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Mutual Problem
Said Jerome K. Jerome to Ford Madox Ford,
"There's something, old boy, that I've always abhorred:
When people address me and call me, 'Jerome',
Are they being standoffish, or too much at home?"
Said Ford, "I agree; it's the same thing with me."
William Cole[1]

Reduplication is a process by which the root or stem of a word, or part of it, is repeated. Alternative terms include cloning, doubling, duplication, and repetition. Reduplication has a grammatical function in some languages, such as plurality or intensification. It is also used to derive new words. The process of anthroponymy, or naming people, is frequently creative, and provides examples of this.

During immigration many Arabs or others who use the Arab naming structure don't have a family name but take their fathers name as their "last name". Most immigrants from the Arab world usually take their paternal grandfathers name as their last name.

Reduplication in human names is sometimes used with hypocorisms, i.e., informal short versions of names. It is commonly used this way in French, e.g., the French name Louise becomes Loulou as a diminutive. The nicknames and fictional characters below include other examples.


Personal names[edit]

Reduplicated in the original language
Not reduplicated in the original language

Nicknames or stage names[edit]

Same personal name and family name[edit]






(Note: some of these people's surnames are not the same as the given names in the original language)


Other British[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]

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