List of opponents of the BDS movement

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List of people who oppose the BDS movement include those who have either voiced opposition to the BDS movement, accused it of antisemitism, or spoken out against comprehensive boycotts against Israel. It does not include people who have been unwilling to commit to a boycott of Israel, only those actively opposing it.

Name Occupation Country Year Source
Brian A. Cunningham Politician United States 2022 [1]
Nas Daily YouTuber Israel ?
Robert Kraft Owner of New England Patriots United States ?
Joe Biden President United States 2020 [2]
Helen Mirren Actor England 2016 [3]
Arthur Orr Politician United States 2016 [4]
Boris Johnson Prime Minister United Kingdom 2019 [5]
Barack Obama President United States 2012 [6]
Theresa May Prime Minister United Kingdom 2018 [7]
Aziz Maraka Singer Jordan 2020 [8]
Sari Nusseibeh Professor of Philosophy Palestine 2014 [9]
Reuven Rivlin President Israel 2016 [10]
José María Aznar Prime Minister Spain 2015 [11]
Jan Bartošek Politician Czech Republic 2019 [12]
David Cameron Prime Minister United Kingdom 2014 [13]
Gilad Erdan Strategic Affairs Minister Israel [14]
Steve McCabe Member of Parliament United Kingdom 2021 [15]
Israel Katz Intelligence Minister Israel [16]
Rachel Riley Television presenter and mathematician United Kingdom [17]
Sharon Osbourne Television personality United Kingdom [17]
Thom Yorke Singer United Kingdom 2017 [18]
Abraham Foxman Lawyer United States 2013 [19]
Ritchie Torres Politician United States 2020 [20]
Adam Milstein Real-estate investor, lobbyist and philanthropist United States 2016 [21]
Yishai Fleisher Settler and spokesperson Israel ? [22]
Hillary Clinton Politician United States 2015 [23]
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Canada 2019 [24]
Alan Dershowitz Lawyer United States 2013 [25]
Cary Nelson English professor United States 2018 [26]
Deborah Lipstadt Holocaust historian United States 2019 [27]
Judea Pearl Academic United States 2018 [28]
Mordechai Kedar Politician Israel ? [29]
Ed Asner Actor United States 2017 [30]
Stephen Fry Actor United Kingdom 2019 [17]
Yossi Beilin Politician and scholar Israel ? [31]
J. K. Rowling Writer United Kingdom ? [32]
Charles Krauthammer Pundit United States 2014 [33]
Lisa Nandy Politician United Kingdom 2021 [34]
Nick Cave Singer and author Australia 2017 [35]
John Lydon Singer United Kingdom 2010 [36]
Gene Simmons Musician United States 2011 [37]
Paul McCartney Singer and musician United Kingdom 2008 [38]
Jamaal Bowman Politician United States 2021
John Fetterman Politician United States 2023
Eric Adams Politician United States 2022

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