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This is a list of notable people who died of starvation:

Name Life Country of origin Comments Ref.
Agrippina the Elder 14 BC–33 AD  Roman Empire Roman imperial princess, granddaughter of Augustus and mother of Caligula, starved to death (perhaps on the orders of Tiberius) in her exile on the island of Pandateria.
Allakariallak d. 1923  Canada Inuit who played Nanook of the North in an early documentary. [1]
Anaxagoras of Clazomenae 510–428 BC Ancient Greece Greek philosopher, sage, mathematician, physicist and astronomer.
Boyi and Shuqi 1045 BC China Shang dynasty loyalists [2][3]
Bimbisara 558–491 BC Magadha King of Magadha from  542 to 492 BC. He was imprisoned by his son Ajatashatru in order to ascend the throne and died before he could be released.
Maud de Braose 1155–1210  England English noblewoman accused King John of England of the murder of the young duke Arthur of Brittany
Robert O'Hara Burke 1821–1861  United Kingdom Leader of the Burke and Wills expedition, which was the first expedition to cross Australia from south to north.
William John Wills 1834–1861  United Kingdom Member of the Burke and Wills expedition, which was the first expedition to cross Australia from south to north.
Frank E. Butler 1847–1926  United States American sharpshooter and husband to Annie Oakley
Karen Carpenter 1950–1983  United States American singer and drummer
Chandragupta Maurya 340–297 BC Maurya Empire Emperor of the Mauryan empire (300 BC), who reputedly died of self-starvation as a Jain. [4]
Floyd Collins 1887–1925  United States American cave explorer and famous, cave accident victim, died in Sand Cave, the near Cave City, Kentucky, part of Mammoth Cave National Park
Homer Collyer 1881–1947  United States Starved to death after his brother, Langley, who was bringing food for him, died when 3 tonnes of newspapers fell on him. Homer was blind and paralyzed.
Deng Tong Han Empire a male lover of Han Wendi [5]
George Washington DeLong 1844–1881  United States North pole explorer, and his crew. [6]
George Donner 1784–1847  United States American co-leader, of the infamous, frontier, Donner Party, who resorted to cannibalism and murder, to stay alive, after an early, winter snowfall, stranded them, while crossing the Sierra Nevada Mountains, into California.
Drusus Caesar 7–33  SPQR Roman imperial prince, son of Germanicus and brother of Caligula, starved to death in his prison on the orders of Tiberius.
Eratosthenes 276–195 Ancient Greece Eminent Greek thinker. [7][8]
Pavel Filonov 1883–1941  Soviet Union Russian avant-garde painter, art theorist, and poet. [9]
Kurt Gödel 1906–1978  Austria Groundbreaking mathematician who starved to death after his wife was hospitalized and could no longer prepare his meals. [10][11][12]
Guan Panpan Tang Empire A famous Tang woman [13]
Huan of Qi d. 643 BC
Pope John XIV d. 984  Papal States Pope from 983 to 984. He was placed in prison by Antipope Boniface VII in the Castel Sant'Angelo, where he died either from starvation or poison.
Blessed Thomas Johnson d. 1537  England He and nine other Carthusian martyrs, who refused the Oath of Supremacy
Julia Livilla 18–41  SPQR Roman imperial princess, sister of Caligula, starved to death in her banishment on the orders of her uncle, the emperor Claudius.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe 1894–1941  Poland Polish Franciscan friar who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in Auschwitz. He was starved for two weeks, then euthanized with poison.
Liu Zongzhou 1578–1645 Ming Empire Confucian scholar who starved himself to death following the fall of the Ming dynasty.
Livilla 13 BC–31 AD  SPQR Roman imperial princess, niece and daughter-in-law of Tiberius, starved to death by her mother Antonia Minor for her complicity in the murder of her husband Drusus Minor.
Christopher McCandless 1968–1992  United States American wanderer who starved to death in Alaska after a planned solo trip became fatal due to not being properly prepared.
Terence MacSwiney 1879–1920  Ireland Lord Mayor of Cork who died during a hunger strike while imprisoned in Brixton Prison.
Feodosia Morozova 1632–1675  Russia Russian noblewoman, one of the best-known partisans of the Old Believer movement.
Scott Nearing 1883–1983  United States American peace activist, economist and homesteader. [14]
Pausanias d. 470 BC Sparta Spartan general
Potti Sri Ramulu 1901–1952  India Indian revolutionary of Andhra Pradesh, India for a separate state for Telugu speaking people.
Ana Carolina Reston 1985–2006  Brazil Brazilian fashion model
Vasily Rozanov 1856–1919  Russia Russian philosopher
Bobby Sands 1954–1981  Northern Ireland He and nine other Irish republicans died during the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike. [15][16]
Carl Schlechter 1874–1918  Austria-Hungary A leading Austrian chess master and theoretician (pneumonia also said to have been a factor). [17]
Robert Falcon Scott 1868–1912  United Kingdom English Antarctic explorer who perished, along with four more, on their return trip from the South Pole
Alexey Troitsky 1866–1942  Soviet Union A leading Russian chess composer who starved to death during the Siege of Leningrad.
Ugolino della Gherardesca 1220–1289  Florence Italian nobleman, politician and naval commander who later became a figure in Dante's Divine Comedy.
Wu of Liang 464–549 Liang Empire Founding emperor of the Liang Dynasty.
King Wuling of Zhao d. 295 BC Ruler of Zhao during the Warring States period.
Yang Ye d. 986 Song Empire Chinese general who served both the Northern Han and Song Dynasty.
Ye Mingchen 1807–1859  China Chinese official who was a key figure in resisting British influence during the Opium Wars. [18]
Yuan Shu d. 199 Han Empire Chinese warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty.
Zhou Yafu d. 143 BC Han Empire Chinese general best remembered for putting down the Rebellion of the Seven States. [5]


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