List of people who have lived at airports

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This is a list of people notable for living for periods of more than a week in airports. The reasons are usually protests, asylum seeking or holiday difficulties.

People who have lived at airports[edit]

  Currently in the airport

Profile Name Original nationality Location Period Duration Reason for stay Reason for leaving
MKNasseri.jpg Mehran Karimi Nasseri Iran Iranian[1] Charles de Gaulle Airport, France [2] 26 August 1988 – July 2006[1] 6518 – 6548 days
(17.84 – 17.93 years)
He was exiled from Iran and later his documents were stolen in Paris en route to the United Kingdom. He was refused entry.[2] He was hospitalised, stayed in hotel by Red Cross and then moved to Paris by Emmaus.[2]
Default-avatar.jpg Sanjay Shah Kenya Kenyan Nairobi Airport, Kenya[3] May 2004 – 12 July 2005[3] 407 – 437 days
(1.11 – 1.20 years)
He tried to enter the United Kingdom on a British Overseas citizen passport but was barred entry. He had already handed in his Kenyan Passport and upon return to Nairobi began protesting.[3] He obtained full British citizenship.[3]
Default-avatar.jpg Zahra Kamalfar Iran Iranian Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia[4] May–June 2006 – 15 March 2007[4] 258 - 318 days She and her family were fleeing persecution in Iran and seeking asylum in Canada.[4] Their asylum was granted by the Canadian government.[4]
Default-avatar.jpg Hiroshi Nohara Japan Japanese Mexico City International Airport, Mexico[5] 2 September 2008 – 28 December 2008[5][6] 117 days Nohara declined to give his reasons.[6] He left with a woman identified as Oyuki.[6]
FengZhenghu ChineseTShirt.JPG Feng Zhenghu China Chinese[7] Narita International Airport, Japan[7] 9 November 2009 – 3 February 2010[7][8] 86 days He began protesting after being refused re-entry into China.[7] He was visited by several Chinese diplomats and entered Japan with anticipation of being allowed to re-enter Shanghai by mid-February. This later occurred although he is now under house-arrest at his Shanghai apartment.[8][9]
Edward Snowden.jpg Edward Snowden United States American Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow, Russia[10] 23 June 2013 – 1 August 2013 [11] 39 days When Snowden boarded a flight to Moscow-Sheremetyevo, authorities revoked his U.S. passport. Granted temporary asylum in Russia.[12]

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