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Portrait of Sebastián de Morra Carl Steven Chapman

The following is a list of people with the condition dwarfism. The individuals listed here are not known for being the world's shortest person or the shortest ever x, but are notable in their own right.

Actors and actresses[edit]

  Deceased   Living

Nationality Height Name Note Lifespan
 United States 96.5 cm (38.0 in) Josh Ryan Evans American actor with Achondroplasia.[1] 1982–2002
 United States 104.1 cm (41.0 in) Eric Lynch American actor, writer and member of The Howard Stern Show's Wack Pack. 1975–2014
 United Kingdom 106.6 cm (42.0 in) Warwick Davis British actor with Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita.[2] 1970–
 United States 109.2 cm (43.0 in) Michael J. Anderson American actor.[3] 1953–
 United Kingdom 111.7 cm (44.0 in) Kenny Baker English actor who portrayed R2-D2[4] 1934–2016
 United States 114.0 cm (44.9 in) Billy Barty American actor with Cartilage Hair Syndrome Hypoplasia.[5] 1924–2000
 United States 116.8 cm (46.0 in) Michael Dunn Oscar-nominated (for Best Supporting Actor in "Ship of Fools") American actor with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, type unspecified[6] 1934–1973
 United States 119.0 cm (46.9 in) Patty Maloney American actress[7] 1936–
 Italy 119.3 cm (47.0 in) Felix Silla Italian-American actor[8] 1937–
 United States 123.0 cm (48.4 in) Meredith Eaton-Gilden American actress[9] 1974–
 United States 123.0 cm (48.4 in) Jason Acuña Also known as "Wee-Man", American skateboarder, one of the stars of Jackass. He has Achondroplasia.[10] 1973–
 United States 129.5 cm (51.0 in) Zelda Rubinstein American actress (Poltergeist) 1933–2010
 France 132.0 cm (52.0 in) Mimie Mathy French actress and comedian[11] 1957–
 United States 134.6 cm (53.0 in) Peter Dinklage Emmy-winning American actor [12] who starred in The Station Agent and Game of Thrones. He has achondroplasia. 1969–
 United States 137.1 cm (54.0 in) Martin Klebba American actor and dwarf sportsperson.[13][14] 1969–
 United States 137.1 cm (54.0 in) Michael Gilden American actor[15] 1962–2006
 United States N/A Kevin Costa American actor.[16] 1953–
 United States N/A Tony Cox American actor.[17] 1958–
 Scotland N/A Eric Cullen Scottish actor with achondroplasia.[18] 1965–1996
 United Kingdom N/A Mike Edmonds British actor in Maid Marian and her Merry Men, Time Bandits, and "The Safety Dance" video.[19] 1944–
 United States N/A Phil Fondacaro American actor[20] 1958–
 Nigeria N/A Osita Iheme 1982–
 Nigeria N/A Chinedu Ikedieze 1977–
 Canada N/A Jordan Prentice Canadian actor, who appeared in In Bruges 1973–
 United Kingdom N/A Jack Purvis British actor 1937–1997
 United Kingdom N/A David Rappaport British actor.[21] 1951–1990
 United States N/A Daniel Neil Rodgers American actor: Graak the Ewok in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, Under the Rainbow, Van Halen music video "Pretty Woman". Achondroplasia.[citation needed] 1955–
 United States N/A Matthew Roloff American actor, author and businessman featured on the TV show Little People Big World, Diastrophic dysplasia.[22] 1961–
 Australia N/A Kiruna Stamell Australian actress[23] 1981–
 France N/A Hervé Villechaize French-born actor[24] 1943–1993
 United States N/A Danny Woodburn American actor whose most recognizable part was on the TV comedy Seinfeld, as a friend of Kramer.[25] 1964–
 United States N/A Shorty Rossi Star of Pit Boss, and owner of Shortywood Productions. 1969–
 Philippines N/A Romy Pastrana Filipino midget actor. His height is estimated to be 2 feet (61 cm) which would make him the world's shortest actor if proven true. 1958–
 Samoa N/A Fa'afiaula Sagote Samoan actor who played the lead role in his country's first ever feature film, The Orator (2011)[26][27] Unknown
 Australia N/A Arthur Serevetas Australian dwarf actor.[28] Unknown

Artists and writers[edit]

  Deceased   Living

Nationality Height Name Note Lifespan
 England N/A Richard Gibson (painter) 17th century painter of portrait miniatures. 1615–1690
 Holy Roman Empire N/A François de Cuvilliés Flemish architect noted for Cuvilliés Theatre and others.[29] 1695–1768
 France 142 cm (56 in) Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec French painter 1864–1901
 United States N/A Judy-Lynn del Rey American science fiction editor[30] 1943–1986


  Deceased   Living

Nationality Height Name Sport Note Lifespan
 United States 115 cm (45 in) Juli Windsor Runner First little person to complete the Boston Marathon, in 2014. She was 27 years old when doing so.[31] Unknown
 United Kingdom 123 cm (48 in) Ellie Simmonds Paralympic athlete Gold medal winning Olympian.[32] 1994–
 United States 132 cm (52 in) Rico Abreu Auto racing NASCAR driver [33] 1992–


The names here include circus performers, comedians, reality TV stars, and occupations that do not primarily involve acting in films.

  Deceased   Living

Nationality Height Name Type Note Lifespan
 United States 81.0 cm (31.9 in) Lavinia Warren Circus performer American entertainer.[34] 1841–1919
 United States 91.4 cm (36.0 in) Thomas Dilward Stage actor Nineteenth century minstrel show entertainer.[35] 1840–1902
 United States 99.0 cm (39.0 in) Charles Sherwood Stratton Circus performer Also known as "General Tom Thumb", gained fame under P. T. Barnum. 1838–1883
 United States 99.0 cm (39.0 in) Pee Wee Marquette Comedian Master of ceremonies at the original Birdland jazz club.[36] 1914–1992
 Great Britain 104.1 cm (41.0 in) Hedsor Conrad Ernest Coppernin Court dwarf Served as a page to Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha making him the last court dwarf.[37][38] Unknown
 United States 106.6 cm (42.0 in) George Washington Morrison Nutt Circus performer Known as "Commodore Nutt".[39] 1848–1881
 England 115.0 cm (45.3 in) Jeffrey Hudson Court dwarf English court dwarf and jester to Charles I[40][41] 1619–1682
 Syria 122.0 cm (48.0 in) Charla Baklayan Faddoul Reality TV American (Syrian born) The Amazing Race contestant (Seasons 5 and 11). 1976–
 United States 124.0 cm (48.8 in) Amy Roloff Reality TV Featured on the TV show Little People Big World.[42] 1963–
 United States 124.4 cm (49.0 in) Henry Joseph Nasiff Jr. Various American entertainer who frequently appeared on The Howard Stern Show. 1962–2001
 United States 127.0 cm (50.0 in) Lester "Beetlejuice" Green Various Entertainer known for his appearances on The Howard Stern Show. 1968–
 United Kingdom 129.5 cm (51.0 in) Jimmy Clitheroe Comedian British comedian called "The Clitheroe kid."[43] 1921–1973
 United Kingdom 145.0 cm (57.1 in) Wee Georgie Wood Comedian Comic actor with a railway named for him.[44] 1895–1979
 United States N/A Marshall P. Wilder Comedian American comedian.[45] 1859–1915
 Hungary N/A Susanna Bokoyni Circus performer Centenarian dwarf and circus performer.[46] 1879–1984
 United Kingdom N/A Billy Merchant Circus performer British circus entertainer.[47] 1919–2001
 United States N/A Brad Williams Comedian American Comedian and radio Personality.[48] 1984–
 United States N/A Zachary Roloff Reality TV Featured on the TV show Little People, Big World, son of Amy Roloff and Matthew Roloff.[citation needed] 1990–


  Deceased   Living

Nationality Height Name Note Lifespan
 United States 112.0 cm (44.1 in) Bushwick Bill (b. Richard Shaw) American rapper, founding member of the Geto Boys. 1966–
 United States 114.3 cm (45.0 in) Joe C. (Joseph Calleja) Kid Rock's sidekick.[49] 1974–2000
  • Nelson Ned (born March 2, 1947 – January 5, 2014), Brazilian singer and composer[50]
  • Michel Petrucciani (December 28, 1962–January 6, 1999), French jazz pianist.
  • Chick Webb (died June 16, 1939), big band drummer[51]
  • Kalyn Heffernan, a hip-hop artist and producer with osteogenesis imperfecta.[52]
  • The Ovitz family were a family of Romanian Jewish actors/traveling musicians who survived imprisonment at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. They were the largest family of dwarfs ever recorded and were the largest family (twelve family members from a 15-month-old baby to a 58-year-old woman) to enter Auschwitz and to survive intact.


  Deceased   Living


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