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This is a list of people who disappeared mysteriously and of people whose current whereabouts are unknown or whose deaths are not substantiated. Many people who disappear are eventually declared dead in absentia.

Before 1800[edit]

Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
30 BC Alexander Helios circa 10 Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus, sons of Cleopatra and Mark Antony and the younger half-brothers of Caesarion, left Egypt for Rome, after which their fates are unknown.[1]
Ptolemy Philadelphus 6
53 BC Ambiorix Ambiorix was, together with Catuvolcus, prince of the Eburones, leader of a Belgic tribe of northeastern Gaul (Gallia Belgica), where modern Belgium is located. According to the writer Florus (iii.10.8), Ambiorix and his men managed to cross the Rhine and disappeared without a trace.[2]
108–164 Legio IX Hispana (Ninth Spanish Legion) The Roman legion stationed in Roman Britain, following the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, disappears from surviving records without explanation in the second century. There are multiple conjectures regarding what happened to it and why no record of its fate has been found. Many references to the legion have been made in subsequent works of fiction.[3]
c. 834 Muhammad ibn Qasim (al-Alawi) The Alawite imam who led a rebellion against the Abbasid Caliphate. He was eventually defeated and detained but was able to escape. After fleeing he was never heard from again.[4]
1021 Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah 36 The sixth Fatimid caliph and 16th Ismaili imam rode his donkey to the Mokattam hills, outside Cairo, for one of his regular nocturnal meditation outings and failed to return. A search found only the donkey and his bloodstained garments.[5]
1071 Hereward the Wake 36-37 A formerly exiled Anglo-Danish minor noble rebel, Hereward the Wake led a huge revolt in the marshy region of Ely in England against the rule of William the Conqueror. He was eventually betrayed by fearful local monks who led the Norman troops through secret trackways. Many rebels were mutilated or executed but Hereward escaped, never to be heard of again.[6][7]
c. 1291 Vandino and Ugolino Vivaldi Genoese sailors and explorers were lost while attempting the first oceanic journey from Europe to Asia. Their two galleys sailed out of the Mediterranean Sea and into the Atlantic Ocean but were never heard from again.[8]
1398 Gearóid Iarla 63 Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald, also known by the Irish Gaelic Gearóid Iarla (Earl Gerald), was the 3rd Earl of Desmond, lord of Munster, and Norman-Gaelic poet, disappeared in 1398.[9]
1412 Owain Glyndŵr 56 The last native Welsh person to hold the title Prince of Wales, Owain instigated the Welsh Revolt against the rule of Henry IV of England in 1400. Although initially successful, the uprising was eventually defeated but Glyndŵr disappeared and no one knows what became of him after that.[10]
1453 Constantine XI Palaiologos 48 The last Byzantine emperor during the final hours of the Siege of Constantinople. Constantine XI Palaiologos disappeared during the fighting and was never seen after that.[11]
1483 Edward V of England 12 The Princes in the Tower, Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, sons of King Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville, were placed in the Tower of London (which at that time served as a fortress and a royal palace as well as a prison) by their uncle Richard III of England.[12] Neither was ever seen in public again and their fate remains unknown. The remains of four children which have been found could be the princes, but they have not been subjected to DNA analysis to positively identify them.[13]
Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York 9
1487 Lord Lovell 31 Lord Lovell, a rebel Yorkist knight, was last seen alive fleeing from the Battle of Stoke Field after defeat by the Lancastrians. In 1488 he was granted safe conduct in Scotland by King James IV but there is no evidence he was ever in the country. (A skeleton found at one of his mansions at Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, in 1708 was believed without evidence to be his.)[14]
1499 John Cabot circa 49 John Cabot, an Italian explorer, disappeared along with his five ships during an expedition to find a western route from Europe to Asia.[15]
1501 Gaspar Corte-Real 51 Portuguese explorer Gaspar Corte-Real disappeared on an expedition to discover the Northwest Passage from Europe to Asia. Two of his ships returned to Lisbon but the third, with Gaspar on board, was lost and never heard from again.[16]
1502 Miguel Corte-Real circa 54 Miguel Corte-Real, a Portuguese explorer, disappeared while searching for his brother Gaspar. Like his brother he took three ships and, just like his brother, the ship with Miguel on board was lost and never heard from again.[17]
1526 Francisco de Hoces Francisco de Hoces was the commander of the San Lesmes which was one of the seven ships of the Loaísa expedition under García Jofre de Loaísa. It has been speculated that the San Lesmes, last seen in the Pacific Ocean in late May, may have reached Easter Island, the Polynesian archipelagos or even New Zealand.[18]
1579 Ikegusuku Antō [Note 1] A bureaucrat of Ryukyu Kingdom, Ikegusuku Antō was sent by ship to China to ask for postponement, but his ship was caught in a storm and disappeared at sea in 1579 and was never seen again.[19]
c. 1590 Roanoke colonists The Roanoke colonists, including Virginia Dare age 2 or 3, the first English child born in a New World English overseas possession, disappeared becoming known as the Lost Colony. On 18 August 1590, their settlement was found abandoned. The settlement was located on Roanoke Island, currently part of Dare County, North Carolina.[20]
1611 Henry Hudson Hudson went on multiple expeditions of present-day Canada and parts of the northeastern United States, searching for the Northwest Passage. In 1611, after wintering on the shore of James Bay, Hudson wanted to press on to the west, but most of his crew mutinied. The mutineers cast Hudson, his teenage son, and seven others adrift; the Hudsons and their companions were never seen again.[21]
1628 David Thompson The founder of the New Hampshire colony in 1623, Thompson moved his family to an island in Boston Harbor (today called Thompson Island in his honor) in 1626 becoming the first European settlers of Boston, Massachusetts. He disappeared in 1628 and was never heard from again. Some historians theorize he was the victim of foul play while others suggest he accidentally drowned in Boston Harbor.[22]
1638 Urasoe Chōri A member of Sanshikan, Urasoe Chōri went on a boat trip to Satsuma but his ship was caught in a storm and disappeared in the sea. He is believed to have drowned.[23]
1661 René Menard 56 A French Jesuit missionary, Fr. René Menard disappeared while traveling by canoe with a Native guide from the area of present-day L'Anse, Michigan, on Lake Superior, to minister to a Huron village deep in the Wisconsin interior. After encountering a series of rapids Menard and his guide agreed that he would walk downstream on shore while his more skilled companion brought the boat through. The latter passed the rapids successfully but Menard was never seen again. Years later, his cassock and breviary were discovered in a Dakota village far from the scene.[24]
1671 Roche Braziliano 40–41 A Dutch pirate born in the town of Groningen, Roche Braziliano, whose career lasted from 1654 until 1671, when he disappeared during that year, and was never seen again.[25]
1696 Henry Every (sometimes spelled 'Avery') 37 Henry Every, an English pirate, vanished after perpetrating one of the most profitable pirate raids in history. Despite a worldwide manhunt and an enormous bounty on his head Every was never heard from again.[26] In March, Every had led his ship, the Fancy, to the island of New Providence. He and his crew spent months living there and soon lost their ship. By June, Every and his crew were forced to flee the island. The crew then split up, with Every possibly setting sail toward Ireland. A manhunt for Every lasted for at least a decade. There were several unconfirmed sightings of him and contradictory reports of his death during the 18th century. Most of them are considered unreliable, however, and his actual fate is unknown.[27]
1704 Laurens de Graaf 51 Laurens de Graaf was last known to be near Louisiana where he was to help set up a French colony near present-day Biloxi, Mississippi. Some sources claim he died there while others claim he died at different locations in Alabama.[28]
1769/70 Henry Vansittart 37 Henry Vansittart, MP and director of the East India Company, Luke Scrafton and Francis Forde formed a delegation to investigate corruption and reform the British government in India and were last seen embarking at Cape Town en route to India on 27 December 1769. Their ship disappeared with all hands, apparently in a storm, the captain having decided to sail the Mozambique Channel despite adverse weather.[29]
Luke Scrafton
Francis Forde 51
1788 Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse and his expedition The French expedition of Jean-François de Galaup, Comte de Lapérouse disappeared after their last stop at Botany Bay (now Sydney) after meeting ships of Britain's First Fleet bringing convicts to establish the new settlement that became Australia. The wrecks of the expedition's two ships, the Boussole and Astrolabe), were subsequently discovered at Vanikoro, an island in the Santa Cruz group (part of the Solomon Islands) where the survivors may have set up camp.[30][31]
1792 James Harrod 46 An early explorer of the areas west of the Appalachian Mountains prior to their settlement by European-Americans, James Harrod never returned from a trip to western Kentucky from Harrodsburg. Theories about his fate range from murder at the hands of his companions or Native Americans in the area, to accidental death or a desire to abandon his wife and family.[32]

1800 to 1899[edit]

Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1802 James Derham 44-45 The first African American to formally practice medicine in the United States disappeared after 1802.[33]
1803 George Bass 32 The British explorer of Australia set sail from Sydney for South America and was never heard from again.[34]
1809 Benjamin Bathurst 25 British diplomat, disappeared from an inn in Perleberg.[35]
1812 Theodosia Burr Alston 29 The daughter of U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr, and sometimes called the most educated American woman of her day, sailed from Georgetown, South Carolina, aboard the Patriot, which was never seen again.[36]
1821 Obed Hendricks, William Bond and Joseph West Sailors on the whaler Essex, which sank in the Pacific on 20 November 1820 after being struck by a sperm whale. Their whaleboat was separated on the open sea from their fellow crewmen on 28 January 1821, it was never seen again. Years later, a boat with three skeletons inside was discovered washed up on Ducie Island.[37][38]
1826 William Morgan 52 The resident of Batavia, New York, disappeared just before his book critical of Freemasonry was published. A year after he had disappeared a badly decomposed body was found that was thought to be his but it was proven not to be.[39]
1829 John Lansing, Jr. 75 American politician and chief justice of the New York State Supreme Court Lansing left his Manhattan hotel to mail a letter at a New York City dock and was never seen again.[40]
1837 Joseph Gellibrand 48-49 The first Attorney-General of Van Diemen's Land disappeared whilst attempting to ride inland from Geelong, Victoria, to Melbourne, Victoria in 1837.[41]
1839 Henry Bryan 18 who accompanied explorer Charles Sturt, Governor George Gawler, and others on an expedition from the Murray River to the Burra area of South Australia, disappeared and is believed to have died in 1839 during a dust storm on the return trip.[42] Searchers later found his saddle and some tracks which stopped abruptly. His body was never found, however his horse returned to Adelaide after several months.[43]
1842 Charles Christian Dutton Charles Christian Dutton and four other men disappeared without trace while droving cattle from Port Lincoln, South Australia to Adelaide.[44]
1843 Sequoyah circa 73 The creator of Cherokee syllabary, Sequoyah disappeared during a trip to Mexico to locate isolated tribes of Cherokees who had moved there during the time of Indian Removal in the U.S. His body has never been found, although at least three different burial sites have been reported.[45]
1845 Franklin's lost expedition The expedition, with 129 seamen, made last contact with a whaling ship before entering Victoria Strait in search of the Northwest Passage. The remains of some individuals, written messages and the wrecks of the ships HMS Erebus (in 2014) and HMS Terror (in 2016) were later discovered. However, the majority of the crew, including Franklin himself, were never found with the crew having probably died from a combination of lead poisoning, starvation, and exposure.[46]
1848 Khachatur Abovian 38 The Armenian writer and national public figure of the early 19th century, credited as creator of modern Armenian literature, left his house early one morning and was never heard from again.[47]
1848 Ludwig Leichhardt 34 A Prussian explorer and naturalist, Ludwig disappeared during his third major expedition to explore parts of northern and central Australia. He was last seen on 3 April at McPherson's Station on the Darling Downs, en route from the Condamine River to the Swan River in Western Australia. Although investigated by many, his fate after leaving the settled areas remains a mystery.
1849 Sándor Petőfi 26 Sándor Petőfi, Hungarian poet and liberal revolutionary, was one of the key figures of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Petőfi was last seen in Transylvania during the Battle of Segesvár. He is thought to have been killed in battle, but since his body was never found, his true fate remains unknown.[48]
1856 Matias Perez Perez, a Cuban balloonist of Portuguese descent, disappeared with his balloon "Ville de Paris" during a flight in Cuba on 29 June.[49]
1857 Solomon Northup 48–49 Solomon Northup, an American author, who was most notable for his book Twelve Years a Slave in which he details his kidnapping and subsequent sale into slavery. Northup did not return to his family from his book-promoting tour.[50] No contemporary evidence documents Northup after 1857.
1857 Nana Sahib 33 An Indian aristocrat and a leader of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 Nana Sahib disappeared after the East India Company's forces retook his city of Kanpur. Rumors that he had died of an illness or fled to exile in Nepal or another part of India were never proven.[51]
1865 Captain James William Boyd 43 Boyd, a Confederate States of America military officer, vanished after his release as a prisoner of war in February 1865 after he failed to show up for a rendezvous with his son to go to Mexico at the end of the American Civil War. Boyd's disappearance is the subject of a conspiracy theory that he was killed after being mistaken for John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln.[52]
1869 Agoston Haraszthy 56 Haraszthy, who was a founder of Californian wine industry, disappeared in a river while organizing a liquor business in Nicaragua.[53]
1872 Captain Benjamin Briggs 37 Captain Briggs, his wife Sarah Elizabeth (31), their daughter Sophia Matilda (2) and all seven crew members were missing when the Mary Celeste was found adrift in choppy seas some 400 miles (640 km) east of the Azores. Their unexplained disappearances are at the core of "one of the most durable mysteries in nautical history".[54]
1874 Charley Ross 4 Ross, a resident of Philadelphia, was enticed along with his brother Walter into a horse-drawn carriage while playing in their front yard on 1 July. Walter got out at a fireworks shop, and the carriage drove on without him. The family received ransom notes and worked with police, but all to no avail.[55][56]
1880s William Cantelo Cantelo, inventor of an early machine gun, never returned to his Southampton home after one of his frequent and lengthy sales trips. His sons speculated years later that he may have re-emerged as Hiram Maxim, another machine-gun pioneer, who he strongly resembled.[57]
1880 Lamont Young 28–29 Lamont Young, government geologist inspecting new gold fields on behalf of the New South Wales Mines Department, together with his assistant Max Schneider, boat owner Thomas Towers and two other men disappeared after leaving Bermagui, New South Wales, Australia in a small boat. The nearby location where the abandoned wreck of their boat was discovered was subsequently named Mystery Bay.[58][59]
1882 Jesse Evans An American outlaw, gunman of the Old West, leader of the Jesse Evans Gang, and veteran of the Lincoln County War disappeared from the record shortly after his release from prison. He was never seen or heard from again.[60] Despite an unsubstantiated claimant in 1948 (who also claimed that other Lincoln County veterans, including the renowned Billy the Kid, were still alive), Evans's fate remains unknown.
1884 Resolven The merchant ship Resolven was found abandoned off the coast of Labrador on 29 August. A lifeboat was missing and it was assumed that all 11 on board had evacuated in the face of nearby icebergs but neither they nor the lifeboat were ever found.[61]
1888 Boston Corbett 56 Boston Corbett, the Union Army soldier who fatally shot John Wilkes Booth, later went insane and was incarcerated in a mental asylum in 1887. He escaped from the facility a year later and was never seen again, though some historians suspect he may have perished in the Great Hinckley Fire of 1 September 1894.[62][63]
1888 Henry Boynton Clitz 64 Clitz, a career U.S. Army officer who had served with distinction in the Mexican and Civil wars before being named superintendent of the United States Military Academy, was last seen in Niagara Falls, New York, on 30 October. Family members said his mental state had been deteriorating over the previous months; he was presumed to have drowned although no body was ever found.[64]
1890 Louis Le Prince 48 Le Prince, a motion picture pioneer, disappeared after boarding a Paris-bound train at Dijon, France.[65]
1892 Hermann Fol 46 Hermann Fol, a Swiss zoologist regarded as the father of modern cell biology, disappeared with several crew members of his yacht shortly after leaving Bénodet, France.[66]
1896 Albert Jennings Fountain 57 Former Texas state senator and lieutenant governor Albert Jennings Fountain disappeared near Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States, along with his son Henry (8) on 1 February 1896. Evidence found along their route strongly suggests they were murdered but no bodies were ever found.[67]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1900 Thomas Marshall 24 Lighthouse keepers at the Flannan Isles Lighthouse who mysteriously vanished from their posts during a fierce storm on 26 December 1900 and were never seen again.[68]
James Ducat 48
Donald MacArthur
1902 Yda Hillis Addis 45 A translator of ancient Mexican narratives, Addis escaped from an insane asylum in California where her husband had her confined during their divorce and was not seen again.[69][70]
1908 Belle Gunness 48 The Norwegian-American serial killer vanished on 28 April 1908 after a house fire (suspected arson) and withdrawing huge amounts of money from her bank accounts.[71]
1908 Eduardo Newbery 30 The Argentine aviator disappeared while attempting to break the night flight record on the aerostat Pampero in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[72]
1908 Robert Leroy Parker
(aka Butch Cassidy)
42 The outlaws were supposedly killed in a shootout with the Bolivian police around 7–8 November, although the authorities were unable to positively identify the bodies.
Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (aka The Sundance Kid) 40 or 41
1909 Joshua Slocum 65 Slocum, a Canadian-American sailor and first man to sail single-handedly around the world (1895–1898), disappeared after setting sail from Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard alone, bound for South America, aboard the same 36 ft 9 in (11.20 m) sloop Spray he had used for his circumnavigation.[73]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1910 Dorothy Arnold 24 Manhattan socialite and perfume heiress Dorothy Arnold vanished after buying a book in New York City. She intended to walk through Central Park and was never seen again.[74]
1912 Alexander Kuchin Russian oceanographer and Arctic explorer Alexander Kuchin disappeared in 1912 and was never heard from again.[75]
1912 Bobby Dunbar 4 Bobby disappeared during a fishing trip in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. A child found in the custody of William Cantwell Walters of Mississippi eight months later was ruled to be Bobby Dunbar by a court-appointed arbiter, and Walters was found guilty of kidnapping. The child grew up as Bobby Dunbar, had four children of his own, and died in 1966. In 2004, DNA tests proved that the child found was not related to Bobby Dunbar's brother, Alonzo.[76]
1912 Sebastiano DiGaetano 50 DiGaetano, a capo di tutti capi of the Bonanno crime family, disappeared from Brooklyn, New York, shortly after being forced out of that position. It is believed he and his wife returned to Italy but it is not known for certain.[77]
1914 František Gellner 33 The Czech poet, short story writer, artist and anarchist disappeared in September 1914; on 13 September he was claimed missing and was never found.[78]
1914 Ambrose Bierce 71 American writer known for "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" and The Devil's Dictionary was last heard from in a letter of December 1913 bearing a Chihuahua postmark to his secretary and companion, Carrie Christiansen. Although alternative theories are plentiful, he may have perished in war-torn Mexico, possibly at the Battle of Ojinaga on 10 February or perhaps was executed as a spy in the municipal cemetery of Sierra Mojada, Coahuila, where a gravestone bearing his name was erected in 2004.[79][80][81]
1914 F. Lewis Clark 52 Clark, a businessman from the U.S. state of Idaho disappeared while visiting Santa Barbara, California, and after getting on a train he was never seen again.[82]
1914 Alejandro Bello Silva 27 A lieutenant in the Chilean Army, Silva disappeared during a qualifying examination flight over central Chile which was to be his final flight. At some point during the flight, Bello became lost in the clouds and he was never seen again. Although search efforts commenced within hours, no trace of him or his aircraft was ever found.[83]
1915 Frederick Mors 24 The Austrian-American serial killer Frederick Mors (born as Carl Menarik) murdered at least eight people in an Odd Fellows' home, where he was employed as a porter. Mors was declared to be criminally insane and was committed to an insane asylum. In May 1915 he escaped from the asylum grounds and was never seen again.[84]
1916 Béla Kiss 39 Kiss was a Hungarian serial killer and murderer of 24 young women prior to his enrollment in the Austro-Hungarian Army in the First World War. Upon the discovery of his crimes he was traced to a Serbian military hospital but escaped a few days before investigators arrived. Although there were several reported sightings of the killer (notably in New York in 1932), his true fate remains a mystery.[85]
1918 Knud Andersen 51 Danish mammalogist Knud Andersen mysteriously disappeared in 1918. His colleague Oldfield Thomas submitted his final manuscript on his behalf, stating that Andersen expected "to be absent from his scientific work for some time."[86]
1919 Mansell Richard James 25 Canadian flying ace Mansell Richard James was last seen in western Massachusetts on 2 June just days after a record-setting flight between Atlantic City and Boston, Massachusetts.[87]
1919 Ambrose Small 56 The Canadian millionaire disappeared from his office. He was last seen at 5:30 pm on 2 December 1919 at the Grand Opera House in Toronto, Ontario.[88]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1920 Homer Lemay 6 Homer disappeared in 1920, and on 8 March 1921 the body of an unidentified boy was found murdered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and nicknamed Little Lord Fauntleroy. Many years later authorities said that the body might have been that of Lemay.[89]
1920 Clayton Kratz 21–22 The Mennonite relief worker from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania left the U.S. on 1 September 1920 to travel to Russia. He did not return from the trip and was never heard from again.[90]
1920 Victor Grayson 39 The British former Member of parliament was not seen again after 28 September 1920 after telling friends he was going to the Queen's Hotel in Leicester Square, London, and would be back, but did not return. He was also seen the same day by an artist who knew him entering a house in Thames Ditton belonging to Maundy Gregory, corrupt honours dealer, who is alleged to have murdered Grayson who had been investigating his activities.[91]
1921 Carroll A. Deering The captain and ten crewmen of the schooner Carroll A. Deering were missing after the schooner was found run aground off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, on 31 January 1921. A mutiny is suspected but without any idea of the crew's later whereabouts nothing can be proven.[92]
1921 Charles Whittlesey 37 The American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient who led the "Lost Battalion" in World War I was last seen on the evening of 26 November 1921 on a passenger ship bound from New York City to Havana. It is presumed he committed suicide by jumping overboard.
1922 Edward F. Sands 27 Sands was a suspect in the murder of Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor on 1 February 1922, disappeared shortly after that, and was never seen again.[93]
1922 Alejandro Carrascosa 21 Carrascosa, an Argentine poet, writer and student, disappeared on 22 September and left hints that he was not going to be seen again,[94] and indeed was not.
1924 Andrew Irvine 22 The English mountaineer, who took part in the 1924 British Mount Everest expedition, was last seen high on the mountain's northeast ridge on 8 June 1924 and his body has not been found.[95]
1924 Artur de Sacadura Cabral 43 Portuguese aviation pioneer, Artur de Sacadura Cabral, disappeared flying over the English Channel on 24 November and is believed to have died, since parts of the plane were found, although he was not.[96]
1924 Liu Menggeng Menggeng, a politician and physician of the Republic of China and Manchukuo, left office in 1924 and was never seen again.[97]
1925 Sidney Reilly 47–48 British spy Sidney Reilly set off for the Soviet Union in an attempt to overthrow the Bolshevik regime and was said to have been captured and shot on 5 November 1925 but it is not known for sure since no location of his body is known. The photo of him seen dead was said to be alleged and it was even speculated that he might have still been alive since there were later sightings of him.[98][99]
1925 Percy Fawcett 58 Fawcett, a British archaeologist and explorer, together with his eldest son Jack and friend Raleigh Rimell, was last seen traveling into the jungle of Mato Grosso in Brazil to search for a hidden city called the Lost City of Z. Several unconfirmed sightings and many conflicting reports and theories explaining their disappearance followed, but despite more than a dozen follow-up expeditions and the recovery of some of Fawcett's belongings, their fate remains a mystery.[100]
1925 Frederick McDonald 53–54 An Australian politician, McDonald set off from Martin Place, Sydney, for a meeting with Jack Lang two blocks away but failed to arrive. He was possibly murdered by his political rival Thomas Ley. In 1947, Ley was convicted at the Old Bailey of the "Chalkpit Murder", that of a barman in England, and sentenced to hang but was then declared insane and sent to Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital, where he died of a cerebral hemorrhage two months later.[101]
1925 Alice Corbett 19 An American college student, Corbett was last seen leaving her residence on the campus of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts on the morning of November 13. Extensive searches of urban and wilderness areas across Western Massachusetts failed to yield any evidence of her fate. Her case received wide publicity though regional newspapers and national wire services.[102]
1926 Marvin Clark 75 A retired American sheriff, Clark disappeared in Portland, Oregon, en route to visit his daughter by stagecoach during the Halloween weekend. His disappearance has the distinction of being the oldest active missing person case in the United States.[103]
1927 Charles Nungesser 35 Both French aviators disappeared with their aircraft L'Oiseau Blanc on 8 May 1927 while attempting a transatlantic flight.[104]
François Coli 44
1927 Włodzimierz Zagórski 45 An Austro-Hungarian military intelligence officer, Polish brigadier general, staff officer and aviator disappeared on 6 August 1927 never to be seen again.[105]
1927 Paul Redfern 25 An American musician and a pilot from Columbia, South Carolina, who became known during the summer of 1927 for attempting to fly from Brunswick, Georgia to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He disappeared after 25 August 1927 and was never seen again.[106]
1928 Walter Collins 9 Walter disappeared from his home in Los Angeles, California, in 1928. He was later determined to have been murdered by Gordon Stewart Northcott in what was known as the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. His disappearance and the attempt by the Los Angeles police department to convince his mother that a different boy was her son formed the basis of the 2008 film Changeling.[107][108][109]
1928 Roald Amundsen 55 Amundsen disappeared with five crew members on 18 June 1928 while flying on a rescue mission in the Arctic. The search for Amundsen and team was called off in September 1928 by the Norwegian Government. No bodies were ever found.[110]
1928 Glen Hyde 29 The American newlyweds Glen and Bessie Hyde were last seen 18 November 1928 and disappeared while attempting to raft the Colorado River rapids of the Grand Canyon.[111]
Bessie Hyde 22


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1930 Mary Agnes Moroney 2 Mary Agnes went missing after her mother, a struggling 17-year-old mother of two, gave her to a stranger calling herself "Julia Otis" in exchange for $2 on 15 May 1930 on the understanding that the woman would take care of the girl in California for a short time and then return her to the Moroneys' Chicago home when things were better. She never did, and the ensuing investigation attracted national media attention. The girl was never located, and the case remains the oldest unsolved missing-persons case of this nature in the files of the Chicago Missing Persons Bureau.[112] A California woman's belief that she was Mary Agnes has subsequently been disproven by DNA testing.[113]
1930 Joseph Force Crater 41 An associate justice of the New York Supreme Court, Crater was last seen on 6 August after eating a meal at a restaurant. Judge Crater was never seen or heard from again. (His mistress, Sally Lou Ritz, 22, was falsely said to have disappeared a few weeks later, but was interviewed by police as late as July 1937.[114]) Crater's disappearance, which prompted one of the most sensational manhunts of the 20th century,[115] was the subject of widespread media attention and a grand jury investigation. Crater was declared legally dead in 1939 and his missing persons file was officially closed in 1979; however, cold case squad detectives have investigated new leads as recently as 2005.[116] To "pull a Crater" became slang for a person vanishing.
1931 Joseph Ardizzone 46 Los Angeles crime family boss, vanished while driving from his home to pick up a relative 15 October 1931; declared legally dead 7 years later, no trace of him was ever found.
1932 Jack Black c. 61 Author Jack Black is believed to have committed suicide in 1932 by drowning after as he reportedly told his friends that if life got too grim, he would row out into New York Harbor and, with weights tied to his feet, drop overboard.
1933 Julien Torma 30 A French Dadaist writer, Julien Torma never returned from a 17 February trip into the Austrian Tyrol.[117]
1933 C. B. Johnston c.38 Johnston, American college athlete and coach, sent a postcard to his wife from Zanesville, Ohio, saying he was on his way to Chicago to publish a book after being fired as head football coach of what is now Appalachian State University. No one heard from him after that.[118]
1934 Wallace Fard Muhammad 43 Founder of the Nation of Islam, Muhammad left Detroit and was never heard from again.[119]
1934 Everett Ruess 20 Everett Ruess, a young American artist, disappeared while traveling through the deserts of Utah and was never seen again.[120][121]
1934 Etta Riel 20 Riel was an American woman who vanished from Worcester, Massachusetts on the day of a scheduled paternity hearing against her former boyfriend. The case was complicated by anonymous telephone calls placed to a local train station the night of her disappearance and a telegram sent to her attorney weeks later from an unknown individual impersonating her. Extensive police searches across Central Massachusetts failed to locate her and the case was never solved.[122]
1935 Charles Kingsford Smith 38 Australian pioneer aviator Charles Kingsford Smith and co-pilot Tommy Pethybridge disappeared during an overnight flight from Allahabad, India, to Singapore while attempting to break the England–Australia speed record. Eighteen months later, Burmese fishermen found an undercarriage leg and wheel (with its tire still inflated) on the shoreline of Aye Island in the Andaman Sea, 3 km (2 mi) off the southeast coastline of Burma, which Lockheed confirmed to be from their Lockheed Altair, the Lady Southern Cross. Botanists who examined the weeds clinging to it estimated that the aircraft itself lies not far from the island at a depth of approximately 15 fathoms (90 ft; 27 m).[123] A filmmaker claimed to have located Lady Southern Cross on the seabed in February 2009.[124]
Tommy Pethybridge
1935 Li Yuan Li Yuan was a politician of the Republic of China (and later Manchukuo) who disappeared in 1935. The circumstances of his later life and death are unknown.[125]
1936 Jean Mermoz 35 French air pilot Jean Mermoz went missing on 7 December 1936 while flying his Latécoère 300 Croix-du-Sud near Aubenton, Aisne. It is assumed that the plane crashed in the sea, but it is unconfirmed since his body was never recovered.[126]
1937 Juliet Stuart Poyntz 50 An American communist and intelligence agent for the Soviet Union Juliet Poyntz disappeared on 3 June 1937. A police investigation turned up no clues to her fate, and her belongings, all of her clothing and hand luggage in her room appeared to be untouched.[127][128]
1937 Amelia Earhart 39 The famous American aviator Amelia Earhart was the first woman to try a circumnavigational flight of the globe. During the attempt she and her navigator, Fred Noonan, disappeared over the central Pacific in the vicinity of Howland Island on 2 July 1937.[129]
Fred Noonan 44
1937 Sigizmund Levanevsky 35 Sigizmund Levanevsky, a famous Soviet aviator, with his crew of five and their Bolkhovitinov DB-A aircraft disappeared in the vicinity of the North Pole. They had reported a loss of power from one of their four Mikulin AM-34 engines while attempting to prove a transpolar route between Asia and North America commercially viable.[130]
1938 Ettore Majorana 32 An Italian physicist, Majorana disappeared in unknown circumstances during a boat trip from Palermo to Naples on 25 March 1938. There is some evidence that he was alive in South America in 1959 and that his disappearance was voluntary.[131]
1938 Willie McLean 34 A Scottish-born American soccer player, Willie McLean disappeared without a trace in the summer of 1938,[132]
1939 Barbara Newhall Follett 25 Barbara Follett was an American child prodigy novelist. Her first novel, The House Without Windows, was drafted when she was eight and completed and published in 1927 when she was twelve years old. Her next novel, The Voyage of the Norman D., received critical acclaim when she was fourteen. She continued to write as an adult including travelogues and a romance called Lost Island. In 1939 at aged 25, and despondent over her husband's unfaithfulness, she walked out of her apartment with thirty dollars ($528 in 2017) and was never seen again.[133]
1939 Lloyd L. Gaines 28 Lloyd L. Gaines was a central figure in the legal case Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada, which was an early success for the U.S. civil rights movement. One evening, he left his Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house in Chicago, having told the housekeeper he was going to buy some stamps, and was never seen or heard from again. Some accounts suggest he was living in New York or Mexico City in the late 1940s.[134]
1939 Richard Halliburton 39 Halliburton vanished on 20 March, while attempting to sail the Sea Dragon, a Chinese junk, across the Pacific Ocean. In 1945 wreckage identified as a rudder, and believed to belong to the Sea Dragon, washed ashore in San Diego.
1939 Rita Gorgonowa 38 Rita Gorgonowa, a governess who was convicted of murdering a child in her care, disappeared after being released from prison on 3 September 1939 and was not seen again.[135]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1940 Elroy Guckert 40 An American football and basketball coach who is said to have died in 1940 when he disappeared from ship but his body was never recovered and he was never seen, so his fate remains unknown.[136]
1941 Thomas C. Latimore 51 American naval officer Thomas C. Latimore, who was captain of the USS Dobbin and the 24th (22nd unique) Governor of American Samoa, disappeared in Hawaii believed to be in July 1941[137]
1941 Jaan Tõnisson 72 As one of the foremost Estonian political leaders, Tõnisson was arrested during the Soviet occupation and was thought to have been shot but his exact whereabouts after that remains unknown.[138]
1941 Alter Rotmann 25–26 Rotmann, a Romanian, Moldovan and Soviet poet, was last seen in August 1941 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR and is believed to have died after that.[139]
1942 Lt. Ernest Cody On 16 August, U.S. Navy blimp L-8 drifted inland from its route doing antisubmarine patrol off the coast of California near San Francisco several hours after its crew, Lt. Ernest Cody and Ens. Charles Adams, radioed in that they were going to take a closer look at an oil slick. When the ship eventually crashed in Daly City, neither man was aboard. A massive search failed to find any trace of them; they were both declared dead a year later.[140]
Ens. Charles Adams
1942 James Litterick 41 Litterick was the first member of the Communist Party of Canada (CPC) elected to the Manitoba provincial parliament. By the time that the CPC was banned in 1940 and Litterick formally expelled from the legislature he had already gone into hiding and become the subject of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police manhunt.[141][142] Litterick surrendered to the RCMP during 1942 and was held at the Don Jail in Toronto.[143] The following year he was reported to be working at a garment factory in Toronto but nothing further appears to be known about him.[142]
1943 Dan Billany 30 An English novelist, Billany was last heard from in 1943. He was last seen 20 November 1943 in Capistrello, Italy.[144]
1943 Abraham Gancwajch 41–42 Abraham Gancwajch, a prominent Nazi collaborator in the Warsaw Ghetto during the occupation of Poland in World War II and a Jewish "kingpin" of the ghetto underworld, was last seen in 1943 and is rumored to have been killed.[145][146]
1943 Endre Rudnyánszky 57–58 A Hungarian lawyer, military officer, and communist Rudnyánszky was last seen in Russia in 1943. It is believed that he may have died that year.[147]
1943 Moriz Seeler Moriz Seeler, a German poet, writer and film producer, disappeared in 1943 when he was said to have been deported by the Nazis to Latvia. He went missing from the capital city of Riga and is believed to have been murdered.[148]
1944 Herschel Grynszpan 22 Herschel Grynszpan was the Jewish exile from Germany whose 1938 assassination of diplomat Ernst vom Rath in Paris, France was the trigger for Kristallnacht in Germany. For various reasons, largely legal delays, a planned trial was never held in either France or (after 1940) Germany during which Grynszpan was held in various prisons and concentration camps. Adolf Eichmann testified at his 1961 trial in Jerusalem that he had interrogated Grynszpan in Magdeburg in either late 1943 or early 1944 but after that there is no record of his whereabouts or ultimate fate. The West German government had him declared legally dead in 1960.[149]
1944 Rocco Perri 56 An organized crime figure in Ontario, Perri was last seen alive in Hamilton, Ontario on 23 April 1944. His body has never been found and there was speculation that he was murdered by being thrown into Hamilton Harbour after he was fitted with cement shoes.[150]
1944 USS Robalo crewmen Although the U.S. Navy claimed the submarine USS Robalo was lost with all hands after failing to report while on a July 1944 patrol in the Philippines, Lt. Cmdr. Manning Kimmel (31) and three other crewmen are known to have survived. A note recovered by an Army prisoner of war claimed the four had been arrested as spies after reaching Palawan Island following the Robalo's 26 July collision with a Japanese mine just offshore. Another witness account says they were massacred following an air raid later that year but Japanese records do not indicate they were being held at the camp in question at that time. It is believed that they were killed in captivity but officially their fate is still unknown.[151]
1944 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 44 French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who disappeared over the Mediterranean on a reconnaissance mission during July 1944, is believed to have died at that time.[152] In August, an unidentifiable body, wearing French uniform, was found in the sea near Carqueiranne and was buried there. In 2000, the wreckage of the aircraft flown by Saint-Exupéry was found on the seabed near Marseille.
1944 Sheila Fox 6 Sheila Fox disappeared in Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, England on 18 August 1944. Witnesses claim they saw Sheila riding on the handlebars of a bike being pedalled by a 25–30-year-old man. In 2001 a witness came forward claiming he saw a local resident digging a hole in the area where Sheila disappeared on his property. The property owner was revealed to have been convicted of rape and child molestation but Sheila's remains weren't found.[153]
1944 Ina Benita 32 Ina Benita, a Polish actress of the interwar period, was last seen during the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. She allegedly went down into a sewage canal and drowned but this is not known for sure since her body was never recovered.[154]
1944 Johan Pitka 72 Johan Pitka, a famous Estonian military commander from the Estonian War of Independence until World War II, disappeared in September 1944, and is believed to have been killed.[155]
1944 Gertrude Tompkins Silver 33 Gertrude Tompkins Silver is the only Women Airforce Service Pilots member to go missing during World War II.[156] She departed from Mines Field (Los Angeles International Airport) for Palm Springs, on 26 October 1944, flying a P-51D Mustang destined for New Jersey. She never arrived at Palm Springs and due to reporting errors, a search for her was not started until three days later. Despite an extensive ground and water search no trace of Gertrude or the aircraft were found.[157]
1944 Glenn Miller 40 An American big band leader and recording artist, Miller disappeared on the night of 15 December 1944 in a US Army UC-64 Norseman aircraft that vanished over the English Channel while en route from UK to Paris, France. Miller was on the flight to make arrangements for his band to entertain Allied servicemen.[158][159]
1944 Erna Petermann 31–32 Erna Petermann was a high-ranking female overseer at two Nazi concentration camps during the closing of World War II. She was last seen in 1944 and was never heard from again.[160]
1944 Karla Mayer 35–36 Karla Mayer was a German guard at three Nazi death camps during the World War II. She disappeared in 1944 and her fate remains a mystery.[161]
1945 Szilveszter Matuska 52–53 A Hungarian mass murderer and mechanical engineer who reportedly escaped from jail in Vác in 1944.[162] In 1945, according to some reports, he served as an explosives expert during the latter stages of World War II but he was never recaptured and his fate is unknown.
1945 Heinrich Müller 45 Müller, a Nazi Gestapo chief, was last seen in the Führerbunker on the evening of 1 May 1945. While there he had stated that his intention was to avoid being taken into custody by the Soviet forces advancing on Berlin. His CIA file and related documents state that while the record is "...inconclusive on Müller's ultimate fate... [he] most likely died in Berlin in early May 1945."[163] Other theories have suggested that he either escaped to South America like many other fugitive Nazis and lived out his life there (the Israelis continued to investigate his whereabouts into the 1960s) or was protected by U.S. or Soviet intelligence under a new identity. He is the most senior Nazi official whose fate is unknown.
1945 Constanze Manziarly 25 A cook and dietitian for Adolf Hitler, Constanze Manziarly disappeared on 2 May 1945 while escaping Berlin following the Soviet invasion and fall of Nazi Germany. She was believed to have been raped and shot by Soviet soldiers in an U-Bahn subway tunnel.[164]
1945 Hildegard Neumann 26 Neumann, a chief overseer at several Nazi concentration camps, transition camps and detention camps, disappeared in May 1945 after she left the Ravensbrück concentration camp. It is claimed that she died in 2010.[165]
1945 Supriyadi 22 Supriyadi was disappeared after the failed PETA revolt against Japanese occupation on 14 February 1945. Later that year, he was named Minister for People's Security in the first cabinet formed by the newly declaring-independence Indonesia. However, he failed to appear and was replaced on 20 October 1945 by ad interim minister Muhammad Soeljoadikusuma. To this day his fate remains unknown.[166][167]
1945 Genrikh Lyushkov 45 Genrikh Lyushkov was high-level Soviet defector and former Far East NKVD chief. A participant in the Great Purge he fled, to avoid what he believed would be arrest and execution, into the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. After his defection he became a military consultant and analyst for the Imperial Japanese Army. He disappeared during the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and was reported as being last seen in a crowded train station in Dairen (Dalian) in August 1945. Several theories exist about his fate, but he is presumed to have died in 1945, killed by either Soviet or Japanese forces.[168]
1945 Alfred Partikel 57 A German painter Partikel disappeared while picking mushrooms in the woods near Ahrenshoop on 20 October 1945 and was never seen again.[169]
1945 Sodder children Five of the nine Sodder children, aged 5 through 14, who lived in their parents' home outside Fayetteville, West Virginia, were presumed to have died in a Christmas Eve fire that destroyed the house. However, no remains were found in the ashes the morning after the fire and some small bone fragments found during subsequent investigations turned out to have been planted. Later reported sightings of some of the children and suspicions that the fire had been arson rather than an accident led the family to believe that the children were still alive. The family kept a billboard offering a reward for information on their fate up at the house site until the late 1980s.[170]
1945 Johnny Jebsen 28 Johnny Jebsen was an anti-Nazi German intelligence officer and British double agent (code name Artist) during the Second World War. Jebsen recruited Dušan Popov (who became the British agent Tricycle) to the Abwehr and through him later joined the Allied cause. Kidnapped from Lisbon by the Germans shortly before D-Day, Jebsen was tortured in prison and spent time in a concentration camp before disappearing, presumed killed, at the end of the war.[171]
1946 Paula Jean Welden 18 The Bennington College sophomore disappeared while walking on the Long Trail near Glastenbury Mountain, Vermont, US.[172][173]
1947 Daniel S. Voorhees 33–34 Voorhees, a transient restaurant porter who confessed to the murder of Elizabeth Short, checked out of a hotel in Los Angeles, California, on the morning of 16 January 1947 and was never seen again.[174]
1947 Joan Gay Croft 4 In the aftermath of the Glazier–Higgins–Woodward tornadoes on 9 April 1947 4-year-old Joan Gay Croft and her sister Jerri were among refugees taking shelter in a basement hallway of the Woodward hospital. As officials sent the injured to different hospitals in the area, two men took Joan away saying they were taking her to Oklahoma City. She was never seen again and, over the years, several women have come forth saying they suspect they might be Joan. None of their claims have been verified.[175][176]
1947 Raoul Wallenberg 32 A Swedish diplomat credited with saving the lives of at least 20,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, Raoul Wallenberg was arrested on espionage charges in Budapest following the arrival of the Soviet army. His fate remains a mystery despite hundreds of purported sightings in Soviet prisons, some as recent as the 1980s. In 2001, after 10 years of research, a Swedish-Russian panel concluded that Wallenberg probably died or was executed in Soviet custody on 17 July 1947 but to date no hard evidence has been found to confirm this.[177] In 2010, evidence from Russian archives surfaced suggesting he was alive after the presumed execution date.[178]
1947 Lai Teck 45–46 Lai Teck, a leader of the Communist Party of Malaya and Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army, disappeared in 1947 and is believed to have been killed.[179]
1948 Sir Arthur Coningham 53 A retired RAF Air Marshal, Sir Arthur Coningham disappeared when a Avro Tudor IV G-AHNP Star Tiger went missing over the western Atlantic.[180] He was one of 25 passengers, together with six crewmen, who were lost when the flight from Santa Maria Airport in the Azores failed to reach its destination of Kindley Field, Bermuda.[181] Star Tiger's sister aircraft G-AGRE Star Ariel also disappeared over the western Atlantic, with the loss of all seven crewmen and 13 passengers, while flying from Bermuda to Kingston Airport, Jamaica, the following year.[182]
1949 Dorothy Forstein 40 American housewife Dorothy Forstein disappeared in Pennsylvania on 18 October 1949. Her two children reported that they witnessed an unknown man carrying Dorothy over his shoulder downstairs and she was never seen again.[183][184]
1949 Jean Spangler 26 Jean Spangler went missing on 7 October 1949 from Los Angeles, California, under mysterious circumstances. Spangler left her home in Los Angeles after telling her sister-in-law that she was going to meet with her ex-husband before going to work as an extra on a film set. She was last seen at a grocery store several blocks from her home at approximately 6:00 p.m. Two days later Spangler's tattered purse was discovered in a remote area of Griffith Park approximately 5.5 miles (8.9 km) from her home.[185]
1949 Francis Hong Yong-ho 43 Francis Hong Yong-ho, a Roman Catholic prelate, was imprisoned by the communist regime of Kim Il-sung in 1949. He disappeared and was never seen again.[186]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1950 Richard Colvin Cox 21 A second-year military cadet, disappeared from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, after he met an unknown man, known as "George", three times over the course of a week. On the third occasion, Cox and "George" left the grounds of the Academy and were never seen again.[187][188]
1951 Vincent Mangano 63 A mafia crime boss of the future Gambino crime family, Vincent Mangano disappeared on the same day that his brother Philip Mangano was found murdered. He is believed to have been killed on the orders of Albert Anastasia as part of a coup.[189][190]
1951 Beverly Potts 10 Beverly Potts, an American schoolgirl from Cleveland, Ohio, disappeared while walking home from an entertainment event at Halloran Park.[191] She is believed by police to have been abducted and murdered, possibly by someone she knew and trusted as she was shy and fearful of strangers.[192]
1953 Rudolf Mildner 51 Rudolf Mildner was an Austrian-German SS-Standartenführer who served as the chief of the Gestapo at Katowice and also was the head of the political department at Auschwitz. After the war Mildner testified at the Nuremberg Trials and remained in custody until 1949. It is believed he died in 1953 but Adolf Eichmann claimed to have met Mildner in Argentina in 1958. However, his claim has not been verified.[193]
1953 Felix Moncla 27 Pilot First Lieutenant Felix Moncla along with Second Lieutenant Robert Wilson, radar operator, disappeared when their United States Air Force F-89 Scorpion was scrambled from Kincheloe Air Force Base, and subsequently went missing over Lake Superior, while intercepting an unknown aircraft in Canadian airspace close to the Canada–United States border. The USAF claimed the second aircraft was Royal Canadian Air Force C-47 Dakota VC-912, crossing Northern Lake Superior from west to east at 7,000 feet en route from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Sudbury, Ontario.[194] The RCAF stated it had no record of such an incident.[195]
Robert Wilson 22
1953 Evelyn Hartley 15 Evelyn, a teenager from La Crosse, Wisconsin, disappeared on 24 October 1953 from a home while babysitting.[196][197]
1953 The five crew members of the Holchu The Holchu, a small cargo ship, was sighted adrift in the Indian Ocean on 7 February 1953, around 200 miles (320 km) south of the Nicobar Islands, by HMT Empire Windrush. She was later boarded by the crew of a British cargo ship, alerted by Windrush's radio warning. They found no trace of the crew and the Holchu was towed to Colombo. Holchu was carrying a cargo of rice and was in good condition, aside from a broken mast. Adequate supplies of food, water and fuel were found, and a meal had been prepared in the ship's galley.[198] The fate of the Holchu's crew remains unknown.
1953 Henry Borynski 42 Henry Borynski, a Polish Catholic priest and outspoken anti-Communist, disappeared on 13 July 1953 in Bradford, Yorkshire when he left his residence following a phone call.[199]
1955 Stanley Mathenge 36 Stanley Mathenge, a Mau Mau leader who disappeared in 1955, was later reported to be allegedly living in Ethiopia but has not been seen since.[200]
1955 Herman Schultheis 55 A Walt Disney Studios photographer and technician in the Special Effects Department, Herman Schultheis is best known for his work on Fantasia, Pinocchio, Dumbo and Bambi disappeared on 20 May 1955.[201] He is believed to have perished in a Guatemalan Jungle.[202]
1955 Weldon Kees 41 Weldon Kees was an American poet, painter, literary critic, novelist, playwright, jazz pianist, short story writer, and filmmaker who went missing. On 19 July 1955 a car owned by Weldon Kees was discovered on the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge. While Kees had talked about jumping over the railing of the bridge, he stated that he was physically unable to accomplish the task.[203]
1955 Joyita On 10 November, the 69-foot (21 m) merchant vessel Joyita was found abandoned, partially submerged and listing heavily to port, north of the Pacific island of Vanua Levu, part of Fiji. No sign of the 25 passengers and crew who had been aboard when it was last seen on its departure from Apia, Samoa five weeks earlier. Extensive investigation has failed to find any trace of the passengers or crew.[204]
1956 Robert H. Hodgin 31 Three United States Air Force airmen, commander Captain Robert H. Hodgin, observer Captain Gordon M. Insley and pilot 2nd Lt. Ronald L. Kurtz disappeared when their B-47 failed to make contact with an aerial refueling tanker at 14,000 ft over the Mediterranean Sea.[205] While the unarmed aircraft was transporting two different capsules of nuclear weapons material in carrying cases a nuclear detonation was not possible.[206]
Gordon M. Insley 32
Ronald L. Kurtz 22
1956 Lionel "Buster" Crabb 46 Crabb, retired British Royal Navy frogman, disappeared 29 April 1956 during an MI6 mission to spy on the Soviet Sverdlov class cruiser Ordzhonikidze in Portsmouth Harbour. The coroner concluded that a body (missing its head and hands) in a frogman suit found floating in Chichester Harbour the following year was Crabb's but a positive identification was never made nor cause of death determined.[207]
1957 Maud Crawford 65 Maud Crawford was an American attorney in Camden, Arkansas, who disappeared without a trace on a Saturday night in the winter of 1957. Crawford was a partner in a law firm investigating Mafia influence over labor unions.[208]
1958 Martin family The Martin family disappeared on 7 December 1958 in Hood River County, Oregon, while on a drive. Six months later the bodies of the two youngest daughters were recovered on the Columbia River although the whereabouts of the mother, father and eldest daughter remains unsolved.[209]
1959 Camilo Cienfuegos 27 A Cuban revolutionary and friend of Fidel Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos disappeared when his Cessna 310 went missing over the ocean during a night flight from Camagüey to Havana.[210]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1960 Chen Tien The head of the Central Propaganda Department of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) Chen Tien disappeared four years after taking part in talks with government officials to try to reach a mutually agreeable solution in the Malayan Emergency. The talks broke down and Tien continued to take part in the insurrection until the Malayan government suppressed the MCP in 1960 and declared the emergency over.[211]
1960 James Squillante 41 Squillante, a caporegime in the Gambino crime family, disappeared after being indicted on extortion charges. He is believed to have been murdered and his body disposed of in a car crusher that was subsequently melted down in an open hearth furnace.[212][213] No physical evidence has ever been found to substantiate this claim and no one was ever charged for the crime.
1961 David Kenyon Webster 39 Webster was journalist for the Los Angeles Daily News, The Saturday Evening Post and a World War II veteran with "Easy" Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (made famous in the book and miniseries Band of Brothers). He went out on a boat near the coast of Santa Monica and disappeared while shark fishing and is presumed to have drowned.[214]
1961 Masanobu Tsuji 59 The Japanese army officer and politician disappeared on a trip to Laos and was never heard from again.[215]
1961 Joan Risch 31 The Lincoln, Massachusetts, homemaker was last seen in her driveway by a neighbor on the afternoon of 24 October 1961 and several unconfirmed sightings were reported on local roads later that day. Evidence in her house at first suggested foul play, but that opinion was reassessed when a local newspaper found that she had checked out two dozen books about mysterious disappearances and unsolved murders from the library over the preceding summer.[216][217][218]
1961 Michael Rockefeller 23 Michael, the son of New York Governor and future Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern Netherlands New Guinea.[219][220]
1962 Archie E. Mitchell 44 Archie Mitchell, a minister, and Eleanor Vietti, a doctor, working with the Christian and Missionary Alliance were taken captive by the Viet Cong on 30 May 1962.[221][222] What became of them after that is unknown.
Eleanor Ardel Vietti 34
1962 Sam Sary 45 A Cambodian politician, Sam Sary disappeared in 1962 and may have been put to death.[223]
1962 Anthony Strollo 62 A caporegime in the Genovese crime family, Strollo was last seen leaving his residence in Fort Lee, New Jersey. He is believed to have been murdered on the orders of Vito Genovese in retaliation for having conspired to have Genovese imprisoned for drug trafficking. No one was ever charged in his disappearance.[224]
1962 Frank Morris 35 Frank Morris and brothers Clarence and John Anglin escaped from Alcatraz prison in the U.S. state of California and disappeared. Authorities presumed that they drowned but may have survived.[225]
Clarence Anglin 31
John Anglin 32
1964 Charles Clifford Ogle 41 Charles Ogle took off from Oakland International Airport, California, in his Cessna 210, a single-engine aircraft, and is believed to have been heading over the Sierra Nevada when he disappeared.[226][227]
1965 Mehdi Ben Barka 45 Moroccan politician Mehdi Ben Barka disappeared while in exile in Paris where he is believed to have been killed and buried.[228][229]
1965 Charles Rogers 43 The reclusive, unemployed seismologist in Houston, Texas, has remained at large since the "Icebox Murders" of his parents were discovered on 23 June, leading to a warrant for his detention as a material witness. He was declared legally dead in 1975.[230][231]
1966 Kim Bong-han c.50 The North Korean medical surgeon disappeared in 1966 and was never heard from again.[232]
1966 The Beaumont children The Beaumont children Jane Nartare (9), Arnna Kathleen (7) and Grant Ellis (4) disappeared from a beach near Adelaide, South Australia on 26 January 1966.[233][234]
1966 Wikana 51 Wikana, an Indonesian Communist Party leader, disappeared on 9 June and was never seen again.[235] He was allegedly murdered as part of the Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966.
1966 Ann Miller 19 Ann Miller, Patricia Blough and Renee Bruhl, three young women from the Chicago suburbs, were last seen on 2 July 1966 after leaving their blanket and personal effects behind on a crowded beach at Indiana Dunes State Park to get on a boat in Lake Michigan.[236][237] Theories have ranged from an offshore illegal abortion gone wrong, resulting in the other two women being killed as witnesses,[238] to a hit ordered by Silas Jayne, a Chicago-area horse breeder implicated after his 1987 death in a number of unsolved murders related to a bitter feud with his brother.[239]
Patricia Blough 19
Renee Bruhl 21
1966 Chu Anping 56 Chinese scholar and liberal journalist Chu Anping disappeared in September 1966 and was never seen again.[240]
1967 Audrey Bruce Currier 33 American heiress Audrey Bruce Currier and her husband Stephen Currier, wealthy philanthropists described as one of the richest young couples in the world, vanished at sea sometime after 7:30 pm on the evening of 17 January 1967, on a routine 76-mile charter flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Their plane, a Piper Apache piloted by John D. Watson (52) of Airplane Charters Inc., was last heard from when the pilot radioed at 7:30 pm for permission to overfly the US Naval base at Isla Culebra, which was denied. The plane was never seen or heard from again. Because the pilot had failed to file a flight plan, the search for the plane did not commence until 5 a.m., 9 hours after it failed to arrive in St. Thomas. Despite an extensive air-sea search by the US Coast Guard, no trace of the plane or its passengers was ever found. Audrey Currier was a granddaughter of the financier Andrew Mellon and the daughter of senior US diplomat David K. E. Bruce, while her husband Stephen was the son of socialite Mary Warburg. The Curriers had for the past ten years provided millions of dollars in financial support to the civil rights movement in the US through the Taconic Foundation and an umbrella group they founded, the Council for United Civil Rights Leadership.[241][242]
Stephen Currier 36
1967 John Lake 37 The sports editor of Newsweek John Lake mysteriously disappeared in December 1967.[243][244]
1967 Jim Thompson 61 Jim Thompson, a former U.S. military intelligence officer who once worked for the Office of Strategic Services (and later known as the "Thai Silk King" for his revival of the Thai silk industry), failed to return from an afternoon walk in the Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia, quickly prompting a massive manhunt. No trace of him has ever been found.[245][246]
1967 James P. Brady 59 James P. Brady, a Canadian Metis leader, and Cree friend Abraham Halkett disappeared while on a prospecting trip in northern Saskatchewan. An extensive land, air, and water search located their camp but failed to find any trace of either man.[247]
Abraham Halkett 40
1967 Harold Holt 59 Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia, disappeared while swimming in heavy surf at a beach notorious for strong and dangerous rip currents. Despite one of the largest search-and-rescue operations ever mounted in Australia his body was never found.[248][249]
1968 Eugene DeBruin 34 Eugene DeBruin, a US Air Force staff sergeant and member of Air America, while serving in Laos during the Second Indochina War was captured when his plane was shot down in 1963. After that he was a POW at a Pathet Lao prison camp in Laos until 1968 when he and other prisoners attempted to escape. Following the escape attempt he disappeared and it is not known if he succeeded or what became of him.[250]
1969 April Fabb 13 April Fabb last seen near her home in Metton, Norfolk, United Kingdom on 8 April 1969 when her abandoned bicycle was found in a field. No trace of her has been found since then, although some theories have linked her case to known serial killers.[251][252]
1969 Dennis Martin 6 Dennis Martin vanished on 14 June 1969 in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and hasn't been seen since.[253]
1969 Sharon Kinne 30 Sharon Kinne (known as La Pistolera) was an American woman convicted of homicide in Mexico and was currently awaiting trial for the murder of her husband James Kinne when she escaped Ixtapalapan prison on 7 December 1969. Despite extensive manhunts in Mexico and the USA her whereabouts are unknown.[254]
1969 Patricia Spencer 16 Patricia Spencer and Pamela Hobley were last seen leaving a Halloween party in Oscoda, Michigan.[255][256] Police have continued to investigate and believe the two were murdered, and in 2013 they announced they had a person of interest in the case but did not have enough information to continue. Foul play is suspected.[257][258]
Pamela Hobley 15


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1970 Leo Burt 22 Leo Burt allegedly participated in the bombing of Sterling Hall, on the campus of the University of Wisconsin on 24 August, and on 2 September was indicted federally in Madison, Wisconsin. He disappeared in 1970 and has not been seen since.[259][260]
1970 Cheryl Grimmer 3 Cheryl Grimmer went missing from a beach side shower block in New South Wales, Australia on 12 January 1970. Initially she had refused to leave the shower block causing one of her brothers to go collect their mum to persuade Cheryl to come out. In the moments between leaving the shower block and returning with his mum Cheryl had disappeared. Witnesses claim they saw a man in an orange swimsuit carrying a blonde-haired child wrapped up in a towel. On 23 March 2017, it was announced that a man had been arrested and charged with Grimmer's abduction and murder.[261]
1970 Sean Flynn 28 Sean Flynn, the son of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita, and his colleague Dana Stone disappeared in Cambodia on 6 April 1970 while working as freelance photojournalists for Time magazine.[262][263] Neither man's remains were ever found and it is generally assumed that they were killed by Khmer Rouge guerillas.[264][265] After a decade-long search financed by his mother Flynn was officially declared dead in 1984.[266] In 2010, a British team uncovered the remains of a Western hostage in the Cambodian jungle but DNA comparisons with samples from the Flynn family were negative.[267]
Dana Stone 30
1970 Mauro De Mauro 49 Mauro De Mauro, an Italian investigative journalist, who disappeared on 16 September 1970 and has not been seen since.[268]
1970 Robin Graham 18 After running out of gas on the Hollywood Freeway, Robin Graham was last seen by California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers on 15 November 1970. The officer directed her to a callbox and later saw her speaking with a man beside her car. The circumstances of her disappearance resulted in CHP policies being changed to ensure the safety of stranded female motorists.[269]
1971 Dan Cooper Dan Cooper, also known as D. B. Cooper, was the name used by an unidentified man who hijacked a plane on 24 November 1971 and parachuted from the plane during mid-flight. No trace of him has ever been found.[270]
1971 Lynne Schulze 18 Lynne Schulze, a student at Middlebury College in Vermont, was last seen by one of her college friends on 10 December 1971 when she abruptly turned back on the way to a literature exam, claiming she had left her favorite pen in her dorm room. Her wallet, checkbook and other belongings were found at the dorm room. A subsequent report said that she was seen a short time later outside a health food store co-owned and operated at that time by Robert Durst and his wife Kathleen, who a decade later would also disappear. Schulze had also been seen buying prunes from the same store earlier in the day. The case was reopened in 1992 and in 2015, following Durst's arrest on charges of murdering his friend Susan Berman, Middlebury police confirmed that they wanted to speak to Durst about the case but his lawyer has declined to let them.[271]
1972 Zahir Raihan 36 Zahir Raihan, a Bangladeshi novelist, writer and filmmaker, disappeared on 30 January 1972 in Pakistan while looking for his brother who was abducted by Pakistani forces.[272]
1972 Adrien McNaughton 5 Adrien McNaughton wandered away from his family during a fishing trip in Arnprior, Ontario on 12 June 1972 and has not been seen since.[273][274]
1972 Nick Begich 40 Nick Begich and Hale Boggs, both Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives, disappeared in an airplane while traveling over a remote section of Alaska on 16 October 1972. The airplane presumably crashed but no trace of it has been found.[275][276]
Hale Boggs 58
1973 Joanne Ratcliffe 11 Joanne Ratcliffe and Kirste Gordon are two Australian girls who went missing while attending an Australian rules football match at the Adelaide Oval on 25 August 1973.[277]
Kirste Gordon 4
1973 Ray Robinson 40 Ray Robinson, an African-American civil rights activist, had traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to participate in the protests of the Wounded Knee Incident in South Dakota and was never seen again after 25 April 1973. In 2014 the FBI said it had concluded from witness statements that Ray was killed in 1973 during an internal conflict and buried there. He has been declared legally dead and his body has never been located.[278]
1974 Thomas Leigh Gatch, Jr. 48 American balloonist Thomas Leigh Gatch, Jr. disappeared while attempting to become the first human to cross the Atlantic by balloon. Only one day after lifting off from Harrisburg Airport on 18 February, his balloon named Light Heart lost radio contact. On 21 February the balloon was sighted by a freight ship about 1600 km west of the Canary Islands; since then no trace of it has ever been found.[279]
1974 Oscar Zeta Acosta 39 Oscar Zeta Acosta disappeared while traveling in Mazatlán, Mexico during May 1974.[280] His son, Marco Acosta, believes that he was the last person to talk to his father. Acosta telephoned his son from Mazatlán, telling him that he was "about to board a boat full of white snow." Marco is later quoted in reference to his father's disappearance: "The body was never found, but we surmise that probably, knowing the people he was involved with, he ended up mouthing off, getting into a fight, and getting killed." He was also a close personal friend of American author Hunter S. Thompson. As a travelling companion and ever-present associate of Thompson, Acosta featured heavily in Thompson's 1971 book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in which Acosta was referred to as 'Dr. Gonzo' and Thompson's attorney.
1974 Connie Converse 50 Connie Converse was a singer-songwriter active in the New York City folk music scene during the 1950s. In 1974 Converse, after losing her job as Managing Editor of the Journal of Conflict Resolution two years earlier, wrote letters to friends and family expressing her intention to start a new life somewhere else. In August 1974 she loaded her Volkswagen Beetle with her belongings, drove away and was never heard from again.[281]
1974 Lord Lucan 40 Aristocrat and professional gambler Lord Lucan, 7th Earl of Lucan, disappeared following the murder of his children's nanny, a crime for which he was suspected. There have been many unconfirmed sightings over the years, but he was presumed dead in 2016.[282]
1974 Carmen Bueno 24 Actress Carmen Bueno and cinematographer Jorge Müller Silva, both Chilean, were both interrogated and tortured at Villa Grimaldi shortly before they disappeared on 29 November 1974 and have not been seen since.[283]
Jorge Müller Silva 27
1975 Jim Sullivan 34 Jim Sullivan, an American singer-songwriter, left Los Angeles, California on 4 March 1975 to drive to Nashville, Tennessee alone. His abandoned car was found at a remote ranch in New Mexico and he was reportedly last seen walking away from it on 6 March. The car contained Sullivan's money, papers, guitar, clothes and a box of his unsold records.[284][285]
1975 Mona Blades 18 New Zealander Mona Blades disappeared on 31 May 1975 while hitchhiking in the North Island. She is believed to have been murdered but no remains of hers have ever been discovered.[286]
1975 Juanita Joan Nielsen 38 Juanita Joan Nielsen, an Australian publisher, activist and heiress, disappeared in Kings Cross, Sydney on 4 July 1975. It is believed she was murdered although the people responsible for her disappearance have never been identified and no trace of her has ever been found.[287]
1975 Jimmy Hoffa 62 Jimmy Hoffa, a U.S. trade union leader and president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, disappeared on 30 July 1975 from the parking lot of a restaurant. It is believed that he was due to meet with Mafia leaders Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano.[288]
1975 Bas Jan Ader 33 Bas Jan Ader, a Dutch conceptual artist, performance artist, photographer and filmmaker, was lost at sea sometime after 9 July 1975 while attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean from the US to England in the smallest boat ever. His deserted vessel was found off the coast of Ireland on 18 April 1976 but offered few clues as to his fate.[289]
1975 Norodom Chantaraingsey unknown Norodom Chantaraingsey, a member of the Cambodian royal family and Cambodian nationalist, he was initially a leader of the guerrilla resistance against the colonial French but disappeared in 1975 and is believed to have been killed.[290]
1976 Frank Blackhorse unknown One of several aliases used by a member of the American Indian Movement, he is believed to have disappeared in 1976.[291]
1976 Eloise Worledge 8 Eloise Worledge disappeared from her home in Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia, on 12 January 1976 and is thought to have been abducted from her bedroom.[292]
1976 Bradford Bishop 39 Disappeared 2 March from Bethesda, Maryland, shortly after allegedly murdering his wife, mother, and children.[293] On 18 March, the Bishop family car was found abandoned at an isolated campground in Elkmont, Tennessee.[294] On 10 April 2014, the FBI named him the 502nd fugitive to be placed on its List of 10 Most Wanted Fugitives.[295]
1976 Sandy Davidson 3 Scottish boy Sandy Davidson disappeared on 23 April 1976 while he was playing in the back garden of his house in the Bourtreehill housing estate in Irvine, North Ayrshire.[296]
1976 Andy Puglisi 10 Andy Puglisi wandered away from a pool area near his home in Lawrence, Massachusetts on 21 August 1976 and has not been seen since.[297]
1976 Renee MacRae 35 Renee MacRae and son Andrew were last seen in Inverness, Scotland on 12 November.[298]
Andrew MacRae 3
1977 Helen Brach 65 Helen Brach disappeared on 17 February 1977 and was thought to have been murdered. A man named Richard Bailey was charged more than a decade later with killing Brach, but not convicted of, conspiring to murder Brach. He eventually received a long sentence after being convicted of defrauding her.[299]
1977 Donald Mackay 43 Australian anti-drugs campaigner Donald Mackay, who was last seen 15 July 1977, was possibly murdered after providing information to police which resulted in what was then the biggest drug bust in Australian history.[300][301]
1977 Slim Wintermute 60 Slim Wintermute, an American collegiate and professional basketball player, disappeared in October 1977, after setting out in his yacht from Portage Bay in Seattle's Lake Union.[302] His boat was found a few days later with one of his friends asleep on board and foul play was not suspected.
1977 Megumi Yokota 13 Megumi Yokota, a Japanese girl, was reportedly abducted by a North Korean agent on 15 November 1977 in Niigata Prefecture.[303] It is thereafter believed she was taken to a spy training center.[304]
1977 Don Taxay American numismatist and historian Don Taxay was last seen in 1977 and has not been seen since.[305]
1978 Peter Winston 20 Peter Winston, an American chess player, disappeared under mysterious circumstances in January 1978.[306]
1978 Gary Mathias 25 Gary Mathias, of Yuba City, California, is the only one of a group of five men who disappeared after buying junk food and snacks at a Chico market on the night of 24 February 1978 who has not been found. Their car was found several days later on a winding dirt road high in the Sierra Nevada; why they were there (well off their route home), and abandoned a car that was apparently in good working order, is not known. In June of that year the remains of three were found in the woods where they had died of exposure; a fourth was found in a trailer 20 miles (32 km) from the car where he had starved to death after suffering severe frostbite despite the availability of food, heat and warmer clothing. Mathias, too, is believed to have made it to that trailer but left it at some point himself.[307]
1978 Eddie Aikau 31 Eddie Aikau, a well-known Hawaiian lifeguard and surfer, disappeared on 17 March 1978 when he got lost at sea on a boat called the Hōkūleʻa and was separated from the boat.[308] He was last seen paddling toward his surfboard and is believed to have drowned.[309]
1978 Trudie Adams 18-19 Trudie Adams disappeared from Newport Surf Life Saving Club, New South Wales, Australia in the early hours of 25 June 1978 after attending a dance and has not been seen since.[310]
1978 Yaeko Taguchi 22 Yaeko Taguchi, a Japanese citizen, who is said to have been kidnapped by North Korea in June 1978 in Tokyo and has not been seen since.[311]
1978 John Brisker 30 American professional basketball player John Brisker, from Detroit, Michigan, disappeared in Uganda in April 1978.
1978 Genette Tate 13 Teenage English girl Genette Tate disappeared on 19 August 1978 while delivering newspapers in Aylesbeare, Devon, England.[312]
1978 Musa al-Sadr 50 Musa al-Sadr and two aides, Mohammed Yaaqoub and Abbas Badreddine, disappeared six days after entering Libya on 31 August, during an official visit from Lebanon at the invitation of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.[313][314]
Mohammed Yaaqoub
Abbas Badreddine
1978 Frederick Valentich 21 Frederick Valentich disappeared on 21 October 1978 during a solo flight over Bass Strait in Australia after reporting to an air traffic controller that his plane was being circled by an unknown craft.[315]
1978 Harry Domela 72–73 Latvian-born impostor Harry Domela, who pretended to be a deposed German crown prince, disappeared but later resurfaced as a teacher in Venezuela and contacted Jef Last in 1965.[316] The last sign of him was in 1978.[317]
1978 Sattar Jabr Naser Sattar Jabr Naser, an Iraqi writer, disappeared in 1978 and has not been seen since.[318]
1979 Jim Robinson 54 Jim Robinson, a former professional boxer notable for his bout with Muhammad Ali in 1961, was last heard from in 1979 when he was living in the Overtown district of Miami but has not been seen or heard from since.[319]
1979 Ian Mackintosh 39–40 Ian Mackintosh, creator and writer of The Sandbaggers British television series, was flying with two others over the Gulf of Alaska in a light aircraft in July 1979. The plane sent out a distress signal which was picked up by the United States Coast Guard. The plane's last-known position was searched, but no wreckage of the plane was ever found, and its passengers have not been heard from since.[320]
1979 Martin Allen 15 Martin Allen, a school boy from London, England, who was last positively identified at King's Cross station at 3:50 pm on 5 November 1979 when he left his friends to go to his brother's house. A witness came forward to say that a 30-year-old male was seen at Gloucester Road tube station later that same afternoon in the company of a boy who looked like Martin. The man was heard to tell the boy not to try and run, and the witness stated that the boy looked scared. There have been theories that Martin fell prey to a pedophile gang operating in London and that he was murdered.[321][322]
1979 J. C. P. Williams 47 J. C. P. Williams, a New Zealand cardiologist, who discovered Williams syndrome went missing in London, England.[323] Williams was declared "a missing person presumed to be dead from 1978" by the High Court of New Zealand,[324] and it is known that Williams renewed his passport in Geneva in September 1979.[325] He had possibly gone into hiding; there were reports of alleged and indirect contact with him as recently as 2000.[326]
1979 Etan Patz 6 Etan Kalil Patz (October 9, 1972 – May 25, 1979; declared legally dead in 2001) was an American boy who was six years old on May 25, 1979, when he disappeared on his way to his school bus stop in the SoHo neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. His disappearance helped launch the missing children movement, which included new legislation and new methods for tracking down missing children. Several years after he disappeared, Patz was one of the first children to be profiled on the "photo on a milk carton" campaigns of the early 1980s.


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1980 Thomas A. Mutch 49 American geologist and planetary scientist disappeared on 6 October during a descent from Mount Nun in the Kashmir Himalayas and is believed to have been killed.[327]
1980 Louise Faulkner 43 Louise Faulkner and Charmian Faulkner, a mother and daughter, went missing in April 1980 after Louise told a friend she was visiting her boyfriend in Gippsland. They were last seen getting into a white ute in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia. Both were declared legally dead in 2006 at an inquest. No trace of them has been found.[328]
Charmian Faulkner 2
1980 Peng Jiamu 68 Chinese biologist Peng Jiamu, who led an expedition to Lop Nur, disappeared on 17 June 1980 after leaving a note saying he had gone to find water. Presumed dead, there have been a number of attempts to find his remains, but nothing has ever been found.[329]
1980 Alan Addis 19 Royal Marine Alan Addis went missing on East Falkland 5 August 1980. His small unit was on a patrol to North Arm in Lafonia on East Falkland in August 1980 when Addis went missing. The marines had attended a local function in the social hall of the remote and small community with Addis last being seen at 1:30 am. He was not noticed as being absent until the other members of his team had set sail on a steamer to take them back to their base at Port Stanley. The official report assumes he drowned, however, investigations and rumours have led to a belief that he was murdered. No body or trace has been found.[330]
1980 Alaíde Foppa 64 Alaíde Foppa disappeared while in Guatemala on 9 December 1980 and is believed to have been murdered.[331]
1980 Angus Primrose 53 Designer and naval architect Angus Primrose went missing at sea during October 1980 and is presumed to have drowned.[332]
1981 Katrice Lee 2 Katrice Lee disappeared from a NAAFI shopping complex in Schloß Neuhaus, Paderborn West Germany on 28 November 1981 which was her second birthday.[333][334]
1982 Kathleen McCormack Durst 29 Medical student Kathleen McCormack Durst disappeared on 31 January 1982 after leaving the Connecticut house of a friend to return to the South Salem, New York residence that she shared with her husband. She has not been seen since and was declared legally dead in 2001. Since her marriage was deteriorating police strongly suspected that her husband Robert Durst had murdered her due to inconsistencies in statements he gave them.[335][336] He is suspected in two other disappearances and served three years in prison for evidence tampering in the death of a third person.
1982 Ahmad Motevaselian 29 Iranian military attache Ahmad Motevaselian was one of the four Iranian diplomats (Seyed Mohsen Mousavi, Kazem Akhavan, and Taghi Rastegar Moghadam) that disappeared in Lebanon in 1982. On 5 July 1982, when the vehicle carrying the diplomats was passing through a checkpoint post on its way to Beirut, it was intercepted by Phalange Party members. Three decades after the incident, the fate of the missing diplomats remains a mystery, and the search for Motevaselian and the other Iranian diplomats continues.[337][338][339]
1982 Johnny Gosch 12 Johnny Gosch reported missing to West Des Moines Police Department by his parents after he disappeared on 5 September 1982 while delivering newspapers.[340] At that time there was a customary three-day waiting period before police responded to missing persons reports. Gosch has not been heard from again but his case prompted new laws for Iowa and other states resulting in missing persons reports involving children being given immediate attention.[341]
1982 Tony Jones 20 Tony Jones disappeared while backpacking in North Queensland, Australia on 3 November 1982 and is believed to have been murdered.[342][343][344]
1983 Upali Wijewardene 44 Sri Lankan business magnate Upali Wijewardene's private Learjet disappeared en route to Colombo on 13 February 1983. Extensive search operation by air and naval units failed to locate any evidence of a crash, his plane disappeared without a trace, and he is believed to be dead.[345]
1983 Ludovic Janvier 6 Ludovic Janvier disappeared from Grenoble, France on 17 March 1983 and is believed to have been abducted by an unidentified white man along with his brothers. While his brothers escaped Ludovic has not been located.[346]
1983 Mirella Gregori 15 Mirella Gregori, a girl who disappeared from Rome, Italy on 7 May 1983, and has not been seen since.[347]
1983 Ann Gotlib 12 Russian immigrant Ann Gotlib disappeared from the premises of a Louisville, Kentucky mall on 1 June 1983. The police later found her bike but her abductor has remained a mystery.[348]
1983 Emanuela Orlandi 15 Emanuela Orlandi, who was a citizen of Vatican City, disappeared on 22 June 1983 from Rome, Italy and has not been seen since.[349]
1983 Tammy Lynn Leppert 18 Model and actress Tammy Lynn Leppert disappeared on 6 July 1983 without a trace after leaving her Rockledge, Florida family home.[350]
1983 Kirsa Jensen 14 Kirsa Jensen disappeared on 1 September 1983 while riding her horse at a beach near Napier, New Zealand.[351]
1983 George Cogar 51 The American computer scientist was last seen on 2 September 1983 aboard a private plane, a Britten-Norman Islander, together with six other people to go on a hunting trip. The plane disappeared somewhere in British Columbia and was never found.[352]
1984 Naomi Uemura 43 Naomi Uemura, a Japanese adventurer who was particularly well known for doing alone what had previously been achieved only with large teams, disappeared on 13 February 1984 while descending Mount Denali after a solo climb.[353]
1984 Ronald Jorgensen Ronald Jorgensen, a New Zealand criminal on parole after completing a prison sentence, vanished in mysterious circumstances in 1984 after his car was found wrecked at the bottom of a cliff.[354] Police initially suspected that he faked his death, and later declared him legally dead in 1998 but since his body was never found, rumors persist that he became a police informant in Australia.[355] His fate remains unknown.[356]
1984 Edward L. Montoro 52 Motion picture producer/distributor Edward L. Montoro disappeared in 1984 after taking more than $1 million from his own company, Film Ventures International. It was speculated that he fled to Mexico, but he has never been seen again.[357]
1985 Boris Weisfeiler 43 U.S. mathematician Boris Weisfeiler disappeared in the Biobío Region of Chile during a solo hiking trip in 1985.[358] Chilean authorities originally concluded that he drowned but documents released by the United States Department of State in 2000 included a 1986 memo suggesting he may be a captive "somewhere in Chile (probably Colonia Dignidad)", and a 1987 account by a CIA source claiming that Weisfeiler had been interrogated and fatally beaten by a Chilean army patrol.[359]
1985 Cherrie Mahan 8 Cherrie Mahan last seen getting off her school bus a short distance from her house in Cabot, Pennsylvania on 22 February 1985. Police focused on a van seen near the bus when she got off. Her face was the first to be put on mailers sent all around the country, a practice continued with age-progressed photos as time passed. She was declared legally dead in 1998 and in 2011 police claimed they had received a promising new lead but would not discuss it.[360]
1985 Vladimir Alexandrov Vladimir Alexandrov, a Soviet physicist, disappeared on 31 March 1985 while attending a nuclear winter conference in Madrid.[361]
1985 Andrew Fluegelman 41 Andrew Fluegelman, a publisher, photographer, programmer, and attorney, disappeared on 6 July 1985 is believed to have committed suicide after his car was found abandoned at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge near San Francisco.[362]
1985 Diane Suzuki 19 Diane Suzuki was last seen on the evening of 6 July 1985 after leaving the Honolulu dance studio where she worked as an instructor. Blood evidence found at the scene has not been matched to any suspect nor can it be matched to Suzuki since her blood type was not known. A photographer she knew was questioned by police and released without charge.[363]
1985 Cotah Ramaswami 89 Cotah Ramaswami, an Indian cricketer who played in two Test matches in 1936, walked out of his home in Chennai, India on 15 October 1985. No trace of him has ever been found.[364]
1986 Madame Max Adolphe 60 Madame Max Adolphe, who was the right hand woman of former Haitian president François Duvalier, was held prisoner in an army barracks next to the national palace in Haiti following Duvalier's overthrow and left the country in February 1986. Her current whereabouts are unknown.[365]
1986 Anthonette Cayedito 9 American girl Anthonette Cayedito disappeared from her home in Gallup, New Mexico in the early morning hours of 6 April 1986. Her mother went to look for her and she could not be found.[366]
1986 Agustín Feced 65 Agustín Feced, a Argentinian police official believed responsible for many tortures and extrajudicial executions during the country's Dirty War, was stated to have died in prison on 21 July 1986 while facing charges related to those activities. However, the records of his death and burial are incomplete and sometimes contradictory. Several sources doubt he was even imprisoned at the time. In 1986, the military hospital announced that Agustín Feced had died, but they did not bring any proof of it.[367]
1986 Suzy Lamplugh 25 British estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappeared from Fulham, West London, on 28 July 1986. In 1994, she was declared dead and presumed murdered. Despite further police investigations in 1998 and 2000 no trace of her has been found.[368]
1986 Jeremy Bright 14 Jeremy Bright disappeared on 14 August 1986 while attending the county fair in Myrtle Point, Oregon with his sister. The following day his mother found his wallet, watch and keys in his stepfather's house nearby where he had been staying. Foul play has been suspected and police had a potential suspect who died in prison in 2007. While his family believes he is dead, and held a memorial service for him in 2011, they have not petitioned a court to make that declaration legal.[369]
1986 Philip Cairns 13 Irish schoolboy Philip Cairns disappeared 23 October 1986 on his way back to school in Dublin after going home for lunch. His schoolbag was found abandoned in a previously searched lane near his house a few days later but there has been no trace of Philip and no arrests have been made in connection with the case.[370]
1986 Simon Parkes 18 Leading seaman Simon Parkes, in the Royal Navy, went missing when the ship he was serving aboard was docked in Gibraltar. Parkes had gone out to the town and was last seen leaving the Horseshoe Bar on the peninsula. Because he disappeared on 12 December 1986, Allan Grimson (who favoured killing on that date and was serving aboard the same ship at that time) has been named as a suspect in Parkes' possible murder, though no trace of him or a body has been found.[371]
1986 Bambi Woods 31 Bambi Woods, a pornographic actress and exotic dancer, who was best known for her appearance as the title character in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas, last appeared on camera in 1981 and by 1986 could no longer be found.[372] Finding her whereabouts has proven to be very difficult, since Jim Clark, who coined Woods's stage name, has refused to divulge her real name out of respect for her requests for privacy. Multiple theories about Woods's fate have been circulated, including claims she went into hiding after facing legal action in the early 1980s, a 2005 claim that she died of an overdose,[373] and (the scenario Clark determined after hiring an investigator to research the matter) a simple abandonment of her adult entertainment history and decision to live a normal life incognito.[374]
1987 Federico Caffè 73 Italian economist Federico Caffè left his home in Rome at dawn on 15 April 1987, shortly after quitting university teaching, and disappeared. He was declared dead on 30 October 1998 and the mystery of his disappearance has not been solved.[375]
1987 Julie Weflen 28 Julie Weflen, an operator for the Bonneville Power Administration in Spokane, Washington, disappeared on 16 September 1987. Weflen was working at the Four Mounds sub-station in Spokane County. She vanished some time after 3:30 pm after going to check on a transformer. Her work truck was found with its door and back hatch open and her personal possessions inside and on the ground. The gravel in the vicinity showed signs of a struggle.[376]
1988 Susan Smalley 18 Susan Smalley and Stacie Madison disappeared on the morning of 20 March 1988. Police know the girls were at Smalley's house by midnight but they later left. The car in which they rode off was found abandoned in Dallas, Texas.[377][378]
Stacie Madison 17
1988 Ron Arad 30 Ron Arad, an Israeli jet-fighter navigator, was captured on 16 October 1986 by Amal Shi'ite forces in southern Lebanon after ejecting from his damaged F-4 Phantom II while on a bombing mission. Israeli intelligence officers reportedly knew his whereabouts until the early hours of 4 May 1988, his 30th birthday, when he abruptly vanished from the house he was held in at the village of Nebbi Shiit.[379][380]
1988 Antonio Bardellino 43 Antonio Bardellino, a powerful Neapolitan Camorrista and boss of the Casalesi clan, was said to have been murdered on 26 May 1988 by his right-hand man Mario Iovine. Since his body was not found, he is rumored to still be alive.[381]
1988 Lee Boxell 15 Lee Boxell disappeared near his home in Cheam, Surrey on 10 September 1988 on his way to a football match at Selhurst Park and has not been seen since.[382]
1988 Tara Calico 19 Tara Calico disappeared near her home in Belen, New Mexico on 20 September 1988.[383] A Polaroid photo of a boy and girl, bound and gagged, surfaced on 15 June 1989 in Port St. Joe, Florida, but the girl in the photo has not been confirmed to be Tara.
1988 Michaela Garecht 9 Michaela Garecht was abducted by an unidentified white male at a grocery store in Hayward, California on 19 November 1988.[384]
1989 Tiffany Sessions 20 Tiffany Sessions left her apartment in Gainesville, Florida and went out for an evening walk on 9 February 1989 but never returned.[385][386][387]
1989 Charles Horvath-Allan 20 Charles Horvath-Allan disappeared in May 1989 from a campsite in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada. Horvath-Allan, a Canadian born British national, was hiking across Canada and had plans to meet up with his mother and step-father in Hong Kong by August 1989, but never made it.[388]
1989 Patricia Meehan 37 Patricia Meehan disappeared in Circle, Montana following a car accident on 20 April 1989.[389][390]
1989 Reino Gikman 59 Reino Gikman disappeared in June 1989 in Vienna, Austria and has not been seen since.[391]
1989 Melanie Melanson 14 Melanie Melanson went missing at a party near a Woburn, Massachusetts industrial park on 27 October 1989 and has not been seen since.[392][393]
1989 Alois Brunner 77 Alois Brunner, an Austrian Schutzstaffel officer, was last seen in November 1989 and is said to have died in a Syria basement in 2001.[394] Other reports said that he had have died in 2010 yet his true fate is unknown.[395]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
1990 Ames Glover 5 mo Ames Glover, a 5-month-old boy, disappeared from the back seat of his father's car in west London, England, United Kingdom, on 5 February 1990.[396] He has not been found and no charges have been brought.
1990 Teddy Wang 56 Prominent Chinese businessman and founder of the Chinachem Group Teddy Wang was kidnapped on 10 April 1990 and has not been seen since.[397]
1990 Christopher Kerze 17 Christopher Kerze disappeared on 20 April 1990 from Eagan, Minnesota. Kerze indicated he would return home by 6 pm but he did not and his car was found two days later in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.[398][399]
1990 Paige Renkoski 30 Paige Renkoski disappeared on 24 May 1990 near Fowlerville, Michigan when she was last seen on the shoulder of Interstate 96 talking to a man standing next to a maroon-colored minivan. Hours later the 1986 Oldsmobile she had been driving was found still idling with her shoes and purse inside.[400][401][402][403]
1990 Sarah MacDiarmid 23 Sarah MacDiarmid was last seen late on the night of 11 July 1990 in the parking lot of Kananook railway station Melbourne, Australia. Evidence found near her car suggested a struggle and foul play is suspected. Police have interviewed two potential suspects but she officially remains missing.
1990 Trevaline Evans 52 Trevaline Evans vanished without a trace on 16 June 1990 after leaving a note on the front door of her antiques shop in Llangollen Denbighshire, Wales, United Kingdom saying she would be "back in two minutes".[404]
1990 Eugene John Hebert 66 American-born Jesuit missionary Eugene John Hebert, while in Sri Lanka, went missing on 15 August 1990 on his way to the eastern city of Batticaloa from a nearby town of Valaichchenai and his disappearance remains a mystery.[405]
1990 Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta 36 Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta, an alleged militant from the Palestine Liberation Organization, was sentenced to jail in October 1990 and was later not found guilty[406] and was released sometime after, later disappeared. He was believed to have participated in the attack on the World Trade Center towers in 2001, but was revealed not to have.[407]
1990 Licorice McKechnie 44 Christina "Licorice" McKechnie, a musician and former member of the Scottish folk group The Incredible String Band, was last reported to be living in California but her later whereabouts have been unknown since 1990.[408]
1991 Michael Dunahee 4 Michael Dunahee disappeared from a school playground in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on 24 March 1991. His parents were nearby but no witnesses to his presumed abduction have been identified and there have been no subsequent confirmed sightings of him.[409]
1991 Tanong Po-arn 55 Thai labor leader Tanong Po-arn disappeared on 19 June 1991 after his car was found abandoned in Bangkok's Rat Burana district shortly after a military coup. Repeated inquiries from his family to the police and other government agencies received no reply and his fate remains unknown.[410]
1991 Jared Negrete 12 Jared Negrete disappeared from a Boy Scout expedition to the summit of San Gorgonio Mountain on 19 July 1991 after becoming lost from his group. A search party was immediately launched and rescue teams followed his footprints finding candy wrappers and his disposable camera. Most pictures on the filmstrip depicted the surrounding landscape, however, only his eyes and nose are visible in the photograph. To this day he is still missing and no trace of him has been found.[411]
1991 Ben Needham 21 months Ben Needham, a 21-month-old boy, disappeared from the island of Kos in Greece on 24 July 1991 while his grandparents were renovating a farmhouse. Despite numerous sighting reports over the years he has not been found. Family members have said they believe that the child was kidnapped with the intention of selling him for adoption or to child traffickers. Others familiar with the case consider the theory of an accident more likely.[412][413] In 2016, excavations conducted nearby led investigators to informally conclude that Ben died in an accident that day on a construction site.[414] This theory has been substantiated by reports of blood being discovered upon a toy car and sandal believed to have belonged to the toddler which have been discovered in 2017.[415]
1992 Kelly Dae Wilson 17 Kelly Dae Wilson disappeared after leaving her work on 5 January 1992 in Gilmer, Texas. Her car was left in the parking lot of the video store where she worked with a flat tire and a bank video appears to show Wilson dropping her paycheck in the bank's deposit box. Foul play is suspected, but no one has been charged, nor has Wilson been found.[416]
1992 Virginia Guerrero 15 Virginia Guerrero and Manuela Torres are two teenage girls who suddenly vanished under unclear circumstances in northern Spain on 23 April 1992 while hitchhiking from Reinosa to their hometown Aguilar de Campoo after partying in a nightclub.[417]
Manuela Torres 16
1992 Sherrill Levitt 47 Sherrill Levitt, her daughter Suzie Streeter and Suzie's friend Stacy McCall, known collectively as the Springfield Three, disappeared from Levitt's home in Springfield, Missouri on 7 June 1992. Suzie and Stacy had graduated from Kickapoo High School the day before and had arrived at Levitt's home at around 2:00 am after a graduation party. It is being investigated as an apparent triple disappearance.[418]
Suzie Streeter 19
Stacy McCall 18
1992 Jarosław Ziętara 23 Jarosław Ziętara, a Polish journalist, disappeared on 1 September 1992 on his way to work and is believed to have been kidnapped and murdered.[419][420]
1992 Taif Ajba 53 Taif Ajba, an Abkhaz poet, disappeared on 9 October 1992 and is believed to have been tortured and shot dead. The reports are unconfirmed and the case remains unsolved.[421][422]
1993 Annie McCarrick 26 Annie McCarrick is an American woman who disappeared on 26 March 1993 after a night out to Johnny Foxes' pub in Glencullen, County Dublin, Ireland.[423]
1993 Sara Wood 12 Sara Wood disappeared on a road near her Frankfort, New York home on 18 August 1993 while riding her bike alone. A janitor from Massachusetts confessed to kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing Sara but later recanted.[424][425][426] The case remains unsolved and was reopened in 2005.[427]
1993 Adam Emery 31 An American male, who disappeared from the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge with his wife after being convicted of second-degree murder in Rhode Island on 10 November.[428] He was released on bail the same day of his conviction, and the couple's car was found abandoned on the bridge. His wife's remains were found in 1994 in Narragansett Bay, and Emery was declared dead in absentia in 2004. Emery is currently on the FBI's most wanted list, however.[429][430]
1994 Ylenia Carrisi 23 Ylenia Carrisi, an Italian TV celebrity who is the daughter of singers Albano Carrisi and Romina Power as well as the granddaughter of American actor Tyrone Power, disappeared during a vacation on 6 January 1994 in New Orleans.[431]
1994 Cleashindra Hall 18 Cleashindra Hall disappeared on 9 May 1994 after leaving her school job in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and her disappearance was ruled as suspicious.[432][433][434]
1994 Sukhwinder Singh Bhatti Sukhwinder Singh Bhatti, a criminal defense attorney in Sangrur district of Punjab, India, disappeared after 10 June 1994 and no one has been charged twelve years after his disappearance.[435]
1994 Ernst Priesner 60 Austrian biologist Ernst Priesner went missing on 19 July 1994 and has not been seen since.[436]
1994 Abani Chakraborty 53 Abani Chakraborty, an Assamese humanitarian poet of the late twentieth century Assamese literature, went out for an evening walk on 12 November 1994 and did not return.[437]
1994 Jacobo Grinberg 47 Mexican scientist, writer and psychologist Jacobo Grinberg disappeared on 8 December 1994 and has not been seen since.[438]
1995 Dor Bahadur Bista 68 Dor Bahadur Bista, a prominent anthropologist from Nepal, disappeared from Jumla District in January 1995.[439]
1995 Richey Edwards 27 Richey Edwards, the guitarist and primary lyricist for the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers, disappeared on 1 February 1995 shortly before he was to fly to the United States for a promotional tour.[440] His car was found abandoned on that date at the Aust service area adjacent to the Severn Bridge which is a location notorious for suicides.[441] Edwards had a history of self-injury and received treatment for alcoholism, anorexia nervosa and depression in the years leading up to his disappearance. He was declared dead in November 2008.[442]
1995 Fred Cuny 51 Fred Cuny and his team of two Russian Red Cross doctors and an interpreter disappeared in Chechnya while seeking to negotiate a ceasefire in April 1995. A search to find him was conducted, and he was believed to have been murdered, yet nothing was found.[443][444]
1995 Gedhun Choekyi Nyima 6 Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, a Tibetan boy recognized by the Dalai Lama as being the 11th Panchen Lama, a reincarnation of the 10th panchen lama, has not been seen since 17 May 1995.[445][446] He is supposedly alive and well in China but China will not allow this to be confirmed in person, so his whereabouts are considered unknown.[447][448]
1995 Larry Hillblom 52 Larry Hillblom, a co-founder of the DHL Worldwide shipping company, was on board a plane that went down in the Northern Mariana Islands on 21 May 1995. The bodies of the pilot and other passengers were found but no trace of Hillblom has ever been found. His house in Saipan was found to have had areas where DNA might be found washed down with acid and artifacts with DNA traces buried in the backyard in an apparent effort to prevent any possible claimants to his estate from proving Hillblom had been their father.[449]
1995 Morgan Nick 6 Morgan Nick was abducted by an unknown white male while she was playing at a ballpark in Alma, Arkansas on 9 June 1995.[450]
1995 Jodi Huisentruit 27 Jodi Huisentruit, a KIMT news anchor, was abducted from outside her apartment while on her way to work in Mason City, Iowa on 27 June 1995 and she was declared legally dead in 2001.[451]
1995 Andrew Shumack 25 American freelance journalist Andrew Shumack was last seen on 28 July 1995 when he left Chechnya, Grozny and is believed to be dead.[452]
1995 Bruno Bréguet 45 Bruno Bréguet, a Swiss-born associate of terrorist Carlos the Jackal, was last seen on a ferry from Italy to Greece 12 November 1995. He is thought to have been murdered as a body that was found in Greece might have been his but authorities remain uncertain.[453]
1995 Ruth Wilson 16 Ruth Wilson, an English teenager disappeared after taking a taxi to Box Hill on 27 November 1995.[454]
1996 Kristin Smart 19 Kristin Smart, a student at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo, California, disappeared after leaving a late-night party 25 May 1996 during the Memorial Day weekend. Campus police were unsure if Smart had left on vacation and initially did not treat her disappearance as a potential crime. The delay resulted in the passing of the Kristin Smart Campus Security Act two years later.[455]
1996 Susan Walsh 36 Susan Walsh left her apartment on 16 July 1996 to use a payphone and has not been seen since.[456] Her disappearance was widely publicized into the late 1990s, especially after several newspapers and media outlets published articles concluding that her disappearance was potentially linked to the Russian mafia, as well as New York City's underground vampire community, both subjects that Walsh had investigated while writing for The Village Voice.[457]
1996 Damien Nettles 16 Damien Nettles disappeared from the Isle of Wight on 2 November 1996. Five men were arrested in 2011 but by 2016 no charges had been laid.[458]
1996 Adam O'Brien 14 Adam, Trevor and Mitchell O'Brien are brothers missing from Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador who were allegedly abducted by their father on 6 November 1996.[459]
Trevor O'Brien 11
Mitchell O'Brien 4
1996 Patrick Warren 11 Patrick Warren and David Spencer are two English schoolboys who mysteriously vanished on 26 December 1996, Boxing Day, in the midlands town of Solihull. The case remains open and is one of the more notorious cases of missing children in U.K. history.[460]
David Spencer 13
1997 Grant Hadwin 47 Grant Hadwin, an anti-logging activist, went missing 14 February 1997 while traveling by kayak across the Hecate Strait to Graham Island near British Columbia to face criminal charges for cutting down Kiidk'yaas, a rare golden spruce tree revered by the Haida people. The wreckage of his kayak was discovered in June but no trace of Hadwin himself has been found.[461]
1997 Amy Wroe Bechtel 24 American woman Amy Wroe Bechtel disappeared while jogging in the Wind River Mountains near Lander, Wyoming on 24 July 1997. No trace of her has been found.[462]
1997 Guy Hever 20 Guy Hever, an Israeli soldier, reported for guard duty at a bunker near his artillery base in the Golan Heights on the morning of 17 August 1997. He was absent when his relief arrived later in the day and has not been seen since. Since he was on active duty when he disappeared he is considered to be missing in action.[463]
1997 Sabrina Aisenberg 4 months Sabrina Aisenberg, a 4-month-old infant, vanished from her crib during the night of 23–24 November 1997 in Valrico, Florida. Her mother discovered that she was not in her crib the following morning, and their attached garage had been unlocked. No trace of the Aisenberg baby has ever been found. The parents won a large settlement for malicious prosecution.[464][465][466]
1998 Tom Lonergan Tom and Eileen Lonergan, a married couple from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States disappeared when they were mistakenly stranded in the Coral Sea on 25 January 1998.[467] Eileen’s father, John Hains, later said that he suspects the couple ultimately became dehydrated and disoriented and in the end succumbed to drowning or sharks.[468]
Eileen Lonergan
1998 Widji Thukul 34 Indonesian poet and democracy activist Widji Thukul has been missing since February 1998 when he last made contact with his wife.[469]
1998 Suzanne Lyall 19 Suzanne Lyall was last seen getting off a bus on the campus of the State University of New York at Albany on the night of 2 March 1998 after returning from her job at a nearby mall. Her ATM card was used the next afternoon to withdraw money at a convenience store elsewhere in the city; since then there have been no signs of her and foul play has been suspected.[470] Her parents have successfully lobbied for changes in state and federal law regarding missing persons investigations on college campuses and founded the Center for Hope to support families of the missing.[471][472]
1998 Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonça 11 Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonça went missing while riding his bicycle near his home in Lousada, Portugal on 4 March 1998 and his case remains unsolved.[473]
1998 Gilbert Wynter 37 Gilbert Wynter, a jeweler and enforcer for the Adams crime family, disappeared in London on 9 March 1998. His disappearance is believed to be related to the murder of Saul Nahome in December that year: both men were involved in a drug deal where £800000 went missing.[474]
1998 Amy Lynn Bradley 23 Amy Lynn Bradley, an American passenger on the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas, disappeared on 24 March 1998 while the ship was docking in Curaçao, Antilles.[475]
1998 Pirouz Davani Pirouz Davani, an Iranian leftist activist and editor of an Iranian newspaper disappeared on 28 August 1998 while leaving his residence in Tehran, Iran. Some have suggested that Davani was murdered.[476]
1998 Angelo Cruz 39–40 Retired Puerto Rican professional basketball player Angelo Cruz disappeared during a trip to Puerto Rico.[477]
1999 Yves Godard 43 French physician Yves Godard along with his children Camille and Marius were last seen buying waffles from a street vendor in Bréhec, a small port on the western tip of Brittany in France, on 3 September 1999.[478] Their rented sailboat was found abandoned in Plouézec the next day. On 7–8 September, blood identified as that of Dr Godard's wife Marie-France was found in their camper van and in the family home. Fragments of the bodies of the three were recovered from the sea bed over the next few years. Godard's wife is still considered missing and the apparent multiple murders are unsolved. The case was officially closed in 2012 with only accidental death eliminated as a possibility.
Marie-France Godard
Camille Godard 6
Marius Godard 4
1999 Yury Zacharanka 47 Yury Zacharanka, a Belarusian opposition leader, disappeared on 7 May 1999 and has not been seen since.[479]
1999 Viktar Hanchar 42 Viktar Hanchar, a Belarusian opposition leader, disappeared along with his friend, businessman Anatoly Krasouski, from a street in Minsk on 16 September 1999.[480] There were signs of a struggle where they were last seen; it is widely believed the two were abducted and later murdered.
Anatoly Krasouski
1999 Julie Surprenant 16 Julie Surprenant disappeared from Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada, on 15 November 1999.[480] A neighbour was quickly considered the prime suspect but the authorities had insufficient evidence to charge him. In 2006 this same neighbour made a deathbed confession to her murder; however he was never charged.[481][482]
1999 Marat Manafov Marat Manafov, an Azerbaijani businessman and lawyer, disappeared in Bratislava, Slovakia in November 1999.[483] Police have since investigated whether he was abducted or killed.[484]
1999 Kevin Palmer 37 Kevin Palmer, a British timeshare salesman, traveled for unknown reasons from Spain to Curdridge in the UK in March 1999 where, following an argument in a taxi, he got out and was never seen again.[485]
1999 Michael Negrete 18 Michael Negrete, a music student at UCLA, disappeared from his student accommodation on 10 December 1999 some time between 4 and 9 a.m. and was never seen again. Police have treated his disappearance as suspicious and have classified the case as a homicide.[486]


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
2000 Zebb Quinn 18 Zebb Quinn disappeared on 2 January 2000 in Asheville, North Carolina after receiving a page from his aunt's phone number. She denied paging him, but told police that her home was broken into during that time frame. Nothing was stolen from her home but items were moved around. His car resurfaced two weeks after his disappearance when it was mysteriously parked in front of his mother's workplace with a live puppy inside and a large set of lips drawn on the window. In 2015 Asheville detectives unearthed fabric, leather materials and "unknown hard fragments" that were buried under a layer of concrete on the property of Robert Jason Owens. Owens was the last person known to have seen Quinn and had given several conflicting stories to detectives in his case. The search of his property that uncovered this new evidence was conducted after he was arrested for an unrelated triple murder. On 10 July 2017, Owens was indicted with Quinn's murder.[487]
2000 Asha Degree 9 Asha Degree was last seen in the early morning hours of 14 February 2000 running into a woodlot off North Carolina Highway 18 near her Shelby home on heavily raining and very windy day. Some of her personal effects were found three days later in a nearby shed and her backpack was found buried 20 miles (32 km) away in August 2001. There have been no other signs of her since then and theories have ranged from running away to foul play.[488]
2000 Leah Roberts 23 Leah Roberts abruptly left her home in Durham, North Carolina on 9 March 2000. Her sister later found a note suggesting she was going on a cross-country road trip to northern Washington and a review of her banking and credit records confirmed this. Her car was found wrecked and abandoned nine days later off the Mount Baker Highway in Whatcom County and evidence found in it suggested she had arrived there several days earlier. She had last been seen in a restaurant at a local shopping mall on 13 March. One report that she was seen walking disoriented around a gas station in Everett shortly after her car was discovered and she has not been seen or heard from since.[489]
2000 Joseph Kibweteere 67–68 Joseph Kibweteere, a leader of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, is believed to have died on 17 March 2000 but in 2014 it was announced by the Uganda National Police that there were reports that Kibweteere was hiding in Malawi.[490]
2000 Bruno Manser 45 Swiss traveler who lived with the Penan people of Borneo during the 1970s and 80s. He became an internationally prominent activist in the fight for the Penan's land rights and opposition to logging and rain forest destruction. He was in the country illegally, and was continually hunted by authorities and escaped numerous times under gunfire. He eventually escaped the country in disguise and went on a world tour to raise awareness about the Penan including founding a non-profit organization. In 2000, against all advice, he covertly re-entered Borneo. Manser was last seen in the jungle near Bukit Batu Lawi, a 2,000-metre limestone pinnacle in Sarawak. Manser stated his intention to climb the pinnacle alone. The Penan mounted a search and rescue mission after he failed to return. Manser has not been seen since.[491]
2000 Dzmitry Zavadski 27 Belarusian journalist and cameraman Dzmitry Zavadski disappeared on 7 July 2000 at the Minsk National Airport and was presumably murdered.[492]
2001 Zelimkhan Murdalov 26 Zelimkhan Murdalov, a student from Grozny, Chechnya, left his home on 2 January 2001 saying he would return but never did. His parents tracked him down at the police station where an official promised that he would soon be released but they have not seen their son since. According to witnesses Murdalov was subsequently severely beaten while in police custody and his fate remains unknown.[493]
2001 Rilya Wilson 4 Rilya Wilson, a foster child of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) disappeared on 18 January 2001 in Miami, Florida. She was not reported missing until 2002 when she became the centerpoint of an investigation into neglect and mismanagement in the organization.[494]
2001 Jason Jolkowski 19 Jason Jolkowski, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, failed to show up at a local high school where he had arranged to catch a ride to work with a friend on 13 June 2001. The last confirmed sighting of Jolkowski was by a neighbor who reported seeing Jolkowski carrying trash cans into his garage approximately 30 minutes prior to when he was to meet at the high school.[495] His parents subsequently founded Project Jason, a nonprofit organization that assists families of missing persons.
2001 Sneha Anne Philip 31 Indian-American physician Sneha Anne Philip last seen 10 September 2001 on surveillance camera footage from a store near her Lower Manhattan apartment. Due to the proximity of the World Trade Center, and her medical training, her family believes she perished trying to help victims of the next day's terrorist attack. A court has agreed and she is officially considered to have died that way. The ruling was not unanimous, and no proof of her death has ever been found.[496]
2002 Marita Verón 23 Argentinian woman Marita Verón is believed to have been kidnapped on 3 April 2002 from her home town in the Tucumán province and has not been seen since.[497]
2002 Bison Dele 33 Bison Dele, an American professional basketball player and his girlfriend Serena Karlan disappeared from on board a vessel on 7 July 2002.[498] Dele is believed to have been murdered at sea by his older brother.[499][500]
Serena Karlan 30
2002 Saeed Zeinali 25-26 Saeed Zeinali, an Iranian student at Tehran University, was arrested on 10 July 1999 and was said to be held in jail until 2002. He disappeared after being released and has not been seen since.[501]
2003 Ben Charles Padilla 50 Ben Charles Padilla, a licensed aircraft mechanic, flight engineer and pilot of small airplanes, was on board Boeing 727-223 designation N844AA when it was stolen from Luanda, Angola on 25 May 2003. He has not been heard from since.[502]
2003 Ali Astamirov 34 Ali Astamirov, a Chechen journalist, who was working for Agence France Presse in Ingushetia, Russia was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint by a group of three masked men in uniforms on 4 July 2003 just outside Nazran. His current whereabouts are unknown.[503]
2003 Reda Helal Egyptian journalist Reda Helal went missing on 11 August 2003 in downtown Cairo and is believed to have been kidnapped. However, it is said that there is little evidence to support this belief.[504]
2003 Felipe Santos 24 Felipe Santos was last seen being arrested for driving without a license after a traffic accident early on 1 October 2003 outside Naples, Florida by Collier County sheriff's deputy Steve Calkins. Jail records show he was never booked and Calkins claimed to have changed his mind and left Santos at a nearby Circle K convenience store. Three months later, another man, Terrance Williams, disappeared after being arrested by the same police officer.[505]
2003 Kirk von Ackermann 37 Kirk von Ackermann disappeared in Iraq on 9 October 2003 after calling an Iraqi employee of U.S. defense contractor Ultra Services and telling him he needed help fixing a flat tire on his car. When the employee arrived at the location given, between Kirkuk and Tikrit, 45 minutes later von Ackermann was gone. There were no signs of a struggle and $40,000 in cash was found in the car along with von Ackermann's laptop and satellite phone. The circumstances suggests he was not the victim of a robbery attempt and neither his employer or family were ever contacted with ransom demands. Nevertheless, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command later concluded he had been killed in a botched kidnapping and they still consider the case open though his body has not been found.[506]
2003 Charlene Downes 14 Charlene Downes disappeared from her home town of Blackpool, England on 1 November 2003 has not been seen since. It is believed that she may have been murdered.[507]
2004 Terrance Williams 27 Terrance Williams disappeared after being arrested by Collier County sheriff's deputy Steve Calkins on 12 January 2004. The circumstances of his disappearance were similar to that of Felipe Santos who disappeared after being stopped and arrested by the same officer three months previous.[505]
2004 Maura Murray 21 Maura Murray from Hanson, Massachusetts, a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was last seen 9 February 2004 on New Hampshire Route 112 at the scene of a minor one-vehicle accident in which her car was disabled after crashing into a roadside snowbank. Earlier on the day of her disappearance she had lied to professors about a death in her family stating that she would be absent from class for a week.[508][509] A schoolbus driver who happened upon Murray's crash site stopped to ask if she needed help and Murray declined. Upon returning home a short time later, the bus driver called police anyway but by the time first responders arrived, 10 minutes later, Murray had vanished. Her keys along with bank and credit cards have never been located despite extensive searches of her abandoned car and the neighboring wooded areas.[510]
2004 Somchai Neelapaijit 52 Somchai Neelapaijit, a Thai Muslim lawyer and human rights activist representing South Thailand insurgency terrorism suspects, was last seen in Bangkok on 12 March 2004 in what may be a case of a forced disappearance.[511][512]
2004 Brianna Maitland 17 Brianna Maitland vanished on 19 March 2004 after leaving her job as a dishwasher at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery, Vermont. Her car was discovered the next day near an abandoned house, about a mile away.[513] Maitland's belongings were found inside the vehicle including a recent paycheck and her wallet. Authorities believe foul play to be involved in Maitland's case and one theory is that she may have been smuggled across the nearby Canada–US border.[514]
2004 Guy-André Kieffer 64 Guy-André Kieffer, a French Canadian journalist who had long covered West Africa, was kidnapped from an Abidjan shopping mall's parking lot on 16 April 2004. Remains found eight years later may be his but have not been conclusively identified.[515]
2004 Mohammed Al Afghani Mohammed Al Afghani, an Afghan citizen, was detained by the CIA in Pakistan in May 2004 and his current whereabouts are unknown.[516]
2004 Joana Cipirano 8 Joana Isabel Cipriano disappeared on 12 September 2004 from Figueira, a village near Portimão in the Algarve region of Portugal. An investigation by the Polícia Judiciária, Portugal's criminal police, concluded that she had been murdered by her mother, Leonor Cipriano, and her uncle, João Cipriano, after witnessing them engaged in incestuous sex. Her body was never found.[517] Both supects were convicted of murder based on apparent confessions, but have claimed their innocence and alleged police misconduct. Similarities to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann a short distance away in 2007 have been noted.
2004 Iraena Asher 25 Iraena Asher, a New Zealand model who allegedly suffering from bipolar disorder, disappeared in controversial circumstances at Piha, west of Auckland, on 11 October 2004.[518]
2005 Ray Gricar 59 Ray Gricar, a district attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania in the United States, disappeared on 15 April 2005. He had called his girlfriend, in whose house he resided, from his car giving his location east of Centre Hall. His car was found the next day but he has not been heard from since. His family had him declared legally dead in 2011.[519] In September 2013 a reputed former Hell's Angels member told authorities that Gricar was killed by the gang as retaliation. In April 2014, it was reported that the Pennsylvania State police would be assuming lead investigatory role in the case.[520]
2005 Rahul Raju 7 Rahul Raju, a boy from Alappuzha in Kerala, India, went missing on 18 May 2005 while playing with friends in his neighborhood. The case, which dominated media headlines since he disappeared, still remains a mystery.[521]
2005 Natalee Holloway 18 Natalee Holloway, an American student from Alabama, was last seen on 30 May 2005 before leaving a nightclub in Aruba with three men including Joran van der Sloot.[522] She was declared dead in 2012 and Joran van der Sloot was convicted of murder in the death of another young woman in Peru in 2010.
2005 George Allen Smith IV 26 George Allen Smith IV, an American passenger on Brilliance of the Seas, disappeared from the ship on 5 July 2005 and police suspect homicide.
2005 Tara Faye Grinstead 30 Tara Faye Grinstead, a beauty queen and high school history teacher from Ocilla, Georgia, went missing on 22 October 2005 and investigators identified no suspects. In a bizarre twist, 27-year-old Andrew Haley posted anonymous videos wherein he claimed to be a serial killer responsible for the murders of 16 women. One of the victims detailed by Haley in the videos matched the case of Grinstead, but police investigation ultimately revealed the videos to be part of an elaborate hoax by Haley.[523] A latex glove found outside Grinstead's home revealed DNA but to date no match has been found.[524] In 2017, two arrests were made in the case on murder charges.[525]
2005 Ye Zheyun 40 Ye Zheyun, a Chinese businessman who was accused of being involved in a Belgian football corruption and betting scandals, was last seen in early November 2005 and hasn't been since.[526]
2005 Rahma el-Dennaoui 1 Rahma el-Dennaoui, a Lebanese Australian girl, went missing on 10 November 2005.[527] Despite a police search and appeals to the general public no trace of the little girl has yet been found.[528]
2006 Fawzi Mutlaq al-Rawi unknown The leader of the Syrian led Ba'athist movement in Iraq wanted by the Iraqi government was added to the Iraq Most Wanted List in 2006,[529] and has not been seen since.
2006 Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed unknown A former senior member of the Ba'ath Party in Iraq. He disappeared in 2006, potentially into hiding, and a large bounty has been placed on him.[530]
2006 Joe Pichler 18 Former American child actor Joe Pichler was last seen on 5 January 2006.[531][532][533]
2006 Jennifer Kesse 24 Jennifer Kesse was last seen on 23 January 2006 leaving her place of employment in Orlando, Florida. Her last phone call was placed to her boyfriend at 10 p.m. that night. Evidence suggests that she left for work the next morning but was abducted while walking to her vehicle which was later found in another nearby apartment complex. Security cameras had filmed her car being parked but the face of the person driving was obscured by a fence.[534]
2006 Jessie Foster 21 Jessie Foster, a Canadian woman, disappeared from the Las Vegas Valley in Nevada during April 2006.[535]
2006 Brian Shaffer 27 Ohio State University medical student Brian Shaffer was last seen on security camera footage apparently re-entering an off-campus bar shortly before its closing time early on the morning of 1 April 2006. There was no other way open to the public that he could have left the bar.[536] Columbus police reportedly believed as of 2008 that he was still alive and they continued to investigate at the time.
2006 Nur-Pashi Kulayev 26 Nur-Pashi Kulayev, a Russian carpenter, who was convicted and sent to jail shortly after 16 May 2006. When his verdict was later upheld in December 2006 he was expected to appear in court but didn't. In January 2007 he was said to be dead, and even though this was later denied, his true fate is unknown.[537][538]
2006 Sherlyn Cadapan 27 Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño, a community organizer and graduate student respectively, were allegedly abducted by gunmen in a remote area of the Philippines on 26 June 2006 and they have not been seen since.[539]
Karen Empeño 20
2006 Ebrima Manneh Ebrima Manneh, a Gambian journalist, is believed by human rights organizations to have been arrested in July 2006 and secretly held in custody since.[540]
2006 Thiruchelvam Nihal Jim Brown 34 Thiruchelvam Nihal Jim Brown, a minority Sri Lankan Tamil Roman Catholic parish priest, disappeared during the Sri Lankan civil war on 26 August 2006 and is believed to be dead.[541]
2006 Anthony Zizzo 71 Anthony Zizzo, a high-ranking American mobster and reputed member of the Chicago Outfit, was last seen on 31 August 2006 after leaving his home in Melrose Park and has not been seen since.[542]
2006 Jorge Julio López 76–77 Argentine retired bricklayer Jorge Julio López disappeared on 18 September 2006 after testifying at trial against Dirty War criminal Miguel Etchecolatz and has not been seen since.[543]
2007 Jim Gray 63 Jim Gray, a database pioneer, Microsoft Research scientist and Turing Award winner, left San Francisco Bay on 28 January 2007 in his 12 m (39 ft) sailboat Tenacious to scatter his mother's ashes at the Farallon Islands, a wildlife refuge 43 km (27 mi) away. He was reported missing when he failed to return later the same day. No Mayday call was heard and his EPIRB was not activated. Despite one of the most ambitious search and rescue missions of all time, no trace of Gray or his yacht has ever been found.[544] In 2012 he was declared legally dead.[545]
2007 Andrew McAuley 38 Andrew McAuley, an Australian adventurer best known for mountaineering and sea kayaking in remote parts of the world, is presumed to have died following his disappearance at sea while attempting to kayak 1,600 kilometres (990 mi) across the Tasman Sea in February 2007. A recovered memory stick on the kayak records him attempting to make a distress call.[546]
2007 Oralgaisha Omarshanova 38-39 Oralgaisha Omarshanova, a journalist who was working for a paper based in Astana, disappeared on 30 March 2007 and has not been seen since.[547]
2007 Robert Levinson 58 Robert Levinson, a retired U.S. DEA and FBI agent, was last seen in the custody of what seemed to be Iranian intelligence agents on 9 March 2007 on Kish Island in Iran. He had gone there to set up a meeting with Dawud Salahuddin, an American-born convert to Islam, ostensibly about securing the Iranian government's help in controlling the distribution of pirated American cigarettes in Iran. It was later revealed that he was working for the CIA at that time as well.[548]

In 2010 a video of him, somewhat emaciated, was released in which he begs for help from the U.S. government to be released. The U.S. government has regularly raised the issue of his release with Iran as part of talks between the countries, but Iran's statements as to whether he still is in their custody or even alive have been contradictory and it has been speculated that Levinson is no longer under their control if he is still alive.[548]

2007 Derek Batten 56 Kaz II, a 9.8 m (32 ft) catamaran, was found adrift on 20 April 2007 near Australia's Great Barrier Reef with its three-man crew, owner Derek Batten and brothers Peter and James Tunstead, missing. The yacht's sails were up and its engine was running. The global positioning system showed the yacht had been drifting since around the time of their last known radio contact, about 11 hours after they departed Shute Harbour for Townsville, Queensland, five days earlier.[549]
Peter Tunstead 69
James Tunstead 63
2007 Lisa Stebic 37 Stebic was last seen by her husband at their Plainfield, Illinois home on 30 April 2007 while she was waiting for a ride to the local track where she worked out. The couple were going through a divorce at the time and police believe foul play was involved considering her husband a suspect.[550]
2007 Madeleine McCann 3 McCann disappeared 3 May 2007 after being left asleep in the unlocked ground-floor bedroom of her family's rented holiday apartment in Algarve (Portugal) while her parents dined with friends at a local restaurant. There have been no confirmed sightings of her since then.[551] Despite many theories about what happened to the child no substantial evidence leading to any one individual has surfaced. In 2014 Scotland Yard was reportedly looking at 38 people of interest as well as researching the backgrounds of 530 known sex offenders including 59 regarded as high interest.[552]
2007 Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a Haitian human rights and political activist was kidnapped on 12 August 2007 and has not been seen since.[553]
2007 Andrew Gosden 14 Gosden disappeared from King's Cross station in London on 14 September 2007. He left his home in Doncaster to go to school, but never caught the school bus, and instead returned home when the rest of the household had departed. He changed out of his school uniform and then went to Doncaster railway station withdrawing £200 from his bank account on the way there. At the station he purchased a one-way ticket to London despite being told that for an extra £1 he could have a return ticket. He was last seen on CCTV leaving the main concourse at King's Cross.[554][555]
2007 Stacy Ann Peterson 23 Peterson left her Bolingbrook, Illinois home at 11 a.m. on 28 October 2007 to help a friend paint a house and has not been seen since. Her husband Drew, later convicted of murdering his previous wife as a result of evidence gathered during the investigation into Stacy's disappearance, has been suspected of killing her as well.[556]
2007 Aeryn Gillern 34 Gillern disappeared in Vienna, Austria on the evening of 29 October 2007 and has not been seen since.[557]
2008 Marilyn Bergeron 24 Bergeron left her parents' home in the Loretteville neighborhood of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada around 11 a.m. on 17 February 2008 ostensibly to go for a walk leaving all her identification at home besides a credit card. She attempted to withdraw money from a nearby ATM where security camera footage released later showed her looking nervously over her shoulder. Five hours later she used her credit card to buy a cup of coffee in Saint-Romuald 20 kilometres (12 mi) from her parents' house. She had just settled in there the day before after abruptly moving out of her Montreal apartment where she told her parents (who had noticed that she had grown depressed and fearful over the last two months) that she no longer felt safe but would not explain why.[558] Reports in 2010 that she was living in Hawkesbury, Ontario could not be verified.[559][560] In 2017 a friend of hers who knew her in Montreal during that time said that when he pressed her specifically on whether she had been raped or witnessed a murder she said that what had happened to her was even worse but likewise refused to elaborate.[561]
2008 Jamie Fraley 22 Fraley, of Gastonia, North Carolina, told a friend over the phone at 1:30 a.m. 8 April 2008 that a male friend, that she did not identify, was taking her to the hospital for the third time in 24 hours to seek treatment for a stomach flu. She never got to the hospital and was never seen or heard from again. Two days later her discarded cell phone was found at a nearby intersection but it did not yield any useful evidence.[562] Two months later her fiancé's father, who lived nearby and had given her one of her rides to the hospital that day, was revealed to have been a person of interest in her disappearance. This followed his death from heatstroke after he locked himself in the trunk of an ex-girlfriend's car in what police believe was an attempt to ambush her.[563] In 2015 a prison inmate serving time for murder wrote a letter to a local newspaper confessing to her murder; authorities do not believe it is truthful.[564]
2008 Brandon Swanson 19 After a late night celebrating the end of the semester with his college classmates, Swanson drove his car into a ditch on a side road amid cornfields near his home in Marshall, Minnesota shortly after midnight on 14 May 2008. He called his parents for a ride; they searched for him near Lynd, 6 miles (9.7 km) southwest of Marshall, where he believed himself to be. While on the phone with his father, he suddenly said "Oh, shit!" and the connection was lost, never to be regained.[565]

Police obtained cell phone records the next day and found that he had made his call from somewhere between Taunton and Porter, northwest of Marshall, around 25 miles (40 km) from Lynd, allowing them to find Swanson's car. Dogs picked up a trail from there and followed it 3 miles (4.8 km) to the west, at one point crossing the Yellow Medicine River. It has been suggested he drowned in the river or died of hypothermia after getting out, but no trace of him has been found despite searches of 122 square miles (320 km2) in the area.[566]

2008 Alex Sloley 16 Alexander Sloley, (known as Alex) disappeared 2 August 2008 at approximately midday after he visited a friend in Enfield, London. His family have had no contact with him since he went missing in 2008.[567]
2008 Tai Ching 21 The burnt and abandoned wreck of the Tai Ching 21, a Taiwanese fishing boat, was found drifting on 9 November 2008 near Kiribati. It was assumed that when the fire proved beyond their ability to control and the 29-member crew had evacuated using the lifeboat and three rafts that were missing. However, no distress call was received and an extensive search of the surrounding seas did not locate any of the crew or the lifeboats.[568]
2008 Amy Fitzpatrick 15 Fitzpatrick was last seen at Mijas Costa in Málaga, Spain, where she was on holiday from her native Ireland. She had been babysitting with a friend on 31 December 2008 and left at about 10:10pm that night. Amy never arrived home which was only a short distance away and has not been seen or heard from since. Investigators are working on her case and there is some evidence suggesting a possible kidnapping.[569]
2009 Jure Šterk 72 Šterk regularly communicated with radio amateurs while sailing around the world; but all communications ceased around 1 January 2009 as reported by an Australian ham radio operator.[570] His sailboat Lunatic was spotted on 26 January 2009 by a merchant vessel, the Aida, and it appeared abandoned. On 30 April Lunatic was found adrift with no one aboard by the crew of the science vessel RV Roger Revelle.[571]
2009 Claudia Lawrence 35 Lawrence was last seen on 18 March 2009, near Heworth in York, England while returning from her job as a chef.[572] Whilst some evidence suggested that she had fled to Cyprus police have increasingly come to believe she is dead.[573]
2009 Craig Arnold 41 Arnold, an American poet, disappeared after a hike on the Japanese island Kuchinoerabu-jima on 27 April 2009. He is presumed to have died in a fall from a high cliff but the body has not been found.[574]
2009 Paul Tseng 49 Tseng, a Taiwanese applied mathematician, went missing on a kayaking trip on 13 August 2009 and is believed to be dead.[575]
2009 Marsha Brantley 50 Brantley, an American woman, disappeared from her home of Cleveland, Tennessee in the summer of 2009. She is widely believed to have been murdered by her husband.


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances
2010 Russell Bohling 18 Russell Bohling disappeared from the Bempton area of the East Riding of Yorkshire, England on 2 March 2010. His car was found in the car park for Bempton Cliffs RSPB site which has seen some suicides. The police have assumed his case is a suicide or tragic accident though no body has been found. His family maintain that a third party was involved as he did not have enough fuel to drive to Bempton from his family home in West Ella, a USB stick detailing the pornographic artwork and graffiti left on the walls of the former bunker of RAF Bempton was missing and the trainers he supposedly wore that day were found in the family's holiday home even further up the coast after he had disappeared.[576]
2010 Paolo Renda 76 Paolo Renda, a member of the Rizzuto crime family in Montreal, told his family he would be picking up steaks for dinner on his way back from a 20 May 2010 funeral but he never arrived. He was presumed kidnapped after his car was found with the windows down and keys in the ignition along his route. The family believes he was killed in retaliation for his role in a 1970s murder; however, their 2013 attempt to have him declared legally dead was denied on the grounds of insufficient evidence.[577]
2010 Kyron Horman 7 American schoolboy Kyron Horman did not return from his school in northwestern Portland on 4 June 2010. Multiple searches since that day have uncovered no evidence of his fate.[578]
2010 Vasyl Klymentyev 66 Vasyl Klymentyev, a Ukrainian investigative journalist and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Noviy Stil based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, disappeared on 11 August 2010 under mysterious circumstances and is presumed dead.[579][580]
2010 Ben McDaniel 30 Ben McDaniel, of Collierville, Tennessee and a recreational scuba diver, was last seen 58 feet (18 m) underwater while going into a cave that he was not certified to enter at Vortex Spring near Ponce de Leon, Florida on the evening of 18 August 2010. His failure to return was not noted for another two days and extensive searches found only two decompression tanks that were placed incorrectly and filled with the wrong gases but no evidence of a body has been found in the spring. While it is still possible his body is in an unexplored area of the cave other theories include foul play that is possibly related to the suspicious 2011 death of Vortex Spring's owner or a possible staged disappearance in the wake of McDaniel's recent marital and financial failures.[581][582]
2010 Forrest Schab 26 Forrest Schab, a Canadian rapper better known by his stage name "DY", was reported missing in Mexico on 18 November 2010. He had not been seen since leaving Canada in the middle of August.[583]
2011 Alessia Schepp 6 Alessia and Livia Schepp from St. Sulpice, a suburb of Lausanne, Switzerland, are twin sisters who were picked up for the weekend from their mother's home by their father Mathias Kaspar Schepp on 28 January 2011. Their father was found dead a few days later having apparently committed suicide. A suicide note he left suggests he killed them.[584]
Livia Schepp 6
2011 Bethany Decker 21 Bethany Decker, a student at George Mason University in Virginia, was last heard from on 29 January 2011 when she called the restaurant she worked at to confirm her schedule for the next week. Her husband and a boyfriend both claim to have seen her that day as well. Three weeks later, after Facebook messages from her to friends that seemed to them to have been written by someone else, she was reported missing. Investigators found no evidence of activity on her part other than the suspicious Facebook messages since the day she was last seen. The boyfriend is considered a person of interest in the case and he has since been arrested on an attempted-murder charge in North Carolina after a domestic incident with a later girlfriend. The girlfriend claims he made statements suggesting that he had some involvement in Decker's disappearance.[585]
2011 Rebecca Coriam 24 Rebecca Coriam, a crew member aboard the cruise ship Disney Wonder, was last seen on 22 March 2011 when a security camera in the crew lounge recorded her having an upsetting telephone conversation. Some reports suggest she went overboard but there is other evidence that she may have been alive in the following May.[586]
2011 Lauren Spierer 20 Lauren Spierer, a student at Indiana University, disappeared in Bloomington, Indiana, on 3 June 2011 after a night of partying at a local bar. Spierer left a gathering at a housing complex alone in the early morning hours while highly intoxicated and her disappearance generated national press coverage. In 2014, Spierer's parents filed a lawsuit against two individuals with whom Spierer had socialized on the evening before her disappearance but a federal judge dismissed the suit.[587]
2011 Cristina Siekavizza 39 Cristina Siekavizza disappeared in Guatemala City on 7 July 2011 and is believed to have been murdered by her husband.[588]
2011 Lisa Irwin 10 months Lisa Irwin, a 10-month-old girl, was reported missing from her home in Kansas City, Missouri on the morning of 4 October 2011. Police believe she may have been abducted.[589]
2011 Daniel Lind Lagerlöf 42 Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, a Swedish director and screenwriter, disappeared at Tjurpannans Nature Reserve outside Tanumshede in Sweden on 6 October 2011 during preparations for the filming of Camilla Läckberg's Fjällbackamorden – Strandriddaren. The search for him was suspended after two days without result.[590]
2011 Sky Metalwala 2 Sky Metalwala left in a parked car on a Bellevue, Washington street by his mother on the morning of 6 November 2011 after it supposedly ran out of gas. She was on the way to the hospital where she claimed to have been taking him after he woke up sick and when she returned he was gone. Upon inspection police found that the car had plenty of fuel left and was working properly. The police publicly expressed doubts about her story as she and the boy's father were getting divorced and she had just withdrawn from a mediated custody agreement that gave him visitation. The case was also noted to be similar to a recently aired episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and investigators have even questioned whether Sky was in the car that morning at all.[591] While police have indicated they could charge the mother with child endangerment, they have declined to do so due to those doubts.[592]
2011 Ayla Reynolds 1 On the morning of 17 December 2011 it was discovered that Ayla Reynolds was not in her bed. She had last been seen the night before in her father's Waterville, Maine home, by his sister or girlfriend, both of whom were also in residence. The search for the 20-month-old was the largest missing-persons investigation in the state's history. Police have evidence from the house suggesting foul play and believe her to be dead; however, the body has not been found and no arrests have been made.[593]
2012 Jonathan Spollen 28 Jonathan Spollen, an Irish journalist for the International Herald Tribune newspaper and formerly Assistant Foreign Editor of The National in Abu Dhabi, was last seen on 3 February 2012 in Rishikesh.[594][595] Around 11 March 2012 some of Spollen's belongings were found near a small waterfall halfway up the road to Phool Chatti.
2012 Timothy MacColl 28 Leading Seaman Timothy MacColl, in the Royal Navy, went missing on 27 May 2012 when the ship he was serving aboard was docked in Dubai. MacColl had gone out to the town and was last properly accounted for when two of his shipmates put him into a taxi to take him back to HMS Westminster. He never re-boarded the ship, and witnesses claim they saw him getting into another taxi to go back into Dubai. He was declared dead (presumed drowned according to the death certificate) in 2014.[596]
2012 Guma Aguiar 35 Brazilian-born American industrialist, and part-owner of Israel's Beitar Jerusalem football club, Guma Aguiar was last seen leaving his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 19 June 2012. The next day his fishing boat, the T.T. Zion, was found with lights on and engines running having gone aground on a local beach with his wallet and cell phone were on board. Two weeks of searches failed to find any trace of him and he was declared legally dead in 2015.[597]
2012 Emma Fillipoff 26 Emma Fillipoff disappeared 28 November 2012 from in front of The Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, after a 45-minute conversation with Victoria Police.[598]
2012 Sombath Somphone 60 Sombath Somphone, a Laotian community activist, disappeared on 15 December 2012 around 6 pm at a Vientiane police post after having been stopped while driving his wife's car. CCTV footage showed a motorcyclist getting off his bike and driving Somphone's car away and a white truck approaching and subsequently driving off with Somphone.[599]
2013 Zsolt Erőss 45 Hungarian high-altitude mountaineer Zsolt Erőss who after successfully climbing Kangchenjunga on 20 May 2013 went missing during his descent. Searches were suspended two days later because, according to the expedition's leader and other experienced mountaineers, his chances of survival would have been impossible.[600]
2013 Evi Nemeth 73 Evi Nemeth, an American computer engineer often described as the matriarch of system administration, disappeared along with several others aboard the yacht Niña that was between New Zealand and Australia on 4 June 2013. No trace of them has ever been found.[601]
2013 Federico Tobares 37 Federico Tobares, an Argentine chef, disappeared on 5 June 2013 while driving from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. On 10 June a co-worker and friend of Tobares went to the Mexican police to report his disappearance making Tobares the first Argentinian to disappear in Mexico.[602]
2013 Marie-José Benitez 53 Allison and Marie-José Benitez, a French mother and daughter, disappeared from Perpignan on 14 July 2013. Francisco Benitez, the husband of Marie-José and father of Allison, told police that they had traveled to Toulouse and switched their mobile phones off after a family argument but there is no evidence that they ever left. Francisco Benitez committed suicide three weeks later after becoming the prime suspect. It was discovered that he had led a double life involving numerous affairs and that a mistress of his had disappeared under similarly mysterious circumstances in 2004 as well.[603]
Allison Benitez 19
2013 Aidin Bozorgi 24 Iranian mountain climber Aidin Bozorgi and two companions had successfully completed climbing a new route on the Southwest Face of Broad Peak, Pakistan that they had been working on since 2009. The group disappeared on 20 July 2013 and are believed to be dead.[604][605]
2013 Robert Hoagland 50 Robert Hoagland, from Newtown, Connecticut, was reportedly last seen mowing the lawn of his home on the morning of 28 July 2013. Earlier that day he was seen on video buying a road map and fuel for his wife's car at a local gas station. His disappearance was discovered after he failed to pick up his wife when she returned from a trip abroad the following day.[606]
2013 Tiffany Daniels 25 Tiffany, a theatre technician at Pensacola State College in Florida, left work early on 12 August 2013 after telling her supervisor that she would be taking the rest of the week off as she had "some things to take care of". She returned to her home briefly afterwards but was not seen by her housemate who was on the phone at the time. Eight days later her car was found in a Pensacola Beach parking lot with witnesses reporting that they saw a man in red shorts get out of the car and open its tailgate on the day it was found. No other trace of her has been found despite extensive searches but, based on a description of a woman seen at a New Orleans-area restaurant who resembled her and had some similar behaviors, her family believes she was abducted and became a victim of human trafficking.[607]
2013 Carlos Ornelas Puga 35 Carlos was kidnapped by who were believed to be organized crime gunmen on 3 November 2013 in Jiménez, Tamaulipas. Four days later a police team was sent to the area to investigate but were attacked leaving three officers wounded by gunfire.[608] He has not been seen since.[609]
2014 Lars Mittank 28 Lars, a German man on holiday in Bulgaria, vanished from the Varna Airport on 8 July 2014. He was last seen on security footage entering the airport with all his luggage and later running out of the building in panic, leaving his luggage behind.[610][611]
2014 Avera Mengistu Avera Mengistu, An Israeli Ethiopian Jew from Ashkelon, Israel, crossed into Gaza through Zikim beach on 7 September 2014 and has been missing since.[612]
2014 William Tyrrell 3 William Tyrrell vanished on 12 September 2014 while playing with his sister in the front yard of their grandmother's house in Kendall, New South Wales, Australia. Although police still regard it as an active case, no trace of the boy has been found.[613]
2014 Tammy Kingery 37 North Augusta, South Carolina woman Tammy Kingery was last seen in her home by her husband before he went out with one of their children to run some errands on the morning of 20 September 2014. She had come home early from work claiming she did not feel well and, atypical for her, she left behind a note saying she was going for a walk and would return soon. Her purse and phone were left behind along with her keys, which she would have needed, to lock the house as her husband found upon his return. Police consider her disappearance suspicious.[614]
2014 Rico Harris 37 Former high school basketball star and Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris was last heard from when he called his girlfriend at their home in Seattle on the morning of 10 October 2014 to tell her he was going to the mountains to rest. At the time he was north of Sacramento, California at the midpoint of his drive back to Seattle from a visit to his family outside Los Angeles. Four days later his abandoned car was found at a Yolo County park along Cache Creek. Video footage and photos on his cell phone suggests that he had arrived there sometime after his last phone call. Several possible sightings of him were reported in the area over the next week and footprints were found near the location of his car that were large enough to belong to the 6-foot-9-inch (206 cm) Harris.[615]
2015 Asha Kreimer 26 Asha Kreimer, an Australian national living with her boyfriend in California, left her table at a Flumeville restaurant during breakfast on the morning of 21 September 2015 to go to the bathroom. A friend who went there shortly afterwards did not see her; no one has seen her since.[616]
2015 Lucas Tronche 15 French high-school student who disappeared between his home and a nearby bus stop on 18 March 2015. He was described as an ordinary teenager with no personal or family issues. He is a nature-lover and boy scout with a good knowledge of outdoor survival, but he did not take any key survival belongings with him. Several alleged sightings were reported in the weeks following his disappearance. The police are still unsure whether he left voluntarily, was the victim of a hit-and-run on the road by the bus stop, or was abducted.[617][618]
2016 Charity Aiyedogbon 44 Charity Aiyedogbon, a Nigerian businesswoman, disappeared mysteriously on 10 May 2016 from Abuja, Nigeria. A Facebook post was made from her account stating she was leaving on a road trip but no trace of her has been found.[619][620]
2016 Corrie McKeague 23 Corrie McKeague, a member of the Royal Air Force Regiment, went missing from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England on the morning of 24 September 2016. Despite an extensive search and public appeals no trace of him has been found.[621]
2016 Najeeb Ahmed Najeeb Ahmed, a first year M.Sc. Biotechnology student from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, disappeared under suspicious circumstances on 15 October 2016 from his college campus and has not been seen since.[622][623]
2017 Yingying Zhang 26 Yingying Zhang, a Chinese visiting scholar conducting research at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, was last seen on 9 June 2017 in Urbana, Illinois. Security cameras captured her getting into a car at the corner of West Clark Street and North Goodwin Avenue around 2:04 p.m. that day. Police arrested Brendt Christensen on 30 June 2017 and charged him with kidnapping Zhang and believe, based on available evidence, that she is no longer alive.[624]
2017 Zelim Bakaev 25 Russian Chechen singer Zelim Bakaev disappeared in Chechnya on 8 August 2017 while on a brief visit to the region to attend his sister's wedding. It is widely believed that he had been abducted, tortured, and murdered by the Chechen authorities as part of their systematic persecution of homosexuals.[625]
2018 Tomasz Mackiewicz 43 Polish mountain climber Tomasz Mackiewicz went missing sometime around 25–27 January 2018 during his 7th attempt to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan.[626]
2018 Karl-Erivan Haub 58 The German son and heir of billionaire businessman Erivan Haub and leader of Tengelmann Group went skiing at the Matterhorn in Switzerland on 7 April 2018 alone and did not return.[627]

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