passenger survived with serious injuries.
Paul Walker American 1973 2013 40 years actor car (passenger) Porsche Carrera GT Rye Canyon Loop, Santa Clarita, California The driver, Roger Rodas, was also killed in the single-car crash. The vehicle caught on fire and the bodies initially couldn't be identified because of the burns.
Wang Donglei China 1985 2008 23 years footballer car Nanjing, Jiangsu
Chris von Wangenheim Germany 1942 1981 39 years fashion photographer car
Mary Ward Ireland 1827 1869 42 years scientist possibly the world's earliest road crash fatality
Jarmo Wasama Finnish 1943 1966 22 years ice hockey player car Kaleva, Pirkanmaa His car collided with a tractor.[162]
John L. Wasserman American 1938 1979 40 years columnist
Dottie West American 1932 1991 58 years country singer car Briley Parkway, Nashville, Tennessee A neighbor who drove her to the Grand Ole Opry after her car stalled lost control at an exit. West believed she was not seriously hurt, but was actually gravely injured; she died from her injuries five days later.
Nathanael West American 1903 1940 37 years writer
Clarence White American/Canadian 1944 1973 29 years Byrds' guitarist Palmdale, California Struck by a drunk driver. The collision occurred while White and his brother Roland were loading musical equipment into their car.
Bluey Wilkinson Australia 1911 1940 28 years motorcycle speedway rider motorcycle
Whayne Wilson Costa Rica 1975 2005 29 years footballer
Carol Willis American 1949 1971 22 years Playboy Playmate car [24]
Bob Wollek French 1943 2001 57 years race car driver bicycle U.S. Route 98, Florida Collision with a van driven by an elderly driver[163][164]
Freda Wright-Sorce American[165] 1955 2005 50 years radio personality Ocean City, Maryland She died as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile crash on Maryland Route 90.[166]
Rolf Wütherich German 1927 1981 53 years James Dean's passenger during his fatal crash car Honda Civic Kupferzell Was DUI when he fatally crashed.
N.C. Wyeth American 1882 1945 62 years artist and illustrator Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Wyeth and his grandson died in a collision at a railway crossing near his Chadds Ford home.

X, Y, Z[edit]

Name Birth Death Aged Nationality Notability Mode of transport Vehicle Crash location Details
Yanagihara, HiromiHiromi Yanagihara 1979 1999 19 years Japanese Country Musume singer car Nakasatsunai, Hokkaido, Japan Yanagihara was killed in a car accident one week before the group Hello! Project's first release, Futari no Hokkaidou.
Yeremin, MikhailMikhail Yeremin 1968 1991 23 years Soviet footballer Zelenograd, Russia (former part of Soviet Union)
Yokoi, GunpeiGunpei Yokoi 1941 1997 56 years Japanese Nintendo executive Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Young, B.J.B.J. Young 1977 2005 28 years American ice hockey player car Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Young was killed in a single-car accident.[167][168]
Young, BuddyBuddy Young 1926 1983 57 years American American football player car Terrell, Texas Young lost control of his car, which came to rest in a creekbed about 300 feet off Interstate Highway 20.[169]
Zerouali, HichamHicham Zerouali 1977 2004 27 years Moroccan footballer car Rabat Zerouali was killed in a car accident.[170]
Zhirov, AleksandrAleksandr Zhirov 1958 1983 24 years Russian alpine skier car near Yakhroma, Moscow Oblast, Russia [171]
Zolotarev, Yegor IvanovichYegor Ivanovich Zolotarev 1847 1878 31 years Russian mathematician Tsarskoye Selo, Russia Zolotarev's career ended abruptly with his early death. He was on his way to his dacha when he was run over by a train in the Tsarskoye Selo station. On July 19, 1878 he died from blood poisoning.

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